“They Both Keep Hit Lists”

April 5th, 2024

Baker Mayfield has a kindred spirit in the front office.

Imagine Joe’s surprise last night listening to SiriusXM NFL Radio when Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht was being talked about as if he’s an assassin.

It’s starting to feel like Licht has an Eminem-style hit list in his front pocket at all times. Or at least he has some media thinking he does.

For about four or five months, Licht has come out swinging at media types that buried the Bucs last spring and summer. Todd Bowles and Team Glazer have followed suit with a few jabs of their own.

(Perhaps Licht is the reason Peter King retired?)

On Thursday, the Late Hits airwaves were manned by Alex Marvez and Charles Davis, who is one of the busier dudes in NFL media as a top analyst for CBS  and a draft guru for NFL Network. He’s also a familiar face at Bucs training camp.

Marvez opened a Bucs segment discussing how Licht “might be the most underrated general manager in the NFL.” And he went on to note how it’s possible that national media is undervaluing the Bucs again for the second consecutive offseason. If so, Marvez said, the result could be having “Jason Licht write down our names and put us on the bad list.”

Davis then seemed to mute his microphone because he was laughing.

“Jason Licht, this is one of the reasons he and Baker Mayfield mesh real well. They both keep hit lists,” Davis said while chuckling after a pause of dead air. “That’s Jason. … He was calling [media] out.”

Davis then relayed a story about how years ago he asked Mayfield if he started keeping hit lists in second grade. “‘I think it was kindergarten,'” Mayfield replied, per Davis.

This has become the new Bucs culture: “Us against the world,” even in March and April.

Licht called it “our DNA of being overlooked.”

Hey, whatever works. Joe just thinks it’s interesting that media appears to looking over its collective shoulder knowing Licht is lurking, keeping receipts and taking names.

Joe, of course, isn’t influenced by opinions at One Buc Palace. However, Joe might dress nicer this training camp. Joe could get worried if Licht progresses to video or pictorial shaming.

32 Responses to ““They Both Keep Hit Lists””

  1. SlyPirate Says:

    “Put him in a body bag, Johnny.”

    Vegas: 7.5 Bucs Wins
    Let’s break this down. The Bucs at 4-2 in the NFCS is automatic. So that means, Vegas doesn’t think the Bucs can produce 4 wins playing Dallas, LAC, Giants, Philly, Denver, and the Raiders.

    Vegas: Odds to win the NFCS
    110 – Atlanta
    300 – Tampa
    340 – NOLA
    1000 – Carolina

    Atlanta and Nola had the EASIEST schedules in the NFL and couldn’t beat Tampa for Championship x3. Atlanta doesn’t have the same cupcake schedule this year yet they are 2-1 favorites over Tampa.

    Insane. Keep your receipts.

  2. SenileSenior Says:

    In Mayfield’s case I might see it. In Licht,s case I don’t. … Then again … 🥹

  3. Tony marks Says:

    At this point The whole NFL media scence looks kindergartenish at all this. Its hard to pick a winner. Whats sillier – projecting who is going to make the playoffs 4 months before even training camp starts (and for what rational reason?)or those obsessed with responding to that silliness?

  4. LongSeason Says:

    Jason Licht built a team from 2014-2019 that attracted the G.O.A.T. to the team. Tom Brady signed to the team built by Jason Licht because he knew he could win a Super Bowl.
    No Jason Licht. No Tom Brady. No Super Bowl.
    Think about that.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    I wonder Joe if having Baker as the Bucs’ signal caller is what’s influencing our early ranking. He has proven to be a rather easy target for the national media to pick on while with Cleveland & Carolina. Opinions usually take awhile to turn around.

    For my part, I don’t really give a rats where they rank us. No NFL team is truly complete at this time of year. Still 5 months & a LOT of work to go until Game 1 kicks off.

  6. SenileSenior Says:

    LOL ….

  7. Saskbucs Says:

    That CBS Cody Benjamin article got to me yesterday. Had to fire at him on X. So disrespectful! “Surprisingly, they have been to the playoffs the last 4 years, longest streak on this list” and then says you can essentially chalk that up to a bad division! Acting like we weren’t a powerhouse for 2 of 3 years with Tom and getting to the divisional round 3 of the last 4 years.

    To the media the Bucs win only because of Tom, or the opponent sucked. I really need these guys to prove everyone wrong again and win the division. Not even to make me happy as a fan, but to make some of these people feel stupid. Complete waste of my time but I am about to start keeping receipts as well!

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If Bowels coaches the Bucs for 2 more years that would mean Licht has been a GM for 12 years with 4 coaches for an average of 1 coach every 3 years. That is unheard of. Right now it’s 2.5 years with him at the 10 years mark,

  9. CJBucsFan Says:

    Powerhouse is not the word for it there buddy.

  10. Bucben61 Says:

    Lame stream media strikes again

  11. Kidfloflo Says:

    Slypirate our local sports book hard rock app has it at 8.5 wins…I still like it st that as I see 9 wins…but would put a ton of money on them if it was the line u posted! Which unfortunately I cant

  12. MelvinJunior Says:

    It kind of ‘hit me’ last night for the very first-time, this offseason. I was thinking about the current state of the NFL, while trying to project ‘who’ the top teams were, etc…. It all just seemed VERY blah, to me. After seeing all of the various ‘moves’ being made, & then with what several other teams had already, LOST… I like where the Bucs are, right now!!!! A LOT Better Than I Did… Especially, when compared to most of the league. Need a GrrrREAT Draft.

  13. stpetebucfan Says:

    There are many things to like about this team. We’ve debated the talent level ad nauseum and what holes need to be filled. Coaching has been debated all the way down to position coaches. Lot’s about TL.

    It all seems trending in a positive direction. The thing that puts me on #teamoptimist are all the intangibles…they all point up for the Bucs. Fiercely competitive GM and QB that rub off on the rest of the team…a LARGE corp of leaders with a blend of youth that seems to make a perfect match.

    A new OC but much of the staff including the HC enter year three and the QB and receivers now have an entire year.

    And it just feels like the ’24 Bucs are a TEAM. I don’t see distractions. The star QB will not be missing camp this year, there is no SB hangover of any kind…it’s like the perfect blend of championship experience with youthful exuberance and fire.

    I like the way the Falcons and Bucs match up. I see relatively even teams. I see some great contests up ahead. I like having any edge the Bucs can muster and they seem to have the “Intangibles” edge.

  14. Joe in Michigan Says:

    So you’re saying Trask To The Future and Habitual Complainer Grover are on a list?

  15. SenileSenior Says:

    Should the NFC South become a dogfight the Bucs will be better prepared for the playoffs.

    Go Bucs!!!

  16. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Growing up in a military home with an Asian mother, I was told that if someone stopped being my friend, a girl broke up with me, people trashed talk me, or other disrespectful action, that the best solution was “success is the best revenge.” So I did just that and I’m happy. Bucs, Licht, Mayfield, etc just need to win and have success. Even if the Bucs win the NFC South again and have a deep playoff run, we will still be viewed as a bad team by critics. Wins and success matter. Go Bucs!

  17. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    Jason Licht is criminally underrated, just like Lavonte David is, and has been, criminally underrated his entire career.

  18. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Off topic but I just read a mock draft and there’s a CB from Iowa named TJ Tampa.
    Don’t we kinda have to draft him?

  19. BridleOaksBuc Says:

    Dewey….Or another way to look at it is:
    It was Lovie that actually hired Jason. Koetter was already on staff when Jason got here as well (I believe). Arians retired. So Jason has thus fired one coach that he brought in over the past 10 years. That’s a pretty good track record…
    And, the one coach who Arians brought in from the street won us a Super Bowl.

  20. BridleOaksBuc Says:

    *Licht brought in from the street

  21. Jglazer Says:

    I like Licht. He has done well for the Bucs. But give me a break. They beat 2 or 3 teams with a winning record last year and one of those teams lost something like 5 or 6 in a row before us.

  22. Saskbucs Says:

    CJbucsfan- if you are referring to my comment… maybe powerhouse is too strong but 2020 and 2021 the Bucs were top contenders, we were a few awful Bowles defensive calls from having a chance at back to back Super Bowls. 2022 we were a Jensen and Godwin injury away from being serious players for a 3rd trip. Shoulda coulda woulda, but in the NFL success like that 3 years running and then getting to the divisional round last season makes the Bucs super relevant. Not powerhouse … ok but splitting hairs for me considering how stacked that roster was in 2020-2021. Record doesn’t reflect the roster cause Covid bull got the Tom years off to slow start and because of Tom and the instant success… we got every teams A game. Bucs were circled on everyone’s calendar and no one came out sleepy against us.

  23. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I’m saying we win 11,12 games this coming season even with the hard schedule we have. Mayfield has proved to me he can win, he’s a fierce competitor and with the teammates that he has going into a second year are only going to get better. I believe the 2024 Bucs are going to be on a serious mission to win.

  24. MadMax Says:

    When Baker went off on kansas because they wouldnt shake his hand before the game….lol, yeah! Thats why I wanted him and was hoping we’d keep him!

  25. heyjude Says:

    Agree with Saskbucs. That Cody Benjamin article really burned me up too. I think we are all keeping receipts too! Go Bucs!!

  26. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I wonder if CAR was on Mayfields hit list. You might expect them to be based on their time together, but he played like garbage in both meetings with them last season.

  27. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Maybe Mayfield was on CAR’s hit list?

  28. Pewter Power Says:

    Whatever works???

    They are being no other choice but to think this way. Media is literally is l overlooking them as of they want anyone except the Bucs to be relevant in our division

    The declaration that panthers will win the division is looking like the worst prediction in the history of football. That guy should definitely be working for ups if he is competent enough

  29. Beeej Says:

    There is zero evidence that Young will blow up. Only good thing you can say about him is he doesn’t throw many picks

  30. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    We have a team that went toe to to, blow for blow and gave Detroit a 15 round fight in their playoff game.

    This team is very close to being a Super Bowl contending team.

    How does drafting a QB like Rattler in Rounds 2 or 3 help the Bucs 11 offensive players on the field perform better or help the 11 defensive players on the field perform better and contend for a Super Bowl while sitting on the bench and holding a clipboard?

    Drafting Rattler this year would be the equivalent to the mistake of drafting Trask in the second round to not help us defend our Super Bowl championship as he wasn’t on the active roster for the games that year.

  31. RustyRhinos Says:

    (Perhaps Licht is the reason Peter King retired?)

    If this is so thank Bucco Bruce and all the loss of those dumb RED click baits on every Peter King post!! Huzzah!!! Buy Licht a case of his favorite beer.

  32. westernbuc Says:

    Peter King retiring is good for the sport of football.

    The guy clearly did not love the game. Social causes fed to him by smarter people became his priority.

    If Licht retired him. Great. Another feather in his cap.

    I just think the guy hated his job.