Bucs Fielding Trade-Up Calls For Teams Wanting Michael Penix?

April 18th, 2024

Washington QB Michael Penix.

Quietly stunning revelation yesterday.

Joe already shared how NFL Network insider Peter Schrager left University of Washington quarterback Michael Penix out of his recent first-round mock draft based on his intel from NFL decision makers.

Schrager then went on a media tour yesterday to talk about his mock and that landed him on The Dan Patrick Show. Joe is no fan of Patrick, but the man is a far better interviewer than most.

Schrager was asked about omitting Penix and replied that he’s “gotten a lot of blowback” on the Penix call.

“By the time I do [my final mock draft] next week, based on the response, I will have Penix in the first round. He’s a first-round quarterback,” Schrager said. “I thought he might be that Will Levis situation where …”

Patrick abruptly interrupted Schrager.

“Yeah, but who’s giving you ‘blowback’?” Patrick demanded.

Schrager paused: “Teams [drafting] in the late 20s or teams that have potential quarterback needs who said they would expect there would be a trade-up into the first round if he falls out of the top 20. He’s not going to fall to Day 2.”

The Bucs pick at No. 26 overall.  and Schrager has been close friends for years with assistant Bucs general manager Mike Greenberg, as explained in a recent feature at TheAthletic.com.

Joe sure thinks “blowback” regarding the accuracy of your mock draft is the kind of feedback that would come from a trusted friend like Greenberg.

It sounds to Joe like the Bucs are, in fact, fielding calls about a potential trade down for teams curious about sliding back into Round 1 or trading up to secure Penix if he’s there.

Joe could envision the Rams or Falcons drooling at the chance to unload picks to trade back up into Round 1 for a quality quarterback prospect.

Yeah, Joe realizes some fans would bawl uncontrollably if Penix was there and not taken by the Bucs. Joe’s not sure how Penix will help the Bucs win a Super Bowl this year or next.

49 Responses to “Bucs Fielding Trade-Up Calls For Teams Wanting Michael Penix?”

  1. AL121976 Says:

    Depending on who’s available and what the compensation would be, I would be ok with this

  2. Cometowin2 Says:

    Trade back if our top 5 or so targets are gone by 26 which is likely.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Trade back for picks is usually a positive thing….
    Mr Dr. is a huge Steeler fan and he believes they will pick Graham Barton if he is there….. JPJ if he’s not….they have no Center on the roster.

  4. Derek Says:

    But Ira says we should trade up for Penix…absolute worst draft take i’ve heard.

  5. macout247 Says:

    We get it Joe. No hedging for you. You want to go all in on Baker. Can’t wait to see how things are going in 2 years smh

  6. SteveK Says:


    Thank you, great article, and I agree with your shtick.

    A trade back like this would feel like when Licht traded down for Vita Vea and got Carlton Davis and MJ Stewart. We don’t win a Super Bowl without Vea’s massive sexiness dominating Corey Linsley on the Frozen Tundra of lambeau, nor do we get there when Davis was healthy and earning that fat contract.

    I’d be thrilled if Licht was able to trade down, and get some more big sexys (linemen on both sides of the ball, dominate the line of scrimmage and when they is complete you can worry about drafting a QB to sit for 2 years.

    Mike Evans still has juice and so does Lavonte. We owe it to the fans to step up and take this one.

  7. Scott Says:

    This would be a dream scenario. Day two seems to have a lot of talent at our positions of need

  8. SteveK Says:


    We won a Super Bowl with FA QB Brad Johnson, FA QB Tom Brady, and FA QB Jeff Garcia was solid!

    We may be better served building our trenches and pass rush and seeing if Baker balls out. It would be great. If not, no worries, we can attract the top FA QBs bc we will have a complete team of compliments around them.

    Trust in Licht, he’s been a god send compared to the “rock star”. Wirfs, Vea, Marpet. All stud trench players. Keep trenching it, Jason, and kick some butt all the way to another Lombardi.

  9. SteveK Says:

    We should draft linemen n the interior so Ira can average 4 yards per carry next fall!

    It would be a beautiful thing to watch us impose our will on both sides of the ball and just crush opponents into submission.

    Joe has a fresh for sacks, I do too, and I love a side of pancakes to go with it. Bring the nasty, baby!

  10. Boss Says:

    with all the wishy washy on our pick I would not be mad if they traded the pick and got more guys. it’s a roll of the dice at this point anyway if they reach out of need.

  11. Scott Says:

    Bo Nix could go first round too. He’s let with every team at the combine.

  12. Louis Friend Says:

    Penix won’t make it out of the top 20, and certainly not to 26. Enough teams are interested in him that they won’t take a chance thinking he’ll slide that far. He’s a better prospect to the NFL than the talking heads and mocks are saying he is.

  13. heyjude Says:

    I really like Penix and I am guessing he will go early and possibly to the Patriots. He has had some injuries; ACL, sternoclavicular and dislocated shoulder joints, so that could scare a few teams off. We are looking good with Baker and do have other needs.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I love trade downs lol.

    It seems like this is the consensus top big board of blue chip type prospects for most people:

    QB- Willams / Maye / Daniels / McCarthy (not IMO) / Penix Jr / Bo Nix

    WR-Harrison Jr, Nabers, Odunze, and maybe Brian Thomas Jr

    OT-Joe Alt, JC Latham, Taliese Fuaga, Olumuyia Fashanu, Troy Fautanu

    OG/C – Powers Johnson & Barton

    TE- Brock Bowers

    Edge- Turner, Verse, Latu

    DT-Byron Murphy / Jer’Zhan Newton (not as sure on Newton)

    CB-Quinyon Mitchell, Terrion Arnold, & maybe Cooper Dejean + Nate Wiggins

    No S/ILB/RB.

    That works out to exactly 27 players including the 6 QB’s. If all these non-QB guys are gone when we pick then that means a QB is falling and I hope we can trade back vs reach.

    And if 6 QB’s do go before we pick then at least two of the mostly consensus blue-chip prospects should be there. I hadn’t done this exersize till now and it has me feeling good about where we pick.

  15. MadMax Says:

    If powers and barton are gone, i say go for it. We have many needs and can use extra ammo. We’ll get Frazier then move on from there.

  16. StickinUp4Centers Says:

    Smoke screen. The blowback is GM’s trying to scare teams into overpaying to trade up for Penix

  17. SB~LV Says:

    Trade down would be fine with me, of course if the Bucs board allows it and there guys are already taken

  18. A Bucs Fan Says:

    What if the Pats shock everyone and draft Marvin Harrison at 3 then trade with the Bucs 26th for the 34th and 68th pick to get grab Penix?

    Later the Bucs could trade that pick to get to the back into the second round and hopefully get 4 picks between rounds 2 & 3.

    Total fantasy but would be cool if it played out.

  19. BucsFan55 Says:

    smart move

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    If Latu, Verse, JPJ, Barton and Wiggins are all off the board – I hope we DO trade down.

    Usually, most teams don’t have more than 20 or so players with 1st round grades on their board.

    2nd and 3rd rounds are the sweet spot of this draft value wise – as is often the case.

    Trading down a few spots or to the top part of the 2nd round and adding another pick somewhere in the top 100 would be ideal.

    Grab (C) Zack Frazier at the top of the 2nd – Kneeland or whoever they like best at Edge with the later 2nd rd selection and have three 3rd rd picks for a Guard, a RB and a WR. Pick up a TE or ILB in the 4th and that would be a hell of a draft.

  21. MelvinJunior Says:

    My dream trade would be the Raiders getting our 26th for their 44th in this years draft & then their 1st Round Pick in next season’s 2025 Draft… Which has the potential of being an extremely valuable pick with real high odds of being a TOP-5/TOP-10 PICK at a minimum!!!! Then, we trade them our #89 for their #77 and our #92 for their #112, in order to help balance it out a little, with making one of the 3rds 20-spots higher !!!! Will be REAL NICE for next season when we have ‘TWO’ Top-10 PICKS LoL… Their #3 Overall AND Our Own #8 Hahah. I Want THEIR 2025 #1 or I’m NOT doing it.

  22. Roadsoda Says:

    Just some constructive criticism:

    Joes say things like “Joe is no fan of Patrick,….”
    But you leg-hump Russo.
    You diss Peter King.
    Yet you champion the cause of others.

    Your fans understand the allegiance you have to professional colleagues. (gotta protect your own, we get it)

    But your allegiances seem arbitrary and capricious.
    Kindly share the criteria for which you pledge allegiance to one, and not the other.

    On a side note: We would all be delighted if the ONE Joe could stop prefacing every comment by defending the imaginary, made-up, doesn’t exist, fake, not-real, invented, make-believe (see what I did there?) mob of dissenting Bucs fans to whatever opinion you might have. That mob doesn’t exist. Sure, there are a few. Maybe the number isn’t three (3). But the number is also not 3,000. So enough, already.

    I’m a JoeBucs fan. I visit the website every day.
    I listen to every “ira-kaufman-podcast”.
    And will continue.

    I just ask you guys to sharpen your pencil and get better.


  23. 2023 Surprised the Hell out of me Says:

    build the trenches

  24. Cobraboy Says:

    No to Penix. He is fragile, and history proves it.

    He is the second coming of Teddy Bridgewater.

    If the guy the Bucs really want is not available at #26, trade for another first-rounder and a #2 & #3 or more.

  25. chark Says:

    I would prefer a trade back, unless one of our too good to be true targets is there at 26. I think this is a fairly deep draft and would like us to fill in 1 more pick in the 3rd 4th rnd lets say.

  26. Mort Says:

    This is my most wanted scenario. Trade back with the Rams. I’ll take 52, 83 and 99 in exchange for 26. That’s a steal in my book. There picks right in the heart of this drafts value. YES.

  27. Cho Says:

    macout247 Says:

    We get it Joe. No hedging for you. You want to go all in on Baker. Can’t wait to see how things are going in 2 years smh


    It’s not that everyone wants to go all in on Baker. It’s that the Bucs have already gone all in on Baker. How dumb would it be to pay a guy 100 million and set him up for failure? Draft IOL and IOL again, get a solid WR/TE and a RB late. And let’s see what Baker can do with a good O-Line before we get a younger replacement to breathe on his neck while he tries to establish himself.

  28. MelvinJunior Says:

    If we could get that Raiders 2025 #1, then we’d be LOCKED AND LOADED to make a move for the top QB on the board in next season’s draft for just in case Baker is injured (&/or) regresses, etc. He’d be able to sit for a year under Baker, AND who knows… Maybe, possibly, we could also, get a 2nd Rounder for Baker’s 3rd year of his current contract, as long as he doesn’t just stink it up real bad!? If Baker crushes it next season, you still have a TON of draft capital with that projected HIGH Raiders pick, that you could use to trade back for EVEN MORE. Then, draft your future QB the following season going into Baker’s final year… Manning!? Or, whomever. I WANT a next year’s #1… From Somebody! There could be quite a few teams wanting this pick in this year’s draft, so they could really find themselves in a GrrrrREAT position to take advantage.

  29. BucsFan81 Says:

    I like the idea of trading back if the compensation is pretty good. The more quality players the better. Plus we all know this team has suffered from depth in the past and with the season being longer and injuries occurring more frequently we could use more quality players.

  30. catcard202 Says:

    Joe, think of it this way & it might make sense for Licht to draft Penix…

    Behind Baker, the Bucs have a QB room of Woeful & Traskcan…

    Who would you put money on to go out & win 3-5 games to help the Bucs get into the playoffs/secure the NFC South should Baker get injured???

    I’d roll with Penix Jr!

  31. Statisticly Insignificant Reader Says:

    “Penix suffered season-ending injuries in each of his four seasons at Indiana (2018-21) — two torn ACLs and two shoulder issues” yeah lets gamble on htis guy.

  32. BakerFan Says:

    Penix has bust written all over him… will be out of league in 3yrs and maybe less if he gets injured again (highly likely)….let someone else have him if you can get the picks.

  33. Saskbucs Says:

    If the Bucs didnt bring back Mayfield, I would have pounded the table for Penix. Now though, if Barton and the top 3 edge guys are gone, best case scenario is JPJ and Frazier on the board still and we trade back with NE assuming they don’t draft a QB at #3 for picks #34 and #68. The other teams in top of 2nd round won’t be coming up for Penix. Panthers Cardinals Commanders Chargers all have their guy already and they make up 6 of first 8 picks. NE and TEN the other 2.

    34 / 57 / 68 / 89 / 92 would be nice positioning for this draft, especially if JPJ or Frazier were there at 34.

  34. Old Sombrero Says:

    Not surprised by this. I said several weeks ago that I would not be surprised, and I almost expect, the Bucs to trade their first round for additional 2nd and 3rd round picks.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Trade the pick away for a 2nd and a 3rd.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    Old Sombrero…sorry I read your post after I typed and submitted mine.

    We obviously agree.

    Great minds…

  37. BillyBucco Says:

    You guys saying a 2nd and a 3rd need to look at the point chart.
    Especially NE.
    The 26th pick is worth 700
    The 35th pick is worth 550
    If it’s NE it would be a 2nd and 4th
    If it’s Atlanta or later maybe a 2nd and 3rd, but that would mean we dont pick ANYTHING until 40 or later.
    Frazier is probably gone then.
    IMO they either trade back with KC or Buffalo, or the TOP of the 2nd so they can still get a quality OG/C.
    I really hope they trade back though.

  38. Irishmist Says:

    I suspect there will be at least one GM who won’t be able to resist the male’s natural tendency to reach for the Penix when the heat is on.

  39. SlyPirate Says:

    What’s up with Graham Barton and JPJ?

    A lot of Bucs fans are showing love for these two but have you watched their tape? The media is feeding you a line. Their tape isn’t anything special. Neither is worthy of a 1st.

    Google their highlight tape and then watch old Goedeke and Mauch highlights. Funniest tape you’ll ever see. Believe me you’ll see the difference in technically sound vs total badass. Licht likes to draft badass OL. The Center who fits that mold is Sedrick Van Pran. He’s a monster. Not only is a mean SOB, who annihilates defenders, but he does it in the SEC. Whoa! SEC DL are next level so that’s saying something.

    Look, I’m a Duck (U of O). I watch all their games. I go to Duck parties every Saturday. We LOVE talking OL. Sewell was a beast! No one has ever mentioned JPJ. He doesn’t pop. The dude is big, good, and I love drafted Ducks, but is he worthy of a 1st? Nah.

    If JPJ and Barton are the targets, trade down. They’ll be there later on.

  40. Eckwood Says:

    Latu is a top 5 with out the medical , absolute beast !!
    Penix can sling it but how is going to be an NFL qb year 4 – 8 with that injury history ,,,,,,,,, prob not going to happen .

  41. BUCman Says:

    Wow,:this headline is misleading and full of assumptions.

  42. Joe Says:

    Wow,:this headline is misleading and full of assumptions

    If you read the story, the headline is a very fair question.

  43. lambchopp Says:


    That’s the whole point of this article. Duh! Presumably, Greenberg wants Penix to be a late Rd 1 mock so teams will trade up with the Bucs.

  44. lambchopp Says:

    I’m going to the Bucs Draft Day, trading down would be good but it would suck being there just to watch that happen. LOL.

  45. lambchopp Says:

    Even with Schrager’s Bucs inside intel, he hasn’t been accurate. A whole lot of nothing really with his mock.

  46. Oneilbuc Says:

    I don’t see how Baker Mayfield will get us a Superbowl but y’all love to say how a rookie quarterback can help us win a superbowl.

  47. Booger Says:


    Absolutely NO ONE believes a “rookie” QB is going to win the Super Bowl with the Bucs. No. Body. Not ‘one person’ EVER said such. Ya know, there is such a thing called building a team/roster towards the future. And I don’t believe there is a single team one, in the ENTIRE LEAGUE, who would go into ANY draft or season while believing that would even be a possibility. NOT Chicago this season. NOT another team or franchise EVER. On top of that, there is not one single player in this entire draft, that if taken, would or could help bring a SUPER BOWL this season to the BUCS with this current roster and coaching staff. The Bucs Front Office Doesn’t Even Believe That, THEMSELVES. So, anyone, no matter ‘who’ they select… Will be just another ‘building block’ for the FUTURE.

  48. Oneilbuc Says:

    Booger . I believe in building a team as well but at the same time we ain’t winning nothing with Baker Mayfield. And I believe you can get the same production with a rookie quarterback that you get from Baker Mayfield. Our defense was the reason why we made the playoffs.

  49. Oneilbuc Says:

    Juan. You right bro but Winfield stopped a touchdown and caught a int I believe that helped get those 9 points.