The Importance Of Lavonte David

March 13th, 2024


When chaos is spinning, you can always bank on Lavonte David.

David re-signed with the Bucs for another year for nearly $10 million. And if you think about it, it is sort of another prove-it year. “Prove-it” because Father Time hasn’t yet caught up with David.

Guys in their mid-30s in the NFL can lose their wheels in the snap of a finger. And once the wheels are gone, they never return and a player is shot.

Joe is confident that if David was, say, 28 instead of 34, the Bucs would have signed him to a multi-year contract.

Sara Walsh of NFL Network noted yesterday that the Bucs defense needs more stability in a report filed minutes before news broke that David re-upped with the Bucs . More and more the Bucs are losing pieces to the defense that won a Super Bowl four years ago.

Through it all, David has been a rock.

Joe thinks Walsh made a great point. While the defense is transitioning — Shaq Barrett, Devin White and Carlton Davis are now gone — the team needs some stability.

And David brings that and a whole lot more.

13 Responses to “The Importance Of Lavonte David”

  1. FrontFour Says:

    My favorite Buc. Welcome back LVD!

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Happy the Bucs will have him back for another year.

  3. heyjude Says:

    Very happy that Lavonte, Mike, Baker, Winfield, and others are resigned.

    Agree, we do need more stability.

  4. Obvious Says:

    The truth is we must have a horse shoe shoved up somewhere because if David didn’t come back……..

    And THAT’S WHY “DOUBLE” last year’s salary. It’s NOT the other way around where I read a couple with the bright idea that “we must be giving him a nice send off”. WRONG! Reality IS , he’s SAVING the Buccaneers collective Back Side! And the salary Reflects that “REALITY”. And he’s WELL WORTH IT, one way or the other…. He is Saving “HIS BUCCANEERS” once agian.

    I guarantee you that, that’s his view. He’s just going to get paid for it “This Time” at a Very Reasonable Rate considering the TRUTH of his UTTER, Undeniable, Importance to us ALL……

    Jason Licht has A LOT of work to do on the LB side of the Bucs..

    GO BUCS..

  5. Rover Says:

    Anyone here remember 2013 opening week, when Lavonte lost us the game against the Jets bye hitting Geno out of bounds late. I thought I was going to hate this guy forever. Now he’s in my top 3-5 favorite Bucs defenders ever. Buddy had to play with the likes of Mason Foster, some real dark times. Man Im happy for 54. A true Buc for life! Future HOFer. Go Bucs!

  6. adam from ny Says:

    we know his value…

    but on a grander scale, he is one of the more under appreciated players in the entire league

  7. Bucs Guy Says:

    Love LVD and his play.

    Bucs will probably draft a day 3 ILB this year. This will be the year they need to see their future — Britt, Russell, Dennis or the draft pick.If they don’t, I expect a day 2 ILB pick in 2025. The Bucs are a young team, but still have a few older players they have to look at beginning to potentially replace over the next 2-3 years. I’m sure Licht has a plan.

  8. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:


    Jason Licht is making all the right offseason moves.

    1. Shaq Barrett clearly regressed the second half of last year and was not worth the money;
    2. Devin White is good for 1-2 good plays a game but is a total and complete liability the rest of the time. His run fits are horrible and he is totally lost in coverage;
    3. How many times did we see CD24 play extremely soft in coverage last year, not to mention the 4 td’s he gave up against Houston? We got a decent pick and salary cap relief by moving him and McCollum got better and better as the year progressed.

    Conversely, anyone with a set of eyes saw how well Lavonte played last year. Licht brought him back.

    Baker – check;
    Mike Evans – check;
    AW31 – check;
    Chase McLaughlin – check;
    Lavonte David – check

  9. westernbuc Says:

    Rover, I was so mad after that play. I was screaming at the TV that we should cut him. The man proceeded to prove this idiot commenter wrong year after year. Times like that make me glad no one listens to me about the roster.

    For my sins, I promise to annoy every voter I can into inducting him into the Hall of Fame.

  10. Bucsfan Says:

    Great Buccaneer and Great HOF candidate.

  11. Lt. Dan Says:

    A one year deal makes perfect sense. David isn’t a young dude by NFL standards. Plus he wants to kick off his after career ministry. Kudo’s to you Mr. David.

  12. Austing Says:

    I love how this chick keeps saying “the last couple years” like this dudes aren’t OGs of the team. Especially LVD who I believe is the longest tenured buc, and a perennial all pro snub

  13. Simeon4HOF Says:

    LVD is the most underrated ILB in NFL History. The heart and soul of our D