Baker Mayfield Brings Todd Bowles Comfort

March 30th, 2024

There’s been a soothing feel this March for Todd Bowles.

It’s been a while.

Two years ago Bowles was hurled into the head coaching gig after the surprise March retirement of Bucco Bruce Arians. Last March, Bowles had absolute uncertainty at quarterback: Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield freshly arrived with a new offensive coordinator.

This week at the NFL annual owners convention, Bowles acknowledged that he is breathing a lot easier because Mayfield is in the house.

“I feel more comfortable because we have a solid quarterback that’s played,” Bowles said. “You know, after Tom left, we didn’t really have a guy that’s played any snaps that’s stepped up in there. But having gone through a year with him knowing we have a quarterback that position and it’s, you feel more comfortable that way. But we still got to win games.”

Yes, life without a quality quarterback is miserable. Just ask the Panthers and Falcons.

And Joe was glad Bowles threw in the winning line there at the end. Nothing matters without the Ws. Heck, if Bowles and Mayfield drop a stinker season this year, Joe can’t guarantee they see another year. That’s just life in the NFL.

30 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Brings Todd Bowles Comfort”

  1. Trask To The Future Says:


    They were both terrible against almost all teams they played with a winning record.



  2. Joe in Wisconsin Says:

    Resign Trask on a cheap “backup” deal then let him rip in 2026. Gotta give him a chance before you let a 2nd round draft pick, that learned under Brady, walk out the door untried.

  3. Dave Pear Says:

    By this time next year, Trashk will be holding a clipboard for some team in the USFL. The dreamers who love him say he hasn’t gotten a shot. That’s due to a simple fact. Those that evaluate him, who are paid to win games, deem him unworthy because they watch him every day for the last three years. When dude makes Mike Glennon look like Dan Marino, when dude can’t beat out others labeled as “scrubs” or “garbage,” the reality is, dude is even lower.

    Someone should set up a go fund me site for these poor delusionals so than can afford more boxes of tissues.

  4. Buchen61 Says:

    A trisket a trask-et…lol

  5. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    We agree on this Mr. Pear

  6. Shane Callahan Says:

    I’m convinced Trask to the Future never played or coached a single down of HS football. It shows.

  7. Dave Pear Says:

    Shane – you can bet that petard has Trashk starting his Madden team and breaking all the records, LOL.

  8. Shane Callahan Says:

    Trask Lovers: Kyle is taller, bigger, and younger. He would be starting if he was better. Period. Get over it! If you can’t, stay on your Gators’ sites and stop bumming out the rest of us.

  9. Bake n Your Face Says:

    Ah those who can’t deal with team and position success..
    What fun to be around ‘em it must be.

  10. Capt Ahab Says:

    Shane, Trask was not given a fair shot. Bowels job security was on the line, he wanted a guy with experience. I find no reason for the Bucs to ever draft a QB again if their philosophy is that a guy can’t play if he has no experience.

  11. Trask To The Future Says:


    If Trask was so bad like you say he’d already have been cut. Roster spots in the NFL are incredibly valuable. So your “logic” on his evaluation makes zero sense.

    The only reason he didn’t start over Mayfield is that Bowles was trying to stay coach for another year and didn’t want to risk playing him.

    Mayfield isn’t that great and he’ll be exposed this season.

  12. Capt Ahab Says:

    I think the Bucs are looking at another 500 season at best, the schedule is brutal.

  13. Capt. Tim Says:

    Dave Pear.
    Spot on assessment of Kyle Trask. He will finish his rookie contract, and will be cut. He will be 3rd string this year, behind Woolford. Kid will retire a millionaire, having thrown less than 20 passes in the NFL, so we dont need to feel to bad for him.

    So nice to have our QB firmly entrenched. Just miserable spending the spring, wondering who will be our QB.
    Coach Bowles isnt the only one feeling more comfortable this Spring.

  14. Dave Pear Says:

    Trashk has had his shot for three years. He has proven he ain’t the guy. All you bobble heads who aren’t on the practice field with the coaches and management need to apply for a job then. Those who are paid to win and fired if they lose – have kept him right on the bench which is what he has earned.

    Another box of tissues for you girls. Your moisture is showing.

  15. Davyboy Says:

    No, Baker isn’t good at all Trask Future, not at all. Being on the first “decent” team, 2023, of his entire career his numbers were very close to Mahomes. He actually leads Mahomes in a few key areas and the areas he isn’t as good in he is only a very few percentage points behind him. This next year WILL expose Baker for what he really is-very close to Mahomes in talent. In fact, if Baker would have had the same number of throws as Mahomes last year he would have had more total yards, do the math. Last year old Bake was right there with Mahomes. He beat him twice in college and in 2020 Clevland would have beat him again if not for the worst no call in nfl history. Go ahead, have fun with it, in 8 months we will see who is laughing last. Mark it down.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Trask to the Future … ‘STINKER INCOMING’.

    Dave Pear … ‘By this time next year, Trashk will be holding a clipboard for some team in the USFL.’

    How about giving it a rest huh? Bucs have a tough schedule this year & there’s a very good chance that both Mayfield AND Trask will be needed for us to produce a winning season. And maybe John Wolford too. Every Bucs’ fan should be rooting for all 3 of them to be at their best every day and let the coaches sort out which one gives us the best chance of winning as a TEAM.

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Trask To The Future Says:
    March 30th, 2024 at 8:45 pm

    They were both terrible against almost all teams they played with a winning record.


    I remember the Bucs winning the division again, and winning a playoff game. Do you remember that, too?

  18. Marky Mark Says:

    Somebody call the Rock and the CFL and put together a Fifa style player loan program. That is how you get backups live snaps. Maybe include the Japanese and Italian leagues.

  19. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Bowles is too risk adverse! We’ll muddle through, I guess.

  20. Obvious Says:

    Now that bake has a contract, he won’t be as “gun ho” as last year. So the next time he gets his ribs crushed, he won’t be nearly as eager to keep over doing it.

    I’ve got a funny feeling that we Will indeed be seeing Trask in action this year…

  21. RunBakerRun Says:

    RunBakerRun says: Those that think Trask is better than Baker and the future of the Bucs have to be the most delusional fans ever. I read numerous posts by Trask’s fans claiming he out played Bake in camp last year but the truth is that Baker had a couple of bad days but the rest of the time are Trask’s lunch day after day and won the job. TBH, the Bucs could do a lot worse than Trask as one of the backup QB’S. Fans should be supportive of that.

    But beyond that, Baker is da man. Be a true fan and be supportive of that fact.

    And Trask fans? Get your weight up little boys.


  22. StormyInFl Says:

    “Capt Ahab Says:
    March 30th, 2024 at 11:34 pm
    Shane, Trask was not given a fair shot. Bowels job security was on the line, he wanted a guy with experience. I find no reason for the Bucs to ever draft a QB again if their philosophy is that a guy can’t play if he has no experience.”

    What a load of absolute garbage. By that logic, every QB ever drafted that never got to start wasn’t given a “fair shot”.

    Bowles went with experience because Trask didn’t give him a compelling reason to do otherwise. You don’t throw away a season just to ‘see what a QB has’. The coaching staff knows. They see him everyday, on the practice field and in the film room. If Trask was truly better than Mayfield and they thought he would give them the best chance to win, he would have started.

    The ‘need to see what he has’ is largely driven by the Gator faithful. They expected the Bucs to hand him the job when Brady retired. Had this been Kyle Trask from Montana State, we wouldn’t be having to endure this endless nonsense.

  23. Biggun Says:

    A very smart coach once said ” We’ll rally around our QB”…. Baker Mayfield that’s what we need to do!

  24. NCBuc Says:

    @ Capt. Tim…… I’m gonna hit you with this again. I really don’t expect an answer from you, since you never give one. You keep claiming that this JW guy is gonna be the QB 2. You do realize that he has absolutely sucked any time he’s played, right? Not gonna post his stats again, since they speak for his performance. I’m not even gonna state that KT is the QB 2. The kid is an unknown. There is still the draft and the the upcoming cuts. But to state KT will be cut after his contract is up is funny. How can you be cut if you have no contract? The BM lovers just keep amazing me

  25. stpetebucfan Says:



  26. Proudbucsfan Says:

    First off well said DR, second I’d like to get in the ring with all you ignorant idiots that put Kyle Trask down and claim to be Bucs fans. The Coach and GM have both said that the QB competition in camp was very close, and that the team could win with Kyle Trask. Mayfield had the upper hand because of his experience leader ship, and Moxie. He won the quarterback competition, but they were very confident that they could still win with Kyle Trask, putting him quarterback number two, and being confident behind him. That being said every buccaneer fan should be behind Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask.

  27. Marky Mark Says:

    Baker wont play hurt this year. But Coen may want wolford over Twask as wolfie played for liam at Rams. If liam drafts his boi late round from UK Wildcats i think gatorboy is cut.

  28. Oneilbuc Says:

    The NFL is getting worse every year because of fantasy football. They are taking the defense out of the game just like the NBA has done. Baker Mayfield will easily throw for 4,000 yards the only thing he has to do is not throw picks and that’s easy to do now days because of the rules this year. As long as he doesn’t force anything and just take sacks his numbers will look good rather the bucs win or lose. Because of the new rules it’s going to be hard to judge who is a hall of famer or not. This is why I can’t give none of these players on offense goat status because you can’t keep taking from defense and give these quarterbacks or any other potions on offense goat status. It will be a lot of bad defensive play this year because of these fantasy football people who really don’t know or even really like football. Fantasy football is killing the NFL slowly but showly and eventually it will be just like the NBA and go look at the NBA ratings from the 90s and the early 2000s and right now. I wouldn’t have never thought that a NFL draft has more ratings than NBA playoffs.

  29. Student of the Game Says:

    Obvious…you clearly have no idea who Mayfield is. He is not playing for the money or he would be in Atlanta or Pittsburg. He took less money to stay with TB and do something special, his words. I predict he will light it up this year. How many games we win will come down to the defense being able to hold a lead.

  30. NCBuc Says:

    Ummm SOTG….. Pitt who signed a QB with damn near the same stats, but less yards for under 2mil? Then traded for a young QB, who under the right coaches could be a knockout. I don’t like any team but my Bucs, but Mike T can coach his ass off! I really don’t think that young man would have a chance here, but putting him behind Russ. That’s a pretty good move with the coaching staff in place.