“Loyal” Chris Braswell

May 17th, 2024

Man of his word.

If you think about it, the Bucs’ personnel department, since AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht took over in 2014, has done a helluva job drafting good dudes.

Consider all the drama other teams have with players for this reason or that. The Bucs? You very seldom hear of drama.

Oh, there was a little last year. One issue, coming from a very unlikely spouse, was resolved within hours. The other was corrected in March when a former defensive starter was waved bye-bye.

Licht and his staff have drafted an uncanny number of good people. Some have been fantastic football players. Some haven’t.

It sure seems like second-round pick edge rusher Chris Braswell is another solid human being.

Last week at rookie minicamp, Braswell was asked why he stuck it out at Alabama when he was caught in a logjam for playing time. Prior to 2023, Braswell was behind two studs on the depth chart. Will Anderson (No. 3 overall pick in 2023) and Dallas Turner (No. 17 overall this year) were ahead of Braswell on the depth chart and got the bulk of the snaps.

In an era when college football players rarely hesitate to flip schools if they think they are not getting enough snaps, Braswell stayed with Alabama coach Nick Saban.

So Braswell was asked why he didn’t transfer to possibly raise his draft stock.

Braswell said it’s because he gave Saban and his Alabama teammates his word as a freshman.

“I’m a loyal person,” Braswell said. “I just wanted to stick with the [Alabama] program. The program has done a lot for me.

“At the end of the day, I knew I just needed an opportunity to showcase my talent and I can play.”

Joe knows some may mock Braswell for not switching to another big-time school and lighting it up there — and becoming a first-round pick with a fatter contract.

But Braswell stuck to his word.

For Joe, that shows incredible responsibility. Braswell may be yet another example of the Bucs nailing the draft when it comes to stand-up people.

25 Responses to ““Loyal” Chris Braswell”

  1. Cobraboy Says:

    The sport needs more Chris Braswells.

    Even high school kids are rage-transferring for NIL.

  2. Dude Says:

    All for our front office looking for quality human beings who just so happen to be solid/good/great football players. Can never had enough good guys

  3. Allen Lofton Says:

    Joe, you are spot on

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    Barton. Braswell. Smith. McMillan.

    In order: The best at his position in the draft. The most unappreciated. The smartest. And would have been a 1st rounder but for impact an injury had on last season.

    Can’t wait to see these guys develop. Anytime you take an Alabama or Georgia player, you’re getting the best of the best.

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    Already better than DW. He will not be missed

  6. WiseCrack Says:

    I agree DW won’t be missed HOWEVER it’s not because he was a bad dude or teammate. He simply could not play the way he was being asked to play it.

    Thats a talent issue, not a personality issue.

    IN FACT, DW is an awesome human being. What he does for and with horses is special and will impact people’s lives positively for the rest of his life.

    So, calling DW a mistake based on the character is just a HORIBLE take and 100 percent deformation.

    The guy simply could not play up to standard in this defense. I am sure that would upset and frustrate ANY and EVERYONE who found themselves in such a situation.

  7. JimBobBuc Says:

    I like Braswell’s attitude. He had some great production at ‘Bama and I think he’ll be successful with the Bucs. I just hope he gets on the field sooner than YaYa last year.

  8. BakerFan Says:

    I will be cheering for Braswell, I hope he becomes a monster.

  9. Dave Pear Says:

    With the right coaching this dude could become the next Shaq Barrett in his prime in a season or two.

  10. lambchop Says:

    While that characteristic is admirable, he’s in a business where you’re tolerated until you’re replaceable. He won’t go far financially if he’s that honorable. You could say he potentially lost a lot of money to start his career, but at least he has a chance to come into his own and earn that second contract. The NFL is the last place you’d want to be that honorable. People may respect it, but they won’t pay for it.

  11. NJbucs23 Says:

    the moving around is even going on in elementary and middle schools….its just not high school

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Licht has done a spectacular job at drafting high-character players.

  13. garro Says:

    Negative comments about a positive thing like solid character. That is just sad.

    Congrats to his parents and coaches! They have obviously done some things right. Congrats to Chris for learning from them and remaining true to those teachings.

    Go Bucs!

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    They day we drafted them, I said Logan Hall and JTS were not gonna make it.
    Chris Braswell is gonna be a great pass rusher.
    It may take a year or two- but this guy has the gifts.
    Im excited to see what he brings to OLB!
    Teamed with YaYa, they should scare QBs.
    Still think SirVoncea Dennis will get into the LB lineup. Add Britt to the Picture, and I love our LB corp.

  15. heyjude Says:

    “I’m a loyal person,” Braswell said.

    This made my day. Wow! Such a good kid.

  16. Boss Says:

    like the guys attitude, demeanor and loyalty.

    just hope he brings it come sack time.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    @lambchop – even if he left money on the table, he’ll be a multi-millionaire by time his rookie season is over.

    I think he’ll be just fine, financially.

  18. stpetebucfan Says:

    “The NFL is the last place you’d want to be that honorable. People may respect it, but they won’t pay for it.”

    WOW! What a concept. Some people won’t sell out, their character being far more important to them than the almighty dollar!!

    Do posters here lack character. Are they sell outs. BTW lets put the price on his “selfless” act of honoring his word.

    Second-round contracts start at $9.9 million and drop to $6.3 million. Third-round salaries range from $6 million to $5.5 million.

    Is there anybody here so damn dumb they couldn’t make 5 million last for the rest of their life. 5% return would guarantee a quarter of a million a year for the rest of your life. And I’m sure there are financial guys here who could take that 5 million and invest it properly so you could live like a prince the rest of your life!!!

    Gordon Gecko was NOT correct! Greed is not good! You are certainly free to embrace it here in the good ole USA and I respect that. But if you’re going to be greedy don’t whine when others look down on your for a sad set of values.

  19. SteveK Says:

    Good stuff, Joe, agreed.

    Look at the GOAT. Henjust kept his head down, stayed loyal to Michigan and became the greatest ever. His stats the first few years could’ve been a sign to give up, but he just continued to work his tail off. He played in 6 games and threw 15 passes in his first two year, had to out eat the wunderkind Drew Henson and it culminated in beating Alabama in the sugar bowl.

    Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
    1996 Michigan Big Ten QB 2 3 5 60.0 26 5.2 -3.8 0 1 63.7
    1997 Michigan Big Ten QB 4 12 15 80.0 103 6.9 6.9 0 0 137.7
    1998 Michigan Big Ten QB 12 200 323 61.9 2427 7.5 7.0 14 10 133.1
    1999 Michigan Big Ten QB 11 180 295 61.0 2217 7.5 7.7 16 6 138.0
    Career Michigan 395 638 61.9 4773 7.5 7.2 30 17 134.9

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Chris Braswell seems like a cool dude. And he ‘looks’ impressive.

    He just has to show he can shine brighter in the NFL than he did in college. All the picks do.

  21. Jonny Says:

    Braswell doesn’t have the talent to become a first round pick no matter which school he may have played for.

  22. MadMax Says:

    Love my guy Mr. Braswell…. Now ya’ll finding out. Im still surprised he was still there when we picked.

  23. Fred McNeil Says:

    Yes, I admire Braswell’s character. If he does what we all hope and averages over ten sacks a season he WILL command a boatload of Glazer loot or he WILL play elsewhere. I doubt he’s willing to play at a discount.

  24. Will Says:

    @lambchop I understand what you’re saying. This is a business and the fact that some people are bashing kids in college for making business decisions is beyond me. Adults leave all the time for a better chance and more money. Heck our new OC did just that. I admire the kid for staying and waiting his turn but had he left it’d be understandable. Until coaches start staying and finishing out contracts we shouldn’t be upset when kids go and try to make some money or get more playing time.

  25. BillyBucco Says:

    Will you make a valid point. Nobody would have blamed him had he left.
    That is NOT the point of this post and LampChop is WAY off base by making loyalty look stupid.
    Loyalty is never stupid, and whether you believe in God, Karma or the Easter Bunny is ALWAYS rewarded in the end.
    It’s a feel good story based on a projection of hope and talent.
    Somehow people are missing the point.
    It’s probably the non loyal folks and it hit a nerve.
    Good post Joes.