Graham Barton Had Interesting Take On Baker Mayfield And One Buc Palace

May 18th, 2024

Talkin’ Baker Mayfield’s swag.

No, you very likely won’t see this in national #NFLMedia platforms because it goes against a narrative.

And unfortunately, some Bucs fans that will scoff at this as well.

It seems Baker Mayfield has significant street cred within the walls and on the practice fields of One Buc Palace. And this comes from a guy who shared a fresh perspective about Mayfield and the Bucs.

First-round pick, center (?) Graham Barton was on “Total Access” this week, oddly enough one of the very last “Total Access” shows on NFL Network. Its final broadcast was last night.

(The powers that be within the NFL seem hellbent on destroying the best cable outfit in America. And yet a league that prints money is laying off folks right and left at the network and bastardizing quality shows like “Good Morning Football.” Shameful.)

Back to Barton. He was asked what it’s like to be a teammate of Mayfield. Barton confessed since he’s been in Tampa for only a couple of weeks, he barely knows Mayfield.

However, Barton said he feels how much people at One Buc Palace look up to Mayfield.

“Obviously I haven’t been here too long,” Barton said. “But just from brief interactions and just sort of being observant, it is just so apparent how much respect Baker has in this facility and how great of a leader he is.”

That vibe, Barton said, has him stoked.

“I’m just excited to continue to build a relationship with him and continue to build a relationship with the whole offense,” Barton said.

He also added that with the Bucs pieces already in place, he’s “honored” that the Bucs wanted him enough to spend a high draft pick on him and to all but hand him a starting center job — provided he passes the tests this summer.

Joe knew Mayfield is tight with several guys on the Bucs, specifically the offensive line. And, yeah, Mike Evans too, among others.

Joe didn’t know Mayfield carried that much swagger in the building. But the way Lavonte David spoke about him with Rich Eisen recently, maybe Joe should have.

37 Responses to “Graham Barton Had Interesting Take On Baker Mayfield And One Buc Palace”

  1. JimBobBuc Says:

    In the day 1 video, Barton met Wirfs and Hainsey who were working out that day. I bet Barton is spending a lot of time with his OL brothers, so that’s the opinions he shared.

  2. Citrus County Says:

    Drew Brees 2.0

  3. Hodad Says:

    Joe you can take the ? away on whether Barton will be the Bucs new starting center. It’s a done deal, that’s why they drafted him. LoL if you think Hainsey, or one of the FAs they signed have a chance at beating him out. With Barton at center, and Wirfs at LT you could put a tackling dummy at LG, and not have to worry. Mark it down, Mauch will move to LG, and Klein will win the starting RG spot.

  4. Joe Says:

    Joe you can take the ? away on whether Barton will be the Bucs new starting center. It’s a done deal, that’s why they drafted him. LoL if you think Hainsey, or one of the FAs they signed have a chance at beating him out.

    If it was a “done deal,” then Bucs shot-callers wouldn’t be saying “we will try him out at center” and if he struggles they’ll flip him to guard. Doesn’t appear to be a “done deal” to Joe.

  5. Hodad Says:

    It’s a done deal. He was drafted to replace Jensen. We’ve missed that presence in the middle. Like I said Joe, who’s going to beat him out?

  6. Saskbucs Says:

    Off topic but I read possibly the most disrespectful vomit of the off season today from Gregg Rosenthal over at NFC South caught an awful stray in his write up projecting AFC North starters.

    “Put the Steelers in the NFC South and they’d easily be the favorites. In the AFC North, they could finish fourth”

    Once again, I ask, how do these guys get paid. Similar records as top NFC South teams and Steelers play in a tougher division but they lost to the Pats last year while Tampa played a 1st place schedule and in the same write up, he has Fields as the starter while acknowledging Wilson could start week 1. They don’t even have a QB anyone will agree to believe in! They have a better RB room than us and that might be only position group they have an advantage. Man that rattled me. Add Rosenthal to the list of morons spitting on Tampa.

  7. kgh4life Says:


    I agree with your assessment. The last couple years Russell Wilson has been average to below average, the Broncos thought he was a lost cause and took a $80 million cap hit by letting him go, let that sink in and it’s quite clear there is a great divide between how talking heads like Rosenthal and NFL personnel view Justin Fields. The Bears couldn’t even get a 3rd rounder for him. But somehow, the Steelers would be 1st place in the NFC South, smh.

  8. James Willie Says:

    I too often wonder what might have been if Jensen had not been injured and Ali hadn’t retired. Hoping Barton is the real deal! And, I hope Citrus County is correct. Even if Mayfield is only Brees 1.9, the Bucs will contend.

  9. geno711 Says:

    I will split the conversation between Joe and Hodad.
    90 chance Barton starts at center. Not quite a done deal but close.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Barton is a center.

  11. kb Says:

    Wonder if he’ll still hold that much respect if they go 6-11 next year.

  12. Bucben61 Says:

    I believe Barton will be excellent at center…Mauch goes to lg and everyone else is fighting for rg

  13. Bucben61 Says:

    We should field a much improved line this year

  14. Crickett Baker Says:

    I do care about how Barton plays but I have a concern. If Duke didn’t teach him not to say “you know” every 5 words IDK if he will understand the playbook. I can hardly listen to him talk. I was gritting my teeth watching that interview.

  15. Statguy Says:

    It’s a done deal at center. They always talk like this with rookies and make them “earn it” instead of handing it to them before the first day of camp. You should know this

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Barton said he feels how much people at One Buc Palace look up to Mayfield.


    Come on, get serious. Baker is only 5′ 8″, no one on the team, perhaps maybe Thompkins, is looking up at him.

  17. Saskbucs Says:

    Sure seemed like the question of whether he would be C or not this season was answered quickly in rookie minicamp. Smart, athletic, knows the assignment as far as being vocal and directing the line, played a season there in college so he’s not completely green. Would be shocked if he isn’t starting at C for us.

    Will be flabbergasted if they move Mauch. Will make playing him at RG last year to make room for Feiler, who played RT in the past, that much dumber than it already was.

  18. Don'tBmad Says:

    Rod Munch is a clown

  19. ATLBuc Says:

    GMF gone? Great!! Maybe they can replace it with a show that talks football instead of a football themed game show!!

  20. Hodad Says:

    Saskbucks, I don’t think our Oline coaches were very good. They did the same thing with Goedeke. New position different side. Mauch should’ve went from college LT to pro LG. It’s not like we didn’t need a LG also. I believe he’ll move to LG this year allowing Klein to compete at RG where he has 56 starts in college. Our new Oline coach has something our previous two didn’t have, common sense!

  21. Irishmist Says:

    I wonder if Barton will have the guts to be the first to wear the Gazoo shell in a real game. He seems to have a brain worth protecting.

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munich’s measurement skills are as good as his predictions! 😂

  23. ModHairKen Says:

    If it was a “done deal,” then Bucs shot-callers wouldn’t be saying “we will try him out at center” and if he struggles they’ll flip him to guard. Doesn’t appear to be a “done deal” to Joe.


    Fake Joe, it’s a done deal. Wake up. And stop the lame hijacking of Joe’s name.

  24. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Cricket: It could be worse.

    He could say, “You feel me” or “Know what I’m sayin'” in every sentence.

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    Citrus County Says:

    Drew Brees 2.0

    Interesting comparison. Could be. I don’t remember how Aint’s fans embraced Brees his first year. After all, Brees didn’t exactly set the Chargers on fire since the team drafted Rivers, and even had shoulder surgery before going to a new team.

    Sound familiar?

    I’d be totally OK if Mayfield was the Bucs’ Brees…

  26. Crickett Baker Says: are right, for sure (AARG), but it is horrible as it is.

    ROD, Baker is 6′ 1″ and I bet you must be considerably shorter.

  27. Saskbucs Says:

    Hodad, you are probably right and I hope you are. As I have said before, I am all for cross training on the line but not flipping sides especially for rookies. Goedeke should have been a RG or RT from the jump and Mauch should have been LG last year. Setting these guys back a season.

  28. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Didn’t licht say on draft day we drafted Barton for center didn’t Bowles mimick that several times times also? Unless I had extra wax in my ears

  29. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    5’8″ is that with or without cleats on? munchkin is a clown!

  30. Citrus County Says:

    Someone find a college picture of Jason Licht and compare it with Graham Barton. Jason Licht 2.0 ?

  31. Stan says Says:

    Make fun of Baker all you guys want. I have never seen any of you all in a professional NFL uniform??? I don’t understand how so many on can just not like the guy. I don’t know the game like most of you think you know the game. How can you not like the way he plays he is a tough S.O.B. sticks his nose in there trying to get as much out of ever play. My God people there are 32 teams in the NFL this guy is an legit starting quarterback that’s why he’s here.

  32. Oneilbuc Says:

    Stan . I don’t think people hate Baker just because they’re talking about his play on the field. Some people don’t call garbage yards a good game like his fan base not bucs fans but Baker fans does. The only way I would be ok with Baker Mayfield being our guy moving forward it will have to be 35 tds with 10 picks yards I don’t care about because their easy get now days because they keep making rules against the defense. I hope he at least play like Jerry Golf I would be ok with that in my opinion. But you play bad for 3 quarters and the when it 4 minutes left and the defense is playing prevent and Baker takes what they give him and he pad his stats and then say Baker Mayfield had a good game. That’s what people were saying on here , the Pewter report and Lock on Bucs . That guy on lock on bucs thinks Baker is a hall of famer lol 🤣🤣 I can’t stand his takes. You can see him pushing narrative for Baker Mayfield just like in the first falcons game he blame the defense for that lost even though Baker threw a pick in the end zone to close the game out. But telling the truth about Baker’s play on the field is not hate.

  33. August 1976 Buc Says:

    lol lol Rod keep up the posting lol, it throws so many into a tizzy lol

    GO BUCS!!! lol

  34. D-dub bucs fan srq Says:

    Rod that made me laugh out loud
    He’s only 5’8″

  35. JK Says:

    No offseason for the Throbbing Rod Muncher! Stupid af 365 days a year

  36. Marky Mark Says:

    Leo k, onielbuc and rod are the same person.. Sakbuc. How will the Riders do this year? i wish the CFL was still on espn+. Has the UFL hurt the CFL player pool? I see Bakers best season as a pro in 2024. Canoles held Baker back back by insisting on establishing the run. Canoles then panicked in the 4th and let Baker throw. They would have had 11 wins if tbe D held off Texans and Atlanta 1

  37. garro Says:

    I really despese the term street cred.

    Glad he used a couple of English words like respect and leader.

    Go Bucs!