Chucky Continues To Stick It To The Bucs

May 15th, 2024

“G@# damnit Cousins, why would you ever throw toward Winfield? His old man kept me up at night. His kid might be better. Jiminy Christmas!”

It’s bad enough that the man who guided the bridesmaid Bucs to their first Super Bowl win worked with the slimy Saints last year.

Now, he’s working with the Dixie Chicks. In Tampa no less.

That’s what ostracized Chucky did recently, per Jarrett Bell of USA Today. Dixie Chicks quarterback Kirk Cousins along with tight end Kyle Pitts, receivers Drake London and Darnell Mooney all flew to Tampa for a day-long film session with Chucky at his office.

Bell offered scant details of the meeting. It isn’t clear if any of them went to a local field to throw the ball around under Chucky’s gaze.

That makes two NFC South teams Chucky has worked with in the past two years. He was a 2023 consultant with the slimy Saints helping quarterback Derek Carr, who Chucky coached in Las Vegas.

There were rumors that New Orleans might hire Chucky, but he’s blacklisted by the NFL.

Chucky, of course, was in the Bucs’ Ring of Honor but his name was erased in the wake of an email scandal where Chucky used harsh, politically incorrect language towards people, including Team Glazer — nearly 15 years ago.

Joe didn’t agree with Chucky’s name being expulsed. Joe’s a history guy and does not believe in whitewashing history. You simply cannot tell the history of the Bucs and exclude Chucky’s impact.

Use the bad as a teaching point to be better. Besides, O.J. Simpson’s name is still up on the walls of Highmark Stadium, home of the Bills, in the team’s Wall of Fame.

Since, Warren Sapp has come out in defense of Chucky, along with many others.

But man, Chucky must be really steamed at Team Glazer if he has worked now with both the slimy Saints and Dixie Chicks to stick it to the Bucs in the process.

What next, will Chucky work with Dave Canales to help fix Bryce Young?

73 Responses to “Chucky Continues To Stick It To The Bucs”

  1. BucsFan55 Says:

    He did nothing wrong.

  2. Jimbob Says:

    Don’t piss off the billionaire owners by trashing them and expect your name to be up in the ring of honor. Not the way the world works

  3. Durango 95 Says:

    “Chucky used harsh, politically incorrect language towards people, including Team Glazer.”

    I’ve read it was a slur directed at specifically one of the Glazers. If a famous person had said the same thing about me I doubt I would have his name emblazoned on anything that I was affiliated with.

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    Well, the Glazers asked for it by piling on and taking him from ROH.

  5. Darin Says:

    You saying freedom of speech didn’t include Chuck E? What a bunch of pansies the Glazers are. Please ban me from the stadium too Joel! Oh wait I already banned myself

  6. TexasBuc 1776 Says:

    Chucky is Chucky. Ego maniac, but I like him. Joe, agree with your take on his removal from the ROH, petty. He brought us to the Promised Land.

  7. Boss Says:

    he has not been here in almost 20 years.

    good for him!!!

    It’s not like they swept us or Todd has a bullet proof defense.

    just throw over the middle and rush. or quick outs/slants.

    I wich Chucky the best!

  8. Matt_PcAfee Says:

    I’m sure Joes emails would raise some concerns. Iras emails are fine, just a bunch of GrubHub receipts.

  9. Drunkinybor Says:

    He’s old new. Any help from the Chuckster in this modern era reminds me of how revolutionary Lovie Smiths defense will be cuz he watched games in his basement.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Gruden took Gruden’s team to the Super Bowl and won.

    His name belongs in the ROH.

  11. Dusthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Thought him and Rich McKay hated one another?

  12. Letsbucinggo Says:


  13. Joe Says:

    Thought him and Rich McKay hated one another?

    If McKay could get away with it, he’d slit Chucky’s throat.

    If you are asking why he would help McKay’s team, couple of reasons: McKay doesn’t own the Dixie Chicks and McKay didn’t rip Chucky’s name off the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway. Also, McKay didn’t fire Chucky.

    Now, if you are suggesting McKay had something to do with leaking Chucky’s emails since he’s a big shot with the NFL, it wouldn’t surprise Joe.

  14. heyjude Says:

    Gruden said some nasty and discriminating things along with Dan Snyder. Colin Kaepernick took a knee for civil rights and never was allowed back in the NFL. Big difference in scenarios and Gruden is lucky he gets to help out a couple of NFL teams. It is too bad that no team gave Kaep a chance to help out. That would have been the right thing to do too.

  15. Dude Says:

    Katt Williams said it best “you have an unnatural allegiance to losers and that’s unlike you”

    Gruden is a relic, and a mid-tier coach by todays’ standards at home talking from the outside in is where he belongs. Like a troll under a bridge

  16. Durango 95 Says:

    “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

    In other words Gruden wrote it and now he has to own it.

  17. Bojim Says:

    I don’t like him but he shouldn’t have been screwed.

  18. RagingBrisket Says:

    His free speech wasn’t violated by the Glazers but they aren’t obligated to put up with his ignorant invective. Gru isn’t erased from history, just not celebrated because he is a petty dbag who can’t stop whining about being fired for being a mediocre NFL coach.
    This fan whining sounds more like a bunch of tailgate flag F your feelings tough guys with delicate sensibilities that always end up somehow being the victim in their own story. Wipe your tears and your bottoms and move on losers.

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    Gruden belongs in the ROH. Never should have been removed.

    It makes the Glazers look much worse to have done that than if they had said/done nothing.

    I’m quite sure – nice people that they are – that the Glazers private emails – if released for all to see – would include things said to each other that would be as bad or worse than what Gruden wrote privately to his friend Bruce Allen.

    Hopefully the person who released those Gruden emails will be found out, revealed and required to pay a heavy price.

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the conspiracy to trash Gruden’s name and remove him from the league goes all the way to the top….

  20. First Name Greatest Says:

    Not like Chucky is some offensive guru, after seeing his offenses here and his 2nd time with the Raiders I sure hope he “helps” all of the Bucs opponents

  21. First Name Greatest Says:

    Gruden isn’t being “whitewashed” out of History he’s just not being celebrated for being a complete clown.

    Just like the racist confederates he’s not being celebrated but he’s still a part of history

  22. FloridaGirl Says:

    Gruden is free to provide consulting services to his customer base. He owes the Glazers/Bucs nothing. And he should still be in the ROH for leading his team to the Super Bowl. Removing him from the ROH was weak sauce.

  23. gp Says:

    Your history is a little off. Understandable, considering how it was whitewashed(maybe not the right term) afterward.

    Kaep took a knee to protest being benched, period.
    It wasn’t until the next week, after all sorts of backlash, that his story of protesting police brutality was offered.
    Just because all the negative stories of that week have been wiped from internet memory doesn’t change the fact that I, (and millions others) were PO’d enough to pay attention, and know the facts to be different than the narrative.

  24. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I soured on coach Chucky after his drunken tirade toward former GM Rich McKay. He did win the SB with Dungt’s team. I think that was proven long ago due to his failing leadership led the Bucs to what became the lost decade while Coach Dungy and McKay went on to have success at other organizations.

  25. Beeej Says:

    I find it hilarious at how much trouble Chucky got in for that, esp if you’ve ever heard how soldiers, past and present, routinely insult each other with the most vile things they can think. It’s like watching an X-rated Don Rickles routine

  26. Mort Says:

    “Joe didn’t agree with Chucky’s name being expulsed. Joe’s a history guy and does not believe in whitewashing history. You simply cannot tell the history of the Bucs and exclude Chucky’s impact”

    Yet you won’t post the words he used. Guess you’re also uninterested in telling the history.

  27. heyjude Says:

    gp – Kaep protested about racial inequality. He also met with many veterans that supported him during that time. Rights that our military fought and still fight for. He should have had a chance in the NFL too. But as I recall, the president at that time put out a lot of nasty crap about him too, and the NFL went with it.

    Gruden had derogatory emails with Bruce Allen from 2011 to 2018; 650k emails during that time. Dan Snyder had his own too and was being investigated for other things… That is how it all came about and then some were leaked. We don’t know about all of them but they had to be pretty bad because Chucky lost again yesterday in Nevada, but still gets to still help with NFL teams.

    I was just making a comparison of both being on the opposite sides of these issues and if you give one a chance, give the other. Yes, Gruden helped us get a SB after Tony Dungy. But there had to be huge reasons why he was removed from ROH. Things we may never know. If teams want to use Gruden, let them. But are they doing it for the right reasons or to only give shade to our Bucs?

  28. D-Rome Says:

    Joe didn’t agree with Chucky’s name being expulsed.

    I can’t blame the Glazers for taking him name down after the derogatory comments he made about them.

    Strange how the NFL buried the rest of the emails after they got Chucky ousted. The show must go on I guess.

  29. Joe Says:

    He did win the SB with Dungt’s team. I think that was proven long ago

    Go look at the starting offensive roster in 2001 and the starting offensive roster in 2002. Pretty big difference.

    If Chucky won with Dungy’s players, then Dungy won with Wyche’s players. Dungy never drafted Sapp, Brooks or Lynch. Dungy didn’t sign Hardy Nickerson.

    And if you really believe Chucky won with Dungy’s players, why didn’t/couldn’t Dungy with Dungy’s players (or Wyche’s players)?

  30. D-Rome Says:

    LOL at the Kaep talk. Let’s not forget that Kaep started taking a knee as soon as Blaine Gabbert won the starting job in San Francisco. He was a terrible QB. Clay Matthews said it best when, after a sack, told him “You ain’t Russell Wilson, bro.” That was the beginning of the end for Kaep. He’s had plenty of opportunities to make it on a roster but he didn’t want to be a backup.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    If Gruden won with Dungy’s team then why couldn’t Dungy win with Dungy’s team?

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, the Falcons coaches aren’t good enough? Chucky should be able to make a living…..after all……he’s unemployed.

  33. D Cone Says:

    Too bad enough people don’t have the balls to stand up to the Cancel Culture.

    Take his name down because of some unsavory comments. Hell there are NFL Teams that play in states that enslaved people. When will they shutter those franchises?

    Washington Redskins are no more. Once the Culture gets finished with current ideas and gets going backwards to rewrite the history WIKI will no longer have the results of Super Bowl VII as Miami Dolphins 14 – Washington Redskins .

    Folks want to forgive personal debt used to create a life better than the blue collar and want to allow people to keep all they own after their company bilks people out of their hard earned money when the file bankruptcy then turn around and bury a guy because of words. Many of which are spoken freely among one’s in that particular group.

  34. heyjude Says:

    Hopefully, Chucky doesn’t work with Canales next to help with Bryce. That could go either way too. His recent helpfulness with Carr, didn’t go so well. I think teams are trying to psych us out by having him help out and meeting in Tampa. We will have the last laugh though.

  35. Dude Says:


    We don’t talk about Bruno

  36. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Joe he needed a consistent QB. That was the down fall of father Dungy. Let’s not forget he was a Bert Emmanuel catch away from a Super Bowl appearance and they probably would have won that one. IF that happened do you think the Bucs ever trade for Coach Gruden? Beyond that look at their careers after. Dungy got his Super Bowl and McKay turned the falcons into a force for years while Gruden and Allen struggled to remain mediocre.

  37. BucVoyager Says:

    Gruden deserved to be in the RoH until he didn’t.

    Imagine if you own a business and one of your most famous former employees trashed your name in a humiliating way. You’d take him off your glory wall too.

    The hypocrisy of the people crying about this is crazy.

  38. Joe Says:

    @Joe he needed a consistent QB. That was the down fall of father Dungy.

    He had Brad Johnson.

  39. J.B. Says:

    Chucky is finished working within the NFL. He was needed to get past the Dungy shortfalls and break through to win the SB, don’t hate the guy. Raiders were nothing special while he was their, should just enjoy the riches he got and retire. No college would touch him either. Who would have thought that Keyshawn Johnson was right?

  40. Bowles4President Says:

    Let’s think about any other business.

    If the entire staff and public find out you said the owner of the company should **** your ****, then your “Employee of the Month” photo on the wall is going to come down.

    Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s that simple.

    It’s really not that simple at all. Chucky was lauded as a historic figure by the owners, worthy of lifetime enshrinement for his critical and unforgettable contribution. He wasn’t Employee of the Month. They labeled him Employee for Eternity. Suspend the guy from the Ring if you want to and publicly offer him a path to be reinstated, if you want to smack the guy around and force him to apologize. But a complete excommunication is ridiculous. Chucky didn’t rip the owners publicy. You think if Bruce Arians is caught on camera at a Miami private party later this year by a bystander saying similar stuff about Bucs ownership that he’s worthy of being pulled out of the Ring? –Joe

  41. Crickett Baker Says:

    Just so you know, he called a male Glazer the p word (another name for kitty). When this went public the Glazer had to show that he wasn’t one. Gruden’s name was almost immediately taken off of the ROH. I didn’t agree but I sure can see why he did it.
    I do hate when people are blacklisted in the NFL or a president of the US tells them to fire someone. I am still sorry for Colin but Gruden IMO got what he deserved.

  42. heyjude Says:

    I read Tony Dungy’s book “Quiet Strength” a long time ago. He talked about when he was fired from the Bucs. He found out later that McKay already was having his office painted for Chucky before he was even out the door. That dismissal could have been a lot better than that. Two of his sons were there a lot, close to the team.

    It is sort of ironic that Chucky was using derogatory words about the Glazers when previously they gave him the red carpet treatment coming in. And then he was fired too. He said he was blind-sided by it. McKay left because he couldn’t work with Gruden. Now Cousins is meeting with Chucky. Ironic all around and so much with that too.

  43. Durango 95 Says:

    Mort Says:
    May 15th, 2024 at 2:20 pm

    Yet you won’t post the words he used. Guess you’re also uninterested in telling the history.


    If Joe typed what Gruden is said to have written about the Glazer(s) it wouldn’t make it past his own algorithm. But, I”l take kit one step further. Hypothetically, if I called Joe the same thing that Gruden is said to have called the Glazer(s) even if it made it past the algorithm, do you think Joe would just brush it off and not take it down? Of course he would. He would be totally justified in taking it down. Obviously, I would never do that in part because I’m not a total scu*bag.

  44. Chris Cotten Says:

    Honestly, who the f&$k cares what he says

  45. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Joe Brad Johnson had two good seasons out of 15? We’ll have to agree to disagree on Brad Johnson being a consistently good QB.

  46. Boss Says:

    did chucky day something bad I missed?

  47. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lke I’ve always said, Chucky got a truly raw deal from the commish. They made him a sacrificial lamb of sorts. I think his case is still tied up in court. I just hope he wins.

  48. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Few people have fallen farther/faster from NFL glory than Chunky…a few times.

    Surprise canning from The Bucs after such a great start ( looking back…mostly one year but he was a difference maker .)

    Became a MNF icon…courted by The Bucs and The Raiders ( took $100 deal and gave The Bucs a single finger salute ).

    Roger Godell finished him off with the help of Daniel Snyder. Unceremoniously blackballed from the league as Joe referenced.

    I actually hope he wins something vs the league…it was a hit job no matter what one thinks of Gruden. His life ( the one he loved ) was more or less ruined. This one day goat show with the Falcons means next to nothing.

    Is his statue still up in the lobby of One Buc HQ?

  49. Eric Says:

    Raheem must have thrown Chucky a bone.

    Cousins is ideal for Cruden’s skill set. Took vets Gannon and Johnson to another level.

    I wish thr man well, hope he can coach again someday. The cancel culture is way out of line.

  50. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Bowles4president is exactly right.

    It’s pretty simple.

    Chucky was the perfect storm for 2002, and it was magical, but he did do it with an infrastructure and a Defense for the ages that was left here for him.. A defense that scored 9 TDs. It came with Monte Kiffin for crying out loud.

    Never did like Bruce Allen either.

  51. Dave Pear Says:

    I don’t blame Gruden at all. The Glazerettes bent him over a stump and gave him the Ned Beatty treatment. Twice.

    But he should go help Raider opponents. They’re the ones who caved to Goodell’s barbarism.

  52. lambchop Says:

    In what world are you a boss and let an employee trash your name? It doesn’t exist. My friend got fired for making fun of his manager in a team chat. LOL. He was an idiot.

    Wake up fools. This is not about freedom of speech. That’s such a crutch. It was a private email but it got leaked. The Glazers aren’t going to just laugh that away. The blame should go to the emails being leaked. Chucky was the sacrificial lamb by the league in an investigation that wasn’t about him. Sometimes life gives you lemons.

    Lesson: Don’t be a b*#ch and hide behind email to whine and malign. Actions have repercussions even if you think you’re untouchable. Chucky decimated this team after the SB and was on a mission to get rid of Dungy players; because the perception was he couldn’t build a complete team (same knock on Dungy). He won with Dungy and Monty’s defense. The same guy that traded away Kalil Mack in his prime.

    What wonderful offense did Chucky build after the SB? He brought in a bunch of washed up retirees. Let’s be real – he can coach but he can’t build a team to save himself.

  53. Doc Says:

    The Glazers don’t understand that their little tantrum did nothing to erase what Chucky accomplished for the Bucs.

  54. lambchop Says:

    Just for context: The minute he got rid of Rich McKay, he lost all ability to form a team that could do a dang thing. With Rich McKay, he was able to get key FAs to come to win that SB. And let’s not forget the cake walk that SB was going against the team he coached who happened to not change a dang thing on that Raider’s playbook.

  55. BA's Red Pen Says:

    Good he can teach them his antiquated offense.

  56. ChiBuc Says:

    @Raging Brisket: right on! You’re serving that pastrami with some spicy mustard. Good stuff

  57. ChiBuc Says:

    “Just because all the negative stories of that week have been wiped from internet memory doesn’t change the fact that I, (and millions others) were PO’d enough to pay attention, and know the facts to be different than the narrative.”

    BWAHAHAHA….HAHAHA…HAHA…(still laughing). Who knew a select group of ppl have more capacity than the internet

  58. Dave Pear Says:

    Gruden belongs in the Bucs ring of honor, as does Malcolm. His sons ruined the franchise until Licht arrived and hired Bruce Arians.

    11 seasons of misery.

    Glazerettes may have finally matured, but they should definitely get out of ManU before they’re drawn and quartered.

    Chucky in. Malcolm’s droolers, out.

  59. unbelievable Says:

    Joe didn’t agree with Chucky’s name being expulsed. Joe’s a history guy and does not believe in whitewashing history. You simply cannot tell the history of the Bucs and exclude Chucky’s impact.

    Use the bad as a teaching point to be better.

    100% agree.

    They should be putting their efforts into finding out the real story and reasons behind the leaks… *cough* Dan Snyder saving his own arse *cough*, but the NFL doesn’t want that.

  60. stpetebucfan Says:

    To be honest I could care less whether they kept Chucky’s name up or not. I’m not moved either way, both sides have excellent points to make.

    Bottom line for me was best expressed by FirstNameGreatest.

    “Not like Chucky is some offensive guru, after seeing his offenses here and his 2nd time with the Raiders I sure hope he “helps” all of the Bucs opponents”

    And look how he helped Carr beat the Bucs out of a 3rd consecutive division title….Oh wait a minute…he didn’t help Carr at all and he was totally familiar with him. Let him waste his “revenge” tour on an over the hill Cousins coming off an horrible injury.

  61. BucFanforLife Says:

    Sorry for my language, but fyck Chucky. It was Dungy’s team and he knows it. If anything, he’s helping the Bucs by acting like he knows football while poorly training our rivals. Personally I think he should just go back to starring in his direct-to-DVD corny horror films.

  62. BucsBeBack Says:

    Gruden was black-balled over things he SAID (or typed) in a confidential e-mail?! You folks don’t think that these billionaire owners have racial preferences & maybe even share the same sentiments that Gruden’s e-mails allegedly contained? Don’t be so high-minded, duplicitous & naïve?

    The Glazers own the Bucs. The tax-payers own the stadium! Why do the Glazers alone decide who’s name makes it onto OUR stadium?

  63. Funderstruck Says:


    Though, from what I understand about the Glazers, they are more about second chances and $$$ than pride, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the mandate didn’t come from the NFL as a whole, especially if their fragile snowflake billionaire Mr. Goodell threw a fit.

    If that’s the case, does Chucky know he’s now cut off his nose to support 1/16 of the owners to spite the Glazer’s Familial Face?

  64. gp Says:

    It takes far fewer than that to manipulate the internet, and in turn, manipulate large masses to believe what they are told to believe.
    You, are a case in point.
    Now be a good boy, and go upstairs to take out the trash like your Grandma asked you to do hours ago.

    Go Lemmings Go!

  65. ChiBuc Says:

    They erased the internet for an anti racist agenda…. HAHAHAHAHA.

    @gp: “Just because all the negative stories of that week have been wiped from internet memory doesn’t change the fact that I, (and millions others) were PO’d enough to pay attention, and know the facts to be different than the narrative.”

    That is truly the stupidest old man comment of the yr. I’m glad angry ppl like you are around to let us know about world wide web conspiracies.

  66. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Durango 95 Says:
    “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ…”

    Who is this author?

  67. gp Says:

    Go Lemmings Go!


  68. Florida made me Says:

    Maybe the outcome could have been different if he used Tony Dungy’s lawyer?
    Just spit ball’in here

  69. Bucs Lives Matter Says:

    Rewriting history is one thing, but also making derogatory/disrespectful comments about a member of your family, who also happens to be an owner isn’t right either. I know if someone who once worked for me make a derogatory/disrespectful comments about me or someone in my family, I wouldn’t want to see their name everyday on my office wall.

  70. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Chucky said what he said, and that has consequences. Nobody’s freedom of speech was denied. He just has to accept the outcome for his own actions.

  71. Dirk Disco Says:

    If Rich McKay, Gruden, and Kiffen could all be adults and get along we would have had a dynasty with that defense.

  72. adam from ny Says:

    so…would chucky’s name be the only name ever to be removed from a ring of honor…?………and from stadium display in the entire nfl…?

    did the glazers do something that’s never been done before in the nfl…?

    i wonder if this was actually a first

  73. garro Says:

    Say it ain’t so my man!

    Go Bucs!