The Chances Houston Lures Mike Evans Back Home

February 5th, 2024

The Texans and Mike Evans.

Joe has had one team in mind that might make a serious run at Mike Evans if the best receiver in Bucs history ever hits the open market.

The free agency dinner bell rings in about five weeks and Evans is one of the more coveted potential free agents.

The team Joe is spooked about is Houston. Evans is from Galveston, damn near a Houston suburb. He went to Texas A&M, which is 90 minutes from Houston.

In short, the Houston region is Evans’ home turf.

With the way Houston exploded this season with young star quarterback C.J. Stroud and several good young receivers, Joe thought — and still does think — that Houston could be a natural fit.

Evans goes to a team with a star quarterback, a playoff team where he could be a strong, veteran, Super Bowl-winning presence in the locker room and a needed guide for the young receiver corps.

Apparently, Joe is not the only person who believes this. Jonathan M. Alexander of the Houston Chronicle typed a piece last week about the possibility Houston may make a run at Evans.

Evans … was a topic of discussion on Texans Twitter and local radio throughout the 2023 season. That talk picked up when he was spotted at the Rockets’ game against the Pelicans on Wednesday.

It’s not far-fetched to say the Texans would be an intriguing place for Evans. He’s a Galveston native and Texas A&M product. He spends his offseasons in Houston and regularly attends Rockets games.

However, Alexander believes Evans may be too pricy for the Texans. He cited “league sources” saying Evans is looking at $25 million a year or more.

Adding him would immediately make the Texans one of the best offenses in the NFL.

But there’s one key factor as to why Evans won’t be playing for the hometown team next season.


Evans’ market is somewhere among the top-tier receivers in the NFL. Tyreek Hill, who has the largest contract among receivers, averages $30 million per season at 29 years old. Davante Adams is second at $28 million per year. He signed a five-year $140 million deal with the Raiders in October 2022 when he was 31, the same age Evans is now.

Alexander added if Nico Collins has another stud season, he will be getting Evans’ kind of cash.

While that’s true, with Evans being 30, Joe can’t see many if any teams giving him a contract for four years or more. If Evans signs, say, a three-year pact with Houston, that wouldn’t shatter their salary cap.

Alexander is of the mind that Evans stays put with the Bucs.

There’s also the fact that teams rarely let premier wide receivers walk without getting something for them. The Buccaneers appear best suited to re-sign Evans.

When Evans was spotted at a Rockets game last week, and this was before the hiring of Liam Coen,he said he was looking forward to choosing his next team and being courted by other NFL teams.

Joe hopes with Coen coming to town and perhaps Mayfield staying with the Bucs, that will be enough to lure Evans back.

57 Responses to “The Chances Houston Lures Mike Evans Back Home”

  1. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Amen Joe- Evans is my all time favorite Buc. Best offensive player in Bucs history

  2. I remember 21 Says:

    It would suck to lose ME13. It would suck even more to possibly lose him for nothing. Unfortunately the track for that train has already been laid by the way Licht handled his contract (intentionally I believe). Nothing can undo that at this point. If I’m being honest, I don’t know how I’d feel about a 3 year $28M type deal for him (5 years would be insane IMO). Probably my heart would be happy about it, but my brain would be worried. I’d be much more comfortable at 2 years $25M per with $40 guaranteed. But who knows, maybe his market is higher and maybe money is what’s important to him at this point. Although I will say, Mike’s not like some of these guys (Hill, Shaq) that toiled on low or league minimum contracts for the first few years of their careers. We’ve paid him a LOT of money over the years, most total money paid to a Bucs player ever I believe. And as far as I know, Mike never redid his deals to take less money, he just worked with us on when he would get paid for cap purposes, correct? Part of me wonders if this is some kind of a respect play. And not in terms of the “paying me shows you respect me” way. I wonder if all the years of missed All Pros and even Pro Bowl snubs and the endless debate about the HoF has made Mike feel like he’s got to prove himself in this way, be one of the top 3 paid WRs. Because if it’s just about money is his account, he could take less money than Kupp’s deal and still end up with the same money due to the difference in taxes in Cali vs Florida. Hence him getting Kupp’s deal would mean he was actually getting paid MORE than Kupp. So is the amount of money what he’s after, or the respect? I don’t think salary comparisons factor into HoF voting, but it seems to me it’s important to him for more than just the money aspect.

  3. heyjude Says:

    Well said, Joe.

    I am worried abut Evans leaving, especially to Houston. He has been my favorite for years and it would be devastating if he leaves. He makes every QB look even better and adds so much to our team. I could also see the Jets and Patriots looking at him too. But in the end, with his ties to Texas, he may choose them overall.

  4. Todd Says:

    Not Licht’s first rodeo.

    I personally trust his decisions, whatever they may be.

    Evans is his pride and joy. Don’t believe he’s going anywhere.

    Give Mike 4 years, $100MM…with a $5MM bonus each year he surpasses 1000 yards in receiving.

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Bye Mike.

  6. Hodad Says:

    Geez.. get over it. If he leaves, he leaves. That’s the NFL, and that’s why you root for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. I’ll be just as happy watching Trask throw to a rookie first rounder, as I would watching Baker throw to Evans. I don’t worry about my girlfriend leaving me, there’s other girls.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Jonathan Alexander … ‘Adding him would immediately make the Texans one of the best offenses in the NFL. But there’s one key factor as to why Evans won’t be playing for the hometown team next season. Money.’

    Great article Joe, and a solid analysis IMO by Alexander. Begs the question though ‘If Houston doesn’t step up & pay Mike what he’s looking for, WHO WILL?’

    Bucs’ front office is talking a good game, but they can’t afford to pay him what he’s looking for. And we can’t afford to franchise tag him either ($21.7 mil tag cost and we’d eat the entire amount in 2024 plus apparently his 2024 void year cost of $12.2 mil that we’re already on the hook for).

    JL has painted himself into a corner in 2025 & beyond due to previous contract restructurings (we heavily mortgaged the future through use of Void years). Plus we’ve got relatively few BIG contracts that we can restructure this year to free up substantial salary CAP $$$ for our priority FA signings (Winfield, Evans, Mayfield, LVD, McLaughlin as a minimum). Pull too many rabbits out of the hat, and eventually you run out of rabbits.

  8. Darin Says:

    Better a year early than late. At this point he’s not a 25 a yr player. Those contracts will sink a teams playoff chances faster than Bowles

  9. HC Grover Says:

    With inflation rampant 30 million is like 20 million a couple years ago.

  10. stpetebucfan Says:

    Only a fool would deny ME’s achievements, talent, and importance to the team.

    I do not consider myself foolish but he’s not a QB! He’s ONE player! I agree with HODAD.

    I would absolutely hate to see ME walk. Having said that I’m not going to be depressed if he does.

    Wouldn’t we all like to see an offense with ME13..Cheetah…Kittle at doesn’t work that way. It’s what makes football fun to watch…how do teams cobble together the BEST TEAM!!

    It’s not the 70’s when teams COULD build dynasties and simply add to their stud teams without fear of salary cap restrictions.

    I like the salary cap. It makes the ENTIRE league more competitive. The arcane rules and execution of it SUCKS. It’s far too complicated…far too convuluted as to shoving cap down the road. Stop the tricks and have a SIMPLE cap and I’m on board.

    If ME goes to Houston I’ll be OK and happy for Mike. It’s the best thing short of him staying that could happen for the Bucs. He gets to go home and not only out of the Bucs Division but not even in the same Conference.

  11. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I hope Evans resigns I think he is and has been the engine that drive the Bucs offense for many years however, as many has said here this is the NFL and s..t happens. I think Evans will resign but who knows. Seems that he and Mayfield have became a good combo which every Bucs QB has done with Evans since he was drafted It also looks like the Bucs are out to resign Mayfield by looking at who they brought in as the OC. So Mayfield, Evans, Goodwin, White and a good defense look very promising for the next 3 year or so. Nevertheless, if they do lose Evans, I am sure they will go out and find a replacement Love Evans but I want be upset if he want to leave for more money or whatever reason

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    Why would Coen bring him back hes not what I would call a splash hire. But thats only my opinion which apparently does mean anything.

  13. StormyInFl Says:

    Mike doesn’t owe the Bucs a damn thing. The Bucs don’t owe Mike, either. If the numbers are to be believed, then perhaps it’s time to move on. AWJ is priority 1, followed by Mayfield. Then it’s between Mike and LVD. Just not seeing where that kind of cash is coming from. Something or someone has to give.

  14. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Mike won’t want to play 10 or 11 games a year on that tendon tearing sorry turf he’d be hurt half the year grass is so much better for older players

  15. Adam’s Angry Says:

    You know I made the same argument years ago about a Anquan Boldin coming to Tampa.

    Never came within 500 miles of the state.

  16. Drunk Bucs Fan Says:


    Perfectly stated. I love my Bucs and want ME back 100%. But also, it’s football.

    We live in Florida and there are reefs to dive. Letting a sports team affect your well-being is very un-Buffet like for the state we get to enjoy

  17. George R Says:

    I think there will another team making a strong push, Baltimore Ravens. They have a all pro QB, a Super Bowl Competitive team, They are just a WR short. Todd Monken is the OC and has worked with Evans.

  18. Pewter Power Says:

    80% of the deciding factor is how much he loves this city and would uprooting his family be worth it. At his age he knows his career is winding down and it’s about his family and so is the payday to a certain degree

  19. George R Says:

    Joe the Texans are #6 in cap space.

  20. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    I’d be careful if I were Mike Evans. Especially playing for Houston. Here’s why. Tank Dell was having a phenomenal rookie season this year. He and stroud were torching it up in the NFL for Houston. I know they pulled off a zinger against the Bucs as the Bucs went full on lawn chair cover zero zone in the last minute. So fast forward. As you all know, tank is about 150 pounds soak and wet.

    Anyhow the OC in Houston has tank run block into the interior defensive line on a goal line running play where tank and his 150 lbs gets his leg broken. Remember 150 lb guys blocking 350 lb guys, can Likely have an adverse consequence.
    Now it ain’t rocket science that stupid is what stupid does, and I certainly wouldn’t want a jackwagon like that OC calling jackwagon plays that could threaten my career, like he did with Tank Dell..

    We see it time and again. Look at baker mayfield. 2 teams damn near destroyed his career with terrible organizations/coaches. So mayfield gets on a good team, with decent leadership and he does good. It does matter where a player goes, and who he chooses to play for. Consequences.

  21. Since76 Says:

    The offense will take a huge step back if Evans leaves. That’s the simple truth.

  22. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Ravens and ME13 makes sense to me. They need him more than the Texans do.

  23. Dom Says:

    Bucs need to just give him his money. I could see a lot of contenders be interested in Mike like the Texans, Lions, Chiefs, Bills, Jets, and Ravens. He’d really push those offenses to another level.

    This offense would take a major step back without Mike. Consistent 1K WR and the teams only legitimate redzone threat. I could see him having at least 3 more great seasons. I don’t advocate for having two big money WR’s but CG’s contract expires after this year. Mike is clearly the better WR so he should be the one you keep. The Bucs need to give Mike the Larry Fitzgerald treatment

  24. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Houston has like 3 legit WR’s so that’s the main reason I would think it doesn’t make sense from a team building perspective. THat position isn’t what held them back.

  25. Doc Says:

    Rumors New York Jets 4 years over a hundred million.

  26. Conner50 Says:

    Evans isn’t going anywhere just watch the Licht magic happen. Go Bucs

  27. BucsFan Says:

    Odd that Joe says he cannot see someone willing to sign ME to a 5 year deal , because if Adams was signed to 5 year 140 at 31 and Adams is not superior to ME , I believe ME will have suitors if he wants a 5 year deal. Adams is not nearly as reliable to get on the field and be available like ME. Adams has had at least 4 concussion related injuries as well as many other injuries .

  28. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Michael Irvin has been dreaming of Evans going to Cowboys.
    Bucs have their OC.
    Next they’ll sign Mayfield
    Then Evans

  29. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I’m not buying HOU unless Mike just wants to play close to home. They have a good WR group already.

    If he wants to have better national recognition to secure his HoF credentials, KC is interesting. But, if KC were willing to hand over 25+ mil to a WR they probably would have kept Tyreek.

    Of the teams that have cap space and might have interest, I think WAS or NE are strong contenders to lure him (if he leaves). Kingsbury coached Mike for one season at A&M, and he just took the OC job in WAS.

  30. Colonel Angus Says:

    As long as he goes to an AFC team. I’d rather we keep him though.

  31. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I also wouldn’t put it past Canales and CAR to make a run at him. It’s pretty obvious Canales likes him. The whole offense was funneled through him until Godwin’s wife called out Bowles. That was especially evident in the first CAR game this year when Mike had 162 of the Bucs’ 202 passing yards.

  32. geno711 Says:

    Lord Cornelius Says:
    February 5th, 2024 at 8:04 am
    Houston has like 3 legit WR’s so that’s the main reason I would think it doesn’t make sense from a team building perspective.

    No, they don’t.

    They have what they hope is a low end #1 in Nico Collins. 1 season of production.
    They have a high end #3 in Tank Dell. His biggest concern is could he take the physicality of the NFL ar be able to help out blocking at all. In the end, it looks like that will continue to have that issue year in and year out.
    Then they have a slightly better than average tight end in Daulton Schultz.

  33. D Cone Says:

    Teams have so many options when they have a QB playing on a Rookie deal.
    Paying Mayfield what some on here think he’s worth based on a couple teams making dumb decisions like the Saints and Giants and Evans may be moving on.

    Tannehill made 30+/yr last season and is projected at 5yr this season. Mayfield is projected at 27+. Maybe his agent posted it because I don’t see it.

    Had the Bucs had any kind of running game Mayfield’s numbers would have been similar to many back ups filling in. Had he been placed in a Patriots or Raiders offense those teams would be moving on.

    All this talk about teams climbing over themselves to sign him is crazy talk.

    To keep Evans Mayfield will have to sign a modest deal as there are a lot of QBs that can throw screens and 20 yard routes that are turned into 80 yard scores.

  34. JimBobBuc Says:

    No way he’s going to Houston, but maybe elsewhere? Houston has too many good young receivers and bringing in Mike isn’t needed and too expensive. Mike wouldn’t get the number of targets he wants in Houston, a good chance he wouldn’t make 1000 yards.

    The Ravens are an intriguing option but not sure if they have the money for Mike. Maybe Mike would like to play with Aaron Rodgers at the Jets?

    If Baker stays, I see Mike getting another 1000 yd season. Licht needs to work some magic with the cap to give Mike some decent money. I see Mike staying here and making history.

  35. Buccos Says:

    Re-sign Mayfield and then try to re-sign Evans. If you can’t agree to terms slap the franchise tag on him. Let him try to get a big deal at the ripe old age of 32. Just the fear of being franchised should be enough to get him to sign

  36. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    I see Hodad’s GF leaving him. Especially if she sees his post at 5:41. That and that he is a Traskie.

  37. Cobraboy Says:

    If Evans remains a Buc, he goes into the RoH immediately, and I’d cheer that act. I’d cheer HoF entry

    If he leaves, maybe he makes it, maybe not. I would be less enthusiastic.

    A great player rarely stays with one team his entire career.

    To cement yourself as a local icon, stay with one team, even if you make a little less $$$. Long-term, the opportunities in that town will eclipse the extra cheese you might get elsewhere, and you will be loved forever.

    Do you really think Houston or Galveston cares? Yeah, native son and all that, but football history? Most never saw Evans play more than a small handful of games.

    Pay the guy, just don’t break the bank. Loyalty flows both ways.

    If the Bucs make a fair offer, but Evans leaves, I will forever rue his name as a money wh*re. If the Bucs make a bad offer and he leaves, I will rue the Bucs.

    Same with David. If he stays to his last snap, he will be a local hero forever.

    At some point, these guys need to decide if money is more important than legacy. IMO, all things being somewhat equal, legacy > money, if you already have enough money to live well the rest of your life (and both Evans and David have.)

  38. Marine Buc Says:

    The Texans only have a few more seasons before they will have to pay CJ Stroud @ $50-$55M per season.

    If not now for the Texans then when will they make their Super Bowl run? After Stroud is making 25% of their cap?

    As we all know from experience – the salary cap can be manipulated and there are loopholes for teams who want to sign expensive free agents.

    The Texans have a window of 2-3 years. If they were smart they would do whatever it takes to sign Mike Evans.

  39. BucFanDMV Says:

    Would hate to see Evans leave the Bucs especially with what he has meant to this team and the city. More than likely if Evans is out of here, we will probably see what Mayfield really has to offer honestly, I don’t even know if he gets to the numbers, he had this year without Evans and just his threat of being on the field.

    The Bucs have some serious decisions but if Evans is out of here before Mayfield signs, I’d tread real light if I am the Bucs.

  40. Robert Says:

    With the talent in the draft this year , no way am I giving Evans anything close to 25 mil. There are tons of receivers and tight ends in this year’s draft.

  41. Robert Says:

    You can’t franchise an unrestricted free agent.

  42. Robert Says:

    Nevermind I’m wrong .

  43. BakerFan Says:

    Evans is the best Free Agent Receiver available this year in my opinion. So teams will be taking a hard look at him. Pittman from the Colts or Higgins of the Bengals are younger so if they lose Mike either could be a good replacement. But then it all comes down to money and what is available in the salary cap world of funny money the NFL has.

  44. Let em bake Says:

    When you sign Evans, you’re signing ability plus chemistry with baker. Like Mahomes and kelce, a good combo ages like fine wine. With a mcvay type offense , thus duo could team up for 15-18 tds next year.

  45. ocala Says:

    Franchise tag

  46. BigEd Says:

    Wow- here we go again, with all these experts, saying how they would do it !
    All you clowns who don’t have faith in Mike Evans, Baker Mayfield, Jason Licht,
    & others need to take a long hike off a short pier ! We, all know who a lot of the trolls are on this gossip site !MikeEvans leads the league, for
    the last ten years in total yards-11,680- number 2 in 1,000 yard seasons, 1
    year behind Jerry Rice- 94 touchdowns- 1 less than Davonte Adams ! Baker is
    number 9 in passing yards after playoffs-4,044 yards, number 1 in touchdowns
    in playoffs with BUCS with 6 touchdowns, & all you general managers, who
    think you know how to do Jason Licht’s job, he is ranked number 5 of all GM’s

  47. Larrd Says:

    Give Evans the same contract as last time. Same money, same length.

  48. Larrd Says:

    Houston sucks almost as bad as Atlanta. Too big, too humid. Who would want to live there.

  49. First Name Greatest Says:

    At 30 years old I don’t see the market for Evans being HUGE

    The drops don’t get huge headlines here because, it’s Tampa. But if he makes these gaffs in a bigger market he will get destroyed

  50. Ko Kiefer Says:

    This is why that Winfield contract getting done is paramount. Gives the team the flexibility to use the franchise or transition tag on Mike Evans.

  51. GhostofBrady Says:

    I would think Evan’s priorities are:
    1 – Getting at least 1000 yards per year for two more years
    2 – Money
    3 – Super Bowl
    4 – Work environment

    Carolina could ruin his 1000 yard streak and they are far from not being a top 10 draft team next year. Houston would probably provide the best work environment but a tough path to the SB because the AFC is racked competition. I think so long as we are close on the money, he would prefer Baker making sure he gets way past 1000 each year and being contenders in the much weaker conference.

  52. Conner50 Says:

    Not one single wr or te in this years draft will produce the numbers evans does, shoot probably not even half! Harrison Jr and Odunze are the best ones and will be gone by the time Tampa pick. Which they wouldn’t produce like Evans either. Paying Mike 25 million when he just had one of his best years and at least 3 more like it left is totally worth it.

  53. Woodenman Says:

    Sure are alot cap experts on this blog. Ha

  54. David Says:

    Hope they do not let him walk. I think they can get them at three years 60 mil plus more incentives for hitting 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns each year.
    A little home team discount plus a no state tax state.
    Whoever is closest, him or Baker, they need to get it done to help the other one

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hopefully Licht canwork his magic.
    Im worried about the Jets. They will be looking to help Rodgers every way possible

  56. tbc 1 Says:

    Evans has had some great moments and some not so great so if the texans are his choice thanks for the memories-there will be other younger cbs in the draft with a lot of upside and more money for other moves-Palmer Rekim Moore yo have some young talent on this team.

  57. covertwo22 Says:

    They have a deep room of talented young WR’s. I don’t think they’ll be interested in him at a 30mil price tag. They could spend that money on their defense. Offense wasn’t a problem for them.