“Only In America”

March 17th, 2024

A guy who got a check from Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht and walked out of Tampa with a Super Bowl ring delivered quite a rant while naming his big winner in 2024 free agency.

The NFL analysts’ exercise on FS1 last week was to name the standout team to date since free agency kicked off on Monday. Former Bucs running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy was having none of that.

He wasn’t naming a team. He was sticking with one man: Baker Mayfield.

“In my Don King voice, ‘only in America’ that you could be an average or above average player and get $50 million guaranteed and get $100 million for a whole contract. Baker Mayfield!” McCoy screamed.

“Yo, he had no ski mask, he had no weapons. He just came in, ‘give me my money.’ And then they paid him, though. They paid the dude!”

McCoy continued his rant in disbelief that Mayfield hauled in so much cash with what McCoy deems a disappointing track record and a 2024 résumé that was nice but hardly special.

In McCoy’s mind, Mayfield arrived at an average Bucs team a year ago and they remained average, or barely better than average in a miserable division.

“And to give him $100 million,” McCoy bellowed. “Only in America. He won, not the Bucs. He won.” McCoy added that he’d like Mayfield to teach him how to pull a fatter check from FOX Sports.

Joe’ is not sure why McCoy is so anti-Mayfield, but Joe suspects it has something to do with Devin White.

Joe sees Mayfield as a quarterback who shined with a first-time playcaller and a ghastly running game, and Mayfield represented an upgrade at the position versus the 2022 starter’s performance.

Licht has talked passionately about the national media disrespecting his team. It might be time for Licht to shoot McCoy a text.

64 Responses to ““Only In America””

  1. Rover Says:

    Im just saying… in the GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS…….he aint wrong.

    Go Bucs!

  2. Buccos Says:

    Shady is a scu* bag. His take is worthless. What happened to his Eagles in the playoffs? How many TD passes did Mayfield throw in 2 playoff games?

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    McCoy would have done better if he wasn’t such a drama Queen! Give me a hard A$$ over a whiner any day.

  4. James Willie Says:

    I am actually glad that LeSean is giving Baker and the crew more reasons to prove the haters wrong. He might be doing Buc fans a favor.

  5. Bucs Fan since 1996 Says:

    Paying Mayfield 30 million this season is BELOW market value.I agree it’s ridiculous but if the team wanted a starting QB they had to pay for one. They’re not picking high enough in the draft to get one that way.

    Shady knows all that though so his take is what’s ridiculous.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Only in America can an NFL QB make $10 Million a year and get beat out by a gadget-play Tight End. Maybe McCoy can do a story on this? Nope, he loves this guy and hates that guy.

  7. Tony Marks Says:

    This I thought would be interesting and new but then I saw the name and it all went down hill.

    For those that don’t know Shady McCoy has had a thing for Baker for quite some time . He brings his name up in segments where he is not even the subject. Its deep and personal in a way that is different from general mistrust or assessment of talent. People Like Colin Herd ( until this season when he reversed) were critical or Baker but you sense its not personal. With Shady its something burning in him like Baker turned down his sister.

  8. It's Corn Says:

    Ah! no!

    Sorry I had a nightmare it was the days when LeSean McCoy was on this team. Glad to wake up from that one!

  9. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Awww fanbois hurt feelings because McCoy dissed their loved one. A $30 million qb doesn’t disappear for stretches and games at times then lead the team to a 9-8 record when an 8-9 record was two great defensive plays away. He can be very good at times and blahze blah most of the time. He is not underpaid but actually slightly overpaid because no matter what sob story you fanbois male excuses for him with the Brown’s and the Bucs he still has a losing record

  10. stpetebucfan Says:

    THX for the link back to the original pre season article. Shady McCoy must be a genuine tool. What a piece of work. He’s entitled to his opinion but he’s delivered it in a pretty sleazy way.

    Back in the original article “Shady”, perhaps now I understand his nickname, talked about “other players” not being excited about Mayfield and mentioned both ME13 and CG14 along with the fact that he had just spoken recently with DW45.

    So “Shady” makes a horribly stupid observation back in July, backed only by innuendo, ME nor CG have any quotes on the record that are negative about Baker…and so of course he’s going to double down on his mistake. He’s embarrassed and hard headed.

  11. Don'tBmad Says:

    He’s like every liberal Democrat ever …once they marry a narrative, would rather see the ship up down in flames then ever admit they’re wrong…again

  12. Greg Says:

    Both of these guys should do us all a favor and stfu while riding off into the sunset.

  13. cmurda Says:

    If Shady says it, believe the opposite. Dude was a baller in his day but his analysis is cringe.

  14. T. McGee Says:

    It is a shocking amount of money, so in that respect he’s totally right. Worth it, not worth it, market value …. Yeah, whatever. It is 1000 years of income for the average American. We are all just used to throwing these contract numbers around as fans, but it makes zero sense. If the NFL capped salaries at $5M/season, almost no players would quit.

  15. 1#bucsfan Says:

    For real. Was baker special no not really. Not a shady fan but when he was in Philly he had some moves. Him vick and Jackson did some damage. Shady isn’t wrong. Baker was above average. Baker won just as many games as Brady did and they both put up similar numbers. Means Brady’s last year was just above average as well. Doesn’t look good for the goat. We won’t know who got the better deal the Bucs or baker till after next season. Baker played tough extended plays and won us a home playoff game. Glad we signed him but it was a lot of money. I do hope he is successful next year and I really hope he can stay healthy. He played thru some injuries last year but years prior he’s missed some games. Only time will tell if it’s a good signing

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    I dont give a flying F what “shady” McCoy thinks.
    He made a career of running head first in to huge people.
    Its a skill, but it doesnt make him intelligent.

  17. Buchead Says:

    McCoy was on the Bucs’ roster, but I don’t remember him doing much besides run his mouth. The only difference now is that he is not on a roster. Ironic that he’s criticizing Mayfield for being average, given that McCoy was far below average during his Bucs tenure.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Also the guy, with this contract, has made over $100-million, plus whatever he pocketed from those awful TV commercials.

    Also he’s barely average in his best years, and been horrific in his bad years – to flip that into $100-million is something – but it’s nothing compared to what middling basketball and baseball players make.

  19. Pewter Power Says:

    Speaking of average Derek Carr makes more than baker right? But thanks for admitting the Bucs have a paid caliber team that carried the quarterback

  20. C. Luna Says:

    LeSean McCoy like Shannon Sharpe are Baker Haters because they’re good friends with crybaby OBJ. McCoy for a guy that won 2 Super Bowls without even playing a single snap in either game talks a lot of crap! McCoy was good in his prime, but he was NO Marcus Allen, Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith. He just a Baker hater that needs to shut the hell up! I love Acho’s comments and sports point of view, but I stop watching SPEAK because I can’t stand, or understand McCoy’s comments. Then Joy Taylor follows his lead as well because she’s an understudy from Collin Cowerd from the HERD who’s another Baker Hater. For goodness sake Collin Cowerd had Sam Darnold and Rosen going 1 & 2 in the Baker draft. Then Baker, Allen and Lamar Jackson in the 2nd or 3rd round. After Baker just won the Heisman in Oklahoma as a starting ALL AMERICAN QB for the Sooners! So F***k Y** Shady McCoy! I’m from California, but GO BUCS AND GO BAKER!!!!

  21. Tony Marks Says:

    DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:
    Awww fanbois hurt feelings

    Only David could mistake the champagne on our lips for tears. Salute to Licht and the glazers for becoming the latest Baker bois.

  22. Leo Says:

    That dude is just loud and wrong just like joy they hate on baker for literally no reason and they like to bring up well he on his 4th team…. Panthers were absolutely trash before baker even got there with an inept coach and of ejo players have recently spoke out against and admitted they didn’t work with Baker or on what his strengths were…and rams wasnt his team he just filled in at the end of the season he’s done nothing but improve..and they like to say he only looked good because he plays in a weak division..then why wasnt that said when brady dominated baker is thd only player in the league they constantly move goal posts on

  23. BakerBucs says Says:

    What wud they be talking bout if baker wasn’t here Brady 8&9 is below average & 9&8 is above average even u r as o called goat never had a perfect passer rating especially in GB no other QB from opposing team has ever done that in GB nobody I call that 1 an elite player them b facts unlike facts B’s is not facts they be jealous cause he never made 50 million in his career combined all his time in NFL & probably in the booth

  24. BakerBucs says Says:

    So where is the crying with cousins making 180 mill can he justify them facts?

  25. BakerBucs says Says:

    Hay what the heck Baker earned that Heisman along with that 100 mill coming his way

  26. Brian in St Pete Says:

    OK, Shady…Baker is slated to be the 16th highest paid QB in the league this season. So even by your imbecilic and childishly stated opinion that he is an “average to above average qb”, that’s exactly how he’s being paid. So kindly climb back into whatever hole youve been hiding in since you stole 2 Super Bowl rings on the backs of others.

  27. CleanHouse Says:

    Agree with Shady.

    Hope Baker earns it.

    And sorry Joe, but Baker on his best day is not better than TB on an average day.

  28. Dave Pear Says:

    Baker would remove ShadyLady’s face in a bar fight.

  29. 1sparkybuc Says:

    We didn’t beat a team with a winning record in the regular season. We lost home games to teams with a losing record. Most SEC teams could have knocked off the Fleagles in the playoffs. I’m not confident in Bowles as a HC, and I’m not confident in Mayfield at QB. The NFCS was a sh!t division last season, and we struggled to win it. Evans made his college QB look outstanding. He wasn’t, and he’s out of the league. Evans extended Mayfield’s career imo. Take Evans out of the equation, and the Bucs would be in position to draft one of the best QBs next month. Mayfield would be fortunate to have a contract with any team in the league. I don’t hate Mayfield. I just know that if the Bucs were in any other division, our record wouldn’t have made the playoffs even as a wildcard. I hope Mayfield proves me wrong, but we could have filled a lot holes with his contract. A premium edge rusher would have been on th top of the list

  30. bob in valrico Says:

    ” Only in America” , Where else can a washed up Rb get 40,000 for each of his 25 touches and Super Bowl ring.

  31. Dave Pear Says:

    Only in America could a cage fight be arranged where we could see Baker bare knuckle and head butt shady lady into a pulp.

  32. Farmer Says:

    McCoy has proven himself a hater of Mayfield regardless of what he achieves, next year Baker could break the passing TD record, go 17-0 and win the SB and McCoy would still say Mayfield should be a car salesman.

    Also Baker hating Bucs fans are hilarious to see, before Brady the Bucs hadn’t won a playoff game since the 2002 SuperBowl win, Baker does it in his first year with the worst ranked run game in the league and yet people are still calling him a fraud?

    Baker earned every penny of this deal AND MORE, he took a team friendly deal to allow other key pieces to get re-signed and yet fans are still upset with him?

  33. heyjude Says:

    Well said Joe, Farmer, and others. We got a deal with Baker. He proved all the haters wrong this past season and will do it again.

    Very disappointed with McCoy. I stuck up for him for years, until now. Baker is one of our super heroes, along with Evans, Winfield, David, …

  34. JA Says:

    Funny takes …
    Seems if I don’t agree with those who think Mayfield is the second coming, and pronounce him an average QB, I’m either a “hater” or a “liberal democrat?”
    Why is one who thinks, “Our QB is average …” a hater? Whatever happened to respecting a different opinion?
    If I said, “Mayfield is filth, the scum of the earth and sewer water rolled into one …” Then I would be a hater.
    And by the way, Shady was complimenting Mayfield, like many in sports today in America, on his ability to get more money than he was worth. In his mind at least …
    Where does Shady say, “I hate Baker Mayfield.”?
    Truthfully, other than Brady, the Bucs have been very unlucky at QB. They’ve never had a “superstar.”
    Below is, admittedly, a small sample size. But it does give wonder to what we currently have at QB.
    2010—Josh Freeman—25 TD 6 INT—Everybody loves Josh
    2011—Josh Freeman—16 TD 22 INT Everybody wants Josh benched
    2020—Baker Mayfield—26 TD 8 INT Everybody loves Baker
    2021—Baker Mayfield—17 TD 13 INT Baker is run from Browns
    2022—Baker Mayfield —10 TD 8 INT—Two teams. Nothing special
    2023—Baker Mayfield—28 TD 10 INT—Good bounceback year
    2024—Baker Mayfield ? Who knows?

  35. Marky Mark Says:

    Shady mccoy has an ulterior socio political agenda as does Rod muncher and Bucganja.

  36. Farmer Says:

    @JA nice strawman.

    Saying Baker is average is fine, saying Baker isn’t worth 33m a year on a 3yr contact makes you either a hater or someone totally unaware of the QB market and so your opinion is as worthless as a haters.

    Shady, on many occasions, takes shots at Baker for no reason. He laughed in Josh Allen’s face when Allen said Baker has a strong arm, something which is an unobjective fact and not an opinion. He has never flat out said he hates Baker but when you take every opportunity to bash someone it becomes obvious.

    When Baker hasn’t been injured or had the worst head coaches in the modern NFL then he played good if not great but I have no issue with anyone claiming Baker is an average QB because I know that 95% of Bakers critics look only at box score numbers and box score numbers for Baker aren’t exactly stellar.

  37. Marky Mark Says:

    He should be ranting about Depervert Waatson with 250 m guaranteed who has barely played in 2 years.

  38. Marky Mark Says:

    Again, what all the box score queens are missing is yes, Baker is average in the regular season but he is elite in the playoffs. Jackson, Hurts, Dak and Cousins are the opposite. Which makes Baker a perfect fit for a weak division. Just get in and win.

  39. BucfaninMi Says:

    Baker will get a SB ring with this team. Because what Baker does well, can’t be put on paper. There’s no stats for what he does. He’s a hardass, stubborn SOB exactly what this franchise has needed for decades. And people want to complain.

  40. Beeej Says:

    What (non-rookie) starting QB DOESN’T earn $30 mil? It’s not breaking the bank anymore

  41. J Marzullo Says:

    McCoy’s logic is solid. Mayfield was 8-8. Chase McLaughlin was 1-0. That made it 9-8.

  42. J Marzullo Says:

    Marky Mark Says: “yes, Baker is average in the regular season but he is elite in the playoffs.”

    Career 2-2 in the playoffs (.500). Last season 1-1 in the playoffs (.500) with a pick with the Lions game on the line. Elite my azz.

  43. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I know that 95% of Bakers critics look only at box score numbers and box score numbers for Baker aren’t exactly stellar.

    This is a gaslighting statement if I’ve ever seen one. Dude, every baker boy around here props him up by pointing at his 28-10-4000 statline. That’s the “box score numbers,” and I agree they “aren’t exactly stellar.” His critics have pointed out many other flaws not shown in the box score. Flaws such as batted passed, slow progressions, holding the ball too long, bad accuracy, staring down his reads, and inability to regularly move the chains (until the D is in prevent).

  44. Bake n Your Face Says:

    …let the idiot blow hard. It’s not his money to pay a player. Fox ought to free up a chair so Shady can warm one on The View.

  45. Todd Says:

    Is it possible to pin a video rant up in your locker?

    Asking for a friend.

  46. D-Rome Says:

    Baker is better than any QB he played with in Philly.

  47. BuxfaninTX Says:

    Shady amcCoy….super bowl rings with KC and Tampa, yet never dressed/played

  48. Larrd Says:

    That show is pretty bad and McCoy is the dumbest one there, easy.

  49. Gipper Says:

    Watch Mayfield 2023 17min highlight tape.

  50. Becky Says:

    LeSean is just jealous. He was known more for his booger picking than he was for running the ball, and apparently had no negotiating skills. Haters are so pathetic. At the end of the day, football is not about stats. It’s about heart, and Baker has it in spades. If you don’t understand that then keep your opinions to yourself.

  51. Bucblind Says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time to test him. Sounds like he is jealous

  52. Bucben61 Says:

    Lesean McCoy is a nothing more than a borderline racist who’s opinion means nothing… he’s right though…only in America would anyone pay him to showcase that

  53. Bucben61 Says:

    Why isn’t he ranting about let me get my pickle massaged Watson…just saying…

  54. Toad Bowels Says:

    Shady Haiku

    Shady owes Tom Brady
    For a ring as he did not do a thing
    To earn a ring as a Buc
    So Shady’s opinion no one gives a f*ck
    Shady should go directly to the restroom
    That would really be his best room
    Because he is all washed up

  55. Conner50 Says:

    All nfl players are overpaid pretty much, the market for them guys is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong I love football and watch it, but these guys are absolutely not worth these mega contracts that they sign. It’s the way of the world tho, essential workers and military workers should get more than they get rn. Not saying we should pay them millions but pay them better than others.

  56. Conner50 Says:

    It’s also the benefits of worker for billionaires though. Lol

  57. Davyboy Says:

    Here are some Cleveland Brown stats:
    2015 3-13
    2016 1-15
    2017 0-16=4-44 worst record in all of the NFL
    2020 11-5
    2015 thru 2017 is known as a death spiral. Baker took that organization on his shoulders and turned it around. That’s not average. Anyone says it is and you are a total football idiot. And to be totally honest doesn’t know much about life. It takes a lot more than average to make that happen to any type of organizations be it a sports team or a sports bra company, it’s hard to pull off.
    His career has been with terrible teams where he got pounded week in and week out until he completely tore his labrum and fractured his shoulder and kept playing knowing full well he was hurting his stats. The first decent team he lands with he is ranked #9 by the NFL QB Index. This year, 2024, will tell if Baker is average or elite.

  58. Gerald Says:

    I don’t give not 1 F what racist Shady or joy think about Baker. He’s been thru it and come out the out side smelling like a rose. Those 🤡s can never give credit where it’s dude. They’ll continue to eat more crow! Go Buc F the haters

  59. Bucben61 Says:

    I just don’t get it…of all the QBs in the NFL and Baker has his eye…how about 1 playoff when in his career Cousin’s signing for almost double Mayfield…the hate this man is spewing is uncalled for and to be honest totally baffling

  60. Olboy Says:

    ^^He ain’t wrong

  61. BAKERnoFaker Says:

    Baker had a great year, won a playoff game, gave the Lions all they wanted for 4 quarters…then was named the GD Pro Bow MVP….was brought in THAT game late purposely because they know he is CLUTCH and can fire up any team….and then he won the QB fckn SKILLS challenge there to in accuracy LOL….what’s it take to impress Shady….Tha hell…

  62. Gene Says:

    McCoy knows what he’s talking about. He fleeced the Bucs for 1 million for 131 yards of production. Only in America

  63. Bob Duggins Says:

    We see this all time with Head Coaches promoted 1 or 2 positions to high. They sometimes not only ruin new quarterbacks but a lot of of positions also. Maybe owners should get rid of coaches a lot quicker then they do

  64. Gene Says:

    It continues to amaze me how football coaches and players continue to break down film and point to the absolute incredible skill level, execution and talent Mayfield shows on the field that you just can’t help but see on film, and yet, talking head media types and opinion mongerers continue to voice dumb opinions based on nothing, or worse yet, things they don’t understand. (like the mechanics of a passing game, defenses I’ve pass coverages, almost anything football) It is hilarious, however, how many times the talking head media types bark nonsense(because they’re being paid to) and opinion mongerers follow right along and mouth the same thing for nothing like little wannabe media types. When you follow stupid and imitate them, you’re still just stupid. Grow a set, put your opinion on hold for a minute(it’s not that valuable anyway) and go watch some game film and learn something. 🏈