The “Ideal” Pair

April 13th, 2024


This is just dumb.

While Joe could see this happening, the first sentence in selling this player the Bucs may draft at No. 26 is, well, asinine.

Over at, Chad Reuter decided to find the “ideal” first two players Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht should select in this month’s NFL Draft. Here’s how Reuter delivered a selling point on edge rusher Chop Robinson in his very first sentence.

“Robinson’s production at Penn State was not elite… “

Well then why the hell should a team burn a first-round pick on the guy if he’s not “elite.” What a joke!

Now Joe can see the Bucs selecting Robinson at No. 26. What rubs Joe the wrong way about this Robinson is that he had little production. He can shed his initial block really well but doesn’t finish consistently.

Robinson last year had four total sacks in 12 games, half of which came against UMess. Against children!

So in the grossly overrated B1G, Robinson, an alleged first-round pick of a pass rusher, could only muster two sacks. Man, that’s embarrassing.

Joe thinks one reason Robinson is getting so much run is that he looks like the perfect player for the pressures-are-more-important-than-sacks crowd.

[He] accumulated 17.5 tackles for loss with 9.5 sacks over the past two seasons. The Buccaneers would benefit from adding his explosiveness off the edge (4.48 speed at 254 pounds), however, after releasing veteran Shaq Barrett.

Joe doesn’t understand why Robinson is rated so highly when he doesn’t produce. Maybe teams were smart enough not to run at him?

The second “ideal” pick from Reuter is brutish Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson in the second round.

Powers-Johnson could be this year’s Creed Humphrey, a top center prospect falling into the second round. He is a perfect replacement for retired center Ryan Jensen because of his strength, attitude and underrated mobility in the pivot.

Now this is more like it. Joe’s not against drafting a center, just not in the first round. If this Powers-Johnson somehow falls to the Bucs at No. 57 in the second round (he won’t), this seems to be a steal.

Robinson at No. 26? He seems like a second Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, only Robinson can play the run.

42 Responses to “The “Ideal” Pair”

  1. Beeej Says:

    Do they track pass rush win rate in college? Be interested to know his

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I guess it wouldn’t surprise me too much if the Bucs took Chop at 26, they took JTS at 32 and Logan Hall at 33. I’m still holding out hope that Hall will be as good as Will Gholston at some point, but that’s the kind of guy you should be drafting in the 4th Round, where Big Will got drafted.

  3. Bucs Guy Says:

    They have it backwards. JPJ at #26 and maybe Chop is worth taking a chance on if he’s there at #57.

  4. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Hell no to Chop Robinson. He’s a JTS clone. Turner, Verse and Latu are the only DEs worthy of a First round pick this year. They will be long gone before the 26th pick. It is a very week draft for Defensive linemen, but a strong year for Offensive linemen.

    No point in risking a project DE when you can have a pro bowl center or guard in the late first round this year.

  5. heyjude Says:

    Way too much hype.

    Hold out for Jared Verse.

  6. 407buc Says:

    Hope they don’t draft him .Watch film don’t look at combine numbers.Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    “Robinson can play the run”

    Oh really? Are you sure about that?

    Chop had only 15 total tackles in 10 games last year. And 5 of those were in 1 game vs Rutgers….

    So in 9 games Robinson had only 7 tackles and 3 assists.

    Lack of production is an overstatement with this guy. You could have stuck a lawn chair out on that Nittany Lions edge and it would have tripped up nearly as many runners as this Chop guy did…..

  8. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I know Ive said I wouldn’t be angry with who we pick, but I would if JL picks Chop.

  9. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    The ideal pair would be Verse in the 1st round and Powers-Johnson in the second. If that were possible, I’d trade a pick or 2.

  10. Scott Says:

    I’ll let the scouts, GM and coaches evaluate this one. The last two first round swings at The d line haven’t been good. We need to get the run game going and protect the quarterback. Hope we don’t pass up on a stud o line that could make an immediate impact for a project.

  11. Scott Says:

    Supposedly he has a 20.9% pass rush win rate

  12. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Build the trenches – just not with Chump Robinson. Feel safe calling him that from very far away.

  13. SB~LV Says:

    To expect a sack artist in the NFL with his production in college is mental gibberish!
    Big no to Chop !

  14. 2 thumbs up Says:

    The problem is we are drafting at number 26 and both these guys will be gone.JPJ will never get past Pittsburgh and Verse is gone before that. In order to trade up we would have to give up major draft capital.

  15. JimBobBuc Says:

    JPJ and Barton will likely go to the Steelers, Dolphins, or Cowboys. If one is available after the Dolphins pick, then trade up just before Dallas.

  16. Boss Says:

    We need a game changer for the 1st pick. JPJ please.

  17. BucsfaninOregon Says:

    heyjude Says:
    April 13th, 2024 at 8:38 am

    “Way too much hype.
    Hold out for Jared Verse.”

    Hold out for what? Everybody on this site wants Verse. Don’t you think that somebody just might pick Verse before #26?!!
    BTW, JPJ will be gone before #26 as well. Trade up or forget about both of them.

  18. infomeplease Says:

    We need an impact player in the first round. Not another JTS

  19. Bucs552004 Says:

    Why not give up our 1st round draft pick for earlier 2round pick.

  20. heyjude Says:

    @BucsfaninOregon – JPJ may still be available. He has had multiple concussions, and groin/hip injuries.

    I meant way too much hype on all of it before the draft.

    Also in agreement to trade up for Verse.

  21. Bojim Says:

    JL won’t pick him at 26. He’s way too smart for that. Second round maybe. Then I may be wrong like last year.

  22. lambchopp Says:

    Jason Licht will not overdraft OL of all positions. Kicker maybe, but not OL. They will get a CB or WR in Rd 1 if the only Edge left is Chop. He’s not going to transition to the NFL with subpar production in college. And the Bucs already have JTS as a reminder why you don’t draft Edge based on “potential” and “athleticism”. Edge is production or bust.

    Do not get cute with Rd 1.

  23. PNW Buc Says:

    Darius Robinson out of Missouri should be considered at 26.
    Plays violent, good motor, plays run well and can move inside on 3rd down. What do you think?

  24. Beeej Says:

    How often does a guy play BETTER in the pro’s?

  25. Pepsi Says:

    We’d be lucky if Chop Robinson is available at pick 26. To say hes a JTS clone is a complete joke. Chop is way closer to Barret than he is to JTS, theres going to be games where he just flat out cant be blocked 1v1 by some tackles. JTS’s potential was based on his body, Robinson’s potential is based on the way he moves on the field. Pair him with Vea and Kancey and he would be a force

  26. Pepsi Says:

    Chop VS Illinois – 1 tackle, 0 sacks

    – Double teamed on the edge on nearly half his snaps – good lucking double teaming him on the edge in the NFL
    – Beats the double team about half the time
    – Gets chipped by TE one snap but is way too fast and gets in on big TFL
    – Causes quick pressure on a play leading to an interception
    – Causes quick pressure on 2 other plays leading to incomplete pass
    – Sealing the edge on run plays multiple snaps very well
    – Drops back into coverage fluidly and deflects a pass in coverage

    Chop is having great games result in zero stats. this DOES NOT mean looks like tarzan plays like Jane. It means Bucs could get lucky and have a stud edge player available at pick 26

  27. BUCman Says:

    Being that he suggests the Bucs can take Jackson Powers -Johnson in round two (pick 57) shows how little he knows the draft. It is highly unlikely he gets out of the first round but if somehow he does he will be snatched up quickly in the beginning of round two. We would not be able to even get a sniff of him in round two. If he is such an expert analyst he would now this. If we are playing that game why not suggest that Marvin Harrison Jr would be a perfect fit for the Bucs in round one.

  28. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Joe doesn’t understand why Robinson is rated so highly when he doesn’t produce. Maybe teams were smart enough not to run at him?

    People love catchy names.
    Kool Aid


  29. Scott Says:

    Yeah, usually guys with those type of names are pretty solid

  30. Scott Says:

    Kool aid would probably be a safe bet if he’s there at the pick. Really good in zone and man

  31. Esteban85 Says:

    If we need pass rush so desperately and we have the “chess piece” in JTS already on the roster why don’t we draft a pure edge rusher like Jonah Ellis? Rookies don’t play every snap anyways but drafting Ellis in R3 would fill a huge void and give us a true pass rusher. A true quarterback hunter and we would be drafting NFL bloodlines which I think is pretty smart and seems to pay off at a high rate. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Darius Robinson out of mizzou and a graham barton in round one. He seems like a beast without the injury issues of JPJ. Also Jalyn Polk out of Washington looks like a Godwin Evans hybrid.

  32. David Says:

    He’s a workout warrior and a combine star. Maybe he will develop in a couple years at the NFL level and be awesome but in the first round, he is not worth the risk.
    Should not even be a consideration until he’s there halfway through the second round.

    -C Powers-Johnson Oregon
    If he is not there
    -Edge Verse FSU

    After that, in Licht we trust

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d rather spend a draft pick to move up for Verse…..or stay put and pick a Center.
    JPJ will never ever last to our 2nd round pick…..what an idiot to even suggest that.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    Because Edge is such an important position, it is easy to reach for a guy like this, just *hoping* he breaks out.

    Like the Bucs have in the past.

    I am not a huge fan at all of “Chop” and would also stay far away from the guy with a fused neck.

  35. Hopein1hand… Says:

    That pair would be ideal but not at all realistic- shoot if JPJ is there in the second in this draft the Bucs may as well take Marvin Harrison Jr. at #26. A realistic OC and pass rusher pair would be Frazier in the second and Mo Kamara from Colorado St in the third. Kamara has similar twitch and burst but is a shade smaller than Robinson. Is 14 sacks in 2023 enough production? I’d be thrilled to see the Bucs pick up Kamara and either Robinson or Edgerrin Cooper. LB is a simple need right now but at this time next year it could be a massive, gaping hole in the middle of the defense with JTS and LVD both potentially gone. Any of these boys could be developed in an asset at OLB or MLB in this defense.

  36. Brian in St Pete Says:

    0% chance JPJ falls into the 2nd. He’s probably the best C prospect I have EVER seen. I’m starting to wonder if he will even make it to our trade threshold (pick 20ish).

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    Too many swings and misses on “potential”. Production is what matters.
    That’s a NO for me on Chop.

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    The interest in Chop is that he has the fastest time around the edge of anyone in this draft class.
    Speed kills, and that should have translated into sacks.
    But it didnt.
    So teams are banking on his potential. Thats dangerous.

    Am I against drafting Chop. No. But he will be a pass rush specialist only until iyt he gets stronger. Not a 3 down player now, meybe ever.
    I think he could be a good pass rusher, with better coaching and an NFL strength coach. But not a sure thing.

    I think there are some Lbers who could generate more heat from the edge. Might go LB in 2nd, DE IN 3rd.

    Joe continues with the crusade to not draft a center in the first round, even though 8 of the top 12 centers were drafted in either the first or 2nd round.
    The lack of understanding, on the importance of the offensive line, is mind boggling.
    Every great offense has a great offensive line.
    You frequently see QB/RB/Wr that played great for a team with a outstanding line, flop when they go to team with a bad line.

    Every NFL QB can throw strikes, if hes not rushed
    Every NFL RB can gain yardage, if the line opens running lanes..
    Every NFL caliber WR can get open, if the QB has time.
    Top ranked lions

    See something in common with those 7 teams?
    Only the Falcons were in the top 8, and not a playoff team.

    “It a game of blocking and tackling” Vince Lombardi
    Draft all the RBs you want. This rushing game being ranked 32nd has nothing to do with our RBs.
    Otherwise, how do you explain being ranked 32nd when Fournette was the RB.

  39. lanshark Says:

    Elliss, Isaac, and Kneeland are better choices than Chop

  40. Trey Says:

    We need Laiatu Latu. Chop Robinson has bust written all over him!

  41. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    As good as our GM is at picking OL he is just as bad at edge rushers and what’s scary is his scouts are giving him the info.

  42. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMHO, I think JL should pick Brian Thomas Jr. at 26 if he’s there and not reach for a desperate need in the first round. I think Jpj can be had in a trade up in the second round and Chop Robinson is definitely not a first rd player neither is the other Robinson from Mizzou, they could be had in the latter rds. Pick up a corner and a guard with our 2, 3rd round picks. I’m no arm chair GM, that just seems like the most logical thing to do because the draft gets over hyped every year and teams fall for it and end up getting busts.