Todd “B+” Bowles

January 27th, 2024

Bucs fans — 63 percent of them — might have serious issues with Todd Bowles, but Joe is flabbergasted that so many think Bowles didn’t do a good job this season.

First, by making the divisional round of the playoffs and having his team super competitive in that brutal road game, Bowles overachieved. Only the borderline insane, Joe believes, think Bowles had a subpar or average season.

Joe thinks anyone grading Bowles a C+ or less needs to look in the mirror.

On a recent episode of the incomparable Ira Kaufman Podcast (thanks to the many thousands of faithful listeners), Kaufman and the Joes reached a consensus Bowles grade for the 2023 season.

And that was before Sunday’s Lions-Bucs playoff game. At the time, Kaufman and one Joe were in the B+ camp and the other Joe was leaning more “B” but was ok with B+.

Joe supposes fans who, like Joe, predicted the Bucs would win 8 or 9 games and challenge for the NFC South crown could be a little harsh on Bowles. Those who thought the Bucs would suck (in part because they thought Bowles was bad) have no excuse to give the head coach a bad season grade.

Regardless, Joe is very intrigued to see results of a grading poll on Bowles that will pop here next week.

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99 Responses to “Todd “B+” Bowles”

  1. Aceofaerospace Says:

    He quit. I wouldn’t give him a second chance to quit.

  2. Austin Says:

    Well said, hopefully he learned about how bad running up this middle was this year and airs it out more next year. Defense was solid, play alot more press man

  3. Davenport Says:

    I know way does a 9-8 record in the worst division in football warrant a B+ rating. Its really sad that this fan base finds 8-9 followed 9-8 to be acceptable.
    Outrageous claim. –Joe

  4. 2 thumbs up Says:

    Agreed, Joe, there are many teams who would have loved to have had the season we had. Division winners topped off with a lopsided victory over the Eagles. Gave the Lions a scare, too. No, not perfect but a job well done and exceeded most expectations. Hats off to Coach Bowles.

  5. DungyDance Says:

    Not trying to be negative on purpose here, but making the playoffs by winning in our division is not exactly saying something. Forget the Eagles game, they gave up before they got there. As for Detroit, yes we were super competitive and looked like we belonged there. But that was one game. Stubbornness and poor game management marked too much of this season for Bowles to earn a B grade.

    C- would be charitable, but let’s go with that. Throw me in the Looney bin if you must.

  6. Buc4evr Says:

    F in my book, the guy has talent on the team but wastes it with his poor decisions. This guy will never get the Bucs back to the SB he is too stubborn to make the necessary adjustments. I would like to see him gone.

  7. NYbucsfan Says:

    He is a terrible coach. He makes terrible in game decisions.

  8. Marine Buc Says:

    I have been critical of Todd Bowles. During our 1-6 streak I had no doubts that he would be fired by season’s end.

    However – things turned around. Proper adjustments were made. Players started to believe and the Bucs won ugly – BUT – they won the NFC South. They won 10 games. They won a home play-off game and came dam close to being in the NFC Championship game.

    Please – a show of hands – who out there really thought this team would really accomplish anything close to what they did?

    Todd Bowles isn’t perfect – but he is a very good defensive coordinator and at very least he absolutely deserves another season as our head coach…

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    B- and he can come back for another season or two if needed.

  10. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Bowels didn’t do anything. Canales improved after being called out by Godwin’s wife.

  11. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Opinions are like rear ends, everybody has one. All this Bowles is a bad coach, he won in a bad division he gave up is each individual opinion and they have a right to their opinion. I was really pissed too with the Bucs in the losing streak. But think about the Eagles, Super Bowl 1 year ago this year didn’t even make the playoffs. The Panthers won 3 games in what they called a bad division I also think he did a decent job. As I’ve said here before, everybody talking about the time out and Bowles giving up, if Mayfield doesn’t throw the interception on the Bucs side of the field the game could have been different there also

  12. Doooshlarue Says:

    I voted little or no confidence in all the polls this season.
    I congratulate him for being fortunate enough to have made the playoffs and spanking the Eagles is always sweet, but my grade is a C/-

  13. Not Says:

    I don’t trust Toilet to make decisions.
    He plays it way to conservative in 2023. Old school. Part of reason even Belicheat didn’t get a job.
    I don’t know whose idea it was to run up the middle, was that really Canales or was that Canales trying to give the Terd the offense he wanted ?
    Positive , collaborative and enthusiastic mind set.
    The coaches coming off the Shanahan coaching tree seem to share a lot in common.
    Winning the NFC south at 9-8 is not something to applaud or raise his grade. Any team with a respectable 10-7 record and we would have been at home.
    Hard to know about beating the eagles , they were in a nose dive , but good job , may have been more Canales and the players . Kudos to the blitzing, hurts known weakness.
    Competing with the Lions, Bucs played well, too many mistakes, drops, poor discipline, then not playing to the end.
    Todd’s quiet conservative mumbling style isn’t take this team to any championship.

  14. Dave Pear Says:

    I was going to declare a grade, but have decided to prolong the obvious.

  15. unbelievable Says:

    I’ll give a B+ for how he handled the losing streak and kept the team together and fighting, but overall he gets a C for the season.

    Too many boneheaded decisions.

    Too inconsistent with his defensive performance.

    And too many timeouts hoarded all season long (as if he gets a prize for redeeming them all in the offseason at the county fair). Including, most egregiously, giving up in the divisional round when there was an opportunity to get the ball back with 30ish seconds in a one score game.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    How school grades work:
    A+ (97–100), A (93–96), A- (90–92),
    B+ (87–89), B (83–86), B- (80–82),
    C+ (77–79), C (73–76), C- (70–72),
    D+ (67–69), D (65–66), D- (below 65)

    Going by that standard. Bowles 63% equals…

    …well, you can figure it out.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    or rather…his 37% approval rating.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Welp, looks like Zac Robinson is going to join Raheem in ATL, so I guess we can cross him off our list.

    That’s definitely a bummer.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If the Glazers are happy with potentially selling only 37% of game tickets, whatever.

    All I know is that I have never come closer to not watching games than I did this past season. I highly doubt I am the only fan who felt this way.

    As of this particular moment, I am considering boycotting games and merch until Bowles is gone. I’m hoping I’ll change my mind throughout the off season…but considering I used to be obsessed with the team…this is a huge step backwards.

  20. OlBoy Says:

    Joe gets flabbergasted? Impossible

  21. Beeej Says:

    Joe, do you mean 63% of “Buc fans” or posters on this web site?

  22. Sue Says:

    This is looking bad for our division. Canales to the Panthers.
    Zac Robbinson to the Stinking Falcons with Raheem.
    Depending on JL to save this mess.

  23. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Zac Robinson to the Falcons! Not surprising.

    Now I’m rooting for a 49er loss tomorrow so Griese can come back to the Bucs!

  24. Kalind Says:

    Let’s be honest though. He made a LOT of mistakes, both tactical (no timeout? What the..?) and the strategic (run first offensive coordinator who struggled to see the light, the insistence on letting the D win the game, instead of letting the O go get the win, I could go on).

    He absolutely overachieved. He is to be roundly commended for that! Incredible job w the deck stacked against him. But let’s all be honest with each other. Todd Bowles isn’t winning a SB as a HC. He’s not a killer.

  25. Greg Says:

    When we were in the middle of the season and struggling I was certainly of the mind that Todd Bowles was too stuck in his ways to succeed in the NFL. That he was who he was and that was that. I use the word ‘was’ very deliberately. When he moved on from Neal I took another look. When White was (‘benched’? demoted? … whatever”. When I felt like the offense started taking more shots downfield and this opened up the running game… THAT was an eye opener. I think Bowles learned something in mid season and that’s rare. Maybe part of it was Canales? I don’t know and I don’t care. He certainly earned the gig through this upcoming season. The OC hire is going to be critical. Continuity in the offense to the extent possible is going to be critical. I was against leaving Trask on the shelf with no benefit gained by a second round pick. Baker earned it though. We’ll see what happens.

    As far as HOW most people are still cutting Bowles no slack….well that’s easy. Most people are idiots.

  26. Irish Laughter Says:

    Before Brady , our Bucs were led by a registered sex offender QB and a head coach who had never won a SB. Brady was ranked number 1 by the NFL players going into 2002-03. What happened Joe? Now the team goes .500 and we are ready to celebrate. I believe the best is yet to come. No, Todd does not deserve a B+. .500 is an average grade. Baker Mayfield is the one who deserves a B+ for rescuing the season and showing what a true winner looks and acts like. Keeping it real in Ireland.

  27. Bosch Says:

    For starters, Bowles lied. He cannot be trusted and his character is weak. YOU (or one of you two headed Joes) said he should apologize. And did he? This is a B+? Get real!! RUN HIM OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL!!!

    Of course his approval rating is in the tank!

    Oh by the way. Being condescending to your readers (see below) isn’t exactly good for your approval rating. Is that why you take polls? To tell us how stupid we are?

    “Joe thinks anyone grading Bowles a C+ or less needs to look in the mirror.”

  28. Greg Says:

    As far as Bowles mistakes with clock management and timeouts…yeah, some of those were whoppers. He’ll learn from it. That’s got to be maddening. You have seconds to make a decision that the media and fans get to second guess and micro analyze ad infinitum afterwords and THEN before you even have time to process you have to give a press conference and explain your decisions to a hoard of chattering monkeys with microphones. I am surprised that coaches don’t snap and throw things at those inquisitions.

  29. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Just my opinion but I think the Bucs were good was because of Licht great draft class, O coordinator Canales, and Baker Mayfield. Oh and sprinkle the fact that many of these players had just won a superbowl. The key is now finding a O coordinator who lets Baker bake. Someone who doesn’t have a huge ego and listens. Someone who can morph as the season progresses like Canales did. If the Bucs can do that we can again be a very dominant team in 2024. Go Bucs!

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Irish Laughter Says:
    January 27th, 2024 at 9:02 pm
    “Before Brady , our Bucs were led by a registered sex offender QB”

    Winston was not a registered sex offender.

  31. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Oh I forgot to say Bowels was and had always reaped the benefits of all of that which I just mentioned. I think he’s a great guy and great at just being a d coordinator but being a head coach is too much for him. Hey prove me wrong again. I would love it. Go Bucs!

  32. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Bowles’ words, not Joe’s — “prolonging the obvious.” Quitter.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Personally, I do not believe the team was good at all except for two games. Granted, they looked amazing in those games, but overall, they stream ggled in most of the other games.

    And they had a great playoff game.

    Bowles gets an F from me.

    The team only went above .500 because the NFL added a 17th game.

    Seriously, given the current state of the team…is anyone actually excited about next year? We lost our OC. He’ll probably take our QB coach with him.

    Our QB will have to learn yet another offense.

    We still have Bowles, who has a 37% approval rating.

    And we don’t even know who we’re losing in free agency yet.

    I just really hope the Glazers are secretly working on getting a new coach.

  34. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Bucs got lucky to face Panthers in the last regular season game to win the division and then play a free falling eagles team. Bowles will never be more than mediocre and his record proves it.

  35. Murph Says:

    A team with 80 million in dead money, new coaches and 14 first and second year players was one of the final 8 teams. Great job Coach Bowles. Thank you for your calm demeanor and for leading a team that would not quit. Easy to see why so many of your players love playing for you. Joe Gibbs said you may have been the smartest player he ever coached. Great job Coach Bowles.

  36. Tye Says:

    Playing in the weakest division BUT barely winning it struggling to beat the worst team in the league in the last game of season… Getting steam rolled by average and above teams… Winning streak to end the season based on beating reeling teams… Got a playoff win ONLY because the Eagles were done…

    When the games came down to coaching decisions, Bowels made BAD decisions, Like, giving up in that last playoff game…

    C- is generous!

  37. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    90 percent of the fans here are complete and absolute morons.

  38. Tye Says:

    Stand by an earlier statement: IF Bowels was fired today, no other team would want him as their HC… After this past season, I strongly doubt many (if any) would want him as their DC…. Game is passing him by!

  39. Buccos Says:

    I was disappointed by the loss to Detroit. It was an aggressive blitzing defense that carried this team through most of the season. We got none of that versus Detroit. When you give up over 30 points in a playoff game then you deserve to lose. We should have gone down with both barrels blazing, with relentless pressure. Strength versus strength

  40. Bojim Says:

    I’m cool with B. Won the division and a playoff game. He deserves props. Not going to pick him apart.

  41. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Tye’s mother laments the fact that he survived the abortion.

  42. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Tye’s mother laments the fact that he survived the trip to unplanned parenthood.

  43. Thomas Jackson Says:

    I think “Joe” has lost sight with a few things when evaluating Bowles’ B+ coaching:

    1) If Bowles deserves anything higher than a C+, then I’m sure “Joe” knows there’s no reason why the Bucs shouldn’t have finished at least 11-6 this season. TB should have had a few more wins this season if it weren’t for Bowles’ poor game management and putting the game in the defense’s hands. Atlanta at home and Houston were big examples of that. Bonehead decisions don’t warrant a B+ grade.

    2) In that late season run (after starting 4-7) that got the Bucs to the Divisional round, 5 of their final 6 regular season opponents were struggling; only the Packers turned out to be a quality win. I’m sure “Joe” also knew if the Jaguars didn’t have a late season collapse, or if the Falcons didn’t choke, there would have no been no playoffs for the Bucs. And both times they played the lowly Panthers with no head coach, they nearly blew the game. A Wild Card win against an Eagles’ team who finished their season losing 6 of their final 7 isn’t exactly saying a whole lot.

    3) Bowles is trying to convert a passing offense into a running offense, and Rachaad White’s ability was the only reason there was some running success.

    I’m sure “Joe” remembers how the Bucs won those 8 games last season?

  44. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    We ended the season at 9-8. That happened to be good enough for a 4 seed and a division win. Let’s say, purely for speculations sake, the Saints won the division at 10-7 and we still finished at 9-8.

    That would have given us a wild card spot over GB (same record but we beat them so we win the 1st tie breaker).

    In other words, our 9-8 record was playoff-worthy in the NFC this year, weak division or not. We made the playoffs as a division champ at 9-8 and GB made it as a wildcard at 9-8.

    Nobody expected us to do squat but lots of ppl were expecting great things out of GB this year. And not ONCE have I heard about GBs HC being on the “hot seat” but here we are, many fans still calling for Bowles’ job.

    Green Bay under-achieved, we over-acheived. As others have noted, this team could have “turtled out” during that losing streak like Philly did. The Bucs hung tough and that speaks to the character of the players as well as their coach.

    Bowles and Licht both get a B+ from me. Bowles gets an F for not calling that timeout but….it is what it is.

  45. Gipper Says:

    The key word is fairness. In fairness to Coach Bowles he had limited funds, 13 rookies and obvious deficiencies on both lines. Nevertheless he took team to a division title with a new QB and new OC. Bowles is a players coach who doesn’t scream or break iPads. Really impressed by his steadiness. If Detroit gets past 49ers tomorrow, it will be another indication of just how far he was able to take Tampa in 2023. Have to consider 2023 a successful season for a team that many experts predicted 5-6 wins. Will say again the word is fairness. Most on these pages are rarely fair.

  46. Aaron Says:

    Write me down as one of the non-believers. I really thought we’d win 3 to 5 games. But I thought we’d play better as the season went along. We went 9 and 8 great in a weak division. But outside of green bay and Jax ….turnovers different allowed us to win some games.

    I’m not going to apologize about whating more…I win every year in the playoffs betting against McCarthy…he’s won 12 plus games how many years and chokes away the playoffs every year…
    Go Bucs – let’s always get better and never quit

  47. Billy Honaker Says:

    Going back to the 2022 Vikings who was down 33-0 at halftime (with the division title on the line) only to come back and win the game for the greatest comeback in NFL history. So based off of what the football world witnessed a week ago with our beloved Bucs vs the Lions and had that been a Bowles coached Vikings team in 2022, he would have forfeited that game at halftime! No coach deserves any grade other than a failing grade, if you give up!!! Can’t argue that fact Joe.,,

  48. Tim Seymour Says:

    Well if grading, let’s grade on the inherent…accuracy in this article, right. More..

  49. StormyInFl Says:

    Bowles’ ceiling is mediocre. That’s the issue.

    He benefited from Saints and Falcons playing below expectations, too.

    Beat an Eagles team that had quit before they ever ran out onto the field.

    Another year of Bowles is ‘prolonging the inevitable”.

  50. Buc4evr Says:

    Zac Robinson to the Falcons. Ugh.

  51. OlBoy Says:

    Can’t go with your grade on this one. No matter how it all turned out, there were just to many head scratching decisions made by the HC, up to and including his very last decision made on the field, that cannot be overlooked and given a high grade. He shouldn’t even be graded, imo. New HC. Bowles back to DC or whatever.

  52. OlBoy Says:

    Yeah what stormy said. “It’s prolonging the inevitable. ‘

    Reminds me of the Matrix movie when agent Smith has neo on the tracks with a train coming. And agent smith says something like, ‘ do you hear that Mr Anderson… That is the sound of inevitability.

    There have been to many bad decisions for anything other than the inevitable to happen. How long will we suffer is the only question if the glazers aren’t up to doing what needs done.

  53. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Kellen Moore just hired to the Eagles….any local Pop Warner OCs interested in the Bucs job?

  54. Ricki Says:

    I cant believe this, Americas QB all over again.

  55. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd is reputed to be a defensive guru. A mastermind.

    In a passing league, what does having the worst pass defense in the league say? How about coughing it up like a crack whore against the Texans? Against Desmond Ridder?! How about that stout 4th quarter defense against the Lions where Bowels was exposed like a nudist in church?

    How about his lying about Chris Godwin?

    The final straw – why prolong the obvious?


    Jason, don’t prolong the obvious. Fire his lame arse now and go get Todd Monken.

  56. Bobby Says:

    Bucs fans just suck. Everybody picks the Bucs to win 3-4 games. They win 9 and easily could have won 11 or more but for the last minute comeback by Houston and Atlanta. Everybody wanted Trask and said Baker was terrible. He gets comeback player of the year. We had a roster full of rookies and second year players but still manage to win the division. I think the players love Bowles and play hard for him. I want to see some continuity instead of disrupting everything with another coaching change. I think he did a remarkable job with what he had to work with and kept the guys playing hard. I don’t know about B+ but I’d give him a B.

  57. Dave Pear Says:

    Buc fans certainly know suck when they see it. We’ve lived with it for most of the 48 years.

    Either Bowels is a liar, or a quitter.

    “Why prolong the obvious?”

  58. Beeej Says:

    Bowles is NOT gonna get fired. Were they to do that, would have happened by now. Move on to something more relevant

  59. RBUC Says:

    I enjoy reading the comments on this blog cause it’s funny to observe grown people get SO worked up over a sport! I’ve realized the truth about professional sports quite a few years ago and now make💰from it consistently based on that revelation! THE NFL AND THE WWE ARE NOT AS DIFFERENT AS ONE MIGHT THINK! Before the season I took the Bucs to win the division at +2500 because outside of Carolina it was the most unlikely outcome and the media was verbally down on the team the most! I believe the Bucs lost to Colts,Texans and Falcons at home cause that’s what the NFL wanted,while beating Packers,Jags and Eagles!! Let’s just say it was Bowles job to go for 2 in the Lion’s game😁 Wake up people

  60. Let em bake Says:

    Fascinating. Obviously, very few here have been in a managerial position, where leading men is required. It’s the things we’ll never know about that scream Bowles success. Did anyone remember how quickly the Godwin wife fire was doused? Do you think handling the diva that was Devon white easy? Yet, Bowles expertly kept the locker room from suffering because of these . You never Ever heard him criticize a player. He got a rat tag o line to gel, let his oc develop, found some late running success , and greatly overachieved the common expectation that the Bucs would suck ( see Peter king and his ilk). 32 nfl teams. Bucs finished top 8, and this fan base cries like spoiled children. Give the man the respect he’s earned.

  61. FortMyersDave Says:

    Bowels grade for 2023: C, a mediocre average grade which actually is an avrage of 3 components: Games 1-4: B, decent start, above average when compaied to expectations (going 2-2 at best) . Games 5 to 11: F, one win vs a real bad Titan team, choking in the clutch on D to the ATL and especially Houston, I bet the Glazers had already lined up HC interviews as they did with Lovie/Schiano in 2013. Games 12-17: B; team came back from the dead though were only really impressive vs Green Bay and the Jags, the other Ws were simply surviavl wins but wins nonetheless. The New Orleans’ loss was a head scratcher. Playoffs: solid B, beat a reeling Philly team but that loss to the Lions hurt: Bowles refusing to extend the game at the end is troubling; that might have got a coach run in other organizations. Thus the weighted average is a C, Bucs could have won 11 but could have went 6-11 just as easily. The 1-6 freefall and Bowles not forcing the Lions to try a FG in the playoff loss keep me from giving anything higher than a C.

  62. RBUC Says:

    Yes I’m a Bucs fan but just talent evaluation ALONE if anybody thinks this 2023 Bucs team is more talented than the Saints or Falcons and Bowles should have gotten more out of this team is delusional! The Bucs need ALOT of upgrades talent wise to be a consistent playoff team Lions or the Rams would have gotten past the Bucs

  63. unbelievable Says:

    Kalind Says:
    January 27th, 2024 at 8:54 pm
    … But let’s all be honest with each other. Todd Bowles isn’t winning a SB as a HC. He’s not a killer.


    Yup, this is the issue that won’t ever be resolved with him.

  64. RiggedNFL Says:


  65. HC Grover Says:


  66. Dave Pear Says:

    The Beatles wrote a song for Todd Bowles.

    “I’m a Loser.”

  67. adam from ny Says:

    the final minute and a half in detroit left something to be desired…

    but on the grand scale gotta give coach a solid grading…

    i’m at the number 85…

    so i gues that’s a B…

    but it kinda seemed like a B+ season…

    so i’m right in the vicinity of the joes and ira on this one…

    it was a good season and a fun season…!

    coach hung tough and steady all year…

    if we won the superbowl this year, it was gonna be one of the greatest sinderella storys in nfl history, and it would have also dwarfed our 2002 and 2020 season – because we were supposed to be in the hunt those years – this year we were supposed to be total trash

  68. adam from ny Says:

    the end of the detroit game scenario, and losing canales has kind of lead us into the offseason on a sh!tty note…

    good news should be on the way with some signings tho

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    Greg … ‘As far as HOW most people are still cutting Bowles no slack….well that’s easy. Most people are idiots.’

    Thanks Greg. One of the few comments above that was worth reading. Does anyone (beyond Bonzai obviously) REALLY think that the Glazers stay up late nights reading JBFers’ comments before they decide to keep or fire Todd Bowles & his staff?

    The Bucs are a business to them & they’re looking at their worker-bees’ PERFORMANCE over the past year and projecting forward from there to try to determine whether their business is trending up or down. BTW, the current Bucs’ franchise is valued at $4.2 BILLION for anyone who’s curious. They probably think it’s kinda important who they decide should lead that franchise.

    I’m surprised (shouldn’t be, but I am) that there are so many folks in JBF World who are so close-minded & emotional that they can’t objectively analyze simple things like this. Is Todd Bowles perfect? He11 no; neither am I, neither are you, neither is anyone. But ON THE WHOLE, he’s actually done quite well with what he had to work with (I would’ve given him a B but I’m obviously not as generous as Joe). Bowles’ development of so many 1st & 2nd year players has been outstanding IMO, and it bodes very well for the future. A total of 60 players got snaps this year; almost half of those (26) were 1st or 2nd year players. And many of those (the majority on defense BTW) got a LOT of snaps.

    Finishing 9-8, winning the NFC South, and making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs was actually quite an accomplishment. But keeping the ship steady through that long losing streak WITHOUT losing the locker room was the real accomplishment. But ya, it’s so much sweeter to ignore things like that and keep the hate festering. As Dr Phil used to ask … ‘And how’s that working for ya?’

  70. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    So Joe I guess because we’re Bucs fans we are supposed to grade on a curve. (C) was all he deserved. His teams record was 1 game over 500 (C+). His clock management (C). His motivational skills to get his team up for big games (C) ie Saints, falcons, Panthers games to take division lead. His coaching of situational football is God awful (C)

  71. adam from ny Says:

    one thing not often discussed this year is:

    we stayed pretty darn healthy…

    actually really healthy…and that often determines your entire season no matter how talented or talentless you are…

    with some key injuries we could have gone 7-10 or 6-11…you never know…

    i had our season ceiling at 10-7 when making predictions, and we almost hit that ceiling…almost…

    so there was a little luck involved to the season as well in regards to staying healthy as a group…

    i’m still floating us in the B range…and if i’m in a good mood, and my girl recently took care of the plumbing, i might toss out a B+

  72. adam from ny Says:

    by the way, my low mark for the year was 7-10 and ceiling was 10-7…

    i had us as a 7 to 10 win team all along…

    i might have mentioned if things really tailspin, maybe it could drop to 6-11…

    but i never had us sniffing out 11 wins either…

    good year !

  73. BucU Says:

    I’ll save my anger towards Dave Canales. He’s a real POS for abandoning this team after 1 year. He puts us in a real shytty position here.
    He’s a traitor and I can’t wait to see him go down in flames in Carolina.
    F him.

  74. heyjude Says:

    Unsure about a B. That is a good grade in education. I have always liked Todd and was very happy when he became HC. However, this is about head coaching and I haven’t been thrilled about his stubbornness, clock management, wrong calls,…

    I am going with a C, just passing. And sometimes that C won’t give you the credit you need either. My overall take is that Bowles will likely be back another season.

  75. QBKilla Says:

    I think a C grade is fair. Bowles still makes bone headed in game decisions which hurts his overall grade. He’s a very good defensive coach and he got the most out of a pretty bare cupboard this year.

  76. DBS Says:

    Milty You never learn do you. Or. Should I say Seattle or b dog?

  77. Defense Rules Says:

    adam from ny … ‘one thing not often discussed this year is: we stayed pretty darn healthy’.

    For the most part I agree with you Adam, but we were hurting in a couple of position groups on defense because our depth was so inexperienced. CB comes to mind, with our starters Davis & Dean missing NINE games between them, plus parts of others.

    Safeties’ availability was also a problem. Winfield gave us all 17 games, but it was Russian Roulette with the other safety position. Neal started most of the games (woe is us), but Delaney, Izien and Merriweather all took snaps back there. With varying Secondary availability just about every game, it obviously impacted the scheme significantly.

  78. DBS Says:

    Grade C is about right. Only certain reasons people hate Bowles. And to look at the other threads and say all the other teams will get better? Nobody knows that . That means the Bucs could get better too. But remember the Rams. Penthouse to Outhouse. Same can hanppen to any team losing players. Injury alone cost us our starting center. Retirement? So no you don’t know what will happen yet until it plays out.

  79. adam from ny Says:


    yeah for sure…

    i was really just referring to huge debilitating, season altering injuries…

    like if evans went out half a year, or baker misses 6 games, or lavonte goes down for the season – like ryan jensen’s season changing knee in camp2 seasons ago…major injury issues…

    yeah we had some depth issues last year in the secondary no doubt…good to see zyon make big strides, but we need a safety to pair up with AWJ…

    i think i’ve heard both mike edwards and or whitehead are now available?…i could be wrong…bringing one back could be potentially nice

    yeah but on another note:

    some of you guys giving a C grade must realize we finished 2 games short of the superbowl after a disasterous 6 out of 7 midseason skid…

    2 games short at leat warrants a

  80. adam from ny Says:


    2 games short at least warrants a B or B-…

    we were in the final 8, with a chance with 1:36 seconds to go in the game to actually have a shot to maybe win or tie the game and get to the final 4 – the championship game…today…

    it might not be an A……..but it certainly isn’t in the C category…

    24 teams were drinking hot chocolate last sunday watch us play…and we didn’t get blown out…with proper game ending clock management, a miracle finish was still a possibility

  81. BucsFan Says:

    Bowles has to be graded on the season as a whole including the playoffs. Todd is easily a B+ or maybe even a A-. Expectations were low by the experts at 6.5 Wins and 9 Wins is certainly overachieving. Being mired in a losing binge with some heart wrenching losses is never easy to pull out of and go on a winning tilt at the end of the year. So Todd certainly overachieved in facing adversity. Benching White for Britt took cajones and was absolutely the right call.
    However, all that being said as far as Todds’ positive attributes , he is one of the WORST game managers in important situations I have ever seen. I would suggest hiring a game management coach and let him make ALL the decisions at the end of half and game or you will eventually LOSE your job due to repetitive losing of games or that ONE huge mistake in a BIG game.

  82. Lynchmob47 Says:

    So if WE disagree with you opinions then WE have to look in the mirror.


    My opinion of you just changed.

  83. Ian Says:

    He needs to be fired . Doesn’t have the balls to play winning football .4th and less then a yard . Let’s punt .should have been fired and Dave been promoted

  84. D-Rok Says:

    Overall, I give Bowles a C. His grade came WAY up after winning a playoff game and playing a 2nd playoff game in competitive fashion.

    I definitely had him at a D grade for the season until those last 2 wins.

    PS: I did look in the mirror this morning, Joes, and am pretty happy with how I shaved off my stubble to look presentable for church. 🙂

  85. stpetebucfan Says:


    As a fellow writer I always read your posts. In fact I’ve even read one of your books and “A Storm of Dragons” is entertaining.

    But that means you understand and value words.

    ‘All I know is that I have never come closer to not watching games than I did this past season.

    That is the literal definition of a “fair weather fan” or “front runner”.

    Do you honestly consider yourself a fair weather fan.
    The franchise mortaged it’s future for that second SB. IMHO it was worth it but you can’t whine when the bill comes due.

    And the GOAT made if far worse with his drama, marital crap that had been brewing for years, and all the chatter if he even wanted to be here or LV or Miami. Tom was a hired gun not a true Buc. That’s ok with me…he did what he was hired for he was just a A VERY expensive solution. We are STILL paying the price for Brady. To some degree next year will still have the effects of ALL that Brady cost to win a SB.

    So honestly Bonzai…do YOU consider yourself a front running fair weather fan.

  86. BucEmUp Says:

    Who here is going to bet the bucs win the south next year? Nobody…the best coach on our staff just went to carolina.

  87. Free Will Says:

    I think bowles should bring someone in on the defense side of the ball for some fresh ideas. I am all for Bowles unique blitzing style but the issue has always been on the back end. Our corners always give a 10 yard cushion to receivers and we struggle to stop the slant. The middle of the defense is always wide open, like we are still using some variance of the old and dated tampa two defense. All of our playoff exits has Bern primarily on the heels of his defense. Also we need another corner back because Dean and Davis are constantly injured and teams take advantage of that. I.e. Detroit game.

  88. Cobraboy Says:

    Bowles is the poster boy for mediocre. Even his D, his “thing”, was full of meh.

    He’s not a train wreck, but also not a guy who imbues excellence.

    The only advantage Bowles has is continuity, and even that’s gone with the Canales’s departure.

  89. Free Will Says:

    And please move zyon McCollum to safety, he is fast but always seem to be a step slower than the receiver

  90. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    stpetebucfan Says
    ‘In fact I’ve even read one of your books and “A Storm of Dragons” is entertaining.’

    Sorry, I couldn’t get past this 😉

    Seriously…and I’m being honest here…I know what it sound’s like. My point is that Bowles is turning me into one.

    And thanks 🙂

  91. Vegasbuccaneer Says:

    TB coaches like Biden runs the country

  92. orlbucfan Says:

    So, now Bowles is like Byedone or tRump now? Talk about a bunch of fair weather, imbecilic howlers. BBonzai is a writer? Hmmph! I’ve been following his comments on here for several years, and he’s skirting the fair weather fan edge. I give Bowles a B+, too. I happen to be a genuine, long-suffering, long time Bucs fan. A non cupcake schedule next year? That’s SOP for the Bucs.

  93. BUCman Says:

    Bowles is not responsible for the Bucs squeaking into the playoffs in a horrible division or for beating the eagles in the playoffs. Fortunately Mayfield played better than expected and that put them over the top. We were just fortunate that the rest of the division sucks. Bowles is not head coach material. As soon as another team in the division figures things out we have seen the last of the playoffs under Bowles.

  94. Defense Rules Says:

    adam from ny … ‘like if evans went out half a year, or baker misses 6 games, or lavonte goes down for the season’.

    Certainly get your point about major debilitating injuries to key players (sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you?) but even then there are opportunities to take advantage of.

    For instance, had Baker gone down for 6 games like you stated, Trask probably would’ve started and we’ve now know how good … or bad … he is. IF he turned out to be our QB solution for years to come, that changes our entire picture for 2024 & beyond. Had LVD gone down for multiple games, Britt probably would’ve gotten more playing time, and maybe Dennis too. Still not sure what we have in those two.

    ME13 going down for an extended period is tougher because we don’t have anyone comparable as depth. I speculate that Palmer & Moore would’ve gotten a lot more snaps however, even though they’re both very different players than Mike is. Who knows, even that might’ve benefitted us in the long run.

  95. Tye Says:

    Grading a mediocre at best coach with so high as a B is obvious mentality of people who do not value building a WINNING team like 49ers, Chiefs, Bills, etc.
    Teams that annually make the playoffs because they are winners and not from a weak division…

    MOST fans want a winning team season after season after season…
    One of the main reasons the Bucs have only been in the playoffs 13 times in 40+ years is their flippant willingness to keep bad coaches instead of pursuing winning HC!

    Grading the Bucs compared with constantly winning teams, the Bucs are failing!

  96. My Momma Says:

    Joe, we’ll find out next season if Bowles is any good. Wait till next year to take a pill on him then. Winning the NFC South was nothing to write home about. If we’d been in a tougher division, he’d of sucked.

  97. Rod Munch Says:

    I think it’s fair to give Bowles a B.

    The team overperformed, however it is valid to point out that he did so vs a puff schedule and some teams that were in the middle of a collapse when the Bucs played them.

    But you can’t do anything about the schedule, and shouldn’t get penalized for beating teams you should beat.

    Still, if the Bucs played in a different division, they’re not winning 9 games, and certainly aren’t in the playoffs. .

  98. My Momma Says:

    Joe, we’ll find out next season if Bowles is any good. Wait till next year to take a poll on him then. Winning the NFC South was nothing to write home about. If we’d been in a tougher division, he’d of sucked.

  99. Jeremy Goins Says:

    To me he has proven over and over that he does not make good in game adjustments. That seems like an important HC characteristic. He comes up with some good defensive schemes but I feel out defense gets to soft at times. I don’t think I ever see them playing man coverage. Our defense gives up big plays often. I think he gets C+