Appalling Quarterback Pressure Numbers

April 11th, 2024

Bucs OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka.

After seeing this number, Joe doesn’t know how folks at One Buc Palace sleep at night.

Joe has been harping on this ever since former Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett went down with a blown Achilles in 2022 (and during The Lost Decade before Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht stole Jason Pierre-Paul from the Giants): The Bucs need an edge rush in the worst way.

The following just proves it. Again.

The last two years, per noted handicapper turned statgeek Warren Sharp, the Bucs had the worst quarterback pressure percentage in the NFL.


In 2023, the Bucs were bad, no doubt, but not that bad. The Bucs finished seventh-worst with a 17.6 quarterback pressure percentage. In 2022, the Bucs were terrible, worst in the league at 13.1 percent.

What Joe found interesting was that in 2021, which was not factored into Sharp’s calculations, a season in which the Bucs damn near returned to the Super Bowl, the Bucs were even worse at quarterback pressure percentage at 11.1. This was also the season in which JPP was basically playing with one arm. He never really recovered.

If the Bucs had anything close to just an average pass rush last year, would they have played in the NFC title game? It’s not far-fetched to think that.

Lawd, just how many chickens must Bucs fans sacrifice for the Bucs to find a competent edge rusher? If Joe didn’t know any better, he’d swear JPP drank Jobu’s rum.

31 Responses to “Appalling Quarterback Pressure Numbers”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    It’s disgusting to see, but glass half full view, look how good we were with that. 3 division titles in a row. If we can manage to get good pass rushers, which honestly may be Ramirez & Watts, maaaaaaybe a rookie (not holding my breath) we’d be contenders no matter what. Dang, I hope Bowles can pull something together. He’s worked magic with that defense with the amount of sacks we get.

  2. Brian in St Pete Says:

    Titans, Jets, Bears, Giants, Vikings, Redskins? Not exactly a murderers row at the top of this stat sheet.

  3. I remember 21 Says:

    It’s one of the two jarring differences I always notice when watching Bucs games. Other QB has all day to scan the field back there vs. Brady dirting it after 2 seconds or Baker scrambling for his life. The other being the lack of separation our WRs get vs whoever we play. That I attribute to us trying to out talent the other team instead of scheming our guys open, combined with the charmin soft zone bowles has fallen in love with of late. Here’s how I picture the conversation going:

    How should I cover this guy coach bowles?
    Well son, first thing you gotta do is give him a 10-15 yard cushion when you line up. Then when the ball is snapped, you immediately bail out. Then just try to tackle the guy as soon as he catches it for a first down.
    I shouldn’t try to bump him at all? Or defend the pass so he doesn’t make the catch?
    No. I know that’s what every other coach teaches, but you see I’m a defensive mastermind and I know better that everyone else. Bend but don’t break, ya feel me?
    I got you coach. Seems a little strange since I’m a press man specialist, but I’m sure you know best. So you’ll take care of me come contact time when I don’t have any picks, right? Coach? Coach?

  4. BucU Says:

    So we have had the worst pass rush AND the worst rushing attack in the entire league? But we have culture here!

  5. Tony marks Says:

    I remember 21 Says:
    April 11th, 2024 at 5:54 am
    Other QB has all day to scan the field back there vs. Brady dirting it after 2 seconds or Baker scrambling for his life


    YOu must have missed the memo. since dirting it and scrambling houdini escapes results in less sacks it means our Oline is stellar at pass blocking.

  6. QueGB5 Says:

    JTS should be moved to ILB especially on passing situations. He could excel full time at that position. TJ Britt would be the ILB on run downs & short yardage defensive packages.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Step back from the edge of the cliff for a second Joe. Bowles is the COACH; his job is to develop & employ the talent the is provided to him by the GENERAL MANAGER. When he had JPP & Shaq & Suh & Vea patrolling the front lines we had a respectable pass rush. Since you seem to have now accepted QB Pressures as a measure of pass rush effectiveness …

    o 2020: 193 QB Pressures (includes 48 sacks) … 542 blitzes
    o. 2021: 224 QB Pressures (includes 47 sacks) … 532 blitzes
    o 2022: 144 QB Pressures (includes 44 sacks) … 250 blitzes
    o 2023: 136 QB Pressures (includes 47 sacks) … 341 blitzes

    Not hard to see that when Bowles had Suh & Vea in the middle with JPP & Shaq on the edges in 2020 & 2021 he blitzed a LOT more & manufactured a lot more QB pressures than he did in 2022 & 2023 without Suh & JPP. And he did that without sacrificing his top ranking in run defense. Once those 2 were gone & were replaced by Hall & JTS, Bowles blitzed a lot less and the QB pressures went down considerably. Not only that, but our run defense also slid in those 2022-2023 years.

    Talent counts. It gives the coaching staff a LOT more options in terms of how & where to apply pressure. Interestingly, in those 2020-2021 years, the blitzing pressure came from everywhere. For instance, in 2021 blitzing came from our ILBs (202), DBs (135) & OLBs (191). Bowles brought pressure from everywhere, and it paid off with 224 pressures. In 2023 however, blitzing came from our ILBs (140), DBs (111) & OLBs (90). OLB blitzing was cut in half, and our QB pressures were well down at 341. And now, with White & Shaq also gone the talent level for applying pressure is even further diminished IMO. Got a hunch we’ll see a LOT more blitzing from our DBs this year to try to compensate for the lack of superior talent elsewhere.

  8. ChiBuc Says:

    The leaders in this statistical category truly undermines Joe’s obsession with edge rushers

  9. geno711 Says:

    In 2023, the Bucs were bad, no doubt, but not that bad. The Bucs finished seventh-worst with a 17.6 quarterback pressure percentage. In 2022, the Bucs were terrible, worst in the league at 13.1 percent.

    Joe, you actually linked to the Bucs success in pass blocking. Instead of 7th worst in creating pressure on defense, they were actually 7th best offensive line in allowing the least amount of pressures.
    Then in 2022, you are linking to showing that the offensive line and Tom Brady allowed the least amount of pressures.

    Comprehension is important to some of us using logic.
    However, for journalist blogs make the crowd goes with your logic.

    Pro Football Reference has a defensive metric called pressures by the defense.

    They define it as all sacks, plus all knockdowns, plus all hurries per opposing team actual drop back.

    In 2023,
    They had Washington the worst at that at 16.8 percent.
    They had Detroit the best at that at 28.2 percent.
    They had the Bucs at 19.7 percent which was 21st in the league.

    In 2022, the Bucs were 16th per pro football reference.
    In 2021, the Bucs were actually 2nd best per pro football reference.

    Is this just a Joe error, or is the expert handicapper, Warren Sharp feeding this ill-informed data to his subscribers.


  10. Dave Pear Says:

    Canadian hockey players are the answer. No one will see it coming. The pressure numbers can’t really be any worse, and if they speak French they won’t understand Bowels’ convoluted pass rush calls any better than the front seven, so they’ll fit right in. Hockey players would instinctively know how to let Cooper Cupp run free, uncovered, while standing still at the line of scrimmage with 35 seconds left and the game on the line. It’s foolproof.

  11. Trey Alderson-Cloutier Says:

    Jason Lichts swung and missed on a lot of pass rushers now. It’s time to draft a beast. We need Latu!

  12. German Buc Says:

    33rd of 32. That’s a heck of a statement.

  13. geno711 Says:

    What Joe found interesting was that in 2021, which was not factored into Sharp’s calculations, a season in which the Bucs damn near returned to the Super Bowl, the Bucs were even worse at quarterback pressure percentage at 11.1.

    Again, linking to pressures allowed by the offense.
    The 11.1 rate was not only the best of that year, but it was also over 5.5 percent better than the Los Angeles Rams.

    And it is the best rate ever that Pro Football Reference has measured for an offensive line. Let that sink in. Best rate ever.

    So, while I and others have complained about the run blocking schemes, one thing that the Bucs coaches figured out, was how to make their guys good pass blockers.

  14. geno711 Says:

    Maybe this site needs an editor?

    I hope the acknowledgement will be made in this instance. We are all wrong sometimes. Please call me out if I am wrong on this one.

  15. heyjude Says:

    Jared Verse if we can get him. Unfortunately, hearing that the Seahawks and Broncos have invited him in. Vikings, Broncos, and Cardinals invited Latu. How about Dallas Turner?

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    geno711 … Nice analyses; kudos. Todd Bowles does a respectable job of bringing pressure from across the spectrum IMO. He’s relatively good at compensating for the lack of superior talent at certain positions by freeing up guys elsewhere. Risky game to play though, because you invariably end up sacrificing something when you have to compensate.

    Obvious to me that the one place where he won’t sacrifice is in run defense (Bucs have been quite consistent there during Todd’s 5 years here). He seems willing to accept a pass defense though that ranks in the Bottom-Third year after year … as long as the Points Allowed ranking stays in the Top-Third. Frustrating as all git-out watching opponents march up & down the field, but somehow he seems to make it all work together.

  17. LongTimeBucaneer Says:

    We have some play makers already on the team that I am pretty stoked about. Markees Watts will be a beast this year. We also have Cam Gill who will be in his second year back from a serious injury. Our cupboard is not exactly bare.

  18. Pickgrin Says:


    Go get him Jason…..

  19. D Cone Says:

    Bucs were 34-62 in the first 6 seasons under Licht. He had some great picks in the draft but overall it can’t be said that he is a mastermind.

    Brady Era made his number look better but still has overlooked a team that is 75-88 over 10 years.

    For every Evans, Winfield, and Wirfs there have 2 or 3 JTS’s or worse.

    Brady was a great move but not a draft pick. Mayfield is still TBD.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JTS just has not been good enough. Understatement, I know.

    But, that doesn’t mean he cannot be useful. A position change could make a world of difference.

  21. Buc4evr Says:

    No to Latu, the guy was medically disqualified, he had neck fusion surgery. He had a severe neck injury and the Huskies were not going to take a chance. I guess UCLA didn’t care, but how long would this guy last in the NFL, maybe 10 games?

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    Buc4evr –
    Latu has played in 25 straight games the last 2 years without a hitch.

    Players are subjected to every imaginable form of medical scrutiny at the combine – especially when there is a known “issue” to scrutinize.

    Have you heard even a peep through any established NFL grapevine that teams are concerned about the results of their doctors examination of Latu? Or of any teams that have taken Latu off their boards? Me neither…

    If there was any degree of real concern from teams based on medical facts – not just fearful generalizations – then we would have all heard about it by now….

  23. JimBobBuc Says:

    Latu had a physical at the combine so the Bucs have access to that and can make a draft decision.

    My impression is that our blitzes were down in the latter half of the season. I think the addition of Whitehead will help Bowles feel more comfortable with the secondary and lead to more blitz calls.

  24. Hearty Dikerson Says:

    So the Bucs…

    Are the worst pass rush team in the league
    Are the worst running team in the league
    Are ranked #29 in pass defense
    Are ranked 21st in scoring offense
    Have holes at OLB, ILB, C, G, TE, RB, DT, CB
    Have zero cap space

    Yet according to this site, Jason Licht is an untouchable rockstar GM that can apparently do no wrong

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Trey Aldersen,
    You are absolutely right. Jason Licht as missed on so many top picks, with horribly bad Defensive linemen, that it has crippled our pass rush. And they were obviously horrible picks.
    Not sure about picking a kid with a broken neck, but that call will be up to the medical staff. He has talent

    Buc Bonzi, JTS is beyond lousy. The only new position that would improve his play is sitting. On the bench.

    I disagree that this is weak draft class. I think there are alot of Pass rushers to be found. Whats missing are guys that are 3 down players.
    But we arent in any position to be finicky.

    Pass rushing LB and DE. Guard and Center. I hope those are our first 4 picks, in any order

  26. J Says:

    JTS just collecting a paycheck. Hope he reads this. You’re abysmal buddy.

    This draft class sucks if you’re going after an edge rusher, and if that evades you, well you haven’t done your homework.

  27. Mark Says:

    Fun to pick on JTS but at least he’s trying. Logan Hall gets a pass for not even playing I guess

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Our pass rush is a psthetic disgrace.
    If it wasnt for a few gems(Mayfield, Wirfs, Brady) , we should be discussing his job security.

    We are last in the league. We suck so bad, Im surprised we ranked that high.

    If we dont address the Pass rush and equally horrific interior offensive line, then we do need to start discussing A New GM.


    thats alot of last place rankings, in VERY IMPORTANT AREAS.

    Time to change those rankings, or change GMs.

    And no Joe, Jason Licht isnt Ring of Honor material yet. I really like the guy-and we have won the NFC South 3 times straight. Hard to complain.

    Buy if we dont address these glaring deficiencies , we are gonna go first to worst quick. And it could be a long extended stay in the NFC South cellar.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Ppl saying Licht has missed on so many top DL picks…

    You guys realize he’s only used three 1st round picks on D-lineman in his 11 years as a GM, right? 1 of which was last year on Kancey, who looked pretty damn good! Vea is obviously a beast too when healthy.

    Now JTS is obviously a bust. If you want to include 2nd round picks and throw Logan Hall in there too, go for it. No argument here. But that still isn’t very many high draft picks on D-lineman / Edge over that period of time. If anything, he should have spent a few more high draft picks on them TBH.

  30. adam from ny Says:

    so maybe jts stole jobu’s rum……………….dam

  31. BillyBucco Says:

    I think we pretty much know what JTS is at this point and no OTs fear him.
    That being said, there is still one season to go, so he could surprise us.
    That OLB blitz rate is concerning to me.
    In a 3-4 defense, that’s simply NOT dropping an OLB.
    It points to Logan Hall IMO more than the said OLB.
    Shaq didn’t regress THAT MUCH.
    Interior pressure is the key for a blitz from an OLB to work.
    Suh made all the difference in the world.
    Wouldn’t surprise me at all for Braden Fiske to sneak into the first round and at pick #26 at that.