Cornerback Help Comes From Free Agent Bryce Hall

March 15th, 2024

“Rachaad, you read it wrong.”

Joe is always curious about bench players on elite units. That’s kind of how the Tampa Bay found Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett, who now plays for the Dolphins.

Shaq’s playing time was limited during his years with a stud Broncos defense.

That brings Joe to cornerback Bryce Hall, who the Bucs signed as a free agent today. He played for the Jets the past four seasons after New York drafted him in Round 5 of the 2020 NFL Draft. Hall was a 17-game starter in 2021 and was tied for sixth in the NFL in passes defensed with 16. The Jets defense ranked last in the NFL that season and Jets head coach/defensive coordinator Robert Saleh replaced his starting cornerbacks in 2022. That put Hall on the bench as the Jets defense became a top-5 unit in 2022 and 2023. And by the end of last season, Hall was a healthy scratch, inactive on gameday.

So is Hall a ready-to-blossom cornerback who was buried on a good defense? The Bucs are about to find out.

Joe sees Hall as quality depth and Joe likes that Hall played alongside old/new Bucs safety Jordan Whitehead the past two season. Joe assumes Hall comes Whitehead approved.

Joe admits to — for a brief moment while seeing the Hall signing reported on NFL Network — thinking the Bucs got their hands on stud Jets running back Breece Hall. At least the three seconds of celebration was fun.

40 Responses to “Cornerback Help Comes From Free Agent Bryce Hall”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You just can’t have enough CBs

  2. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Any Bucs corner without a last name of Jenkins, Johnson or Jennings im good with

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    This is an upgrade over Dee Delaney for sure.

    Solid depth might earn a starting job if Dean gets hurt (again) or if ZM struggles.

    I’m lovin it!

  4. Jw94buc Says:

    Wasn’t he the guy that got cooked by AB on his last down as a buc?

  5. Steven007 Says:

    He’s got perfect size and hopefully untapped potential. Was thought to be a first rounder if he came out as a junior, and the same thing as a senior until he got injured. Nice depth piece.

  6. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Don’t know much about him, but welcome!

  7. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    Probably #3 on the depth chart for the moment.

    And probably a minimal contract.

    Good signing when you consider how many games Dean has missed

    Since ’76

  8. Rover Says:

    We need someone who will actually push Dean to want to be on the field and available. If the tackle is too physical, Dean is checkin tf out and at minimum keeping the blue tint brigade employed. This signing wont do that. We are doomed on the outside.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Jw

    Who didn’t get burnt by AB at some point in the NFL?


  10. heyjude Says:

    I am liking the fact that Whitehead and Hall played next to each other for the Jets too. This is good.

  11. LOL Bucs Says:

    Good pick up. Now let’s send one of our 3rd round picks to Philly for Reddick!

  12. Leighroy Says:

    The FA focus on the secondary is giving me PTSD vibes to the Dominick era of building from the back to the front. I can only assume the plan now is to address the pass rush in the draft and not FA.

  13. Marine Buc Says:

    @ LOL

    That would be awesome… It would also allow the Bucs to either focus on upgrading their terrible interior o-line or pick BPA at #26.

  14. Biff Barker Says:

    Devin White is an Eagle.

  15. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    Biff Barker Says:
    March 15th, 2024 at 12:02 pm
    Devin White is an Eagle.

    Thought he was more of a peac0ck or even a dodo bird

    Since ’76

  16. WiscoJoe Says:

    So no pass rush help?

  17. Boss Says:

    I’ll take anyone from the Jets defense

  18. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I believe IMHO we really need to address our passrush through free agency this year because this draft class for pass rushers is very weak and the Bucs track record for drafting DEs is not very good. We drafted JTS in a weak draft class for pass rushers and we ended up with one of the biggest busts, JTS shouldn’t even be in the NFL

  19. StormyInFl Says:

    I’m sure they got some intel from Whitehead as well as they possibly saw something during their joint practices with the Jets.

  20. JimBobBuc Says:

    Pass rush and OL.

    Edge. I hope Licht and the guys have learned their lessons. Hall and JTS were poor picks, but Kancey seems good so far…. If we go DL/Edge in the draft we need to pick a player with production rather than just potential…

    Any good interior OL’s out in FA?

  21. TomBucsFan Says:

    its OL or Edge rusher at 26, if not then its a trade back.

  22. ScottyMack Says:

    Not sure what stellar pass rushers people think are still available in free agency and even if they were, how we could afford them capwise at the moment. As far as I can tell, the draft is the Bucs’ only shot at getting pass rush help at this point.

  23. First Name Greatest Says:

    Doesn’t matter who the corners are if they are playing 10-15 yards of receivers and the Bucs have zero pass rush again.

    Not sure if it’s the scheme or players but the pass defense has been a problem for a while now

  24. Buc4evr Says:

    Still need a premier DE and another DT or two. JTS and Hall are dog food. I don’t care about all the coach speak about their potential.

  25. Tucker Says:

    That jts pick turned out to be a bummer it sucks to put hope in the draft but with the cap that is the bucs route oof

  26. Tony marks Says:

    ScottyMack Says:
    “As far as I can tell, the draft is the Bucs’ only shot at getting pass rush help at this point.”

    Less than optimal to be relying on rookies but Licht did find some pieces last year that contributed in their first year and there are a few that might be available (but we won’t get the pick of the litter at 26).

  27. MelvinJunior Says:

    I like it! So far, they’re building/doing literally everything I’ve wanted in the exact same way that I’ve called for. Now, let’s make SURE we can move-up and not miss-out on “Jackson Powers Johnson, like we did in the 2022 Draft on Linderbaum. I heard that Aaron Donald retired, so that should help out at least a little, since I had seen them too, ‘projected’ taking “JPJ” in at least one mock. I’ve seen him projected just about everywhere, from Minnesota (early, way before losing Cousins) to Tampa Bay (before the “Senior Bowl”)!!!! Everything has been falling right in place for us based on some of the other moves, as well. But, I don’t see him getting past Green Bay tho… IF, he even falls that low. I wouldn’t wait this time (“Linderbaum” – we ended up trading back after Baltimore snatched him up and wound up with friggin’ Logan Hall)… They should move up if HE’S Their MAN. The trick will be (‘who/when/where’) you think he’s going to go to make the move with… Is it JAX, MIA, or will he already be gone… If PIT passes, then I think you’ve GOT TO trade with MIA. I wouldn’t wanna risk Philly. Now, watch then move up with either Seattle or JAX and snag him. There’s always Barton by standing pat at #26, BUT is he a ‘guaranteed’ 1st-Rounder Talent & 10-year Pro-Bowler/ALL-PRO franchise cornerstone to pair with Wirfs… I Don’t Know!? Quality Over Quantity. Solidify that O-Line.

  28. Larrd Says:

    Sounds like a late draft pick who got picked on then benched. Hopefully he’ll play better in Tampa.

  29. SlyPirate Says:

    The Bucs will be better in 2024

    >With 9 picks in the draft we’ll see upgrades OL, MLB, and DE (at the least).
    >CK, Yaya, Hall, Wirfs, Mauch, Goedeke will improve.
    >Bucs projected cap space is $81M (need to sign Wirfs and possibly Winfield)

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    I knew almost nothing about this guy.

    So let’s take a look – right?

    6′-1″ 202lbs 26 years old…. long arms (32 1/4″)

    Um – thats about all there is. Seriously.

    No 40 time – no athletic measurements whatsoever save for 11 reps on the bench press which is poor.

    Estimates are that Hall runs a mid 4.4 – 40 but there’s no official timings.

    Hall injured his leg badly in the 6th game of his Senior season (2019) at Virginia covering a punt – broken fibula – dislocated ankle… requiring surgery – so he was not able to participate in any of the athletic drills at the combine – nor did he have a Pro Day….

    The year prior as a Junior (2018) Hall was a 1st team all ACC and a 2nd team all American – with 62 tackles – 3.5 TFLs – 2 sacks – 2 Ints – 2 Forced Fumbles and led all NCAA defenders with 22 pass break ups.

    Here is a pre draft analysis of Hall by NFL Analyst Lance Zierlein:

    “Overview –
    Angular outside corner who uses instinctive footwork and long arms to close out and challenge a healthy percentage of throws. His backpedal and transitions are more functional than fluid and could be exploited by NFL route-runners and speedsters. His reactive quickness and ball skills fit nicely into zone-based coverages, allowing greater freedom to spy quarterbacks and squeeze short and intermediate throws. He can handle man coverage, but he needs protection over the top. Hall is a future starting cornerback but might garner attention at free safety at some point in his career.”

    -Desirable height, weight and length
    -Press corner uses long arms to maintain feel for the route
    -Good recognition of short routes
    -When he starts in route phase, he stays there
    -Lurker from zone and willing to wait
    -Quick click-and-close from standstill
    -Short-stepper with rare gather-and-burst foot quickness in transition
    -Loads of passes defensed in career
    -Makes plays on ball over man
    -Instinctive angles to the throw using his length in the lane
    -50-50 balls tilted in his favor”

    -Lost for season with broken ankle that requires medical check
    -Below average mirroring press release
    -Delayed acceleration when turning and sprinting from press
    -May lack long speed to stay in-phase with blazers
    -Off-man pedal lacks fluidity
    -Lateral transitions are a little disjointed
    -Complex routes create separation windows for quarterbacks
    -Too many dropped interception opportunities
    -Inconsistent attacking run blocks
    -Would like to see better wrap and finish as a tackler”

    Bryce Hall was originally thought to be a high 2nd day draft prospect (2nd rd) but wound up being drafted by the Jets mid 5th round in 2020.

    He started 17 games in 2021 and registered 66 solo tackles – 79 total – .5 sacks – 0 Ints and 16 passes defensed.

    Hall has been a back up the last 2 years after Sauce Gardner came to town….

    Dude honestly sounds a lot like a poor man’s version of Carlton Davis from the info I found. Perhaps a tick faster and maybe a tad better in zone than Carlton? Hopefully a good pick up. We”ll see…..

    I found an interview with Hall from Oct 2019 just before he got hurt – and found this question and response interesting:

    “Do you have a favorite type of coverage to play?

    BH: I love playing man coverage. It plays to my strengths as a corner. It allows me to use my size, length and strength to my advantage. There’s just something about that. It’s me against you. That’s it. It’s just us out here. It’s my best against your best. I just love playing man. I like a little Cover 2, as well. I think Cover 2 is pretty tricky and deceptive for most offenses at the collegiate level. I love getting a chance to make a play versus the run as well. It allows me to be aggressive and instinctive.”

  31. Simeon4HOF Says:

    No need to draft CB depth high now

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think the young man is Talented. Needs reps.
    Let him back up Dean. As much as Dean misses, He’ll get plenty of starter reps. If we are REALLY lucky, he beats out Dean for the Starting position.
    I think this is a great signing. Im sure we got intel from Jordan Whitehead- which makes the signing even Better

  33. unbelievable Says:

    Sounds like a zone CB

  34. Simeon4HOF Says:

    I agree with MelvinJunior about trading up if need be to grab JPJ or an Edge. It’s critical to use picks #1 and #2 this draft kinda like when we got Wirfs and Winfield .. Nailing those 2 players helped give us the Superbowl. I’d be all out on trading up to make sure we get a top player at each position. If the Bucs nail Edge and IOL top two picks .. Sky is the limit. Especially if they draft an RB2 in Rd 3. Great depth sighnings by Bucs 2day

  35. go dawgs Says:

    man Joe, I was thinking the same thing, that we somehow signed the running back Hall from the jets.. short-lived excitement.

    I guess our pass catching, pod caster will have to do??

  36. David Says:

    Definitely depth upgrade.

    Corners-upgraded overall depth, Zion starting over Davis remains to be seen

    LBs and D-Line both have diminished a little losing D White and Shaq but it may be an upgrade due to the youngsters progressing.
    Need another edge!!!

  37. GJ Says:

    How would you rank our remaining needs? Wonder how much $ is left for free agents? Edge rusher, Center, IOL, TE, running back, LB….what else? Priority order?

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Joe admits to — for a brief moment while seeing the Hall signing reported on NFL Network — thinking the Bucs got their hands on stud Jets running back Breece Hall. At least the three seconds of celebration was fun.


    Put him in the Bucs backfield last year and he’s averaging 3.4 yards per carry.

  39. Scottiebudseed Says:

    To think we could’ve drafted Josh Allen instead of D white.. I was waiting for Goodell to say the bucs select Josh Allen instead we draft a MLB with pick 5 one of lights worst moves

  40. Scottiebudseed Says:

    Damn auto correct licht.. what about yannick nagouke I wouldn’t mind him in pewter and red