Kevin Carberry Believes Cody Mauch Has The Skillset To Succeed

May 7th, 2024

Bigger. Stronger. Faster?

Listening to new Bucs offensive line coach Kevin Carberry yesterday, one word was heard often.

It’s “physicality,”  it seems to fit several Bucs offensive linemen. Tristan Wirfs and Luke Goedeke of course. Graham Barton sure. But also, a guy who started at right guard as a rookie last year, Cody Mauch.

Even though this is Carberry’s was hired only weeks ago, he was very aware of Mauch for the past few years.

Three years ago as the Rams’ offensive line coach, Carberry was studying film of an offensive lineman at North Dakota State. But while digging into the film, Carberry admitted another player kept popping and catching his attention.

“‘Who’s this left tackle here?'” Carberry asked out loud.

It was Mauch, now the Bucs’ right guard Cody Mauch.

So Carberry already had a book on Mauch when he took the job with Tampa Bay. Carberry often used the word “physicality” when discussing offensive line play yesterday. And he thinks Mauch can be that guy.

Already Mauch has bulked up from last year, though Carberry didn’t go into any details other than to say that’s not much of a surprise.

“He’s put on a little weight,” Carberry said of Mauch. “He’s starting to fill out. Even a guy in his early 20s, he can get stronger and bigger.

“He played with the physicality and the effort, which is what makes him a great player. The [bigger] size will help. That’s just part of growing up in this league, part of guys going form tackle to guard.”

Mauch sure has the mentality the Bucs seek in an offensive lineman. Does he have the body or stamina?

Last year if you look at All-22 tape later in the season, in the first half of games Mauch was a terror, driving dudes back five or more yards and grinding them into the ground, Ryan Jensen style. In the second halves? Not so much. Mauch was getting turned. He looked exhausted.

Was Mauch a victim of the dreaded rookie wall? That’s a safe bet. But still, bulking up should help Mauch withstand the brutal beating offensive linemen take each game, each year.

38 Responses to “Kevin Carberry Believes Cody Mauch Has The Skillset To Succeed”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    Yes…. But does he have NFL STRENGTH?

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes…. But does he have NFL STRENGTH?

    That’s why he bulked up.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    A lot to like about this team …

    Solid 21/22 Starters
    Depth at OL
    Depth at DB
    Depth at WR

    MLB is the only glaring hole.
    Edge is a question mark.
    Great foundation for the next 2-4 years.

  4. Boss Says:

    I love how they say players can bulk up on the off season. Any gym rat will tell you, short of huice… a few month’s aint gonna improve your strength 20%

  5. Joe Says:

    I love how they say players can bulk up on the off season. Any gym rat will tell you, short of huice… a few month’s aint gonna improve your strength 20%

    Aren’t there different methods of weight training geared to produce different results? For example, from the moment these guys played their last college game, they were working out for the combine (indoor track practice) not football.

    Once their first NFL season ends, they can begin working out to bulk up, no?

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Boss has obviously never lifted weights or trained. Otherwise, he would not make asinine statements like that.

  7. Boss Says:

    sure, they can…….but I don’t expect a huge increase……maybe a bit 5% or so….but they’ll really have to work to keep it on come training camp.

    Look at gholston. It took him years to get to size. not down on mauch…..just an observation. It’s easier to slim down than bulk up imo

  8. Boss Says:

    boss has done a cycle and been in the gym extensively albeit long ago,….but spotting someone juicing, hormones etc is easy peasy once you’ve done it.

    90% of body builders are juicing and my own dr has gone concierge with all his hormone crap I won’t take.

  9. Tucker Says:

    I would say that most NFL players take some kind of “supplement” when your job is to workout everyday to get ready for the season it’s different than a regular gym rat doing it for the giggles.

  10. Hodad Says:

    What will make Mauch much better this season is when he moves to LG playing between Wirfs, and Barton. Barton as the new big man in the middle will elevate the play of both guards. That’s why he’ll be lining up as our center for at least the next 5 years. Moving Mauch to LG allows Klein to start at RG which for a change is his natural college position. Sure he’ll have to learn the speed of the NFL, but he won’t have to do what Mauch, and Goedeke had to as rookies position switches. That’s right, they started as rookies, so will Klein.

  11. J Says:

    I put on 15 pounds in 4 months without juice. The hard part isn’t the workouts, it’s getting the protein needed to bulk up and eating at the right time. It really is hard to eat when your body is screaming NO.

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    In a game of inches and miliseconds like the NFL is; even a 5% increase in overall strenght/size/etc can mean a lot.

    Just like a 5-10% dip in your acceleration / burst as an edge rusher or RB can mean a huge drop in your production.

    We shall see with Mauch. He flashed for sure but overall wasn’t a great or even solid interior lineman in year 1. Not like Ali Marpet for example but Marpet did improve a lot vs his rookie year.

    Same with Alex Cappa and Cappa if I remember was playing like Mauch his first year and then improved a ton.

    And we saw a complete transformation with Goedeke kicking out to RT vs interior in his year 2 season. Lineman tend to take a few years to figure it out

  13. Fred McNeil Says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think Mauch could bulk up much at 25/26 years old. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. Still hoping for a pleasant surprise from Klein. He had excellent pass blocking grades from the PFF tribe and was even better at run blocking. Yeah, I know. PuFF PuFF, Pass and then grade. I suppose there’s a reason he was available so late. Anyone know why?

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    Big difference between weight lifter strength and functional strength on a football field. Technique and leverage are way more important on the field than a 500lb bench press.
    Mauch literally just needs bulk. I could care less if his bench press or squat numbers go up. 10 or 12 lbs put in the right place makes a big difference.

  15. Fred McNeil Says:

    As far as that workout stuff goes, when I was young I could work out like crazy and never gain a pound. I just started doing water aerobics three or four times a week three weeks ago to lose weight and I’ve effin gained 4 lbs. Doesn’t it figure?

  16. BootyLover Says:

    I recall in his pre-draft evaluation that many scouts were concerned he’d already maxed out his body size from the tight end conversion. I hope that’s not accurate and he’s very capable of adding needed muscle mass.

  17. JimBobBuc Says:

    Wirfs Opeta Barton Mauch Goedeke. Mauch needs to take a big step up this year both in strength/weight but also technique. Opeta was a backup at Philly behind one of the best starting group around, supposedly Opeta is stronger in the run and not so much in pass pro. Camp and the scrimmages will be interesting!

  18. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Power clean, Modified Snatches, trunk exercises and angled presses (mimic pad level) and squats will put weight and strength where it should be for oline man

  19. Bojim Says:

    I know all of the strength coaches on this site say different but he will get a bit stronger and bigger this year and 5 percent and conditioning will make a difference. He did well till he hit the wall. Won’t hit one this year. And yes, he can do all that at 25.

  20. Steven007 Says:

    A high calorie diet, some creatine and a smart training program does wonders for young athletes. It’s not that hard. Could easily add 15 lb in the offseason, all of it functional in some way. A few pounds of muscle and the rest bulk weight which is essential for lineman.

  21. Bobby M. Says:

    Keep in mind…..gaining 10lbs is much easier for a 300 lb person than a 200 lb person…..especially in your 20’s where your body is still naturally growing and he’s got all day every day to train, rest, eat. All with top tier trainers and nutritionists, possibly even a private chef or premade meals.

  22. Jeffrey Becker Says:

    brad culpepper added and lost like 100 pounds, it can be done haha

  23. Cannon Says:

    As Baker would say, “get that weight up!”

  24. unbelievable Says:

    ^ Exactly.

    These guys have access to the best training, equipment, nutrition, “supplements”, etc. that money can buy. Not to mention, it’s literally part of their job. It’s the same reason Hollywood actors are able to get ripped and shredded in 3-6 months… it’s literally their job, and they have an arsenal of time and resources to throw at it.

    (Obvious those are show muscles vs functional strength like athletes, but the point remains the same)

  25. Pickgrin Says:

    Now is the time to move Mauch to LG. Put him there and leave him there – between Wirfs and Barton. Cody will look like a whole different player in that spot – similar to the huge jump we saw Goedeke make in ’23.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    “Last year if you look at All-22 tape later in the season, in the first half of games Mauch was a terror, driving dudes back five or more yards and grinding them into the ground, Ryan Jensen style. In the second halves? Not so much. Mauch was getting turned. He looked exhausted.”


    Really? I’m not being a smart a or anything – but I saw the exact opposite. Early in the year, Cody was getting cleanly beat, looked helpless out there, and was getting manhandled. In the 2nd half of the year, he looked much more competent, was holding up in protection a lot better. I personally don’t really watch for the after play stuff like driving people into the ground (not knocking if you do, that is good to know), but as far as playing guard, he was a much better player near the end of the year. With that said, he did seem to run out of gas late in the season, which is common with a lot of rookies.

    In any case, my takeaway from last year was that he simply wasn’t strong enough – and I fully expect he shows up in July and everyone talks about how much stronger he is and how he looks better. I hope that’s the case, if we don’t hear that, then I’d start to get a little worried about him.

  27. Ol' Boy Says:

    I went carnivore about a month ago and I haven’t felt this great in many years. I’ve shed pounds and am close to my fighting weight of 215 again. Feels awesome! Certainly not a diet for mr Mauch. He needs a ‘NFL gym’ this offseason and all it may offer. I really hope he takes a step up in bulk, str, and technique this year.

  28. David Says:

    Well, one would hope since they started him at RG!
    Hopefully he was in the gym.

  29. Ugo Says:

    Rod … he said in the first half of GAMES, not the season

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Ugo Says:
    May 7th, 2024 at 3:29 pm
    Rod … he said in the first half of GAMES, not the season


    Well then, that makes more sense.

    In fairness, I am dyslexic – and also retarded.

  31. Durango 95 Says:

    Let’s see what he can do in his second year. He’s a 2nd round pick. He has to be better. If he’s not, then it is an issue. Hold your breath and take hold. Dude needs to bulk it up. There’s no excuses this year.

  32. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Mauch has already put on weight and muscle – the coaches have seen him. We don’t have to wait for July to know, but looking forward to seeing his build.

    I agree on moving Mauch to LG IF he agrees and feels more comfortable there. Put the fridge at RG and let’s role!

  33. Esteban85 Says:

    This was the worry when drafting Mauch because he was already 24 or 23 when we drafted him. There is definitely man strength to be added and it probably happens around 25. The thing with a professional NFL team is that they have nutritionists who studied half their lives to master this field of bulking up muscle while keeping the athletic agility. I think it has a lot to do with nutrition. Cody will be just fine, I think people fail to understand the jump a man makes from a rookie to his second year. Rookie years really are boys against men and one year in his trial by fire should help his knowledge of the game, technique,
    pacing, and conditioning.

  34. RamblingRhino Says:

    It couldn’t have been Mauch needed conditioning from his accustomed Hankinson North Dakota upbringing and all those cool and chilly Nov – May days compared too those Tampa Bay area warm weather days.. Let him get acclimated, then bulk up. Excited to see his second year, with all the talented new players in the same room, and the results of a new Offense.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    Esteban85 – I didn’t realize he was that old already. The plague really screwed everything up for a while with guys either not playing, or getting pushed back, or getting extra years.

    But you’re correct, regardless of age, being in an NFL locker room, in particular when coming from a small school, is a huge difference – and he should be a lot stronger. That is pretty much the case with almost everyone in the NFL, at least the ones who want to make it, and I’m certain Licht isn’t drafting a quitter when it comes to the offensive line.

  36. Dadgumit Says:

    Cody Mauch. Meh. We will see him at LG. The weak spot.

  37. Brandon Says:

    First off, everybody here talking about bulking ho is talking out of their butts. An NFL off-season can’t wield crazy bulk up results. An NFL regimen with NFL food plans, with NFL trainers will lead to results. The bulk session starts when they are drafted… not in February. Little can be done in four months. For guys that want to get bigger, its always bulk season.

    As for the child that said he put on 15 lbs in three months, I’m sure you did. Beginning weight lifters often put on crazy amounts of weight and muscle when they first start… but not 20+ year old football players that have been engaging in D1 workouts and diets for three years or more. I put on 13 lbs my first three months of working out, 18 my first six, and 23 my first year. After that, I was lucky to put on five pounds a year of lean mass. Just like these guys. As for Mauch, he was a 24 year old rookie… six years removed from high school….don’t expect the dude to blow up the same way a 21 year old rookie will after his first season.

  38. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    I’m hoping Bucs move Mauch to the LG spot, and hold their competition at RG and C. I feel the left side will come more naturally to Cody as he was a LT in college. Oh hey did you guy’s see Ryan Jenkins, Lavonte David at Tom Brady Roast on Netflix.