Mohamed Kamara Produces

April 16th, 2024

Colorado State beast Mohamed Kamara.

One of Joe’s four tenets of successful football is production.

Production, production, production. If you can’t produce, step aside and make way for someone who can.

Joe is not big on projections. Faith and hope are empty, vile words. Joe’s a burning bush guy. An evidence guy. A documentation guy. Show Joe. Prove it. Let’s see it.

Projections are educated guesses. This is why Joe is dubious of Penn State edge rusher Chop Robinson. He does a wonderful job shedding blocks. That’s it. Is it really too much to ask of a guy who wants to be an NFL edge rusher to show plenty of tape putting quarterbacks on their arses in college while facing children?

(To be fair to Robinson, it seems once Penn State players get away from James Franklin, they become strong football players. Maybe that will be the case with Robinson?)

Joe has been intrigued with Jonah Elliss of Utah because he gets production. But there is another edge rusher out west who gets big-time sack production. Mohamed Kamara of Colorado State is an absolute sack machine.

In the past three seasons, Kamara has 28 sacks.

Also amazing about Kamara is he is not a one-trick pony. He’s a monster against the run. In the past three seasons Kamara has 42.5 tackles for loss. That’s insane!

Joe watched a video from former NFL offensive lineman and NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger, who raved about Kamara. The thing that jumps out in the video is all the chokeholds offensive linemen had on Kamara and it didn’t matter. Dude still got to the quarterback.

Imagine, a guy’s getting choked out, strangled, and still makes plays.

Baldinger highlighted a few plays Kamara made against Colorado; on one play Kamara totally turned Buffalos quarterback Shedeur Sanders into a smashburger on a flat top. Baldinger was hyped, but man, Colorado’s offensive line was brutal last year. So Joe’s not sure how to judge a guy going up against Swiss cheese.

What Joe liked was how fundamentally sound Kamara was in tackling. Squared up on dudes.

Dane Brugler of The Athletic, typing in his draft guide “The Beast,” is not a huge fan of Kamara due to his size.

SUMMARY: A two-year starter at Colorado State, Kamara lined up as an edge rusher in defensive coordinator Freddie Banks’ 4-2-5 base scheme. After an encouraging junior season, he put together an All-America senior campaign as the Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year, finishing his career second in school history in sacks (30.5) and third in tackles for loss (45.5). A compact, face-up rusher, Kamara has outstanding play speed, along with aggressive hands and body control through contact, which directly leads to production. Though he raises the level of his teammates with his intensity, he needs to better balance his menacing play style without sacrificing his discipline and technique. Overall, Kamara doesn’t have the ideal size or length, but his physicality and energetic athleticism shouldn’t be discounted for the right role. He projects as a high-effort rotational edge rusher and a poor man’s Ogbo Okoronkwo.

Man, if Karama is a third-day draft pick, Joe absolutely would take a gamble on this guy. He produced. Equally if not more important for Bucs coach Todd Bowles, Kamara is damn tough against the run.

Bring this guy in, Jason Licht!

28 Responses to “Mohamed Kamara Produces”

  1. Stanglassman Says:

    PR had him going to the Bucs in the 4th round in their mock draft. Their mocks are players that they believe the Bucs are interested not who they want them to draft. So chances are that Bucs have him on their draft board. He was a team caption, loves football and a good teammate. All things the Bucs look for to be on their radar. I didn’t realize how few players get choosen to be on the bucs draft board. 40-50 players make the cut according to reports. All the traits I mention plus scheme fit are the criteria and then they grade their round value range. Do the Bucs have Kamera graded out as a 5-6th rounder or the 4th like PR projects?

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I’ve heard about this guy for a while. He’s one of the “sleeper” picks. I’d love to take him, or Kneeland in a later round… If we take an edge.

  3. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Yup. Huge motor in this one. Thats something one cannot learn. You have ‘it’, or you do not. Sign him up. The proof is in the tape.

  4. heyjude Says:

    Agreed. Mohamed Kamara could be the diamond in the rough. I didn’t know much about him before. I really like Jared Verse, but Kamara could be the one for us. Yes, bring him in.

  5. Zoocomics Says:


    I get you pounding the table for edge talent, and like you I wish we would have addressed it in free agency given known comities vs unknown, unfortunately I don’t believe this organization thinks they are on the cusp of a Super Bowl, I think they have to feel they are closer than what us fans believe, but landing one of the high profiled DE/OLB free agents this offseason would have cost us both against the cap and/or draft capital, with Wirfs and Winfield prepping to take a king’s ransom from this org. We just didn’t have it, and would it have been worth a rental? A win now scenario and they gamble on mortgaging the future with moving money down the road to pay at a later date. I just don’t see that happening, especially since we’re still recovering from the Brady years.

    To yours and what should be all of our overall concern going into the 2024 season, will be our ability to pressure “consistently” with 4 man defensive front. If we can’t do that, we will not beat any of the better teams this season.

  6. A Bucs Fan Says:

    He’s definitely productive and has a motor. He’s just old. He’ll be 25 next month. Id throw a 6th or 7th at him but nothing sooner.

  7. WhatTheBuc Says:

    Kamara is worth a flier. His only fault is that he’s short for an edge. Like YaYa last year, we will have to take him a round early if we want him. I like him with our 2nd pick in the 3rd round assuming we don’t have Latu fall to us in the 1st. Look for Javon Solomon if we miss out on Kamara.

  8. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I would not be unhappy if the Bucs drafted Kamara with one of their 3rd round picks.

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Same college that Shaq Barrett, I wonder if he showed this kid the ropes.

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    I’d take this guy over Chop all day, everyday.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One of our 3rds for this guy would work if we don’t get an edge rusher earlier.

  12. NJbucs23 Says:

    I remember watching him play against Colorado, and really liked him. I would def be very interested in him 4th round pick. We need guys like this on the team.

  13. Stanglassman Says:

    No way he last to the Bucs’s pick in the (#220)6th. Much less the (#246) 7th. Kinda an insult to a guy with his production. I would love to get him with their (#125) 4th. Pick #92 Detroit’s pick for C. Davis would be okay but it’s a bit if a reach. He will probably go somewhere in between those picks.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I dunno why he’d be a Day 3 pick if he has production and elite athleticism / a solid RAS score. I’d be cool with using a R3 or R4 on some guy like that

  15. Scott Says:

    Good find. This guy looks like a solid pass rusher

  16. Ko Kiefer Says:

    Solid player. Will never be a world beater but I can see him as a good starter for a decade

  17. Bradinator Says:

    I’m a huge Mo Kamara fan! Please, please take this guy! Dominated at the Senior Bowl. He’s an Edge Rusher, how tall does he need to be really? Gets to the QB-check, stops the run- check, most importantly, NEVER quits!

  18. catcard202 Says:

    Like Kamara & would not complain – unless the FO takes him too early (Day2)…But if both are on the board at #125…I’d prefer Troy OLB Javon Solomon…Think he has more tools in his shed.

  19. CaptBuc Says:

    I believe Mel had him going in the 2nd rnd. last night on the 4 letter network. He is usually wrong so let’s hope this guy lasts until we can get him in the 3rd.

  20. All_da_way Says:

    Kamara is not bad but he doesn’t bring a skill set that is unique compared to Watts and Ramirez. Need a long edge or power edge to be line up opposite of Diaby IMO.

  21. Bucben61 Says:

    What’s with all these 24 and 25 year old rookies…sorry but I’m not wasting premium draft capital (rounds 1-3) on any player

    By the time they are acclimated to the NFL their career is over

  22. Bucben61 Says:

    Any player that old

  23. CaptBuc Says:

    Bucben, welcome to the covid years. So many athletes had voided years due to covid. I have seen it in other sports too. The good news is there bodies aren’t worn down from over use.

  24. Booger Says:

    I saw where had him projected to the Bucs with one of those 3rds. I watched him in that Colorado game and the dude was all over the field, in on every play. Was an animal out there. Could not be contained.

  25. WhatTheBuc Says:

    I’m not as concerned about his age. These older players are coming into the league with man strength. Look at Kobe Turner last year. If we draft a guy like this at the end of the 3rd, he’s basically a 4th round pick. If you can get 6-7 good years from a guy in the 3rd, that’s good value. This is especially true for a premium position. If you hit on a 3rd round pass rusher, you save 15-25 million on the cap. Consider what you could do with the extra cap room. The average NFL fan doesn’t understand how few 3rd round picks hit in the draft. It’s somewhere below 30%. Now factor in that the average NFL career is less than 4 years. So tell me again why you’re concerned with age?

  26. JustVisiting Says:

    As a CSU alum, I’d love to see this guy thrive at the next level.

  27. Matt_PcAfee Says:

    I’m thinking of they like him enough, they won’t bring him in. Especially as a potential 3rd day pick.

  28. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Like to see Kamara at #92 or #125 and maybe another edge rusher somewhere in the draft maybe trade Tyron to Seattle for their 3rd rounder.