Baker Mayfield Wins Offensive MVP Of Pro Bowl

February 4th, 2024

Wins Pro Bowl honor.

Does it mean anything when you win an award in a meaningless game? Joe supposes so.

Baker Mayfield has had a good weekend. Yesterday, he got an offensive coordinator he wanted (officially) when the Bucs announced Liam Coen would take over the Bucs offense.

Today, Mayfield was named the “Offensive MVP Award” for the flag football game the Pro Bowl has turned into. Mayfield’s highlight was a short gimme pass to a wide open Cee Dee Lamb for six.

Last week as part of the Pro Bowl Games, Mayfield won the most precise quarterback in a skills competition.

Hey, at least he got interviewed by a former Miss Florida.

Joe must be honest. Joe just got into Las Vegas to cover Super Bowl media night tomorrow, broadcast on NFL Network at 8 p.m. Tampa time. So Joe didn’t see one play of the Pro Bowl.

Will this award get Mayfield more Team Glazer loot in his new contract with the Bucs? Assuming Mayfield re-signs with the Bucs?

Things are rolling in Mayfield’s way. Why screw that up signing with, say, the Dixie Chicks?

Kudos to Baker on the award. Now put pen to paper and get back with the Bucs.

41 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Wins Offensive MVP Of Pro Bowl”

  1. dbbuc711 Says:

    Staying on the same team is best for both Baker and Bucs. Baker knows what he has there signing elsewhere could possibly go bad

  2. BakerFan Says:

    He can’t play. Just ask the Tards on here

  3. Tye Says:

    At flag football….

    That and a $1 might get him a cup of coffee!

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Whats it worth.
    Well, not alot.
    But is does keep piling on the simpletons here who thought some noodle armed draft bust was gonna replace Mayfield.
    It just keeps looking worse for those guys. Pretty clear they arent qualified to voice opinions.

    Congrats Baker. Get the Money!

  5. Gipper Says:

    Well, Baker Haters, sure it was a flag football game and doesn’t mean much. Just another award that Baker wins to go with Heisman Trophy. Nobody at the start of the 2023 season except for those who are referred to as “fan bois” would have projected that Baker would be MVP of Pro Bowl for the 2023 season. It is past time for the anti Baker mob to fade away. With any luck, Baker will move on to Pittsburgh or Atlanta and you all can begin your fake analysis of Trask.

  6. WyomingJoe Says:

    Many are saying that Baker’s now seen as the best flag football player in the U.S. And according to ESPN, Baker will soon be invited to the 2008 USA Olympic team to compete in both the Decathlon and Flag Football. However, it’s still uncertain about his interest in the Winter Olympics.

  7. BucVoyager Says:

    I really enjoyed the Pro Bowl festivities. Congrats to Baker and shout out to who ever that Bucs cheerleader was standing next to him on the podium.

  8. Buc1987 Says:


  9. HC Grover Says:

    ROFL HAHAHA Flag Ball. How do you spell relief…..flag football.

  10. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Think he had a 100K clause in his contract for being name as Pro Bowl MVP!! Lol

  11. WyomingJoe Says:

    You just had to be there. The air in that stadium was thick with envy. It was palpable.

  12. Shane Callahan Says:

    As I’ve been saying to all the Baker haters since preseason: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………………………

  13. Shane Callahan Says:

    Ahhhhhhh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………….

  14. Beeej Says:

    Nelson Muntz said it best:


  15. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Fanbois unite! See what he can do when he doesn’t have to worry about a defense. Wow impressive! He’s the leagues next MVP!

  16. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Trask mob joins the Tampa Bay Storm as now defunct organizations….

    Only difference is the Storm were a once respectable franchise

  17. Dave Pear Says:

    Baker will be better in 2024

  18. MadMax Says:

    and the Baker haters hate even more. lol

    Lock him up Licht….be team friendly Baker….3yrs 100

  19. DBS Says:

    And the other 2 NFC QB’S that played. Yes Both threw interceptions . Baker threw none. Payton so desperate he kept CJ Stroud in almost the entire game.

  20. stpetebucfan Says:

    His rookie year Mayfield was selected #50 on the top 100 voted on by the PLAYERS. I suspect he MIGHT have some talent. This award is fluff but it should embarrass the posters here talking about Bakers’ “noodle” arm.

  21. DBS Says:

    Both Tristan and Baker represented or team well.

  22. BringBucsBack Says:

    Uh oh! Didn’t Carr win “most precise quarterback” last year? No connection, I hope!

  23. Doc Says:

    Flag, footall M.V.P. that will get him a big contract, give me a break.

  24. Gene Says:

    Top ten is what’s going to get him a big contract, better playoff performance than Dak is going to get him a big contract, HUGE playoffs QBR is going to get him a big contract, keeping his team in the two playoff games that were losses until the very end…going down swinging with great performances instead of playing bad like many”great” qbs, is going to get him a big contract, winning 2 playoff games running away over supposedly “great” qbs and “superior” teams is going to get him a big contract, passing for over 4000 yards with 28 TDs and less ints than many ” top tier” qbs is going to get him a big contract, four game win streak to make the playoffs possible including: a perfect game in Lambeu against the team that almost beat the niners, a domination elimination of Jacksonville is going to get him a big contract, I could go on but there isn’t half a prayer of getting a better qb unless you think the Browns plan is going to work, which would make you delusional… that’ll get him a big contract and the fact that every team in football doesn’t want to see the BUCS with Mayfield as who they have to play next, THAT is going to get him a big contract! A small footnote to add : All the QBs in the NFL respect Baker because he’s exceptionally talented…I’ll take that opinion over some blogging idiot that wants to go with the 2nd string qb ANY DAY! What a joke you guys make of yourselves! 🤣

  25. Gene Says:

    What concerns me is this year: The Patriots, Atlanta, and $vs cap.
    What concerns me as a BUCS fan and intrigues me as a Cowboys fan NEXT year is Daks contract is up and I think at this point he has one year to go somewhere in the playoffs. If he doesn’t in 2024, The BUCS better not have just a franchise tag on Mayfield.
    What a FAN (that knows football) of the BUCS is looking for is: A way to trade some lower tier talent for late draft picks, a couple of sleeper prospects at o-line, outside pass rusher and corner from the draft, an incorporation of the 2 back scheme with this offense, signing the studs they have, and getting one more rookie wide receiver that can play this year. (Although Liem, unless I miss my guess will have White VERY involved in the passing game)

  26. Gene Says:

    New topic question: Am I the only one who thinks Rachaad White can be the difference maker for the BUCS that Mccaffrey is for the niners?

  27. Shane Callahan Says:

    Gene, I say yes IF our interior O-line vastly improves. Mayfield and White would’ve been a lot better if our guards and center were at least mediocre.

  28. Chief Tbird Says:

    Baker continues to impress. The season. The playoffs. The Pro Bowl.
    Yet here we sit seeing some of these so called Bucs “fans” that take shots at him. Some of you could win the lottery and be unhappy because of the taxes. Absolutely Ridiculous.

  29. heyjude Says:

    Let Baker bake! Love it! We are lucky to have him.

    Yes, it was flag football and so much more throughout. Temperament, football skills, humbleness, team-oriented, easy going, etc. That is what makes an MVP, and Baker has it all. You can bet he is on many teams list today. Our Bucs need to keep him.

  30. stpetebucfan Says:

    It’s a meaningless game and so “perhaps” a meaningless award.

    I do suspect however that it reveals another part of Baker that Buc fans have come to take for granted. Baker would run through walls to win at ANYTHING.

    If he’s bowling he’s doing it to WIN. He reminds me of Pete Rose. If you show up bust butt. Remember Pete running over poor Ray Fosse at the plate in a “meaningless” All Star game.

    When Baker arrived I remember reading a post from an Okie who said we would love him because he plays his heart out. And that’s what entertains me!!!

    He’s an old school QB!!! Allen plays a lot of “old school” football but he’s a freak. He’s listed at 6-5 250lbs. He’s basically got a linebacker body playing QB.

  31. Marky Mark Says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts Bakes. Life is a roller coaster. Last year everybody kicked you while you were down. What is that Frank Sinatra song That,s life? Now 4 teams hired coaches you worked with. Panthers, Patriots (Van Pelt), Falcons, and Bucs. It will be a frenzy to get you just like it was for the guy that started your down slide Watson.The difference is you are a good guy with a wife and a baby on the way. The other guy was called a sex Predator by a retired Judge. The Bucs have the edge. Who wants to live in Boston? My last winter was the Noreaster of 93. 12 foot snow drifts in Brookline. Went to ASU in Phoenix and never came back up North.

  32. D Cone Says:

    When it comes to short gimme passes the Bucs have their guy. Not to mention he gets the job on a pass.

    Pretty sad when the best score of six Pro Bowl QB’s is bested by on old man throwing in a dress shirt and tie. Could any of them drop a 50 yard pass in a bucket? Oh yeah Dan Orlovsky.

    All the true 30 mil+ QB’s opted out of the game altogether.

  33. Gipper Says:

    Really entertaining when every Buc teammate says how much they enjoy playing with Baker and then you have D Cone, Rod Munch,Robbie and a bunch of other never was and never will be posters here taking shots at a guy who was Pro Bowl MVP. These guys are determined to show some sort of relevance when it is obvious to those who saw Baker play this season that they have none.

  34. unbelievable Says:

    Laura is fine.

  35. D Cone Says:

    Gipper Says:

    guy was a Pro Bowl MVP.

    Purdy, Stafford, and Prescott were the NFC Pro Bowl QB’s. Mayfield wasn’t even invited to pass out towels initially.

  36. Gipper Says:

    D Cone,

    What instrument did you play in the high school band?

  37. Gerald Says:

    Baker haters and doubters aren’t liking this at all. Ole Bake cooking up CROW Dinners for all yall. Keep yapin there’s more coming. I love laughing at all the haters trying to discredit what Baker has accomplished this season. Yall sound absolutely miserable.

  38. Gipper Says:

    D Cone,

    The word is out that you really know your way around a shuffleboard court. Hey man, it is not hard to tell who actually played football versus guys who played badminton. You are easy.

  39. White Tiger Says:

    Let Baker bake!

    Dude wants to win at everything…I like that…never give up, ever.

    BIG contract incoming.

    No love for any Jerry Goldstein’s (if you know, you’re old).

    Play, win, earn.

  40. N8ROBINSON75 Says:

    Say what you want. Baker is a good QB if he has a supporting cast. He’s got Moxie,a high caliber arm and when the chips are stacked against him he rises to the top. I’m not a true blood bucs fan but I think Baker is a good fit. Don’t forget that you guys used to be called worse than just the Bucs.

  41. Toad Bowels Says:

    With Jensen retiring Baker is one of the few remaining Bucs who can rally the team like Tom Brady was able to do. Sign him to a 3-year deal with an option for 2 more years as both he and the Bucs may want to move on if the team has to do a complete rebuild in 3 years (not likely, but it’s possible)