“This Is A Little Bit Of A Risk”

March 6th, 2024

Hitting open market?

Well, as many people had guessed/predicted/read tarot cards, it was Antoine Winfield, not Baker Mayfield, who got slapped with the franchise tag.

About an hour before the deadline to choose which if any player got tagged, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht put Winfield on ice.

Tag, you’re it!

That doesn’t mean Winfield will play under the franchise tag for the season and become a free agent next March. Often, a franchise tag is used not so much to lock up a player for the year, but to buy a team (and the player) time to get a long-term deal done. The deadline for that is in July.

Joe would wager that is what is going on there.

Still, unless the Bucs and Mayfield reach a deal before the free agency dinner bell rings a week from today, Mayfield will hit the open market.

Speaking on “The Insiders” yesterday seen on NFL+, NFL Network’s uber insider Ian Rapaport admits letting your playoff starting quarterback hit the market, a man who has a better postseason winning percentage than Lamar Jackson, carries inherent risk no matter if you are in the Bucs or in Mayfield’s camp.

“This is a little bit of a risk for the Bucs and Baker Mayfield,” Rapoport said. “Are they going to be the highest bidder? It’s certainly a question, though.

“After Kirk Cousins, you have Justin Fields, who is somebody you would have to trade for. And then it’s Baker Mayfield. Might someone — maybe the Vikings if they don’t get Kirk Cousins, maybe the Patriots? — will someone outbid the Bucs?”

If Mayfield doesn’t make it to legal tampering on Monday, it won’t matter. He’d be locked up by the Bucs.

It is difficult for Joe to believe Mayfield will bolt now that the Bucs got Evans back and hired Mayfield’s hand-picked offensive coordinator, Liam Coen.

Joe guesses the Bucs asked around, and got an educated guess of what Mayfield is worth on the open market and are willing to bid accordingly.

Joe sure hopes the Bucs didn’t go through all the trouble to sign Evans and hire Coen just to see Mayfield fly the coop to Atlanta or Denver.

67 Responses to ““This Is A Little Bit Of A Risk””

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m not a Baker Boi, but I’d still be surprised if they left him walk.

    But man, Wilson at $10m, plus a FA center at $10m and a FA safety at $10m and a FA LB at $7m makes a lot more sense to me than Baker + nothing.

    Or better, just trade for Fields, who is the better player, only cost you $6m this year, and $20m next year, and get all those extra starters plus some additional cap room to cover the raise that David wants – and what does that cost, a 3rd rounder, maybe a 2nd. I’d pay that in a second.

  2. Danfan Says:

    Wilson at a bargain basement price I can understand, I don’t get where you’re coming from regarding Fields being a better player than Baker though, seems to me we’ve never seen a whole good season from Fields, just flashes here and there.

  3. Dave Pear Says:

    Most sensible people – does that include Jason Licht?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Crickett Baker Says:

    I don’t think it is a given that we have to be the highest bidder for Mayfield. We have other advantages at this time. We have no state tax, a great coaching staff, a great receiver, and decent weather. We also are close to the Bahamas. IDK why Baker is waiting around.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Danfan – Well you have to keep in mind that Fields has had some of the worst coaching in the NFL, while playing with very little talent. But last year, after they changed their OC in the offseason, and getting off to a very very slow start, he started to get some chemistry with DJ Moore, and in the second half the season, he was much more consistent than Baker.

    Look at QBR, where 50 is considered average.

    Baker, over his last 8 games had 5 games under 50, and 3 games under 30, which is horrific. That also means Baker only had 3 starts over 50 over those final 8 games, and one of those was like a 51. Baker did have 2 very very good games, vs the Packers and Jags.

    Fields meanwhile, over his final 8 games, had 3 games under 50, with 2 really bad games under 30. But Fields also had 5 games over 58, which would be considered good games (Baker, for reference had a 54 on the season).

    That’s what I mean by Fields was more consistent – and there is no doubt that the Bucs offense has more talent and a better scheme. In the Bucs offense, if they let Fields run in particular, I think he’d have a huge year.

    But, with all that said, I still assume they’ll just go the boring and ‘safe’ route and sign Baker, who will almost certainly not be as good as last year when he really wasn’t that good (18th in QB, 20th and scoring) and extremely inconsistent. If Baker takes any sort of step backwards, now you’re stuck with an awful contract you’re trying to get out of. But, they obviously think Mayfield will at least be the same I suppose, and you can win with a middling QB so long as your defense continues to step up (7th in points allowed).

  6. sasquatch Says:

    There’s a tweeterX from @JacobsonOnAir on WDAE that they have sealed the deal with Mayfield and it will be announced Wednesday. It hasn’t made it to PFT or other more reputable outlets as of 12:55am EST, so it might be bogus. Let’s see.

    Making Winfield the franchise guy made the most sense because carrying 36 million or whatever the tag value would be for Mayfield would have been pretty crippling. And yeah, obviously the tag is only there to buy time for a long term contract.

    After Mayfield, they sign McLaughlin and David before free agency hopefully.

  7. Pewter power Says:

    You never know what baker will do, money makes people do strange things. If he makes it to free agency Bucs will be outbid

  8. Crickett Baker Says:

    I must be the only one on here that thinks Baker will be even better this year.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Crickett Baker Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 1:05 am
    I must be the only one on here that thinks Baker will be even better this year.


    If the Bucs resign him, I certainly hope he is. But history has a tendency of repeating itself, and the history of guys with careers like Baker, who suddenly have a breakout season, well generally they revert back to what they were. But it’s no 100%, which is why I’m personally OK if they bring him back for one year
    – although I’d prefer other options when you factor in salary.

    But, the numbers are what they are, and off the top of my head I can only think of one QB who has had career like Baker and then was able to have back to back good seasons, and that is Geno Smith, but he also had a much better breakout year (62.8 QBR vs Bakers 54.3 – that’s a big difference in QBR). Geno still had a pretty good year this year, but still stepped back and had a 59 QBR. If Baker lost 3 points off his QBR, and you drop from 18th in QBR to 22nd, and now you’re leaving the middling category and approaching the bottom tier of starters.

    Of course that isn’t set in stone, just one example. I’m sure there’s other QBs someone can point out that I’m not thinking about, and I’m interested to hear who they are.

  10. GhostofBrady Says:

    Maybe Baker spent time with Atlanta’s coach Morris and feels he’s got more of an aggressive win it style than Bowles. And not on the hot seat every year.

    Maybe Atlanta’s OC Zac Robinson had just as much or more interaction during Baker’s Ram experience than Liam. And Baker feels he could win with either so long as it is the McVay scheme and verbiage.

    Maybe Baker sees more young talented players on that stacked Atlanta team that barely missed the playoff going 7-10 (just two less wins) and has supreme confidence he could upgrade them to long-term winner.

    Maybe Baker’s agent called around and knows the Falcons would prefer him over bended heel Cousins or Tim Tebow with speed Fields or prima donna Russell. And are willing to pay him and treat him like a franchise long-term QB rather than another prove it again mid-tier QB.

    Maybe the fans who think Baker isn’t worth more than $20M can imagine a world he is playing for Atlanta and the Bucs are paying $45M for Cousins or run it with Trask or Fields. I do agree Wilson may be a gem for the price (QB minimum).

    Maybe the Bucs and Baker are already close and this article is spot on for what could be but wasn’t because Licht knows his stuff.

  11. Gene Says:

    You’re not the only one who thinks it’s possible but it does depend on the team as well. So far the BUCS with Baker signed are on pace to be about the same as last year. There is a long free agency and draft to go. I’m pretty comfortable with the notion that the BUCS management will come into next season with the same stars: Baker, Evans, Godwin, White, Winfield, etc..(and folks, let’s not kid ourselves that’s a GREAT lineup to have) I also think they’re going to add some pieces, so 2024 looks very promising. That said, it’s another season with plays to be made, injuries to be avoided, etc… If anything goes wrong, the same people who are scoffing at good players now will be “told you so” then and if it all goes right they’ll still be scoffing saying it was “this or that” and not Bowles, not Mayfield, etc..(like they weren’t even playing and coaching. You can tell the real fan because they see both the 1200 yards by Evans and the dropped balls and know the BUCS can do even more. The real fan sees the interceptions by Baker but also knows that his were less than all but a handful of QBs while his yards, TDs, 3rd down conv. Rate , etc…were exceptional. Yes the BUCS can do even more. See the true BUCs fan enjoyed the season while the complainers complained and the true fan appreciated the many accomplishments. As a BUCS fan, I’m going to enjoy 2024 each game while the miserable naysayers cry doom and gloom at any less than perfect game, and hopefully, If the BUCS win 9 games next year, I can appreciate the skill and coordination that it takes to do that. But IF, just IF they win it all next year, what I hope is that I enjoyed EACH ONE of those games to the fullest. And if they win only 7 games? I hope that I appreciate every great play and enjoy those as well. The sad thing is that many posting on this page can’t enjoy ANY game, because they’re so unhappy that all they see is negative. Go BUCs!

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    These 7000 word posts inspire me to two words.

    Jason. Licht.

    Whatever he does is way more the right thing than all the blowtards pontificating ridiculous options. Can’t fix stupid.

    Than you Jason.

  13. Tony Marks Says:

    Dave Pear Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 12:27 am
    Most sensible people – does that include Jason Licht?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    They are without a doubt the dumbest group I have ever encountered.

    The only reason you can get Wilson for dirt cheap is because DENVER IS FOOTING The bill in 2024

    from everything I hae read The whole reason they cut him now was to skip guaranteeing 2025.They intend on clearing out the books for him within the next two years.

    What Team nitwit is not telling people is that ROd’s WIlson plan

    IS A ONE YEAR PLAN ( maybe a little more not sure)

    There s no reason to think WIlson is going for more than a one year contract. He can sign for anything and it won’t matter much because its just adjusted against his 2024 guaranteed salary.

    when asked about how he is going to keep Wilson Rod’s brilliant answer?


    “You just sign whatever new middling QB comes along. They’re a dime a dozen.”

    WHy? because he’s simply spent the money for a QB on other players. His idiot fanbois are thinking – oooh free players. WOW. No its just skipping securing a Qb in favor of just going year by year on QBs on prove it deals.


    You can do that right now WITHOUT WIlson. Just let Baker walk

    Now in fairness I really haven’t pulled out WIlson’s contract but I am going off all reporting on this and its obvious from Rod’s dumbbell response that he hasn’t either.. So maybe there s a little bit more juice in the contract to pay out after 2024 but this illusion that Denver just keeps on keeping the price down for Wilson even after he’s cleared the books is an illusion from everything i have read.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    No worries. I think Mayfield has already signed. Might hear something today.
    Jason Licht is no fool.if he didnt tag Mayfield- its because he is already signed.
    Two different polls showed 78%-82% want Mayfield back.

    Do you wanna face the mob, after they let Mayfield slip thru their fingers!

  15. Tony marks Says:

    @Crickett Baker

    He already has done better than this year. All in all, Baker averages 4,060 yards in 4 out of 6 years ( adjustments have to made due to different number of games played). The exceptions are understandably the year he was injured and the fiasco with the Panthers the year after surgery.

    The claim Baker is going to slide back to his norm which is low is total mythical nonsense and the numbers prove it.

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    Capt. Tim. I wish that was true but I don’t think it’s the case. At 4:30 pm Tuesday Scott from PR got a text during the show that said ‘Far apart’. It was from someone he described as directly involved in the negotiations w/Baker & The Bucs. Breakthroughs can happen anytime but that tells me Jason (and Evans) are taking a risk that they can either get it done bf FA or outbid the others enough to get him to sign.

  17. heyjude Says:

    We really need Baker to stay. I can’t see starting all over again with another QB when everything was getting into motion last season. If the Bucs are bringing most players back, it may not be a great move to go after another QB at this time. Maybe in two years.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    I hope Im right, but you nevr can be sure- unless You are there yourself.
    We’ll know today or tomorrow

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    There are a LOT of NFL teams that are QB-needy right now. Media & fans have a tendency to look at the short-game (2024), but GMs like JL have to focus on the long-game & keep an eye on multiple contingencies that we don’t have to be concerned with. You know, little things like the impact on the TEAM of extended injuries (Vea in 2020, Shaq in 2022, Cousins for the Vikings last year?) and the impact of mediocre performances from high-dollar players (Daniel Jones from the Giants?).

    Jason is playing the long-game, and so is Baker I’m sure. He had a nice year & that gained him some leverage. At the same time, the Bucs can’t expect to consistently win bringing in a new QB every year; that’s not a formula for repeated success in the NFL. But we can’t overpay either & expect to still be competitive down the line.

    Negotiations at this level are more like a good game of ‘liar’s dice’ than anything else IMO. As the old guru in Kung Fu used to say … ‘Patience Grasshopper’.

  20. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munch: What’s the basis of your hypothesis that Justin Fields is a “better player” than Baker Mayfield? Are the scales tipped in Fields favor because you like him more? He’s taller? You think he’s better looking? Hahaha

    I live about 90 miles away from Chicago and watch a lot of Bears football (the local game). You must not watch the Bears much if you want the Bucs to get Fields.

  21. Bucben61 Says:

    Rod Muncher…queen of the traskateers….you want people to take you seriously you gotta quit sounding like a crazy man…how many people in the know would rate Justin Fields over Mayfield….

  22. K_bassuka Says:

    Why is Joe acting like the season will be lost if we don’t re-sign (overpay for) an average QB. Bad teams are the only ones that hand out such bad contracts and in return only a get a playoff win and an almost win if a miracle happen, like a timeout and a hailmary type, here and there. All that just to spend the rest of the average player bad contract in cap hell.

    At the end of the day, Maybefield needs the Bucs more than what the Bucs need Maybefield.

  23. heyjude Says:

    True that Defense Rules. So many aspects to consider.

    Taking many deep breaths.

  24. Lynchmob47 Says:

    I don’t know if Baker already agreed or not, but if he didn’t, I do love that the Bucs decided Winfield is more valuable that Baker.
    Mike dancing around saying he going to FA was fine he deserved it. What a guy, to signed a awesome deal for both before FA.
    Baker shouldn’t be dancing. He doesn’t deserve it. He is playing a game. If he doesn’t sign in next few days he is gone. Or we get him cheaper. I don’t care, he not good. He would be a good bridge though.
    Everyone thought Baker woukd sign 1st…and Mike would be gone. Funny how things really are.
    We forget that a few years ago out of nowhere it was announced Tom Brady was signing with TB.
    So let the twist and turns work themselves out.
    Go bucs

  25. AnonymousBucsFan76 Says:

    Has Baker Mayfield ever had back-to-back Good seasons?

  26. heyjude Says:

    I think Baker wants to stay here. He and his wife are expecting their first child soon. And why would he want to go to NE or another cold state and taxes. So much to consider. Hoping that he stays. At least for 2 years.

  27. Hodad Says:

    New head coaches like Morris will be allowed leave way being able to draft their QB. As sure as I am Baker signs with the Bucs Fields going to Atlanta seems like a sure thing. I still beleive the Pats can’t pass on a QB sitting at #3. Baker’s market has been reduced by a bunch of new coaches, and a QB heavy draft.

  28. heyjude Says:

    True, Hodad. I was hearing Cousins going to Atlanta yesterday. But who knows anymore with so many fluid situations happening by the minute. Not much of move for Baker with Atlanta either.

  29. Tony Marks Says:

    K_bassuka Says:
    At the end of the day, Maybefield needs the Bucs more than what the Bucs need Maybefield.

    nah thats just you daydreaming. IF baker walks on the bucs they are up against it.

    Kyle expires at the end of the year
    the much ballyhooed Wilson as well even if the bucs signed him ( a little tidbit the nitwit Gms here leave out of their pitches)
    Chicago iikely has better trade partners for fields
    cousins is asking 40+ and coming off an achilles injury at his age

    Baker doesn’t NEED the bucs. The worse that can happen to him is his price drops a little but that only brings in more suitors at the reduced price.

    Reading these comments sometimes I wish Baker would say – go fish.

  30. Allbuccedup Says:

    Spotac has Mayfields market value about 27 mil. They are paying Evans less than Spotac market value but added incentives. I would imagine they are offer Mayfield about 25 mil plus incentives. Thats just my guess which doesn’t mean its right

  31. Tony Marks Says:

    Lynchmob47 Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 5:56 am
    I don’t know if Baker already agreed or not, but if he didn’t, I do love that the Bucs decided Winfield is more valuable that Baker.

    More fantasy land but what ever makes you feeeeeeel better. Tagging a player actually means that you have NOT satisfied a player or else you wouldn’t be needing to tag him because you succeeded in a contract.

    shucks franchising a player may mean that you sent LESS time trying to get to contract but he’s just the most likely to leave you.

    You really do need to learn something about NFL terms.

  32. Marky Mark Says:

    Well the Rod munchers are happy. Trade for 11-29 mr. fields

  33. Marky Mark Says:

    If people are going to make excuses for players such as bad team and bad coaching at least apply it accross the board.

  34. Marky Mark Says:

    Rod if you apply your own history repeating itself theOry to mr. Fields then his one good last half season in 2023 will quickly return to his entire abysmal career record of 11-29. And dont tell me the bakerman did not have lousy coaches such as Jackson and Kitchens.

  35. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Rod muncher what a name for a know it all clown

  36. Beeej Says:

    Over the last half of the season, Baker hit for 17 TD’s against 5 pics, I’m good with a continuation of that

  37. Oneilbuc Says:

    Tony. Bucs don’t need Baker Mayfield they can snig Garden Michew and get the same production. I don’t know why you think Baker is so good when you have 6 years that proves he’s a average quarterback. He’s not trash but he is average. It’s really ain’t no difference between Baker Mayfield and drafting a rookie quarterback because you don’t know if either will be good this year. And we all know what happened in training camp last year between him Trask. Even Jason Licht couldn’t say Baker was better than Kyle Trask so what do that tell you about Baker? A guy with no experience vs a guy who’s been in the league for 6 years. His fans are the only ones who think he’s a franchise quarterback at this point of his career.

  38. Tony Marks Says:

    Marky Mark Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 7:04 am
    Well the Rod munchers are happy. Trade for 11-29 mr. fields

    🙂 You just don’t understand Rod, He needs running Qbs because He says RBs are unnecessary and pointless in today’s NFL .

    No joke. Actually stated

  39. Tony Marks Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 7:23 am
    Tony. Bucs don’t need Baker Mayfield they can snig Garden Michew and get the same production

    Yeah you nitwits all say that even though he has never hit 4000 yards .

    So what else is new? and yes licht has indicated Baker is better than Kyle. You are just too dense to figure it out. He presently is negotiating with Baker to essentially make kyle never start a game as a Buc

    lol you got to be a new form of dingbat not to understand what that means

  40. Beeej Says:

    O’Neil, exactly WHAT about Minshew is the ‘same’ as Mayfield? I’m not seeing it (other than the cool moustache vs Baker’s manicured beard, I HATE manicured beards)

    Anyhow, read that if Cousins doesn’t re-sign by March 13, Vikings get hit with a $28 million dead cap charge, so it’s safe to say if he doesn’t sign in the next week he’s gone

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    The Colts went 10-7 with Garden Michew at quarterback and he was the starting quarterback for most of the season . Richardson won I think 3 of those games because he got injured early in the season. It’s NFC championship or bust if the bucs bring Baker Mayfield back no excuses!! Because they’re going to over pay for a average quarterback. Lol 🤣 watch and see!!

  42. Beeej Says:

    Joe was most correct a month or two ago when he said March is the busiest month of the year for this here website

  43. Gipper Says:


    Agree with you on Baker response to Hate Brigade. The blog lunatics want to run the asylum. Baker should bolt but most true fans would be unhappy with that. Got to keep in mind that the naysayers are dug in. They have to be since they have been wrong about Baker all last season. In fact, to listen to these fools Bucs didn’t finish 9-8 with a playoff win. These guys with all their flag football credentials know more about Mayfield than Lichtenstein, Bowles, ME, Godwin. There is some deep seated psychological reasons for the Hate Brigade to persist. Most of it has to do with their own chronic inadequacies.

  44. Andrew G Says:

    I hope the Bucs resign Baker for a 4-year $110 million deal. However, if Baker demands more or wants to bolt to another team, we should pursue Russell Wilson for a 2-year League minimum (roughly $1.2 million yearly per ProFootballTalk) deal. Wilson has already said he’d accept that since he’s getting $85 million from the Broncos over the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

    The Bucs could use those deep savings to sign Winfield to a long deal AND resign all our top players like David. Then attack the free agency, sign Josh Jacobs, and pursue Khalil Mack to replace Shaq Barrett and Chase Young to replace Logan Hall. Then draft the best available center and corner to round out the team. Those moves would position our Bucs to be NFC favorites.

  45. mark2001 Says:

    Stop all the talk about not letting Mayfield walk. He is in control now, as long as there are multiple suiters. He can shop around and do what he wants. We now have no leverage other than what the other 31 teams in the league might not want to pay him… OK…more like a dozen, but you get the picture. So wait and hope for the best. But understand… Mayfield is in charge now.

  46. Max Says:

    I’m not big on Baker only because of his past years. If he’s going to be our main guy I hope year 2 brings big production.

    I really do believe we should go draft one of these rookie qbs.

  47. Marky Mark Says:

    If people are worried about Bakemans past years Or returning to the mean aka history repeating itself than we should really worry about Mrs. Fields all time 11-29 record and Napoleon,s friend Minhsew all time 22-27

  48. DJB Says:

    The Bucs have gone all in on Baker Mayfield. Number one being getting Mike under contract. If he has been sincere, there is no way he does not re-sign with the Bucs. If he does cross them up, there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth. And a new legion of Baker Haters, hahaha. . .

  49. Marky Mark Says:

    Furthermore, if Tebow has a better playoff record than Action Jackson than what does that say about the Edgar Allen Pies over paying for their below average playoff running QB? The black birds have good RBs and i bet Bakesomatic is at least as good of a runner than Mrs. Fields Cookie man.

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    I keep hearing Baker got all these teams wanting him but no one can name one team that wants him other than the bucs. The media is pushing a narrative about teams wanting Baker.

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch Says
    “I’m not a Baker Boi, but I’d still be surprised if they left him walk.

    But man, Wilson at $10m, plus a FA center at $10m and a FA safety at $10m and a FA LB at $7m makes a lot more sense to me than Baker + nothing.”

    I agree. But…in the end, Licht is going to have to do what Bowels wants unless the Glazers tell him otherwise. I’m almost certain that Jason has considered the same scenario, even if he cannot say so.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Crickett Baker Says
    “I must be the only one on here that thinks Baker will be even better this year.”

    I’m almost certain he will remain a Buccaneer this year and next…so I really hope so. It didn’t help that Joe suggested he will regress weeks ago.

    Statistically, Mayfield is at #16…if he cannot improve over that, he isn’t worth re-signing.

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oneilbuc Says
    “I keep hearing Baker got all these teams wanting him but no one can name one team that wants him other than the bucs. The media is pushing a narrative about teams wanting Baker.”

    That’s because no teams can publicly confirm it until Monday.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I am almost certain there are, or will be, better options at QB…but we’ll have Mayfield…so we have to hope he progresses.

  55. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    ‘Bucben61 Says: traskateers….’

    got a pretty good laugh from that one, thanks

    since ’76

  56. lanshark Says:


    The ‘myth’ that Baker is an average QB needs examined. He was drafted by an historically putrid team, with poor ownership, management, and coaching (same team that is now paying DePervert Watson $60M/yr NOT to play for them.. or to play badly). That team was 4-31 before Baker’s arrival… in the 4 years he played for them, they were something like 29-30… which is a HUGE improvement. If you wanna judge a QB by his win-loss record, you have to give him credit for that turn around. No, he didn’t take them to the Super Bowl, but he DID take them to their first playoff win in ~30 years, and was within one bad ‘no call’ of beating the Chiefs to get into the Super Bowl.

    Your math ain’t mathin…

  57. Mike S Says:

    LOL there just isn’t any more money for Baker. Its math.

    Bucs have 20 mil under the cap – they need to draft and they need help in several positions.

    There isn’t 25-30 mil available for Baker – there just isn’t.

    If Baker wants to sign for 15 he can sign now before the legal tamper period starts.

    Or he can wait to see what his market is.

    Of course he’s going to wait LOL – why wouldn’t he? You expect him to take 10 mil less than he can get in FA?


    Would you?

    Someone is going to give Baker 25 mil per and he will take the deal because his family comes first.

    Then the Bucs can shrug and say “Well he signed elsewhere. We’re not the bad guys here.”

    Then the Bucs become flush will $$ to sign another RB and several pieces on defense.

    Then we roll into 2024 with a powerhouse football team and a very ready Kyle Trask who will throw all over the yard.


  58. Marky Mark Says:

    The Glazers have a lot of financial advisors on this board who want to save a couple of billionaires money.

  59. Mike S Says:

    All you Baker Bois need to recognize. Jeff Garcia 2.0 isn’t going to get the Bucs to the superbowl.

    You have a choice – stack the roster or blow your budget on Baker coming off a career year where he struggled for long stretches with an OC who is now ELSEWHERE.

    You have a cost controlled QB you drafted and have been bringing along under the best QB minds in NFL history – including Tom Brady.

    The Bucs have a chance now to load the roster and go on a 3-year run in an NFC that is ripe for the picking.

    Or you can overspend on a QB with a losing record and stay in .500 record purgatory.

    If you want to go route for OU or FSU – go do it elsewhere. We root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here.

  60. Aaron Says:

    It’s worth what he plays his 2nd and 3rd season truth said

  61. Tony Marks Says:

    Mike S Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 10:45 am
    All you Baker Bois need to recognize. Jeff Garcia 2.0 isn’t going to get the Bucs to the superbowl.

    When you demonstrate your working crystal ball we will listen until then your talk means nothing kid.

    We’ll follow the lead of our bucs like Bowles, licht and the locker room and ignore you and cheer Baker.

  62. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s remarkable, not a single one of the Baker Boi(s) could come up with another example of a QB who was a bust, then late in their career had a career year (which was actually very middling), then had another good year, beyond Geno Smith, which I brought up.

    Instead its the same morons just saying “ur stoopid, bker rulz”.

    Pretty much sums up these idiots.

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    Marky Mark Says:
    March 6th, 2024 at 7:04 am
    Well the Rod munchers are happy. Trade for 11-29 mr. fields


    I know none of the Baker Boi(s) are actually Bucs fans, but even the trash from Ohio has heard of Steve Young before, right?

    I know what you’re asking, what does that have to do with the Bucs! Go look it up, then get back to me.

  64. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Jason Licht, sign Mayfield already!

  65. GhostofBrady Says:

    Mike S Says:
    “LOL there just isn’t any more money for Baker. Its math.

    Bucs have 20 mil under the cap – they need to draft and they need help in several positions.”

    Actually it’s not simple algebra. More like calculus. You project the growth of the salary cap over 4 years, the sum of money not yet accounted over that time, the rate of QB salary increase to team success, offset cap space now into that salary growth cap, offset other roster needs and roster dumps, and evaluate your playoff success goals and probability to QB pay. It ends with the team finding a top 15 QB, you pay him top 15 QB money and you build around him. Or miraculously find an elite QB in the draft and you don’t have as much money for anyone else (see KC, Cincinnati and Eagles). Or you keep tanking gamble on hitting winners in the draft with rookie contracts.

    To say we don’t have enough cap space is like investing in 5% bonds returns while inflation is growing at 10%. It is okay to go into debt for a run now. That is how the economy runs, Super Bowl teams are put together and GMs make their money manipulating the cap tools they have available to them. I mean the Bucs did it with Brady, Gronk, Brown, Fournette et al. It’s not like this team doesn’t know what debt Super Bowl math looks like. If you don’t think we can win now, then tank. If you want to try with Baker and improving 2023 Bunch, then you put QB and upgrade needs on a cap credit card.

  66. Davyboy Says:

    You can throw out all the statistics you want. What’s the old saying? “Statistics lie and liars use Statistics” is very true. The only thing that really matters is Bakers ability to get your team to the playoffs and then go as far as you can. Baker does that. He did it with an 0-16 team and he did it with a team that was expected to only win 4 games. He will do it again and he will find a way to win in a superbowl. Mark it down, he is a winner and a leader who just happens to posses the strongest and most accurate arm in the NFL. It is inevitable.

  67. Ugo Says:

    Hey Rod, can you stop pretending his rookie season and the 2020 season don’t exist. Baker has 3 good seasons(factoring his rookie year), 1 meh season (2019) and 2 poor season (where he was injured for a large part of the season).

    Pretendig his 2023 season is the outlier just makes it very clear you are either extremely biased or just willfully blind.

    Trying to excuse Fields’ performance due to poor coaching yet pretending that Baker didnt have terrible coaching for his rookie, 2019 and 2022 seasons is just hilarious. Especially when you factor in that Fields never had a good season vs Mayfield’s 3 of 6.