Bucs 2020 Draft Re-Graded As “B+”

May 17th, 2024

“Mark, you’re killin’ me over here.”

What does Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht have to do to earn top marks for a draft?

His predecessor (of all people!) has the answer.

Former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik is the SiriusXM NFL Radio draft guru and he annually grades teams’ past drafts after enough years have passed to grade them sensibly … unlike the 2024 draft grades that emerge hours after the draft.

Today, Dominik was dissecting Tampa Bay’s 2020 draft and, in a move that led to Joe safely driving into a ravine, Dominik graded the Bucs’ 2020 draft a “B+.”

The draft netted All-Pro studs Tristan Wirfs and Antoine Winfield, Jr., but Dominik wanted to see more.

“I struggled with this one,” Dominik said. “I like to see three players get multi-year deals to go into the ‘A’ range, yet when you get two players that are really two of the elite players at their positions, that’s really hard for me to not to kind of give [a grade] in that A range. And that’s where I struggled between the A- and the B+.”

Dominik continued: “You just wish you had that one more player.”

Citing Wirfs not having a new contract yet, Dominik said he stuck with a “B+” for that 2020 Tampa Bay draft.

Man, Joe sure is glad Dominik wasn’t grading Joe’s seventh-grade book reports.

No “A” grade for drafting two likely Buccaneers Ring of Honor players? Hello?

The Bucs’ remaining picks in that 2020 draft were runnning back Ke’Shawn Vaughn, who recently was cut by the Patriots, now-Rams receiver Tyler Johnson, Texans defensive tackle Khalil Davis, linebacker Chappelle Russell and RB Raymond Calais. Russell and Calais are out of football.

It’s easy to forget, but Johnson had seven postseason catches for 76 yards. At the very least, Joe thinks Dominik should have been swayed by that reality to give Licht an A for the draft.

31 Responses to “Bucs 2020 Draft Re-Graded As “B+””

  1. Bubby Says:

    Wirfs was the 13th pick, but the 4th tackle taken. He was the last of the top tier OTs taken and a huge position of need. Even Jason couldn’t screw that one up.

    Winfield was a home run and great choice.

    The rest of the class was an F.

  2. ocala Says:

    That is ridiculous. The 2020 draft is probably the second-best draft in Bucs history. Two players drafted that are on a trajectory to the HOF is not an A+?

  3. unbelievable Says:

    I’m get his logic to a point… but when you get 2 all-pros in a single draft, plus a rookie WR that was crucial in the SB run… I dunno how’s that not an A.

    By his own metrics, did Dominik ever achieve above an D+ for his drafts as GM?

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    Asking Mark Dominik for his opinion on the NFL draft is like asking Joe Biden for his opinion on the US economy…


    What joke!

    Shut up Dominik. Your drafts were the worst and helped ensure the lost decade of depression…

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Aw man, I forgot about Davis. I remember the coaches loved him, seems like a poor mans Kancey now lol. I’m happy with the line we have now tho. Just need a good edge rush presence.

  6. AL121976 Says:

    I don’t think Dominik ever had 3 impact players in one draft. Don’t take financial advice from a bum

  7. dls5492 Says:

    Johnson was critical in the 4th quarter of the Bucs-Packers NFC Championship game. This should give it an A.

  8. lambchop Says:

    Who cares what Mark Dumbinick thinks of our drafts? He sucked at drafting. Who is he to judge?

    That dude is such a try-hard for trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

    Honestly, it’s insulting to even grace his gibberish here. But, that’s not my call.

  9. Leighroy Says:

    And to think, Joe pays for this kind of analysis from SiriusXm 🙄

  10. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’d forgotten all about Johnson.

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    What do you expect from Dumbonik, who never could tell the difference between draft stock and livestock. What a complete idiot.

  12. Tom Says:

    I actually understand Dominik here. With the avg career of a football player at 4 years, that means every year a team must add 13 players to replace outgoing players. Getting only 4 meaningful players out of the draft does not allow an A grade despite their high end pedigree. I think a B+ grade is appropriate given that 2 of the drafted players are elite.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    If you draft two future HOF’ers – and in addition to that they play a huge role in winning a SB, that’s an A++++.

    It would be like saying the Bucs got a B+ in 1995.

    What an idiot, no wonder he got fired.

  14. Dave Pear Says:

    Seems like some of Dumfuknik’s family posts on here.

    I still can’t believe he actually told his story about Cam Jordan’s visit. He should not be allowed in front of a microphone. Sounds exactly like you’d expect on the radio. Blubbering and milque toast. I won’t listen if he’s on.

  15. Dominik Says:

    I gave it an A-

  16. Mort Says:

    If that’s a B, I don’t want an A.

  17. Ryan Smith Says:

    Tyler Johnson made a couple clutch catches in the playoffs . He might be gone now but I will be grateful for him and those catches forever!!!

  18. WhatTheBuc Says:

    Let’s be honest. It really doesn’t matter what you do with the rest of the draft when 2 of you picks are potential hall of fame players. Factor in that they were exactly the 2 positions the bucs needed to fill via the draft and they won the super bowl. Dominic is good on the radio but he’s definitely jealous of Licht. Put the pipe down Mark

  19. WhatTheBuc Says:

    Tom, I’m going to say this as nicely as I can. Maybe you need to reevaluate. Teams get 7 draft picks excluding potential comp picks and trades. Consider that 50% of 1st round picks are busts and each following round has diminishing returns. Explain to me how you expect teams to replace 13 players a year through the draft. If you are one of the many people that believes that some teams hit on most of their draft picks, you need to do more research. If a team hits on 4-5 picks in a draft, that amounts to an all time great draft.

  20. geno711 Says:

    It’s like hitting two grand slams in an inning and the fans complaining the rest of the guys did not get extra base hits in the inning.

    Easy to replace guys that get an occasional hit or an occasional walk.
    Two grand slams are enough to convince me that it is the 2nd best draft in Bucs History.

  21. Dave Pear Says:

    I just looked up “Mark Dominik “ in the urban dictionary.

    It’s a term generally meaning “sucker” and/or “softy,”. With above average hype, below average performance, but can swallow loads of one ounce specimens.

  22. Crunchbuc76 Says:

    Thank God Dumbnick is no longer our Jr GM. That guy sucked!

  23. BillyBucco Says:

    This post is like watching Dave Pear lead a mob of ignorant protesters up to Britany Spears house, while he holds a sign that says Buttney Spores.
    This is after researching a dictionary to understand what her name means.
    What a leader of men you must be.

  24. VOT Says:

    Dominic’s best draft was a D+ so take his grades with a ROCK of salt not a grain

  25. westernbuc Says:

    Antoine Winfield Jr is top ten maybe top 5 defensive player in the league right now. Wirfs might be the best left tackle in the league. Wtf is Dominick smoking?

  26. Bucs Fan since 1996 Says:

    I like that Dominik is evaluating the draft several years back but couldn’t disagree more with the B+ grade.

    Drafting two all-pro’s in a single draft and another player that made significant contributions in the playoffs is at LEAST an A grade in my book.

  27. garro Says:

    How the heck does this dudes name keep appearing on my computer screen?!?

    There are multitudes of NFL expert wannabes out there these days Joe. This one has pretty much proven to be the Chris Simms variety. Full of it.

    Go Bucs!

  28. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Jose, you gave Licht an A++. Isn’t that enough for you?

  29. Tony Says:

    If we wanna know Mark Dominick’s opinion on anything then we’ll ask him which strip joint he thinks is the best one on Dale Mabry by the stadium.

  30. Booger Says:

    Some people are their own worst enemy when they try to ‘overthink’ too much. Dom definitely falls into this category. I thought the same about Johnson before you mentioned it… Was actually, just thinking about him the other day! He was solid. Dependable. And most importantly, Brady trusted him. We really needed him on a few occasions during those two glory seasons… He stepped up with some BIG catches at some critical times. And, Wirfs is getting another contract… I mean, come on. That is just stupid. The other picks were SO BAD I couldn’t give it an A+ but a solid A is sufficient for snagging TWO ALL-PROS who are DEFINITE ‘Top-50’s in the LEAGUE, by the time they are 25-YEARS OLD, & on a HOF trajectory!!!!

  31. MadMax Says:

    Jason listens to me…..I cant believe Barton and Braswell fell to us…and I wanted Bullard but knew he wouldnt be there, so we got his teammate in Tykee to play nickel CB/Safety….then we went small and shifty with Bucky Irving…

    And tell me they were not spying Penix!! Thats how they found WR McMillan and TE Culp…both of them STEALS at their spot!!!

    Keep disrespecting us people….keep at it, we love it!