Bucky Irving Pick May Have Tipped Bucs Fans What To Expect With Liam Coen

April 28th, 2024

Connecting dots.

So, beginning tomorrow, Joe will offer a daily feature for the rest of the week of breakdowns from noted NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell on his profiles of Bucs draft picks.

Joe found it curious that a highly-touted running back from where Bucs offensive coordinator Liam Coen coached last year, Kentucky’s Ray Davis, was passed over by the Bucs for Oregon running back Bucky Irving.

The versatile Wildcats running back went three picks later in the fourth round to Buffalo.

No running back entering the NFL has a better handle on Coen’s offense than Davis. And, which is key here, no NFL offensive coordinator knows Davis better.

So Joe was curious why the Bucs drafted Irving over Davis since, in theory, Davis would be able to adjust quicker than Irving. It would be like putting on a glove for Davis.

Then Joe read Cosell’s breakdown on Irving. Cosell thought Irving would have been the perfect starting running back for Miami.

So why does Joe bring this up? Couple of reasons.

First, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel is a branch right off the Kyle Shanahan tree. So too is Rams coach Sean McVay. And guess who else once served as a coordinator under McVay? Coen.

So if Cosell thought Irving would have been a perfect fit for McDaniel, then could it be that the Bucs’ offense under Coen will look a lot like Miami’s?

62 Responses to “Bucky Irving Pick May Have Tipped Bucs Fans What To Expect With Liam Coen”

  1. MelvinJunior Says:

    Hopefully, they’re better than LAST PLACE in the league in number of plays ran… Just like he was at UK last season. 💯

  2. Bobby Says:

    Agree 100% with you Joe, as I stated in a previous comment on your very very successful platform here. By the way kudos to you and your team for all the hard work and commitment you guys put in to make it happen on the daily. But as i said previously, done some research on Bucs new RB Bucky Irving. He is tough between the tackles, shifty, very very quick and shifty between the tackles. He has enough top speed to take to the house on a 100 yard field. I’m officially predicting the Bucs just drafted a STUD RB. Rashad White…Im putting your starting job on notice for week 1 of this regular season. Still alot of time remaining in off-season. You better be working your tail off. Because “Buc Wild Irving” is coming for your job as RB1. Bucky will be the Bucs starting RB on week 1. Great Job SpyTek, Licht, scouting department. You guys got the team a steal. Bucky aka “Buc Wild Irving” will be be a stud RB. He reminds me a little bit of the Warrick Dunn and a little bit James Wilder all in one package. Lets Go Bucs!!!

  3. Mort Says:

    Bucky was real good. I definitely liked this pick. He just makes plays either in the open field or scooting through trash.

  4. MelvinJunior Says:

    So, Baker’s goteem a few new toys then… A new OC & a big bad new Center up the middle. So, there are NO EXCUSES.

  5. Mark Says:

    Baker doesn’t need excuses… he was the pro-bowl MVP.

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Joe: I’m sure you watched Irving’s highlight reel…What do you think about Pac-12 “tackling”? Hahaha

  7. Bobby Says:

    Finally, Finally, Finally, Licht, Spytek got this team a stud RB in “Buc Wild irving.” Overall the running game has been missing in this offense since the end of 2021 season when we had Leonard Fournette. Which by the way Leonard was not retained after 2022 season. Then I read Leonard had a car accident here in Tampa on I275. Also saw him appear on NFL Network tv stuff for a little during off-season of 2023. Yet he still is MIA in the NFL right now. Hmmm, wonder if there is a story there… Anyway, finally Licht hit on RB during his great tenure as Bucs GM. Licht and Mckay, Wolf best GMs in Team history. But Licht has been lacking in RB picks panning out in his tenure. Welp Great Job Jason, you finally got 1. Question though, did Liam Cohen have anything to do with identifying Buc Wild Irving ? Great job overall. Im ready to see Irving in pewter & red next. Let’s Go Bucs!!

  8. Dr Says:

    Good thoughts. This will be Coen’s offense to create, and it’s also his audition for a head coaching job. Passing on Davis was both interesting and telling that Coen must see the need for the Bucs to be faster and more dynamic. This should be exciting. Can’t wait until the fall!

  9. White Tiger Says:

    One thing I know: Bucky is no soft baked cookie.

  10. Joe Says:

    Joe: I’m sure you watched Irving’s highlight reel…What do you think about Pac-12 “tackling”?

    LOL Yeah, outside of Washington, Utah and UCLA (which had a good defense last year) the PAC-12 (RIP) wasn’t much for tackling. Maybe Oregon State was OK.

  11. Hopein1hand… Says:

    Bucky “The 142nd fastest” runner in the NFC South Irving is an exciting addition. I’m still waiting on the personnel to make the Bucs run game game-defining dominant. You know, wear down their defense and win games that way… with nearly all late round picks except for two of six necessary positions to realize that dream because DB value picks win Superb Owls. I want more Super Bowls. Bowles wants this archaic run-first with mostly scrubs offense when he has had one of the best WR tandems in recent memory, the OTs to create time and the QBs to feed them. Available talent both on the roster and in the draft define great coaches’ approaches, great coaches are both rigid and fluid at the same time. This run/clock game nonsense Bowles had hammered into his head at Hofstra that he will apparently never let go of bugs me. Hofstra doesn’t even have a football program anymore. I want to hope Coen reflects the change I want to see but I am tempering my expectations. Irving is a fun piece. He and Hainsey both would succeed better in different offensive philosophies though for sure. Tucker is my best hope for this run game but my fondest hope is this run game first nonsense is a smoke screen for the changes Coen will bring. Things look better but not as better as they could. White is a shade below alright with this line and approach to gaining yards. Irving is a good maybe great piece but is a ten touches tops a game player.

  12. RagingBrisket Says:

    Coen is an absolute wildcard for fans and opposing teams. With the existing talent that was woefully underutilized via Canales and the possibility of a playcaller who knows what the hell he is doing with a veteran roster and this infusion of “youngry” oline talent there is a real shot at surprising this season. OC Coen has a lot on his plate but I’m far more confident about him than I was Canales or hilariously Mike Bajakian from Raheem’s first year! Whew, we have come a long fn way

  13. Commander Says:

    The fact that Irving and white are similar backs shows what the Bucs plan on doing in the run game. They don’t plan on a ground and pound style offense. They need a back up to split carries with White so he doesn’t wear down.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    HaHa Joe – the last 2 paragraphs sound almost straight out of an Ancient Aliens episode:

    “Is it possible that… (something unlikely) – and if SO – THEN perhaps….”

  15. RagingBrisket Says:

    White and Irving can both pass catch but they are not similar running backs at all…like at all.

  16. Tony Marks Says:

    MelvinJunior Says:
    April 28th, 2024 at 12:19 am
    A new OC & a big bad new Center up the middle. So, there are NO EXCUSES.


    And there will be no excuses for Baker haters if he balls out AGAIN.

  17. Tony Marks Says:

    Joe in Michigan Says:
    April 28th, 2024 at 12:37 am
    Joe: I’m sure you watched Irving’s highlight reel…What do you think about Pac-12 “tackling”? Hahaha

    This is why I am not selling out as over the moon regarding our RB pick. Let me see how he jukes and pops when NFl teams are exposed to him for half a season and the DC yells to the defenders to wrap him up and make solid centered tackles or be benched.

  18. Bobby Says:

    Hey, Joe, please note it now in your noggin. Just like when Kancey was picked last off-season, you Joes were positive with skepticism the day after about that pick. Honestly looking back I recall yoir podcast being more skeptical about Kancey. Welp, as I said on this comment board the day following that draft pick of the next number 1 DT in the NFL by the way!!! I said Kancey is going to be dominant in the NFL. Welp it took everyone till about a 3rd of last season to see that. Now articles on various posts have been written about Kancey being just that going forward. Fast forward to currently. A commenter stated pac 12 tackling is less that standard and a Joe commented agreeing with that comment. Remember that, comment, remember that by mid next season when Buc Wild is showing off is stud status as the Bucs RB1! I believe in Bucky. Go Bucs!!

  19. Fred McNeil Says:

    When I first read about Irving I was kinda disappointed. He’s a little small and a tad slow for my tastes. It seems a lot of you JBFers actually know who this kid is and like him as a pick. I feel better about him now.

  20. Olboy Says:

    What chew talking about willace

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Is it a stretch that they might want Tight End Devin Culp to try switching to short yardage back?

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    April 28th, 2024 at 2:02 am
    Is it a stretch that they might want Tight End Devin Culp to try switching to short yardage back?
    The season doesn’t start tomorrow, they’ll find one, if they’re actually looking.

  23. Joe Says:

    A commenter stated pac 12 tackling is less that standard and a Joe commented agreeing with that comment. Remember that, comment, remember that by mid next season when Buc Wild is showing off is stud status as the Bucs RB1! I believe in Bucky. Go Bucs!!

    One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Guessing you never saw USC play last year. Anyone who suggests USC’s defense was remotely good had to have been smashed watching the game. Same with Colorado. Don’t recall watching Cal or Stanford but both teams were terrible.

    Irving breaking tackles in the NFL has zero to do with how bad the last season of the PAC-12 was for the most part on defense.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on a couple undrafted guys. Zion Tupuola-Fetui (edge) maybe.

  25. dalvincookrules Says:

    Why didn’t they go after Will Shipley? He’s a 1st-2nd Rd talent, just was used poorly and not developed at Clemson. IMO, he’s a bigger Christian McCaffrey (minus the vision).

  26. Dave Pear Says:

    We should ask Offense Rules what to do.

    Since offense obviously does rule the game. Too bad no one operates under that handle, so Jason has no one to ask for advice.

    Jason would learn heaps from such an internet guru.

  27. Buccos Says:

    It was almost like Atlanta couldn’t handle the pressure of being the favorites in the NFC South. So while Tampa got the best interior lineman in the draft they went with a quarterback who shouldn’t see the field for years. They were the favorites for a couple of weeks and they already lost any chance of winning the division.

  28. adam from ny Says:

    quick wing-dog analysis of the draft before it’s totally digested:

    round 1 – barton – excellent pic, but totally boring and not sexy, unless you’re real fan and love the big uglies…yes we love the big uglies…especially as strong and versatile as barton…

    round 2 – braswell – very nice pic right here at #2…reviewed his tape a while back and often heard whispers of him as a top 10 edge as teams prepared for the draft…should develop and slide in across from yaya nicely over time…

    round 3 – smith – i wasn’t too big on drafting a cb/s and wasn’t really feeling this pic in the 3rd…in fact i don’t know much about him – more research needed on my end…but this is a bowles pic – so he must see something really good in the guy…they went pretty early on a safety which surprised me…

    round 3 – mcmillan – i was high on oregon receiver troy franklin…and watching us pass on him multiple times didn’t thrill me…then grabbing penix’s #2 receiver instead had me wondering…hopefully this works out well down the road – i noticed a lot of board members seem pretty happy with the pick…and he does look quite polished already as per the tapes…

    round 4 – bucky – this is the sexiest of our picks by far…and i really like this one…they are supplying baker with a lot of weapons…the offense should expand a bit under coen and be a fun watch…bucky is an exciting player who weaves thru traffic seemingly better than white – our backfield combo just got very interesting…gotta wonder where chase edmonds stands at this point…and tucker seems all but gone…

    round 6 – klein – really liking this guy…strong and stout…gave a heck of a good post draft interview with the local pen and mic club…being a 6th round pick makes you think he’s not all that…but he could surprise…seems like a passionate bulldozer type…could get stolen off ps if kept there all season…

    round 7 – culp – more research needed on said dude…seems fast and slim…a tweener caught between te and wr maybe…he’s just a watch and see type – heck he’s a 7th rounder…does he replace ko kieft?

  29. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I happened to watch Bucky play last year and the two things I noticed most was his explosiveness and how hard to tackle he was by defenders.

    I think he’ll be a great complement to White and perhaps the Bucs new kick off returner with the rule change this year!

  30. Scott Says:

    If we finally got a running back with vision then I’m all for it

  31. adam from ny Says:

    i’m just excited we have a guy named “bucky” on the team…!

    as a yankee fan, as a child i always liked bucky dent with the ny yankees even tho he wasn’t that good…

    bucky is like baker…it’s one of those names…

    do you call mayfield, mayfield ?…….no you call him baker…

    same thing for bucky…

    you don’t call him irving…you call him “bucky” 🙂

  32. geno711 Says:

    dalvincookrules Says:
    April 28th, 2024 at 4:06 am
    Why didn’t they go after Will Shipley? He’s a 1st-2nd Rd talent, just was used poorly and not developed at Clemson. IMO, he’s a bigger Christian McCaffrey (minus the vision).

    Some evaluators had Irving rated higher. Some had Shipley rated higher. Obviously, the Bucs had Irving rated higher. The highest rating of any service on Shipley I could find was 53 (33rd team) so not sure how you get that he was a 1st – 2nd round talent. Interestingly, the highest rating I could find on Irving is also 53 (Sport News).

  33. 2023 Surprised the Hell out of me Says:

    Watch Buc Wilds feet when running, he takes 2 steps to the defenders one …

    This allows him to shift , cut , juke etc….

    before there feet land on the ground allowing for YAC , very intersting . He also uses his stature as a tactical advantage , defenders can barely go after his feet or legs …

  34. Letsbucinggo Says:

    I hope hes very quick because 4.55 is not very fast. I thought there were 3 or 4 better picks than Irving at #125 but thats just me. I loved the first 4 picks but scratched my head on the last 3.

  35. Marky Mark Says:

    Oregon played better opponents.

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jordan Somerville from Oregon is the Bucs assistent QB coach…..I suspect his input had a great deal to do with the pick.

  37. Todd Says:

    He’s now a Tampa Bay Buccyneer!

    Love it!!!

  38. Free Will Says:

    Yeah I agree that Coen is definitely going to put his own creative spin on his offense. Also the bucs did hire Miami dolphins passing game coordinator Grizzard, who is familiar with McDaniels offense.

  39. Beeej Says:

    4.55 40 is NOT very fast, but with RB’s, it’s more about how fast you run 5 yards

  40. SB~LV Says:

    Wait until Coen works his magic after understanding what DT can do with the ball in his hands on the move in space on short routes.

  41. Scott Says:

    4.55 is about average for a RB. Not slow by any means but what really matters is the vision. You either have it or you don’t.

  42. Scott Says:

    Just watched a video and they compare him to Chase Edmonds

  43. Roland Says:

    Awful evaluations on this RB. By the fans and as usual from the Bucs otherwise good scouts… Bucs scouts don’t know RB.

    This kid was the 24th most athletic prospect… At his position. He has no top end speed. And poor pass protection DESPITE coming from a good program.

    He will mirror White in that White was 7th in the NFL in yards BEFORE contact… Then averaged 1.4 UPC AFTER CONTACT (which didn’t get him in the Top 60 backs).

    Look forward to more blaming the OLine (which wasn’t great). More injuries for Baker when this light RB who is a below average blocker is on a play we’re blitzed.

    Let’s hope Tucker wins the job and his agent is why he’s in Tampa, not our scouts.

  44. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Pickgrin Says:
    April 28th, 2024 at 1:19 am
    HaHa Joe – the last 2 paragraphs sound almost straight out of an Ancient Aliens episode:

    “Is it possible that… (something unlikely) – and if SO – THEN perhaps….”

    Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and point to….

  45. SB~LV Says:

    Factor in the new and improved Offensive Line!

  46. toad bowels Says:

    My take was this – Ray Davis is a great do-it-all-all, all-purpose back, and would have been be the pick, if the Bucs didn’t have Rashard White. They fill similar roles.

    Bucky Irving is a contrast to White and is better in a change of pace role to bring in during the game for a new look. If White goes down to injury, Irving would not replace him, that would fall to Tucker.

    I think Irving is more like Edmonds who might end up being the odd man out.

  47. D Cone Says:

    You can look at Running Back Numbers all you want and compare a White vs Irving but nothing will tell you more about what to expect from Coen than Coen’s history.

    2023. @ Kentucky one game over .500. 3-5 Conference Record. Averaged 28 passes and 26 passes per game. Bowles kind of Guy.

    Bucs will Run the Ball or try to Run the ball and continue to try to win with Play Action and Screens.

  48. stpetebucfan Says:


    Some excellent points!!! Is this guy simply here to outRasheed White himself.

    What is the major difference other than one has proven himself in the NFL and the other hasn’t played a down yet!!!

    If he’s not a burner and he’s freaking FIFTEEN lbs lighter than White. What’s the point. Is he really THAT hard to bring down. Who is he going to run over?

    Again I agree with Roland…the OLine is going to get blamed when this guy gets stuffed but worst of all is Roland’s point about Passpro. Last year it sucked and is this guy going to pick up blitzes? I honestly do not know cause I have a life and do not spend time watching Pac10 or whatever they’re called the days football. Perhaps he’s a great pass blocker…THAT at least would be ONE reason to draft him.

  49. geno711 Says:

    I am surprised by this running back pick but do not want to bury him yet either.

    Some comparisons for him have been Kyren Williams the rams back and Austin Eckler, the past Chargers back, just signed with the Commanders.

    Now those are reasonable comparisons (size, speed, success on their college teams) except for the fact that both the NFL guys have exceled beyond their draft status. Not every running back hits.

    But willing to give the kid a chance before we bury this as a poor pick.

  50. Tom Says:

    Aka….Warrick Dunn 2.0 with lrss pass pro.

  51. stpetebucfan Says:


    Great point and I absolutely agree. I have buried him prematurely and will wait to see the results.

    There is the possibility that people saying White missed open holes…I do not watch the ALL 22 and so perhaps that is the case…add that our OL has apparently been improved significantly with Barton and who knows.

    Perhaps I’m too old school and like the old “Thunder and Lightning” balance that Alstott and Dunn provided. Again I do not expect to replace two Buc legends simply the style employed when they played. Maybe that’s now passe in the NFL.

  52. Tom Says:


  53. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Baker fanbois will be the ones making excuses and ignoring facts when he totally sucks in the first half then decides to do something in the second when teams start playing prevent. Your teen idol only plays well against bad defense

  54. Dubcity Says:

    That’s a very small RB.. White is already not the biggest RB.. a bunch of miniature backs for the Bucs this year.. and he’s not that fast either… idk

  55. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Watch the tape. This kid is a football player! I saw Oregon play a lot last year and this young man stood out. Great pick. McMillan from Washington is also another great pick.

  56. KABucs Says:

    Think about this… and maybe give him a chance. He’s a bit bigger and harder to take down than Dunn was. He’s just a tad shorter and a bit lighter than Alvin Kamara. Put him in an NFL weight room and gain a little more muscle and he’s more of a Kamara 2.0. They had almost the same 40 yd time. I wouldn’t mind the Bucs having our own version of Alvin… minus the bull nose ring, of course.

  57. orlbucfan Says:

    As long as Mayfield knocks off those kamikaze runs, the offense will prove it has improved. I hated it when he did it. I have enough silver hairs!

  58. BillyBucco Says:

    For all those that wanted a bruiser back look at DJ Williams UFA we picked up from Arizona.
    6’1” 235lbs.
    He has good speed too for his size.
    I think a 4.58 or something like that.
    Who knows maybe he sticks.

  59. BamaBucc Says:

    I was wondering the same thing about not taking Davis… But I also wonder how much of it had to do with #1) Bucky’s ability to read and sift through traffic is high level to elite and he had 2 very productive years in a very specific zone running scheme with a smart QB who had a lot of confidence in him as a safety valve…… This is also Coen’s style of offense. Where Davis is like a battering ram who needs a head of steam. #2) There is something to be said about Davis’ usage as a starter at 2 different SEC teams with very little backup help and how much tread is still left on the tires. Irving had a whole lot more supporting help. JMHO

  60. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Who’s reading that book

  61. Booger Says:

    “dalvincookrules” – Wasn’t Shipley Injured… I thought he suffered a pretty horrific, devastating injury at the very end of last season!? I might be wrong and just possibly ‘dreamed’ it, but YOU should know though, given that YOU are the ONLY one, I have heard calling HIM a “First-Round” Talent.

  62. Booger Says:

    “D Cone” – YES. I have been a UK season ticket holder since birth & it was soooo frustrating and VERY hard to watch. I’m talking DEAD. LAST. in the entire. COUNTRY. in number of plays ran per game. And, I mean, a BUNCH of screens and runs up the middle. We all mostly blamed Stoops, but we shall see. Stoops & Bowels are absolute carbon copies of one another… I’m talking philosophy, style, & without even the FIRST clue about Offense, or game management with using Timeouts, the ‘Middle-8’ of ballgames, etc. They are IDENTICAL. So, it will be very interesting to see how it all goes. 💯