Lavonte David On Bucs Being Disrespected: Same Song, Different Year

May 8th, 2024

Lavonte David

A week ago if you ever asked Joe if Lavonte David would appear on a nationally broadcast TV studio show, Joe would have said, “No way.”

But now twice in five days, David has done just that, sandwiched around his appearance at the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. Though David did not speak at the event, he was invited and sat on the dais.

The day after the Brady roast, David appeared in-studio of the dying “Total Access” show, which has been shown nightly on NFL Network seemingly since the outfit launch.

Shockingly, the show is scheduled to die soon as the NFL is tossing aside NFL Network employees like Joe does chicken wing bones at Hooters. The NFL is preparing to sell NFL Network to BSPN.

So friggin’ sad, man.

David joined “Total Access” word-swallowing host Rhett Lewis on set and Lewis asked David what he would have roasted Brady with had he been deemed worthy of taking the stage.

David laughed and said, “I don’t think I’ve got any bad stories about Tom.”

So Rhett asked David if there was anything he learned from or picked up from Brady’s days with the Bucs that he uses currently. David said there absolutely is.

One thing he has carried on in the post-Brady era, David said, is how Brady approached practices. David said Brady was just as intense in practice as he was in a game.

“When you see that, it gives you a sense of motivation to follow that same path,” David said.

Interestingly, David added that Mayfield is highly competitive in practices as well. So the energy level from the quarterback in practices is still there.

Rhett asked David what he thought of seeing how the national #NFLMedia has fallen to their knees over Kirk Cousins and the Dixie Chicks despite the Bucs being a three-peat NFC South champ, all coming after the Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2020.

David shrugged his shoulders as if to say, same ol’ Bucs.

“It’s been like that for a while,” David said.

Rhett didn’t ask David about his football future but David did mention that he and Mike Evans, in their final years with the Bucs, want to leave a legacy with the team for players to follow and strive for after they retire.

Sadly, Joe has an awful feeling that day is not far away.

If David isn’t careful with all of these TV appearances in Lipstick City, his next career might end up as a cast member on a “Game of Thrones” sequel or something.

16 Responses to “Lavonte David On Bucs Being Disrespected: Same Song, Different Year”

  1. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    LVD is going to be adversely affected by some offseason media appearances?

    Come on man.

  2. heyjude Says:

    I have to agree, LVD may want to stop the off-season media appearances now.

  3. garro Says:

    Congress should step in and block the sale to BSPN. I have had more than enough of the party line in my sports outlets and BSPN leads the pack. Shameful!

    Can we as fans get some control of sports media? Maybe start boycotting some major sponsors? Say maybe… Nike and their sweat shops?

    LVD is a true class act. All pro atheletes should follow he and the GOAT’s example. On and off the field!

    Go Bucs!

    Go Bucs!

  4. Permanently Moderated Says:

    Farewell tour, perhaps?

  5. Jeremy in Lutz Says:

    Good for LVD. I’m glad he takes the constant disrespect with a grain of salt. The Falcons almost beat us once last year. I am not worried about Cousins at all. Maybe they kept us from sweeping the division. I can’t remember. It was them or the Aints beat us once. We barely beat Carolina at the end . I love division games, miss the NFC North. Go BUCS!!!!!

  6. heyjude Says:

    Agree with garro. The government should block the sale to BSPN. I mean they are so worried about Tik Tok…

  7. David Says:

    Barring any major injuries, I think Evans and LVD both play one more year after this. Evans possibly two more.

  8. Joe Says:

    Congress should step in and block the sale to BSPN. I have had more than enough of the party line in my sports outlets and BSPN leads the pack. Shameful!

    Joe likes that! 🙂

    Wasn’t that long ago BSPN tried to buy all the regional FOX Sports networks and the FCC (or maybe it was the FTC?) said, “NO!”

  9. Joe Says:

    LVD is going to be adversely affected by some offseason media appearances?

    Where did Joe write that?

  10. Just a guy Says:

    I think it’s important to note that it is the NFL that is allegedly buying a large equity stake in ESPN not the other way around.

  11. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    BSPN = NFL moves closer to Championship Wrestling

  12. unbelievable Says:

    I can think of about 20 different mergers and acquisitions that the govt should have stopped that are far far more important than BSPN buying NFL Network.

    They let entire industries become monopolies and oligopolies with no competition, allowing prices to be raised continuously. If they don’t care about that, why would they give a F about BSPN?

  13. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Farewell tour, perhaps?

    His career resume is already HoF worthy, but he never had national attention. That’s the one thing that could hold him out of the HoF.

    Maybe he’s trying to get his face/name out there during his final season or two, hoping to bolster his chances.

    It wouldn’t be the worst plan.

  14. CleanHouse Says:

    Maybe it’s because the team is not that good- Respect is reserved for teams that are a constant threat to contend for the Super Bowl.

    Does anyone really believe that?

    We had a decent run and it was fun but we squeaked in and are hardly a dominant force to contend with. We’re a toss up at best on a good day. Depends who shows up.

    Respect comes from being consistently dominant as a team.

  15. drdneast Says:

    You have to love the positive vibes David gives out about the Bucs and the game of football. It’s too bad Devin White had his deflector shields up when he played with him and his only focus was on money.

  16. Booger Says:

    LaVonte David has appeared on a few “national shows” through the years… He’s been on “The Herd” several times, especially through the pandemic via satellite. Pretty sure he’s been on a podcast or two, too.