Cade Otton Might Be Too Durable

May 22nd, 2024

Bucs TE Cade Otton.

Joe always references the famous Bill Parcells quote about ability. Because it is so true. And NFL people swear by it.

“Your best ability is your availability.”

You can be the next Deion Sanders but it doesn’t matter if you can’t get out of the tub. If a player can’t get on the field and stay on the field, then what’s the point?

So yesterday, Bucs coach Todd Bowles lauded tight end Cade Otton’s ability to improve his durability from when he was a rookie. Otton is entering his third season.

“His durability has been outstanding,” Bowles said of Otton. “We’ve called on him a lot as a rookie. It’s hard to believe he’s only a third-year guy coming up.

“His durability has been outstanding and he’s had different coordinators each year, so his ability to adapt and learn… He’s had different coaches, it’s not like he’s had the same position coach or had the same offensive coordinator.

“So, to learn different things and tweak his game to fit what we needed him to do is outstanding.”

Joe would think “flexibility” might be a better word. But yeah, Otton is durable. Maybe too much.

Last season Otton logged 97 percent of the offensive snaps. That’s an insane amount for a tight end. Only Bucs offensive linemen and Baker Mayfield had more snaps for the offense.

(Fun fact: Four of the Bucs’ five starting offensive linemen took at least 99 percent of the offensive snaps last season. Of those four, only Tristan Wirfs didn’t have 100 percent.)

That type of constant beating will take a toll sooner or later on Otton, who isn’t exactly the biggest tight end (though he did put on some weight this offseason).

Whether it is Ko Kieft or Payne Durham or rookie Devin Culp, a Bucs tight end has to step up and help give Otton a breather now and then.

Otton, it seemed, turned the corner last year and became a pretty solid pass catcher. He overcame the dropsies that plagued him in training camp and carried over into the regular season.

If the Bucs plan to do any damage in the playoffs, Otton will need to be a big part of that. The Bucs have to find a way that he doesn’t get beaten to a pulp with so many snaps.

20 Responses to “Cade Otton Might Be Too Durable”

  1. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    That quote preceded Parcells. Tony Dungy used it once and attributed it to Bud Grant in the 70s.

  2. Chark Says:

    Underrated player..don’t Underrated why he is not appreciated by some bucs fans

  3. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Cade Otton is the man!

  4. Mark Says:

    This makes me remember Wally Chambers who spent so much time in the hot tub that McKay called him the admiral.

  5. Daniel Hammond Says:

    Kind of unrelated they play the same position I think that Devin Culp it’s going to be very very good

  6. Drunkinybor Says:

    I see him having a big year. I love when a player just puts his head down, grinds, and works hard . Dude refuses to wear gloves. He’s definitely got that old school mindset. Hea very onery. My momma say, my momma say ” Alligators are onery cuz they got so much teeth and no toothbrush. Roy Orbison…no no no

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    @ Mark, Wally Chambers RIP, poor guy. After he left football he was so messed up he spent his final days in a wheelchair. His body was probably shot by the time he played for the Bucs.

  8. heyjude Says:

    Really like Otton! He has been under-rated and shouldn’t be.

  9. Tebowtime Says:

    Cade is a meh talent. He’s ok at blocking but he’s not fast, big or a good route runner / catcher.

    He’s a great number 2 tight end to pair with a pass catching specialist. Maybe we got that in culp but it’s a long shot.

  10. Joe Says:

    Underrated player..don’t Underrated why he is not appreciated by some bucs fans

    Look who he is replacing. As the old saying goes, you never want to be the guy who replaces the guy. Just ask Baker Mayfield.

  11. Joe Says:

    This makes me remember Wally Chambers who spent so much time in the hot tub that McKay called him the admiral.


  12. Booger Says:

    @Chark – I believe he is “appreciated” by the overwhelming majority of Bucs Fans… I just think most have a realistic view of him as an overall talent being that of a solid #2. And, that is what he is. He is dependable and a good teammate. He’s carving himself out a nice long NFL Career. What more can you ask for than that… Not an ‘All-Time’ Great, but a nice player.

  13. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Joes, your pal, the BC Ford GM made a comment that he heard that Culp put on 25 POUNDS after the NFL Combine initial weigh-ins. Went from 231 to 256…

    That’s insane man!!!!

    If he retained his speed, definitely looking forward to what he looks like in TC…
    If he can catch and block sufficiently, partner him w Otton and now we running with gas…

  14. JimBobBuc Says:

    Tight ends coach Justin Peelle coached well in Philly and Atlanta, so he was brought in this year to replace John Van Dam to improve the TE group. Let’s see if he can improve the whole group – fewer drops and better blocking especially.

  15. BucsfaninOregon Says:

    I can tell you why Otton is underappreciated: He is a middling TE. Minimal offense for the position. I don’t expect him to be Gronk 2.0, but I think that TE is a key position for a top team. Who was in the Super Bowl last year- -Kelse and Kittle, two of today’s best.
    A superior TE is often the difference between good teams and great teams.
    We have great WRs, however, everyone has good WRs. The difference is a great TE.

  16. Hopein1hand… Says:

    @Bucfan1988: Thank you for mentioning Culp’s incredible weight disparity. He must have cut weight like a wrestler for the combine but that makes no sense. All the supplements and juice on the market can’t deliver growth like that in two months. Did anyone at camp check his pockets for rolls of nickels, rocks, etc. before he stepped on the scale? I hope someone asks him directly to explain because putting on 25 lbs in two months is bonkers. He is likely a little slower but the Tampa weather will drain what I can only assume is mostly water weight gain from his frame. I’m interested in him but not optimistic.

  17. BigBoiBuc Says:

    Don’t need a great player at every position. We don’t have to have a Kittle or Kelce to be successful. Does it help? Sure. Great players help at every position. I think Otton is a much better than average TE for us. Culp will let us know soon. Durham is solid and should take a big step in year 2.

  18. BucsfaninOregon Says:

    No, we don’t need a Pro-Bowl at every position- -no team has that. Every team needs individual contributors to fill between the super stars. That’s what Otton is. No more no less.

  19. BakerBucs says duh Says:

    Aspirations r always welcome with aspirations come commitment & good things like money I like otton good attitude that’s good for a gooood team

  20. teacherman1983 Says:

    Otton is the best #2 TE in the NFL.

    And I like Durhams hands and height. (But slow)

    Culp is worth keeping as a project.

    Keift is not worth keeping.

    He’s an awesome dude. But defenders have realized he’s too slow to hit them hard. So they just avoid him easily. He’s not a good fullback. He whiffs on blocks almost every time.

    He can’t run or catch. And honestly. He’s also slow on special teams.

    I hope we draft a true #1 TE next year in the 1st or 2nd round.

    Tight End #1: Dont have one
    Tight End #2: Otton
    Tight End #3: Durham
    Tight End #4: Culp

    Keift will get cut. But signed to another team. So don’t cry guys.