Luke Goedeke Is Not A “Secret Superstar” Yet

February 13th, 2024

Good year, not great.

It’s time to put the bottle down.

Over at the PFF tribe, they’re trying to tag a player on each NFL team as a secret superstar. You know, a guy who might be the best player on the team but is overlooked for whatever reason.

A stenographer by the name of Thomas Valentine claims this “secret superstar” of the Bucs is right tackle Luke Goedeke.

After a tough start to his NFL career in 2022, Luke Goedeke switched from left guard to right tackle, filling the hole left by Tristan Wirfs, who slid across the line to left tackle. It was a big ask, but Goedeke performed well above expectations.

Goedeke allowed just a 6.9% pressure rate despite playing every single offensive snap in 2023. He, like the Buccaneers, was a major surprise in the best way.

Let’s calm down. Was Goedeke the most improved player on the Bucs? Probably if not likely. He was good, not great. He’s not even the best player on the Bucs’ offensive line.

If you are looking for a “secret superstar,” Joe suggests you look no further than Lavonte David. Year after year for over a decade David puts up the same numbers or better numbers than Luke Kuechly, Fred Warner and/or Bobby Wagner. People go nuts for those guys yet David can’t buy his way onto a Pro Bowl roster.

No, if there is a “secret superstar,” it’s David, not Goedeke. Goedeke is a helluva story and he’s had a really nice season. But let’s quit shafting David.

22 Responses to “Luke Goedeke Is Not A “Secret Superstar” Yet”

  1. Mike C Says:

    Perhaps they felt David wasn’t a “secret” star?

  2. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Baker getting layed out, in the Lions game and luke watching his assailant run by him, means. NO luke has a ways to go

  3. Joe in Michigan Says:

    David is one of the best players in the NFL, IMHO.

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I believe Goedeke’s best position would be Right Guard. Draft a big, long armed Right Tackle in the draft (2nd or 3rd Round). Mauch is either Left Guard or Center, depending on who else the Bucs are able to get.

  4. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Luke Goedeke is young. There is time for improvement. He made a bigger leap than expected. No need to panic at either tackles. He held his own and proved he can it in this league.

  5. Beeej Says:

    Those 3 or 4 deals on the Lions game, I believe Luke was sticking to his assignment. Guy getting in unblocked was probably Baker’s fault for not changing up

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Nice twist Joe (I’d say segue but not sure how to spell it). Here I was thinking this was a story about Luke Goedeke. But nope; your bottom line (‘But let’s quit shafting David’) says different.

  7. garro Says:

    Not gonna disagree with you Joe.

    I found it a bit absurd but I was glad that Goedeke did not go unnoticed entirely.

    LVD has been so royally screwed by the national media it should be looked in to by congress!

    Go Bucs!

  8. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Segue is correct DR.

  9. geno711 Says:

    Goedeke had a strong year followed by a strong game in the playoffs against Philadelphia.

    So, his 1st and 2nd course were quite appetizing.

    However, that 3rd course, the playoff game against Detroit, was a stinker.

    Hard for a lot of fans to forgive and forget that last game.

    I also recall that Goedeke had a poor playoff game last season against Dallas.

    Most improved feels fair.
    But so far, 2 of 3 playoff games not so good.
    Hard to call a guy a secret superstar when you are inconsistent in the playoffs.

  10. Tim Seay Says:

    How in the world is Lavontae David so overlooked? Not only does that guy play great every year, but he is an incredibly durable dude. David doesn’t miss downs. He is always on the field. Bucs fans are going to miss David when he decides to retire. Besides being one of the Buc’s all time greats, David is a good guy. He’s not just a guy that young players want to play like, but they can modify their behavior to be like. Thanks for all you do Lavontae. As far as Luke Goedecke, I was glad when we drafted him. Really proud of how he responded this year. Goedecke will only get better which is something because he’s pretty good now.
    GO BUCS!

  11. Gofortheface30 Says:

    lol, okayyy. Let’s unpack this a little. I don’t think anyone needs to white knight for Lavonte David to fit the narrative of what you either THINK the article is about or what you think it should be about. The spirit of the article is players that are unknown and are about to breakout. A 34 yr old future hall of famer doesn’t qualify. Luke Goedeke is still an unknown quantity with fans across the league and they are merely impressing upon them that the Bucs potentially have a gem. That is all. Now to be pedantic, I wouldn’t use the word superstar. Steph curry is a superstar, Patrick Mahomes is a superstar. A gd right tackle for the Bucs or anywhere (as well as 99% of nfl players) are not anywhere near superstars

  12. JimBobBuc Says:

    LVD is our MVP and should go into the HOF. The national media need to be reminded about how great he is.

    Goedeke is most improved. Moving him from LG to RT was the key. Keep him as RT. He and Mauch need to get stronger and improve their run blocking.

  13. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    He had a nice year and showed a lot of growth, exactly what you want to see in year 2. Arrow up

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    Goedeke was AWESOME! I saw him make double blocks (blocking two DL on the same play) on a regular basis … saving the rookie’s ass. I’ve never seen Wirfs do that. He OWNED Hutchinson in game 1 vs Detroit: 0 Sacks, 0 Pressures, 0 TFL, 3 tackles. This was his first year at OT. LG played great. We’ll have the two best OT in the NFL next year … YET NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. That’s a secret.

    Is Goedeke a secret superstar? YES!
    Is LVD a secret superstar? No.

    LVD has been to the Pro Bowl. He’s no secret. He’s just not as decorated as you want him to be.

  15. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Big personalities drive media narratives.

    One of the reasons LVD hasn’t gotten the recognition that he deserves is because he’s been a great player on a team who has not consistently been a winner for his career.

    Big personalities like Bruce Arians, TB12, Baker or quarterback controversies with Jameis or coaches being hired and fired sucked all of the oxygen towards those them rather than to LVD.

    The media is much more interested on reporting on those things rather than a great citizen and humble man and teammate who shows up and performs at a high level and never demands attention or creates any controversy.

  16. Dave Pear Says:

    ProBowl Matador.

  17. catcard202 Says:

    Goedeke played his ass off compared to his rookie season & was a huge surprise…So, I can’t argue too much….Though I probably would have tabbed Yaya Diaby at that guy…No one expected the rookies production vs playing time he put up & his future is extremely bright moving forward.

    LVD is a known commodity & long time producer. Can’t tag him as a secret.

  18. Rob Says:

    I’m with Joe from Michigan. Luke would be best served at a RG. I would absolutely use the 1st round pick on Jackson Powers Johnson if available.

    If not I’d use the 1st or 2nd round pick on a elite LT or RT. I like Tyler Guyton or Amarius Mims late in the 1st round or early 2nd at RT, if the Bucs trade back.

    If you want a LG in the 2nd round, I’d take Graham Barton, Jordan Morgan, or Troy Fautanu. There are a lot of LT choices in the top 85 picks.

    Here is a crazy idea, I would only do it if the proper scenario falls. The Bucs could draft a LT and move Wirfs back to RT.

  19. SB~LV Says:

    I think his teammate toofuss is going to make the same type of improvement in his second year as Godeke did

  20. I might be crazy but Says:

    I think David doesn’t get the recognition he deserves is that he doesn’t have eye popping hits and sack numbers. What he does have is forced fumbles, great pass coverage, limited YAKs and hole stuffing for minimal yards gained and durability.

  21. Big Red Says:

    Love me some LVD but he’s got butter fingers. Concrete gloves. He’d be first ballot if he didn’t drop 95% of his interception opportunities. My man forgot to play catch in the yard.

  22. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    He’s got some heavy hands and quietly very athletic. When he went against the big boys as soon as he got his hands on them you can see the initial shock of how strong he is. Then to back it up with lateral quickness and a quick kick step in his drop we could have a dynamic duo of tackles.