John Spytek: Knee Injury Helped Bucs Get Jalen McMillan

April 27th, 2024

Injury points to bargain draft pick by Bucs.

Last football season Washington receiver Jalen McMillan had some bad luck.

It turned out to be good luck for the Bucs.

In 2022, McMillan racked up 1,098 yards receiving in a crowded receiver room. This past season, McMillan didn’t have near the impact with the Huskies as they advanced to the college football national title game.

The reason? McMillan dealt with an injured knee since Game 3 of the season, trying to fight through the injury. His play suffered

Sucked for McMillan but it was a gift from the gods for the Bucs. After last night’s draft, Bucs assistant general manager John Spytek met with the local pen and mic club.

Spytek was adamant that had McMillan not suffered a knee injury, no way he would have lasted until late in the third round when the Bucs grabbed him.

The Bucs may have gotten a true steal as a result.

26 Responses to “John Spytek: Knee Injury Helped Bucs Get Jalen McMillan”

  1. Marky Mark Says:

    Good another set of hands for Baker and that other guy.

  2. Lt. Dan Says:

    McMillian is an absolute clone of Chris Godwin. He even plays in the slot position a lot. What does this pick say about Godwins future?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The more I research, the better I like.

    We just have to trust these picks so far.

  4. Marky Mark Says:

    Not sure why they have not picked a big bruising Running Back to run behind the Senator from North Carolina.

  5. Tim Says:

    @Lt. Dan…. to me that means Godwin won’t be extended, unless Mcmillian doesn’t work out. If they can get Godwin production from someone WAY CHEAPER, makes it an easy decision. Easier, anyway. It’d still be hard to see him go.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Why worry about the future with Godwin? Time will take care of it. Question is can this guy come in and deliver a 3rd WR role necessary to get past second round of playoffs this upcoming season?

  7. Beeej Says:

    Godwin has one more 3-year contract in him, and I doubt the Bucs wanna pay$40-$60 million of they can avoid it

  8. SB~LV Says:

    RB or TE
    Would be nice in the 4 th round

  9. Bucben61 Says:

    So let’s draft our #3 wr and continue to ignore the fact we don’t have a rb 1

    I think I’m in the Twilight zone

  10. Bucben61 Says:

    I’m tickled pink we drafted another safety…can’t have to many of those

  11. OHBucFan Says:

    Bucben61 – if the Bucs draft Jaylen Wright this round, this has been a great draft. Add a RB that hits the holes (and doesn’t fumble…. anymore) to our receiver coming out of the backfield and the Bucs will have a two headed monster behind Baker.
    Fingers crossed.

  12. Beeej Says:

    Again, there have only been FOUR RB’s taken in the first 3 rounds. Stupid to over-draft. RB’s simply don’t have much value anymore, draft-wise

  13. Bucben61 Says:

    Bucs don’t pick till #125….Jaylen Wright will be long gone…should have already addressed the problem…

  14. Bucben61 Says:

    Stupid to overdraft safety???

  15. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Mike Evan is ageless. I am not sure the Bucs feel the same with Godwin. He just doesn’t have the body to sustain all the hits, especially now that he plays in the slot. I am guessing, this will be Godwin’s last year unless he is willing sign for a cap friend salary.

    John Spytek seems to be a hidden gem. With a WR rich year, I doubt in past years, Spytek would have lasted deep into the 3rd round.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Beej … Godwin probably has two more 3-year contracts in him IF he wants to play that long (heck, he’s only 28). His ‘problem’ is that he’s not really a #1 WR but he’s making #1 money. Chris has only averaged 5 TDs per year over his 7-year career, but he’s always good for close to 75 catches & 50 first downs every year. Personally I love his productivity & ‘endurance’ (both Chris & Mike average well over 50 offensive snaps per game they play in), but it always seems that the guys who score the TDs are the ones who get the big bucks (same with sack-masters it seems).

    Chris’s issue right now is that he’s got the highest CAP hit on the team by far ($27.5 mil), is a free agent after this season and carries a Dead CAP of $26.4 mil. That’s the price the team eventually pays for ‘mortgaging the future’ for select players like we did in 2020-2022 when Brady was here.

    Two other Bucs are in similar situations though, Vea & Dean. Vita Vea has a current CAP hit of $21.0 mil, but isn’t a UFA until 2027. Jamel Dean has a current CAP hit of $14.7 mil, and becomes a UFA in 2027 also. Looks like JL’s strategy is to try to pay several big bills now (Godwin, Vea, Dean) as opposed to sliding them further into the future. Personally I applaud him for that, but it obviously limits our capability to bring on any high-priced FAs (say big-name OLBs or OLinemen). Looks like he’s committed to rebuilding through the draft and paying off our bills over several years. Next year will be another ball-buster salary CAP-wise, but things look like they’ll get easier after 2025.

  17. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Sorry – Did the wrong :name” copy and past. I meant to say WR Jalen McMillian – lol

  18. lambchop Says:


    When are you gonna work the kid’s last name right? It’s McMillan.

  19. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I like the pick. I think the Bucs will play him just enough to get him acclimated to the NFL in the 24 season but more over they will allow his knee to get well. A steal? Sure looks like it

  20. Bucfan593 Says:

    I want Godwin in the slot

  21. BucsFan81 Says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so hurt about drafting a RB we have a RB1 in white the run blocking has sucked. With the offensive line upgraded the running should approve.

  22. Bucben61 Says:

    Our rb1 is ranked like #50 at yards after contact…Barton can’t fix that….we drafted a depth safety instead of a running back…we literally have had the worse run offense 2 years running… complete insanity to think we have addressed the problem

  23. LouisFriend Says:

    He needs to add more muscle weight if it’s possible. I watched enough mash up highlights of him to know that the NFL is going to wreck him at the next level with his current play weight. Not all guys have the metabolism to allow it, lets hope he does.

    If he can stay as functional with more muscle mass he’ll have a long career playing in the slot. He’s not remotely as physical as Godwin, but he’s good in enough ways to eventually be a fine replacement if the Bucs part ways.

  24. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Go get a RB with this next pick please!

  25. Bucben61 Says:

    Buccaneers selected Washington WR Jalen McMillan with the No. 92 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
    McMillan (6’1/197) is one of the bigger slot receivers in this year’s draft and brings two solid years of production to the table. After breaking out for 79-1098-9 in 2022, He underwhelmed with a line of 45-553-5 in 2023 and hit a four-week stretch where he drew just three targets while dealing with injury. For his career, McMillan caught just five of 25 contested targets and dropped more than eight percent of his targets over his final two years. The offensive scheme run at Washington made life easy for McMillan at times. He’ll need to prove that he can compete at the next level, where he’ll face much tighter coverage and less room to get open.

  26. D Cone Says:

    This kid made some plays. Of course when you are number 3 on a team that has receivers that go 9 and 17 in the Draft you were hardly up against any teams best DB’s.

    He was well coached @ Washington and their style of play has him ready to go.

    Good Pick.