Baker Mayfield Willing To Make “Sacrifices” If…

February 10th, 2024

Contract negotiations.

It sounds like the Bucs may be getting the football version of the “Big Game Take-Away Special” tomorrow at Big Storm Brewing.

Among the takeout specials at Big Storm Brewing in Clearwater tomorrow is a package deal for $50 that includes 20 wings and a case (24 16-ounce cans) of Big Storm Brewing craft beer. Oh, and a free pint while you wait for your order, too. So that’s basically good grub and good beer for about $1 a 16-ounce can.

You can’t beat that with a stick!

That sounds like the deal that pending free agent quarterback Baker Mayfield may be laying on the table in front of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

Appearing on the Dull Patrick Show yesterday in Las Vegas, the site of the Super Bowl, Mayfield told Patrick he is willing to make “sacrifices” with the Bucs if the Bucs re-sign Mike Evans.

Dull Patrick: Are you sharing some of your money with [Mike Evans]?

Baker Mayfield: Oh, I think there will be some sacrifices along the way. There are mutual benefits for us to come back together.

The next question Patrick had was if his next contract with the Bucs would be “incentive-laden.” If Mayfield is giving up cash in an effort to bring Evans back, and Mayfield said it benefits him to throw to Evans (that would benefit any quarterback), the fair thing to do would be to pack Mayfield’s contract with incentives for offensive production and wins.

This sure seems like, as Mayfield said earlier this week, the band will get back together.

Mayfield told Joe at the Super Bowl Media Center at Mandalay Bay that if he re-signed with the Bucs, the percentage that Evans would also re-sign would be “pretty high.”

Just like you can get an unbeatable deal on good food and better beer at Big Storm Brewing tomorrow, Licht won’t find a much better deal than Mayfield on the cheap and Evans.

84 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Willing To Make “Sacrifices” If…”

  1. JimBobBuc Says:

    I like what I’m hearing here. Tie Baker and Mike together. Incentive contracts for both. If they produce, they get paid.

  2. Biggun Says:

    I don’t care what ANYBODY says this MF’er is LEGIT…. All out baller and team guy DAMN I’m happy to have a QB like this… Let’s friggin go!!!!!

  3. BUCman Says:

    We will see how it pans out but it seems that Baker has taken a page from Tom Brady’s playbook. Tom always realized that no matter how good he was that if he didn’t leave enough money on the table for the rest of the roster he wouldn’t be successful. An example that none of the other top QB’s in the league have learned (ie Aaron Rodgers).

  4. DoooshLaRue Says:

    So if you drive to Big Storm to pick up your deal and enjoy the free pint, how do you legally drive home?

  5. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Baker is for real,how does a guy who’s not supposed to be a pro bowler win mvp? Love that remark and how he realizes the pro bowl means nothing. Bring both he and M E back. This draft and FA period should be exciting. Bring on next season!

  6. stpetebucfan Says:


    YOUR posts – I hate Baker…blah blah blah blah.

    You’re truly embarrassing yourself here with your myopic (look it up dummy)
    biased posts!

    Most of us here are BucFans as implied in the blog’s name!!! You love to come here every day and sh!t on OUR team and players.

    I conclude with a line utilized often by the late great Chris Thomas.

    “BITE ME!”

  7. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Kyle Trask would never

  8. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Baker is like-able. I just hope it translates to more wins.

  9. Panhandle Buc Says:

    Not surprising! He is far from a selfish player and it bodes well for us bringing the band back and adding a few pieces!

  10. T. McGee Says:

    I can’t stand millionaire athletes using terms like “making sacrifices”… getting paid $30M vs $25M vs $40M is not sacrifice. Get some perspective. You sound a real a-hole to people that actually have to make sacrifices to survive.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs have 5 players who they need to focus on to be competitive in 2024:

    o Antoine Winfield: Mkt Value $18.5 mil … Tag $17.2 mil
    o Baker Mayfield: Mkt Value $27.1 mil … Tag $36.0 mil
    o Mike Evans: Mkt Value $23.8 mil … Tag $21.7 mil
    o Lavonte David: Mkt Value $??? mil … Tag $21.9 mil
    o Chase McLaughlin: Mkt Value $??? mil … Tag $5.8 mil

    Franchise tags don’t make sense for any one of those 5 players IMO (Bucs would either pay too much or tick off the player).

    Doing long-term contracts should be preferred for quality starters those 5 since Bucs would have more flexibility to minimize impact in any 1 given year (using VOID YEARS, bonuses, incentives, etc).

    We COULD re-sign all 5 but it’ll take some ‘creativity’ on the part of JL & his team (releasing a couple players, restructuring a couple contracts, etc). We’ll also need a very strong draft to fill several holes that’d create. No problemo; piece of cake!

  12. A Bucs Fan Says:

    T. McGee I can understand your view point. However their sacrifices are their life after football. The average professional football player has many long term medical problems and dies around age 60. My pop played professional football. He was a special teams player and back up LB for five years. His body and mind were aged decades by the sport. Therein lies the sacrifice.

  13. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    So glad we got this kid. To all the haters, go be a ain’ts fan, ya losers.

  14. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Sounds like Mayfield is hinting to the Bucs, he will make some sacrifices to help re sign Evans snd himself so let’s get it done. Also Mayfield sounds like a guy you want on the team. He’s not selfish, most on the team like him even his HC. Like I’ve said before, I think Mayfield has done what we called in the US, grew up. I think he learned from his pass mistakes. I believe he is what the Bucs need for unity and a positive attitude for winning for a number of years

  15. James burson Says:

    Mayfield and Evans are “dogs”. They should an will get paid.

    Go Bucs!!!

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    I can’t wait to see how the big roster puzzle comes together this off-season for the Bucs.

    Just consider the top three players – Let’s go ahead and knock $10M off each one.
    – Mayfield ($17M)
    – Evans ($14M)
    – Winfield ($8.5M)

    – Total = $39.5M just for three players. Current cap space available = $37M.

    If we sign them to long-term deals and knock $10M off each one and put that money into void years that still makes the cost $2.5M more than we have available.

    I can’t wait to see how they pull this off. The Bucs already owe Godwin a ton of dead cap space next season so I doubt they restructure him again.

    They can cut Gage, Shaq and Jenson but that will only produce a few more million.

    After that they have Davis, Dean and Vea’s deals to restructure and that might give the Bucs another $25-$30M but will create huge dead cap money again next season.

    Giving Wirfs a new deal will allow us to defer another $8-$10M or so.

    No easy answers. I agree – sacrifices must be made. Not by Baker but by the Bucs GM…

  17. Boss Says:

    Just meh….. I can see why they would sign bake and mike……keep hope and competitive….but I do not see a 1read with no touch, and a number 1 wr that is not willing to lay out in the playoffs taking us to the big game. I would rather they have a bad season and look for the guy at both positions. They could sign 3 qbs and draft 2 wrs and let them rotate and see who has it. I would rather watch that… least it is something new, has hope and we have wiggle room money wise. I do not see throwing money at these guys to keep fans in the seats as a good long term dynasty building strategy… but it keeps the lights on for the glazers.

  18. DBS Says:

    I hope we get him re-signed soon along with Evans. The second year together should be fantastic to watch

  19. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Its just a poorly kept secret that Baker and the band will get back together. It feels as if Baker dominated media row this season, like a redemption tour. This is still the best roster in the division, and regardless of the quarterback or Todd Bowles coaching shenanigans, this team still wins the division and makes it to the playoffs. Not sure why this success bunches so many panties on this fan site.

  20. WyomingJoe Says:

    Boss: You don’t like Baker. I get it. But don’t make yourself sound stupid by saying that he doesn’t progress through his reads. Watch any of the post-game analysis and you’ll see/hear that he goes through ALL OF HIS READS if he needs to and has the time.

    But as you said, “let’s sign 3 QB’s and see who has it.” How moronic.

    Please take your wisdom somewhere else.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … Before I forget, Jensen retired. Our hands are tied there now.

    We can’t cut Shaq (no savings because of Dead CAP & VOID YEARS), but we can release Carlton Davis, Russell Gage & Anthony Nelson and realize some significant savings.

    Doing a long-term deal with Wirfs is a no-brainer far as I’m concerned. Restructuring Godwin, Dean & Vea’s contracts will also be necessary to generate enough salary CAP space to re-sign Winfield, Mayfield, Evans, LVD & McLaughlin.

    I estimated the other day that IF we do all that we could potentially get up to about $85 or $90 mil CAP space. That’s be enough (I think) to work those 5 contracts AND sign our rookie class (probably 6 guys) AND sign or re-sign the additional 9-10 players we’d need to fill out a 53-man roster.

    As we saw with Jensen though, long-term contracts can really screw ya if the player gets injured for a lengthy spell. Still, Bucs have painted themselves into a corner & don’t have much choice (we can’t afford to eat a big 1-year contract in a single year). I’d even do a 2-year deal with LVD (we should’ve done that last year actually).

  22. Chris Says:

    @robbie. Ok,robbie, if you are going to dwell on “dropped INT’s” then you “damn well better” mention the dropped passes, in particular the DROPPED TD’s. What a hater you are man, smh. And one more thing knucklehead, football is not baseball, where the pitcher has control of the game, and gets credited for wins and losses. The TEAM matters a whole lot more in football, and this very same team was 8-9 the year before when they had the best QB of all time at the helm. So your argument is full of holes as usual. Have a great day hater.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … And BTW, 2024 is a lot easier than 2025 will be. The VOID YEAR contracts for 2025 already exceed $63 mil, and it’ll surely grow as we restructure any deals this year. We’ll need all the young guys (on their 1st contracts) that we can get.

  24. Gipper Says:

    Hoping Baker takes the big free agent money and runs. To repeat for all the slow learners out there. Mayfield took a team with no running game, a new OC and a head coach routinely scorned by so called “fans” to one series away from a NFC championship game. All this from a team expected to win 5-6 games at the start of the season. Funny how Mayfield has the support of the entire Bucs cast of coaches and players but there are fake analysts on this blog that no so much more.

  25. Lt. Dan Says:

    @ DoooshLaRue:

    It is not illegal to drink and drive. Otherwise the allowable Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) would be .00 As it stands the legal amount is .08 So it’s only illegal to drink too much and drive. 1 pint of Big Storm will not put you over the legal limit, so order some wings, a case of beer and enjoy your free pint.

  26. BCULAW Says:

    Baker has won me over, and is showing a lot of intangibles that not only mold a team, but mold a culture. He’s not Brady, but the “sacrifice” he’s discussing is straight out of a Brady’s playbook of accepting less so more is left for others. Add the facts that he’s tough as nails and guys seem to love playing with him, and he seems to be a leader to build around. Not sure yet that he can carry a team, but he appears capable of building a culture. If he is willing to make “sacrifices,” then they can build a team that he won’t have to carry.

  27. #99 the big fella Says:

    Robbie , we get it you dislike can’t help that you were dropped on your head as a baby. You feel the need to piss on every article Joe writes about baker.

  28. Gipper Says:

    #99 the big fella,

    robbie’s real problem is he doesn’t like himself. Smashing successful people somehow makes him feel legit.

  29. HC Grover Says:

    Just print up some Buc Bucks millions and pay him.

  30. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    Well if the Bucs can gather $80M-$90M then they can probably get everything done.

    But the dead cap space is really going to bite us in the rear. It’s a set-up for continued mediocrity…

  31. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Does the Big Storm deal include a free Uber home? Promoting getting hammered with 24 beers is a little over the top.

  32. stpetebucfan Says:


    “Thanks for once again failing to refute a single fact I post and thereby confirming what I write!”

    I’ve already wasted too much time “refuting” your facts! You have no balance.

    IE If you said Tom Brady sucked because he threw and interception into the freaking end zone staring a Cowboy rout in his final game with the Bucs would that be a fact? Yes the int would be a fact…the conclusion he sucked would be an ABSURD opinion just like most of yours.

  33. Allbuccedup Says:

    I hope Licht doesn’t low ball him too much. I hope Mike stays but if the Texans offer 3year 75 mil playing at home towards the end of his career is going to be hard too pass up.

  34. WyomingJoe Says:

    Robbie: Give it up about Trask already, and just look ahead to Baker signing a multi-year deal.

  35. Boss Says:


    CGs wife would disagree……and he blew up after that. Bake reads the field ok and is a good qb. Good qb…….

    I trust Brady. He spread the ball around more and looked past mike real quick because he is a vertical receiver and those plays take more time to develop. Even if bake is reading the field after mike is covered it is too late to go back in time to another guy. I mean read the play pre snap and see the mismatch and exploit it rather than look number 1 then 2 then 3

  36. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    That’s wisdom right there.

  37. Donald G Says:

    Stpete can I say that on the radio Loved Chris Thomas The rat bastvrd LOL

  38. Beeej Says:

    Is Jensen announcing his retirement the same thing as filing the paperwork? It’s still possible it won’t happen till after June 1

  39. BillyBucco Says:

    If true, this is easily my favorite part of Baker.
    As a human being you simply cannot neat him.
    He always seems legit when he interviews too.
    Go Bucs

  40. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Let Mike walk and draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd round.

    His production won’t be a 1 for 1. It will be aced by multiple players absorbing his targets. No more kicking the can down the road for 9-8 seasons.

    Time to bite the bullet.

  41. Dave Pear Says:

    Awesome Big Storm package, Joe!

  42. HC Grover Says:

    Call Bidenheimer for a loan…

  43. Ha-Ha-Ha Says:

    Bucs should do whatever it takes to resign Evans. I shows a commitment to your own and help with Mayfield.

  44. ATLBUC Says:

    Baker is starting to grow on me!! But Trask is still better.

  45. HC Grover Says:

    Why do the Bucs have to stay within a BUDGET? Nobody else does. Let them pay the players whatever they think they are worth. What a scam.

  46. Buccos Says:

    Baker and Evans are essential for our offense. You cannot easily replace a HOF receiver who still looks to be in his prime. Mayfield has all the intangibles as well as a rocket launcher for an arm. Going into year 2 together they should be even better. Hopefully the offense will be better too because of the OC. It’s still hard to believe that we didn’t score a TD all year on our first drive of the game. If I were Liam Coen I would make it a priority to break that streak asap

  47. Marine Buc Says:

    @ HC

    Ask the Saints the same question…

    They are currently @ $80 million over the cap with a mediocre team and QB.

    And they didn’t win squat. They have nothing to show for their hideous salary cap situation.

    That’s what happens when you spend like a fool.

  48. Badbucs Says:

    Optimistic BF – are you good with Baker walking if we let ME go? Seem to be some kind of package. I agree with the premise. ME is the most expendable FA. Not sure I’d like to lose both though.

  49. Beeej Says:

    To what Marine said, Saints had like a dollar forty-seven cents of cap, managed to pay Carr $132 million

  50. Marky Mark Says:

    Baker Mayfield is an ethical and outstanding human being. This contrasts with the low life predator that replaced him at the morally bankrupt Browns. The Bucs have a winner and a better person as their QB and they should keep him. The Glazers stood up to hate by removing Chucky from the ring of fire. By embracing the upstanding citizen Baker Karma will reward them with many NFL and Premier league championships.

  51. Gene Says:

    So Robbie is:
    A. Not a BUCS fan
    B. Someone who either doesn’t watch football or can’t see what’s happening on the field when he does.
    C. Hates Baker but has no answers that will actually lead to a better QB or wins at all
    D. Has no place on this forum for BUCS fans.

    Why are you here dude except to spew hate, negativity, Misrepresent stupidity as “facts” and dumb ideas as wisdom? Read your own posts, go watch some football tape, and learn something. Otherwise, go be a Carolina “fan” plenty to hate there as they couldn’t even see the playoffs much less compete in them. Your “knowledge” about Baker and football in general, equals their success in 2023.

  52. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Baker isn’t leaving…Mike MAY leave bc he’s the odd man out.

    We have the tag and the 1st priority is QB.

    I’m not saying Mayfield is better overall than Mike or had a better career.

    I’m talking about ROI and level importance based on position.

    It’s not even close. I could make a graph or pie chart but most of you wouldn’t get it. Jason is doing way too many void years for 9-8 records. Gotta stop now. Cut the cord. I know you hallmark evens fans have an issue with that but it is what it is…Licht may mortgage more future cap space. But IMHO…a mistake. I don’t want a record chaser…I want winners. ANd individual records mean NOTHING. NAda. Zilch. If you are a bigger fan of the name on the back than the front…GTFO

  53. Tony marks Says:

    Gene Says:
    February 10th, 2024 at 5:55 pm
    So Robbie is:

    Robbie is either David Or Rod. Due to some sentence structures and points I’d guess Munch. Sounds a lot like him from early in the season before Baker proved him wrong.

  54. Tony marks Says:

    optimisticbucsfan Says:
    February 10th, 2024 at 5:57 pm
    Baker isn’t leaving…Mike MAY leave bc he’s the odd man out.

    We have the tag and the 1st priority is QB.


    Yeah but you probably don’t need to franchise tag the guy thta is willing to sacrifice and therefore negotiate.

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    Are there still fools talking about Trask. Bucs are gonna cut him lose this summer. No one will sign him. With no pring league teams in Florida- no job there.
    He will go on to be a cult leader. We know the fools in the cult.

    And can people who make $60, 000 a year please stop trying to figure out the Bucs finances. Jason Licht can rework, reign, and release contracts to accomplish what he wants to get done. Only GMs who cry about the cap, are with bad teams- and the OWNER throws down the only real caps.
    Good teams can find room.

    Now please stop trying to pretent you are an account, specializing in Multimillion dollar contracts!
    Your distraction is making the drive thru line back up! Lol

  56. Capt.Tim Says:

    Loose*, spring*

  57. Capt.Tim Says:

    Correcting a post that disappeared! Lol

  58. jarrett Says:

    man Paying Mayfield will be a huge mistake!

    let him walk! draft a first round QB

  59. jarrett Says:

    Gipper ….

    this team has hall of famers on it not named Baker Mayfield. all of the talent on this roster outside of Baker, could you imagine if we UPGRADED AT QUARTERBACK.

    Baker doesn’t suck, he’s just a game manager.

    And you mention the last drive vs the Lions…


  60. Chad Says:

    Jarret name an upgrade available next season and after, and no qb drafted is gonna be better than what baker can be with continuity and good coaching, so let’s hear it, and Brock purdy is considered a game manager, where is he playing Sunday? Still hating on baker when you hear him say he’s willing to make sacrifices.

  61. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @ ferrett – Lamar jackson the NFL MVP threw a 4th quarter pick with the game on the line with 6 min left against the Chiefs. What more do you want to see?

    joes, please ban these trolls. SMDH.

  62. Since76 Says:

    Sign these players then fill with free agency and the draft.
    1. Winfield
    2. Evans
    3. David
    4. McLaughlin
    Draft and free agency for the rest. This team will make the playoffs for a run.
    Sign the average QB for big$$$ and the play off team will be no more.
    Because there were many games of he offenses execution this year where McKay said it best. “I’m all for it”.

  63. Chad Says:

    Jarret jordan love threw a game ending interception so the packers should just upgrade from him as well. Your just a hater man

  64. Chad Says:

    Since 76, don’t sign baker, you most likely lose Mike and and there ain’t no available free agent better than baker so your logic is flawed, sign baker, mike, franchise awj, sign David and chase then build up oline and defensive backs and edge rushers in the draft

  65. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @ chad – I was about to go through every playoff game but decided it was a waste of time on these low IQ bucfans

  66. CleBucsFan Says:

    Lifelong Browns fan here. Gave up on the Browns when they brought in Watson and jettisoned Baker.I decided to follow Baker, first to the Panthers… then to the Rams… so glad he landed here in Tampa. Hoping the Bucs act decisively to to bring back Baker, retain Evans and add a couple of key players to the OL. Looking forward to FA, and the draft (spoken like a Browns fan where we always win the off season, but not so much the regular season).

    What do the Bucs need to do to win 11 games in 2024?

  67. Since76 Says:

    Optimist who threw an int at the end of the lions game after throwing a pick early in the game. That’s right your boy. You talk about low it’s but you forget your boy did the same thing with the game on the line. I like Baker he just isn’t good enough.

  68. Miller5252 Says:

    If we sign the main 5 guys this offseason our cap will get maxed out depending on if the can restructure or cut guys. So if we do that, how are the Bucs getting better in any of their needed areas? Drafting? We do want to keep the 5 main guys, but we have to find ways to get better because this years schedule looks to be a lot harder than last. If they don’t improve in areas this year, 6 wins will be a good win total for them. You better find a pass rush, better O line, running back, third receiver, and a corner that can pick balls and stay healthy.

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    – lmao. Right up there with Rod munch on the “ clueless dumbasses” list.
    Doesnt it bother you looking this ignorant on a public forum?
    Gotta be an embarrassment to your families.

  70. Beeej Says:

    Read Wiki on Baker, interesting history.

    “On October 22, in a 66–59 victory over Texas Tech, Mayfield had 545 passing yards and seven touchdowns in a historic matchup against
    future NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes tallied 734 passing yards and five touchdowns to go along with Mayfield’s numbers in a
    game that broke various single-game passing records”

    Also the first ever walk-on to win the Heisman

  71. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @76 – Who is your choice at QB…please enlighten us o great one…well…we’re waiting

  72. jarrett Says:

    for all you know it alls …







  73. Beeej Says:

    Why WOULDN’T we pay him?

  74. Chad Says:

    Jarret, once again who can you get that’s better? Don’t say a drafted qb cuz that’s false, and there are any good free agent qbs, so baker is the best option and a good option. You act like baker hasn’t had 10 offensive coordinators and 8 head coaches. Quit watching if all your going to do is hate.

  75. Chad Says:

    Since 76, funny how you blame baker but don’t blame no one else on the team, oh first pic was on mike Evan’s because he didn’t put full effort into catching the ball and tipped it up, but you ignore the fact the defense gave up score after score after halftime of that lion game, but all I hear is you being a baby about baker throwing a pick. Baker did something tom didnt do last year and that’s when a playoff game.

  76. Gene Says:

    So Jarret doesn’t even know how much Baker was paid last year but is still talking about it like he does.
    The reality is that the draft is an uncertain beast at best and the BUCS do have talent to compete again next year. Baker and company were the fifth or six best team in the whole NFL last season, period. That’s by their performance not by idiots acting like they know something, it’s what the BUCS did. As far as “omg Baker threw a pick” , I have news: Go look at all the QB stat sheets, they ALL throw picks, so get a grip! Rookie QB from the draft means rebuild for 3 seasons or hope for a longshot miracle so quit telling yourself it’s a good option for a team that competitive now, it’s not. Many Browns fans are pissed they had Watson and Flacco this year instead of Baker for a reason. Baker’s also not throwing the pick at the end of the Detroit game if they aren’t behind with time running out…blame all the other BUCs mistakes for that because Baker got them the ball a LOT and they dropped it a LOT. If the same team plus a few key position upgrades are here next season, the BUCS have a good competitive team. Ditch Baker or Evans without replacing them with guys that cost MORE and you’ll have a bad team. If you replace Baker with a guy that is more expensive, you may find that you’re the Cleveland Browns! 😆

  77. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Joes, make it stop.

    Can we have a Bucs 101 column so these fans can actually understand Math and English and reading?

  78. Gene Says:

    Tomorrow the 49ers play in the Superbowl and Purdy is getting some pretty darn high acolades right now. So, to start up the 49ers comeback in the second half what did he do? Well, he dropped back in the pocket and threw the ball to the Lions defender who didn’t pick it off…instead the niners receiver made a great play on the deflection. It was the beginning of the end for the Lions who basically never recovered. Funny thing: the same thing happened to the BUCS against Detroit: our DB didn’t make a gimme pick from Goff. 14 point shift in the game…that’s HUGE! Say what you want(and the BUCS do need to clean up some offensive errors) but defensive turnovers are must haves in the playoffs, they win games.

  79. Gene Says:

    The cap talk is interesting too. The BUCS competed to go to the Championship this year and with a QB and star wide out in Evans that WANT to return and are willing to negotiate SOME on salary. Get it done or lose, it’s as easy a decision as you get. People talking like it shouldn’t happen are either just trolls or really that dense. Other NFL teams with some talent are trying to figure out how THEY can get these two next year for a reason. It’s the same reason as a pretty competent ownership in Tampa got them in the first place. Smart money says if Baker isn’t in Tampa next year, I’ll be watching him in the playoffs with his new team while the BUCs sit at home, season over…ask Browns fans about it.

  80. Marky Mark Says:

    Robbie, i will refute your stat. According to my Google search on it about 79% of experts say wins and losses are not a QB stat. Most often cited are team sport, defenses, and lousy kickers. Your argument is irrelevant. You might as well be discussing the air speed of a European Swallow.

  81. Since76 Says:

    @optimis…. When did I say I know what QB to take. I would say any QB that was near average like Baker would do well here because we have the receivers to make any QB look good. My stance is you can’t pay an average QB that kind of money and compete with teams paying better QBs that kind of money. Baker doesn’t raise the level of play of the players around him. I don’t dislike the guy he’s just an average Joe. You guys gotta stop getting butt hurt when someone’s opinion is different than yours. Again I think baker gives his all. His all just isn’t enough like mccown for instance.

  82. Chad Says:

    Since 76 the problem is your not giving out names for near average qbs that can take this team to the playoffs. You’re just saying don’t pay baker because he is average, even though he was a top 10 to 12 qb in the leave this year. You know what let baker go to the falcons or something which means you probably lose mike Evans, then with a even tougher schedule next year we can see how well one of these average qbs can come in and learn a new system and chemistry with receivers and take the team to the playoffs. Baker is the best available free agent qb. And why spend money on any other qb if your not gonna make a playoff run, you might as well draft a qb and be a bum team for 3 years

  83. Marky Mark Says:

    Robbie so you cite one source? A preponderance of sources says no. Brady has great stats that are not wins.

  84. Marky Mark Says:

    Most career touchdown passes (649)

    Most regular-season passing yards (89,214)

    Most career passing attempts (12,050)

    Most career completions (7,753)

    Only player to pass for at least 100,000 total yards (102,614)

    Most games started (333)