What The Bucs Should Do

April 24th, 2024

Is receiver a need?

Wide receiver may be the most stacked Bucs position group on offense. But it feels like that’s only for a short time.

As a result, a man who is not shy about sharing this thoughts — whether you want to hear them or not — prickly Pete Prisco of CBS, has more than a hunch or idea of what Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht should do with his pick at No. 26 tomorrow night.

Prisco said it’s simple. Get a wide receiver and make sure his name is Brian Thomas.

Prisco reasons like Joe does. Chris Godwin is in a contract year and it’s unclear if he returns? Mike Evans is only here for two more years, per the contract he just signed. When that contract expires, he will be 33.

How many stud 34-year old receivers are out there in the NFL? Evans has cheated Father Time very nicely. Sooner or later, Father Time has to be paid.

Prisco believes preparing for the near future is smart. So go ahead and get a receiver from the SEC receiver factory known as LSU.

Mike Evans is back, but he isn’t a kid anymore and Chris Godwin is in the final year of his contract. Getting a big, young receiver would really help in the coming years.

Prisco isn’t wrong and here is another factor: The Bucs have Trey Palmer, current No. 3 receiver, on the cheap for the next three years. Joe is beginning to think Palmer may have been misused last season.

Yes, Palmer is lightning quick and he was often used to take the top off the defense. Well, his season stats from NextGen Stats showed no one in the NFL was quicker at the start of his route than Palmer. Nope, not even Cheetah Hill.

So if Palmer is that damn quick off the ball, one would have to think he ought to be open early in the route. So why not hit Palmer with short passes and let his wheels take over. He’s so damn quick all it takes is one missed tackle and he’s gone.

If Joe is right about Palmer’s usage, and you bring in Thomas, well, the Bucs are good to go if 2025 really is Evans’ last in Tampa Bay.

38 Responses to “What The Bucs Should Do”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Either a WR or OC. I’m really intrigued for Mo Kamara in the 3rd/4th

  2. Fred McNeil Says:

    All I know is I expect a big surprise tomorrow night. I did not see the Kansey pick coming at all. I haven’t got a clue what to expect.

  3. catcard202 Says:

    Thomas is exactly the type of WR the FO should target as not only an insurance policy against Godwin being in a contract year & with Evans on decline watch, but also because that guy is a hell of a future WR1 in the league. That future would look so much brighter after having a yr or two as an understudy to ME & CG.

    At this point, it’s hard to see the FO doubling down on bringing Godwin back after 2024 – at $25m+/yr on a new deal – with Winfield & Wirfs staring down big money 2nd contracts & Baker potentially eating $30-40M the next couple yrs.

    The only real problem I see with Thomas is that Licht will need to move up to get him…There’s absolutely no way he slides to #26.

  4. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMO- Brian Thomas is the second best receiver in this draft and has the highest ceiling. If he is there at #26 we should definitely select him.

  5. Leighroy Says:

    Find a WR in any years draft. No need to burn a 1st round pick this year on a WR to be the 3rd/4th guy when BPA will likely better match other positional needs.

    Yes Evans is “old,” but Licht has already gambled that he’ll be on top of his game for 2 more years. Godwin is still here too. Don’t fix a position that isn’t broke yet, especially one where rookies can excel year 1.

  6. adam from ny Says:

    wow they’ve made the draft such an event in recent years…i’m getting freakin’ excited for this thursday evening…

    i’m gonna be flipping back and forth from it until the knicks game is over…

    knicks game should be over by the time they get to the mid 20’s selections

  7. Scott Says:

    There’s plenty of gems to be found in the later rounds.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    i don’t think round one should be a receiver…that just sounds off…

    round 3 yeah…………..maaaaaybe round 2 if a stud is dangling out there in the wind

  9. adam from ny Says:

    sooooo…sean payton thinks he can fix zach wilson…..wow

    i still think he might grab a bo nix in the first if he’s available

  10. adam from ny Says:

    our front office is like a veteran staff that’s made and learned from previous errors…there’s no growing pains for them…they know what they’re doing pretty much…have faith in licht and the war room gang…sit back and enjoy…and let them rock !

  11. BucU Says:

    If you plan on staying up for the Bucs 1st round pick you’ll be waiting over 4 hrs before we are on the clock.

  12. BucU Says:

    “”our front office is like a veteran staff that’s made and learned from previous errors…there’s no growing pains for them…they know what they’re doing pretty much””

    Agreed. They’ll get it right.

  13. Dave Pear Says:

    Is it too early to slam a bottle of vodka with breakfast? I think not.

  14. garro Says:

    If LSU produced any high character players I might agree wth you Joe. A big no to any from LSU or any FSU players who “opted out” (quit) on their teammates Bowl game. Dont need any more Divas or low character guys here in Tampa.

    Go Bucs!

  15. Bucs Guy Says:

    Love Thomas as the pick if the top 3 edge rushers are gone and JPJ, Barton and Frazier are also off the board.

  16. geno711 Says:

    Mock Draft done at NFL Mock Draft Database 4/21:
    26 Brian Thomas Jr – WR – LSU
    57 Zack Frazier – C – West Virginia
    89 Brandon Dorlus – DT/DE – Oregon
    92 Jaylen Wright – RB – Tennessee
    125 D.J. James – CB – Auburn
    220 Jaylan Ford – LB – Texas
    240 Caedan Wallace – OT/OG – Penn State

  17. 2023 Surprised the Hell out of me Says:

    Never seen a hi lite reel like that …. just a amazing…. he is a Man among boys

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Thomas should be the pick if Verse, Latu. JPJ and Barton are off the board.

    In mocks I see the Steelers most often associated with picking JPJ – so I hope they do pick Thomas and JPJ falls to us at #26. That would be perfect….

  19. geno711 Says:


    It is an unsupported hypothesis to say that players that opt out of bowl games are somehow low character.

    They are just young men looking to their future at that point.

    That includes guys like Nick Bosa, Christian McCaffrey, Penel Sewell, and Micah Parsons.

    It includes FSU player Jalen Ramsey.
    and finally

    LSU stud receivers Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson.

    So, I hope that NFL GMs are like you and decides Brian Thomas is not worth drafting because of a perceived low character. If will be their loss and our gain.

  20. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Thomas, Verse, Latu, Barton, or Guyton in the first.

  21. Toad Bowels Says:

    Brian Thomas Jr can win Football games, adds another threat to Liam Coens 3 and 4 receiver sets and will help with the future when Evans/Godwin fade or can no longer be signed up under cap tolerable contracts.

    That should b the pick if he is there unless Brock Bowers slides to 26.

  22. SB~LV Says:

    YES it is a need!
    Evans and Goodwin are at the end of their NFL careers

  23. Conner50 Says:

    We can get a quality wr in round 2,3, or even 4 in this years draft or nexts years draft no need to burn our first pick on one this year. IOL and DL is way bigger to fix than getting a guy who’s gonna be playing limited snaps and special teams. Nothing against Thomas but we don’t need him in the first round, need a guy who’s starting every game and every snap

  24. George R Says:

    Follow the money. You can only pay so many players. The Bucs will go WR that will save them 20 million + a year. Goodwin will not be with the Bucs 2025

  25. Boss Says:

    We should have let mike walk, drafted a TRUE number one WR, drafted OL and bought every OL and LB and DE FA out there.

    ah well. looking forward to seeing big mike and bake hook up at the expense of a balanced offense

  26. TheMightyVH Says:

    How do Bucs have him graded? Would not reach here. Stick to the board and trade down if your first round graded guys are gone.

  27. DS Says:

    Kid is a game breaker lucky if he is there at 26

  28. Pewter Power Says:

    Good point! What the point of having a stacked pass t rush if you can’t score points? The offensive side needs to be addressed so this isn’t a season like Brady last year

  29. PSL Bob Says:

    Are we building for the future or are we drafting to win now? To win now, pick an Edge rusher and a kick-ass center in Rounds 1 and 2. Plug holes at CB, LB and OL in Rounds 3-5. Hell, if we’re building for the future, why not get a QB? The logic for getting a WR is valid, but don’t you think there might also be some decent WR in next year’s draft?

  30. stpetebucfan Says:

    PSL Bob

    Agree with your thinking. Yesterday George Allen was brought up. I’m like him.

    Win NOW. Right NOW one of the last positions of need is WR. Godwin, obviously future HOFer ME13…and I agree with Joe about Palmer’s talent not being properly utilized. Canales brought a ton of enthusiams and great attitude but I still remain skeptical. His play calling and game planning largely sucked but he was a rookie and so I give him that.

    BTW “Win NOW!” is just one of Allen’s great sayings.

    “If you can accept defeat and open your pay envelope without feeling guilty, you’re stealing.”

    “Losing the Super Bowl is worse than death. You have to get up the next morning.”

    “If you hate your job, don’t worry, you won’t have it for long.”

    “Football isn’t necessarily won by the best players. It’s won by the team with the best attitude.” IMO this describes the current and last season’s Buc team.

    But my all time favorite…I don’t really get it but what a thought…Perhaps Allen was thinking of Dean and Davis and injuries.

    “Vicodin and vodka the breakfast of champion’s.”

  31. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Another crap take by Boss. Boring.

  32. Conner50 Says:

    Boss with the usual stupid comments of the day lmao
    “Draft a true number one wr” yea because a wr in the draft on day one is always gonna turn out to be a great wr, automatic fact right? Lol. Also evans has put up over a 1k yards since being in the league with the most touchdowns recorded by a Buc in franchise history isn’t a true number one guy….

  33. Hopein1hand… Says:

    I’d be thrilled to see Thomas in a Bucs’ uniform but I don’t see him being available at pick 26. Need and opportunity seem to converge on IOL for the Bucs this year. Rickey Pearsall or Malachi Corley in the second seems more realistic. Corley could be something special as a returner with the changes to the kick off rules. I have never considered drafting a running back before the fourth but after two years of being the worst in YPC I’d actually like the Bucs to pick one in the second or third. The draft has been deep at WR for a few years straight so it seems the Bucs could wait until 2025 to burn a high pick on a WR.

  34. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Yeah, Thomas looks alright. But that video would sour me on Daniels right away if I was in position for an early QB. Not a great deep thrower. This could be a Manziel type situation where the great receivers made you think a run around guy was a real QB.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    Stacked group? Huh? You got Evans, and a somewhat diminished Godwin (not bashing him, but he’s not been quite the same since coming back from his last major injury) on the last year of his deal – then nothing after that.

    You need three starting WRs, and the Bucs have two.

    I’d much rather take a top WR in the 1st and let Licht find his offensive lineman in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  36. KiDxCuRRy Says:

    If this kid is somehow available at 26. He has to be our pick, unless we get a trade down option that’s too good to refuse. Game changer and gets to learn under Evans. CG may be in his final season here. We only have so much money to go around and a stud on a rookie deal is hard to pass on.

  37. Esteban85 Says:

    Absolutely 110,252% on board with this idea. He would be a perfect first round pick and to have a WR room with two former LSU WR’s that run a sub 4.4 40? Yes please! Would really take the sting out of losing Godwin if God forbid we have to part ways next year. I hope he is there at #26

  38. Saskbucs Says:

    Obviously want a trench pick but would not be upset about this at all. Would love to see him in a Bucs uniform for all the reasons listed.