Cody Mauch And The Second-Year Jump

May 25th, 2024


NFL folks will tell people that the biggest jump a good player makes is from his rookie year to his second year in the NFL.

The shock of going from playing against children to uber-talented, grown-arse men is behind them. They’ve gone from soft, track star shape while preparing for the combine to a full offseason working with NFL trainers in an NFL weight room focused on building football shape.

The Bucs’ second-round pick in 2023, Cody Mauch, may have had a steeper adjustment than most. He went from North Dakota State playing against farm implement salesmen and loan officers to tangling with NFL defensive tackles. Major, major difference.

One guy who played NFL guard as a rookie was Ian Beckles. On his podcast “In the Trenches,” the former Bucs guard (1990-1996) explained how he liked how Mauch played as a rookie and figures Mauch will be a better player this fall.

“Cody Mauch I thought had a good rookie year,” Beckles said. “As a rookie if you make it through the season and you are still starting — I did that — I thought Cody Mauch had a better year than I had my rookie year.

“He started off shaky and started to get better. You didn’t hear his name that much toward the backend of the season. You are going to struggle a little bit as a rookie. That’s just going to happen.”

Beckles made an excellent point. The best compliment you can give an NFL offensive lineman is to never hear the guy’s name mentioned on a broadcast. If that happens, it often means he screwed up or got schooled badly.

Joe firmly believes Mauch hit the rookie wall in December, and hit it hard. Joe remembers Evan Closky of WTSP-TV Channel 10 posting All-22 clips of Mauch in the first half of late-season games and he looked just like the guy from North Dakota State where he simply ran over people.

In the second half of the same games, Mauch was getting used. That told Joe he was out of gas.

It’s going to be fun for Joe to see what an offseason in the Bucs’ weight room has done for Mauch.

26 Responses to “Cody Mauch And The Second-Year Jump”

  1. Dave Pear Says:

    He’s gonna jump out of an airplane! Must be what this means. He might be able to jump, likely he’ll just fall out of it like he’s trying to block someone.

  2. MadMax Says:

    negative nancy diva dave always here….still suffering from being the last kid picked on teams….

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Cody struggled last year, but kept fighting, and flashed the skills needed to be a great guard.

    I hope thats what happens. You never know what a poor kid will do,when hes suddenly a millionaire.

    I think Mauch will come back stronger, in better shape, and will be a much better player.

    I hope so. We currently dont have any options if he doesn’t. Still have no one to play left Guard, but other teams backups. Better than what we had, but still back ups.

    Id rather see Ben Bredesen at Center, and Graham Barton at Left Guard.
    Better option than Barton at Center, and Opeta at left guard.
    Bredesen was the Giants starter at Center. Opeta never was a starter for the Eagles.
    And switching from Left Tackle to Left guard will be much easier than Switching to Center for Barton.
    Im sure the Bucs will figure it out.

    Still think Jason Licht stole our future Center in the 6th round. Klein is just built like a Center. That kid is one of the WIDEST people Ive ever seen.
    Hes build like Sponge Bob, in the best way. Hes a a big block!

    Not gonna expect an improvement in the running game until we quit jerking around, and FINALLY address the holes left by Jensen, Cappa, and Marpet.
    We keep trying to stick backups in the line, and then act confused when there are no running lanes.

    Keep hoping this is the year. Team has gotra be tired of being unable to run the ball forthe last 3 years

  4. bob in valrico Says:

    IMO, the team has already replaced Cappa. I watched one play where Baker
    climbed the pocket, did a pump fake adjusted his footing and threw a pass toward the right sideline. After all that Goedece was still holding his block at the
    original pocket. He will only improve with more experience at his natural position.

  5. heyjude Says:

    Didn’t hear Cody’s name much, so true. Similar to Capt. Tim’s comment; hoping too that he is stronger, remains healthy, and does well this season. All in on Klein too.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Godeke is a tackle. Cappa was a guard. We lost our Center and both guards in one off season. Killed Brady and playoff Lenny that year. Killed White last year.

    Now, we have Replaced Cappa at Right Guard with Mauch. Graham Barton will replace either Marpet or Jensen.
    That leaves one spot unaddressed.
    It Appears Jason Licht is gonna try again sticking a backup in that spot. Either Sua Opeta or Ben Bredesen. Hasnt worked 2 years in a row. Wont work this year

    Im still hopeful he signs one of the goid starting caliber linemen still available.
    Dalton Risner iis a starting Guard.
    I like Connor Williams. He was playing center at a probowl level, before hurting his knee.
    There will be others available. Until we fix the line, we will continue our streak of finishing last in the League in rushing offense. Its that simple.
    We shall see.

  7. Boss Says:

    I think these 2 new OL picks will shore up the line. Who’s gonna be the Jensen type leader though. Hopefully Barton can be that guy.

  8. Lt. Dan Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Sua Opeta started seven games at guard for the Eagles. Barton at center and Opeta at guard. Bucs will be much improved on the interior of the line. Goedeke stands to be much improved in his second year at tackle. Cody will have man strength and NFL stamina in his second year. The O line will not be a weakness.

  9. Beeej Says:

    Eagles probably have the best O-line in the NFL, I gotta think any of their rotational guys would be starters elsewhere

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sua started games, only when the starter was hurt. Thats what Backups do.
    He started 2 games in 2020, 2 games in 2021, 0 in 2022, 6 in 2023
    Hes played in 38 games in his career, started 10.
    The Eagles let him walk this year.
    Better than Hainsey or Steenie.
    But not a starter.

  11. Hodad Says:

    I still say Mauch could end up at LG this year.

  12. #99 the big fella Says:

    Dave pear,
    What is wrong with you? You have to be a negative person on every post?
    You must really be a very unhappy person in your own life..You should probably get a job and move out of your parents home..

  13. Scott Says:

    Can’t wait to see these guys form a dominant line. If we can get the run game going then the offense can take the next step to greatness.

  14. Boise Bucs Fan Says:

    Nothing wrong with salesmen and loan officers. They constitute most of JBF’s page views

  15. Dave Pear Says:

    Lots of overly sensitive PMS going on. You girls need to take some midol.

  16. Bucsnbeer Says:

    I thought I saw Hainsey lining up at right guard in a OTA clip.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Dont forget about the 6th rounder Klein either.

    Probably a long shot to get a starting gig this season, but by all accounts the kid is a mauler.

  18. Buc4evr Says:

    Maybe Mauk will follow in Marpet’s footsteps this year and put on some muscle and get a lot stronger. If not we still have Opeta. One way or another the O line will be a lot better this season.

  19. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Dave Pear Says:
    May 25th, 2024 at 1:02 am
    He’s gonna jump out of an airplane! Must be what this means. He might be able to jump, likely he’ll just fall out of it like he’s trying to block someone.

    MadMax Says:
    May 25th, 2024 at 4:01 am
    negative nancy diva dave always here….still suffering from being the last kid picked on teams….
    Dave Queer is ALWAYS talking junk, then gets his feelings hurt when we talk junk back! I agree 💯, MadMax.

  20. SenileSenior Says:

    When it comes to Negative Nellies who thrive on trading insults, ignore them! Skip reading their posts and engage in discussing football and enjoying other Buc fans opinions.

    Go Bucs!!!

  21. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    Dave Pear, are you TMAX?

  22. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one impressed by Klein. Loved the comment about putting him at center. He is a wide load for sure, but I don’t see it coming. Interesting idea though.
    I have no doubt that if Mach improves his power and stamina and Graham is what we are expecting we should be a whole lot more watchable on offense. Goedeke and Wirfs should have better seasons too. Bring on the Commies. Or in Star Trek the Comms.

  23. WiscoJoe Says:

    Get Wirfs contract done and use that money on a cheap veteran guard that gets cut at the end of camp and maybe a move for an edge rusher.

  24. Tucker Says:

    Thought cody was playing through a back injury the second half the season rather than a rookie wall. Should have a lot better line this season so excited to see what this offense can do with that. Go bucs!!

  25. Gipper Says:

    Like the way that Mauch moves downfield on screens but he needs to get stronger in upper body. Hopefully, he hit the weight room hard in off season. If he isn’t noticeably stronger this year, it is an indication that he isn’t committed to getting better.

  26. Dave Pear Says:

    HoeInMichigan – I couldn’t care less what a parroting sheep like you says about me, or anything else. My feelings don’t get hurt – this is entertainment. And there’s nothing more entertaining than recalling some of your most moronic tales.

    Tom Brady is a wash, a wasted splash move. Right? Sorry, Woodward Ave Ho, your credibility is one step below a can of sardines. Just smellier.