Ian Beckles: Baker Mayfield Was Best Quarterback Available

April 6th, 2024

Ian Beckles makes bold claim.

One reason, maybe the biggest reason the Bucs not just made the playoffs last year but nearly reached the NFC title game, is simple, said a former Bucs guard.

Popular local sports radio personality and former Bucs guard Ian Beckles said on his podcast “In the Trenches” that Baker Mayfield was the perfect addition last season, at least as far as quarterbacks available in free agency.

Mayfield fit like a glove, he said, and that’s why the Bucs had a solid season.

“I’m not sure there was a better quarterback out there last year than Baker Mayfield,” Beckles said. “Because of his knowledge — new system. Because of his legs getting him out of trouble. I can see his leadership on the team — I can see it! I can feel it.

“At the end of the season I saw the linemen come pick him up. I was like, ‘OK, there is good stuff happening here.’ So I knew that Baker Mayfield was going to get re-signed going into this year.”

Beckles then went where few dare to go. He rattled off stats for Tom Brady in 2022 and Mayfield last season. While Beckles said it is crazy to say Mayfield is better than Brady, he did note it is not heresy to say Mayfield had a better year in 2023 than Brady’s final season in 2022.

“I don’t think Justin Herbert would have done a better job [for the Bucs] than Baker Mayfield last year,” Beckles said. “And that’s what my eyes saw.”

25 Responses to “Ian Beckles: Baker Mayfield Was Best Quarterback Available”

  1. JimBobBuc Says:

    Baker is a competitor that will run hard for 1st downs and that energizes his team mates. The OL would go pick him up, in particular Hainsey – it seemed like Hainsey was always hustling down the field to make blocks.

  2. Hodad Says:

    With the first pick in the draft the Bucs select, Adoni Mitchell wide receiver Texas. You heard it here first.

  3. Usedtocould Says:

    Draft a pro bowler in the first round, don’t care what position.

  4. realistic-optimistic Says:

    The chihuahua cult is hilarious.

  5. Scott Says:

    Agreed on the drafting a pro bowler no matter what position. We have quite a few areas of need.

  6. Bojim Says:

    Happy the he’s our QB.

  7. Trey Says:

    Already got me and my dad a mayfield jersey for the season. We’re all in. LFB

  8. Buccos Says:

    If you were at the Philly playoff game then you know. That stadium was rocking like I’ve never seen it before. The crowd was going nuts for Baker Mayfield. Shake and Bake buddy, Shake and Bake

  9. Lt. Dan Says:

    As always – I appreciate the content on JBF. After the draft we head into the doldrums of the NFL calendar. You know, that month or longer when everybody clears the building and heads to some island in the Caribbean. And yet, the Joe’s will still produce relevant material. I appreciate you two dudes, Ira and Ian. Props.

  10. Buddha Says:

    The Bobby Lane of 2024. No style points. Pour me a Jack Daniels and go long. Bring your lunch and bucket of fries. The thing so many people miss is that Baker’s one awful season he played with a serious shoulder-neck injury. The guy is a gamer. He’s going to leave it all on the field. If you can’t admire that then you don’t understand leadership. It is not as if the 2023 team was as talented as the 2021 team that Brady took to the Super Bowl. Brady was surrounded by great players most of his career. And he made them better. Baker gives you a chance every Sunday. He had the team in position to win at Houston and at home against Atlanta. If they win those 2, they would have had 11 wins

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    Beckles is spot on here. Sorry, Trashk to the Stupid and Boss. This dude actually knows what playing football is.

  12. Mark Maletic Says:

    I was a Cleveland browns fan. But when they did Baker wrong and he signed with Tampa Bay I knew he was going to have a good season and he did because his back was against the wall. But something happened along the way you found a home. I like what the one television analyst said about him. He is a timing quarterback. But isn’t that the game. Isn’t that what you need from your quarterback and your wide receivers. I look for more improvement this year from him and from the wide receivers corps. The nice part about Baker Mayfield now is he doesn’t have to be the savior of the franchise. That was such a mess in Cleveland and it still is. Because he is a gambler sometimes you got to be patient with him. But I see a change in Baker because of his acceptance of Jesus Christ of his personal savior and the fact that he and his wife have settled down their child and then he really feels like he found a home. And the funny part is is just one of the guys now. He’s not the savior of the franchise. Football is a team sport even Tom Brady knew that.

  13. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I’ve said it before the Joes should have Beckles on as a guest writer or on the IRA Kaufman podcast. Some kind of collaboration would be great. I wonder if Beckles would do it without the Joes having to back a dump truck full of money up on him.

  14. Bake n Your Face Says:

    Baker if at least halfway healthy will take what the defense doesn’t give him.

  15. Joe Says:

    Thank you Lt. Dan!

  16. Joe Says:

    The Bobby Lane of 2024.

    What a fantastic analogy. Not sure Mayfield is on Layne’s level but certainly get your point.

  17. Beeej Says:

    (Rookie makes great catch, is all excited)

    Bobby Lane “That’s what you’re suPPOSED to do when the ball hits you in the hands!”

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    When Jason Licht is long out to pasture, his career will be summarized by one move
    “ Jason Licht? Hes the GM that signed Baker Mayfield!”

  19. Truth be Told Says:

    I have said it since day one. The Bucs are lucky that he was available and now they’re lucky to have him for the next Foreseeable years as our quarterback.

  20. Smashsquatch Says:

    Easy to agree with Ian on this

  21. MadMax Says:

    Brady was giving up, it was obvious to the keen eye….add that to his personal stuff, losing key guys on the O line, it was completely understandable….and of course BYYYYYYROOOOOOOON!

    We got what I knew would happen when I said go get Baker!

  22. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    Yes Baker did a great job. He just needed some freedom to go out there and take chances. He’s got the talent, I mean let’s look back at Brad Johnson, not the greatest Qb but solid enough to take what you can get. I do hope for that center, plus a late wideout,DL corner..
    Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  23. Bucsmarley Says:

    Let’s see baker improve. How about playing before the 4th qtr
    Hopefully he improves

  24. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    You want to see Baker improve? Run the ball effectively.

  25. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    The irony of the baker mayfield deal was that the bucs basically got a nfl 5 year trained, number one overall draft pick for little equity. Good fortune smiled on the bucs arse finally, again😎