What The Fans Want

April 14th, 2024

Desired by Bucs fans.

So, what do Bucs fans want?

With the draft coming a week from Thursday night, what do Bucs fans want Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to do?

Listening to the loud crowd, which often drowns out those who use reason, Joe thought surely Bucs fans wanted Licht to draft a center at No. 26 a week from Thursday. Then Joe ran a poll. Joe’s readers prefer an edge rusher.

That makes a ton more sense at No. 26. Smart choice.

So now the question is, who? The PFF tribe has something called a mock simulator. And it seems per this contraption, Bucs fans want Florida State beast Jared Verse, so types Gordon McGuinness.

Verse is probably the safest bet. UCLA edge rusher Laiatu Latu looks like a Bosa to Joe. He is going to be a handful, but he has a neck injury. That may understandably pull him off a few teams’ draft boards.

Here’s what Dane Brugler of The Athletic typed on Verse in his draft guide “The Beast.”

SUMMARY: A two-year starter at Florida State, Verse played the “FOX” edge rusher role in defensive coordinator Adam Fuller’s 4 -3 base scheme, standing up and rushing with his hand on the ground. After receiving only one scholarship offer (Albany), he developed into one of college football’s best edge rushers, collecting 29
tackles for loss and 18 sacks in his 25 games in Tallahassee. As a pass rusher, Verse can win with speed or power and flashes violence in his hands to break down the rhythm of blockers. He sets a physical edge in the run game and is always around the football, because of his awareness, effort and fierce play personality. Overall, when he channels his relentless energy, Verse is as disruptive as anyone in this class, because of his explosive get-off, power through his frame and NFL-quality hand use. His physical traits and competitive football temperament give him a high floor as an NFL starter (reminiscent of ei ght-year NFL veteran Dante Fowler).

Well, comparing Verse to Dante Fowler (Joe can see the physical comparison) is a slap in the face to Verse.

Fowler never lived up to his potential and is a third-rate pass rusher. Think one-armed Jason Pierre-Paul, like JPP was his final year with the Bucs, though he did have a couple of strong seasons.

Joe doesn’t think Fowler could bullrush 320-pound tackles into the quarterback the way Verse does.

Brugler has Verse as his No. 2 edge rusher, ranked higher than Latu.

Unless the Bucs are leaning toward Alabama’s Dallas Turner, Verse is probably the best, safest pick for an edge rusher in the draft. And if Bucs fans want Verse, Joe is glad to jump on the bandwagon.

45 Responses to “What The Fans Want”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Zero chance Verse is available in the 20s. Would require a trade up, which I might be just fine with, depending on what it costs.

    The problem is after Verse and Latu, the edge rushers drop off exponentially. None of the other ones seem worthy of a 1st round pick.

  2. JimBobBuc Says:

    The Bucs would have to give up too much draft capital to move up for Verse. The latest Verse would last would be #19, where he’d go to the Rams. With Whitehead back on the team, Bowles would have better coverage for his blitzes, so we don’t need to be desperate for an edge. Pick an IOL or edge at #26, or trade back to early rd2.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    I have flipped
    I would draft Latu if he is available
    He has played 2 full seasons after his injury

  4. Bucben61 Says:

    Joe say

    Listening to the loud crowd, which often drowns out those who use reason, Joe thought surely Bucs fans wanted Licht to draft a center at No. 26 a week from Thursday. Then Joe ran a poll. Joe’s readers prefer an edge rusher.

    That makes a ton more sense at No. 26. Smart choice.

    The more I read joes slanted takes the less I like him…sure your poll shows the good folks here prefer an ed rush to a center first problem is the 2 guys you mention aren’t most likely waiting for us at #26

    Joe knows this but because he keeps up with this bogus assumption that centers aren’t playmakers we’re are inundated with slanted story lines like this

    Yes if Verse or Latu are there at #26 don’t walk run to the podium…if they are not you have to look at center

    Favoring a top of the draft center over what’s left over at edge rusher is the smart choice not the loud choice

  5. BucsFan Says:

    Pick will be JPJ if available and Cooper DeJean if not-You read it here first.

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    I have to concur with unbelievable. No way either Latu or Verse will be available at #26. If either slides to #15 or lower, a trade up makes sense. However, I love having the extra pick in the third and you’d have to give that away or possibly your 2nd round pick to move up.

  7. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Unless Latu falls to 26, there is no edge rusher that will make it past 20 worth drafting in the first round. I would not trade up for Latu due to his health concerns but I would consider him at 26.

    Best player available!! That could end up being JPJ, Barton, Kool Aid, DeJean, or Wiggins based on the players likely available at 26. Can’t wait to see which player Licht thinks is best.

  8. Marine Buc Says:

    Verse would be a great pick but it won’t happen at pick #26.

    The Bucs will need to move up into the top 15 if they really want a chance to draft this guy.

    Moving up 11 spots in the first round will cost a 2nd and a 3rd round pick at least.

    I just don’t see that happening because this team has way too many holes in their roster to plug and Licht admitted that was the case.

    If anything our GM should move back in round one and gather additional picks – not move up and spend our picks on just one player.

  9. Conner50 Says:

    Fowler didn’t live quite up to as high as he was picked but he has had a pretty decent nfl career. To say that’s a slap in Verse’s face just shows how much of a nole fan Joe is lol

  10. Veniçebucfan Says:

    O line players are just as important as play makers. Without solid oline play, the playmakers can’t make plays. A center and guard are responsible to control d tackles and stunying edge rushers. How can one expect a low draftee to stop early round d line players. Best players create best teams.
    Best available at all positions is always the best choice

  11. Bucs Guy Says:

    I like both Vetse and Latu, buy prefer Verse. Doubt Turner or either of these is there at #26. I’m not OK with any other Edge in the first round.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Everyone keeps talking about Latu’s neck being a problem.

    It wasn’t a problem in college.

    Why would it be a problem in the pros?

  13. sweti_yeti Says:

    Well, the Bucs aren’t leaning towards Dallas Turner, since he’ll be the first defensive player off the board. Verse probably won’t be there at 26. Latu could be available due to the neck concern. More likely they’re looking at Chop, whether people like it or not. Their interest in Chop could be a smokescreen. He’s raw. Sometimes raw prospects work out, and if he does, he has the athleticism to end up as the best pass rusher to come out of this draft, just not in year 1.

  14. Saskbucs Says:

    Let’s hope the Falcons don’t draft edge and then Verse/Latu could slide into range. Weak class and a lot of teams looking at QB/OL/WR/CB. Who knows!? Verse/Latu/JPJ/Barton. Clear cut top 4 “realistic” options for me. One of those guys gets to 26 and we pull the trigger, I will be very happy.

  15. heyjude Says:

    Fully agree! Verse is the best pick for an edge rusher in the draft.

  16. MelvinJunior Says:

    NOPE… No to another ‘BUST’ EDGE from a weak draft class at #26. HAIL YEAH… YES to a stud Offensive Line/CENTER in a LOADED class. YES to finally, for ONCE, having an actual “Running Game!” YES to not having a MONSTER OL/C always within a FOOT of Baker Mayfield (that he can’t see over) on EVERY damm play… YES to fewer ‘batted balls’ & more time to throw!!!! 💯

  17. Onetrickpony Says:

    If Verse/Latu are gone go for JPJ

  18. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    We don’t need another project edge rusher. If Turner, Lati, or Verse are available at 26, draft an edge rusher. If not, don’t draft one in the first round. This years crop of edge guys is very thin.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    The Top-3 edge guys will almost surely be gone by the time we pick at #26. So will probably 5-6 QBs, 6-7 OLine, 3-4 CB, 3-4 WR, 3-4 DE/DT. 2-3 Edge, 1 TE. Almost surely all the guys we’ve been dreaming of drafting with our 1st Rnd pick will be gone by the time we get to choose.

    Walter Football BTW did their own mock draft and came up with us drafting Amarius Mims (OT) from Georgia. They ranked Mims (6’7″ & 340 lbs) #6 in Tackles primarily because of limited starts at Georgia. They felt that he’d have an excellent chance to start at Guard, but didn’t see him as a Center.

  20. Mr. Editor Says:

    Thanks to the Carlton Davis trade, the Bucs have some capital to move up in the first round, if needed. I would be very pleased with Verse. Let’s hope that he is available.

  21. geno711 Says:

    Dante Fowler was picked 3rd overall.
    Not sure why the comparison of Verse to Fowler is a slap overall.

    There seems zero chance that Verse will be picked in the top 5.
    Plus, Dante had as good as senior year of college as Verse did.
    We really are only grading any of these guys based upon what they did in college.

    I am not sure why Joe is attacking Fowler’s pro career.
    45 sacks, 13 FF, 56 TFL and 75 QB hits are all part of a solid career.

    I would be happy if whoever the guy the Bucs pick at 26th, had that kind of pro production for his career. It would not be a home run, but it would be a double for pick 26.

  22. geno711 Says:

    Brugler who Joe references and I think puts the time in on these prospects as much as anyone has Mims as his number 19 overall player and 5th OT.

    STRENGTHS: Exceptional size with evenly distributed mass on his tall, big-boned frame (body fat dropped from 25 percent when he enrolled to 17 percent as a junior)
    … has outstanding arm length and wingspan, making it tough to get around him

    WEAKNESSES: Only eight career starts, and his collegiate resume feels incomplete … prone to youthful habits when he drops his eyes and gets impatient … naturally high-hipped and can do a better job leveraging through engagement when fitting up run blocks …

    Overall, Mims isn’t as far along fundamentally (especially in the run game) as other tackles in the class, but he is a natural in pass protection with above-average length, footwork and body twitch to handle different types of edge rushers. Though there is projection involved with his draft grade, his best football is ahead of him, and he has the talent to become a long-term starter at left or right tackle. With his remarkable physique and trim build, Mims carries 340 pounds better than anyone I have ever seen and plays with outstanding balance and arm length in pass protection.

    I am going to go with Brugler over Walter Football and more teams see him as a tackle than a guard.

  23. BucsfaninOregon Says:

    Joe, this topic is just a Sunday fill-in topic. So the Bucs want an Edge player like Verse of Latu. So what! They want ice water in Hell, also.
    Instead of a fantasy pick, how about some realism. Why not compare JPJ and
    Barton. Evaluate pick between center and guard and who that might be.

    No projects- -we already have several (see JTS, Hall, etc.)

  24. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I highly doubt Jared Verse makes it to pick #20. Latu might be there at
    #20 but won’t be available at #26. Bucs need to go with Offensive line this year as the crop is much stronger for OL but very weak for DL.

  25. ToAd.BoWels Says:

    1. Edge or WR or trade down (for two 2nd rounders or an early 2nd and a 3rd)
    2. WR or Edge
    3. (pick1) ILB or CB
    3 (pick2) CB or ILB
    4. RB or IOL
    6. IOL or TE
    7. S or punt returner

  26. Brian in St Pete Says:

    Yes…I would love Jared Verse. Who wouldn’t? I would also love an unknown uncle to leave me $50M in inheritance. There is a very good chance that verse will go in the top 15 and would be a shocker if he didn’t go in the top 20. Which leaves us with some extremely flawed choices even if we traded up to 20 for an edge. So is it better to draft an iffy prospect because it’s a position of need or is it wiser to draft a superior prospect at a position that is also needed? Seems obvious.

  27. Oxycondomns Says:

    Verse will go to slimy saints at 14. Bucs will draft a oline, cb, or wr first round

  28. Mike Johnson Says:

    Forgetabout Verse. He wil be long gone by our 1st pick. Can we get him? Sure, But you are gonna have to give up next yrs first and this years 1st and 2nd.
    The top 3 pass rushers will be long gone in the top 20 this year.

  29. View from 132 Says:

    Fans want wins. And beer. Leave the draft to the people paid to make these decisions.

  30. Saskbucs Says:

    Chi – Williams
    Wsh- Daniels
    NE – Maye
    AZ- Harrison Jr
    Min- McCarthy
    NYg- Nabers
    Ten – Alt (OT)
    ATL – Turner (Edge)
    Chi – Odunze (WR)
    NYJ – Bowers (TE)
    LAC – Fashanu (OT)
    Den – Mitchell (CB)
    NO- Fuaga (OT)
    Ind – ? WC
    Sea – Fautanu (OL)
    Jac – Arnold (CB)
    CIN – Murphy (DL)
    LAR – Latu (Edge)
    Pit – Barton (OL)
    Miami – Newton (DL)
    Phi – JPJ (C)
    LAC – Thomas Jr (WR)
    Dal – Latham (OT)
    GB – ? WC – Mims ? Guyton ? Wiggins ?

    Would leave Verse sitting there unless IND goes pass rush. There will obviously be some surprises and some trades outside the Minny trading with LAC I have here. Verse and Kool Aid or Wiggins going in the 2 ? Spots would be about worst case scenario for us. I can see the draft going something like that though, hopefully the trades and surprises benefit our board. I don’t think NO will go pass rush based on their OL issues right now. Seems they need a tackle pretty bad and could almost get their pick at 14.

  31. Boss Says:

    Meh, I could care less who the name is at edge as long as he has the brain and the body to be taught. It’s football not rocket science. Get some nobody with fire in the belly like shaq had for a short bit….and the guy they sent to seattle

  32. Olboy Says:

    You ever notice people will use all last names except for chop and kool aid? Enamored by names like the media hype machine getting in on the product
    Robinson. Mckinstry.

  33. MadMax Says:

    shhhh….its a kicker so just shush (sorry if i offended you) lol

  34. MadMax Says:

    @Sask, they have their Center in Dickerson….my guess is WR at that pick

  35. BUCman Says:

    Only one problem with Verse. Bucs would have to trade away next years first round pick plus additional compensation this year to move high enough to get him. He will be gone between pick 8 & 15. Otherwise great!

  36. Buc85 Says:

    Too many good players of need to have a trade up. JPJ stock is falling and may drop out of first round. If Lati falls he will be a steal

  37. BringBucsBack Says:

    “standing up and rushing with his hand on the ground.” Simultaneously? Those are some LOOOONG arms!

    Yes, I know what he means. That is just a peculiar sentence.

  38. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    The occult of Trask wants Verse drafted so they can root for him to fail.

  39. Tony Marks Says:

    Change the title to

    What I and Fans Daydream About

    The alleged “loud crowd” would LOVE Verse to be available. We are just the more sensible educated crowd that know who is unlikely to be available. All your poll shows is the percentage of your readers that don’t think.

    One week to go to stop this senseless day dreaming. Can dreams come true? sure but until they do they remain dreams not rational conversation.

  40. Jay millz Says:

    I’d say Darius Robinson!!! The guy is an animal!!! And with Randy Gregory, it won’t be a rush to get him acclimated, he can be rotational while developing in the NFL

  41. Esteban85 Says:

    Would be nice but we ain’t seeing Verse or Latu. We picked 26th when we moved back for Logan Hall, could be a possibility for us. I wouldn’t be surprised with a WR to be honest. Seems like we would be getting our pick of what would be top 10 WR’S in other years drafts. We could just as easily draft a top center as I’ve seen many teams do with a late draft pick like 26. I say trenches or WR with the first pick and yes I consider edge trenches.

  42. BillyBucco Says:

    I concur with Darius Robinson if Latu and Barton are gone.
    JPJ is getting closer to his original #50 overall grade lately.
    Barton is the true center desired by most.
    Darius does give the team a 2 position flexibility that others don’t.
    Drafting a tackle like Mims is probably still coveted more by this group when all is said and done.
    Why talk about Verse? He won’t be there.
    Let’s talk about true possibilities.

  43. BillyBucco Says:

    I will say if Atlanta doesn’t take Turner, it could change how far Latu falls.
    If Im Atlanta and I just spent a Kings Ransom on Cousins, Rome Odunze would be mighty tempting.
    If Atlanta gets him, I would tend to agree with them winning the Division.
    Can you imagine trying to stop Drake London, Rome Odunze, Kyle Pitts and B Robinson?
    What a nightmare.
    I really hope they take Turner honestly.

  44. Conner50 Says:

    BA’s red pen
    You baker jock sniffers always talking about trask no matter what huh? Rent free

  45. Buc85 Says:

    To Billy Bucco, your absolutely right. Atlanta in itself could really shake this draft up with their selection. IMO they will take a wide receiver. In today’s game career ending injuries are no longer career ending with stem cell surgery. Not sure what cousins did therapy wise but regardless if Atlanta wasn’t completely sure they wouldn’t have given him that contract. If they draft a receiver the offense will be unstoppable. It’ll force the other team to play their game and our run first approach won’t compete without a top five defense. Our best bet if Latu or Barton doesn’t fall, which they won’t, is trade down and try to grab JPJ. His stock is falling, assuming his medical, after meeting with his top 30 visits. Shore up the offensive line so we can actually run the ball instead of relying on Baker with 15 3rd and sevens a game