T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Baker Mayfield Is Worth As Much As Dak Prescott

January 25th, 2024

Says Baker Mayfield worth $40 million a year.

When players get out of the game for a few years, they seem to gain a different perception of the NFL and its inner workings.

And while former Pro Bowl receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh thinks Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield should watch out for himself and look for the best deal possible, Houshmandzadeh also realizes Mayfield just had a career year with the Bucs. Therefore, Houshmandzadeh thinks the best place for Mayfield is right here in Tampa Bay.

Of course, it takes two to tango. Speaking on the show “Airing it Out,” which he co-hosts with Orlando Scandrick on Fubo Sports, Houshmandzadeh thinks the Bucs are nuts if they let Mayfield walk.

“One hundred percent I am bringing Baker Mayfield back [if I’m the Bucs],” Houshmandzadeh said. “He seems to fit there and he had a really good year. Baker was a Top 10-12 quarterback this year.

“I’m not giving him $50 million a year though. … I would give Baker that Dak Prescott contract. Four years $160 million, which is a little more than [Giants QB] Daniel Jones because he is better than Daniel Jones. So let’s say four years for $175. That’s what I’m giving Baker.”

Joe has read quite a few items from respected folks that Mayfield’s camp is going to look for Daniel Jones money. Per OverTheCap.com, Prescott is the No. 10 quarterback in terms of pay. Jones is No. 11, both at $40 million a year.

Joe certainly wouldn’t offer that kind of Team Glazer look to start negotiations but Joe can objectively say Mayfield is a better quarterback than Daniel Jones. Let’s get real.

Houshmandzadeh also believes if the Bucs come anywhere close to what Prescott and Jones are getting paid, Mayfield better jump at the chance to sign a contract.

“Take it or leave it because there is nobody else that’s going to give him more than that,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Who else is going to give him that [besides Tampa Bay] and where else can he have that type of impact? And who [else] believes he can have that type of impact?

“Whether you’re getting $150 [million] or $160 [million], if you are smart, you are set for generations.”

Joe guesses the Dixie Chicks might pony up for Mayfield. Like the Bucs, the Dixie Chicks have a lot of weapons for a veteran quarterback. One could also argue the Raiders do, too.

But yeah, Mayfield seems to have hit a home run with the Bucs. His teammates love him. His coaches like him. And most importantly the Bucs win with him.

57 Responses to “T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Baker Mayfield Is Worth As Much As Dak Prescott”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    “…the Bucs are nuts if they let Mayfield walk.” Agreed. Sign him and check QB search off of the to do list. Focus on O line. LB and safety help.

  2. Milton Says:


  3. Boss Says:

    Either way it plays out I am happy for BM.

  4. Since76 Says:

    This guy thinks Baker is as good as Prescott. That’s a joke. Mayfield had stretched of multiple games with below average and bad play. Inconsistent would be an understatement. That’s with one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL. I say bring in another good veteran and keep all our free agents that we want to retain. Then draft/sign fre agent D and O lineman. I look back at those sacks that killed drves in the playoffs game and they were all Mayfield. He was throwing too hard when he should use touch. The interceptions. No Mayfield can walk. Mayfield signed for $$$= less players around him = more losses.

  5. Kalind Says:

    Gotta wait til the Canales shoe drops. If he leaves, walk away from Baker and rebuild.

  6. D-Rome Says:

    Baker has a better win percentage in the playoffs than Dak. More importantly, Baker wasn’t the key issue with the loss against the Lions whereas Dak, once again, was the main issue behind the Cowboys loss.

  7. Chad Says:

    Since 76 what good veteran qb you think the Bucs are willing to spend money on? And also how dare you blame every sack on baker, I seen at least 2 where hutch got right around godechi as if he wasn’t even there. And why does the Bucs need any oline help, are you saying the oline struggled cuz it seems like you were just blaming baker for all the sacks. Quit hating man, baker is the qb of the future here. Your not gonna afford Kirk, or Russel, your not trading and assets for Justin fields, any other free agent veteran qb left isn’t better than baker. Get a new center and another interior lineman, get an edge rusher and another db. Baker is the guy and if you don’t like it don’t root for the Bucs next year

  8. Trevor Says:

    TJ Whosyourmama?? I loved that commercial

  9. Davenport Says:

    That money is insane
    Bucs cannot fit that under the cap without losing a valuable free agent.

    Mayfield or Evans, pick one.

  10. DFW Buc Says:

    Based on never able to get deep into playoffs….. that’s not much of a comparison. Dak is average.

  11. Conner50 Says:

    The nfl market is ridiculous. Dak,Baker, and Daniel Jones aren’t worth 30 million a year especially 40, nfl players make way too much money real talk.

  12. JimBobBuc Says:

    I’m with @Kalind, keep Canales and then work on Evans and Baker. We need the continuity if we want a solid offense next year. If Canales goes, then you’re rebuilding and letting Baker go. I’m not a huge fan of Evans, too many drops in the early parts of games.

  13. Chad Says:

    Since 76, quit blaming sacks all on baker, I seen 2 to 3 sack where godechi literally just let Hutchinson run right by him, and I don’t know why your asking for oline help, if all the sacks were bakers fault you don’t need oline help, Bucs can’t afford Kirk, Russel, there’s no veteran free agent qb that’s gonna do better than what baker did. Quit hating on baker, he’s the qb of the future, if you don’t like it don’t root for the Bucs.

  14. Buddha Says:

    Too many wanna be GMs on jbf. The market will decide. I trust Licht. Baker does not want to start over yet again. Dak has never produced and never had to play with the dregs of the league. Jones has never been surrounded by talented roster.

  15. RiggedNFL Says:

    Mayfield is too short and makes bad decisions in key moments vs teams that win.

    Two years at 20 million max.

    If he gets to the NFC title game, or Superbowl, during that contract, then he might be worth more.

    We have way too many holes to fill.

    And a clueless HC.

  16. TomBucsFan Says:

    Baker is better than Jameis was when he was here so that in itself is a good sign.

  17. D Cone Says:

    Where the Problem lays is Dak Prescott isn’t worth as much as Dak Prescott.

  18. BakerFan Says:

    Since76 Says:
    January 25th, 2024 at 7:45 am
    This guy thinks Baker is as good as Prescott. That’s a joke.

    Sir I watch Prescott every week now for 3 years and that guy gets lost. You can see it in his eyes. Anytime a defense puts a wrinkle into what he expects the guy throws a pick. TV will zone into his face and he looks punch drunk. Cowboys will never go to the Super Bowl with Dak. I was for they guy big time but have came to the realization he does not have it.

  19. uhmmm Says:


  20. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The window for the Bucs is now
    Creative cap financing is Bucs’ management strength.
    Mortgage the future a little just like when Brady was here

  21. stpetebucfan Says:

    OK this is the post to address this issue.

    So I saw a chart from PFF that had the Bucs in the top ten teams with the most cap space. They did the chart with cap space…and what D.R. constantly preaches..EFFECTIVE cap space…that which would remain if the Bucs/anyteam
    paid 51 players.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! So I went to Spotrac…don’t know much about PFF but Spotrac has a good rep.

    I’m going to round numbers off because 7 digits every time is just too much and I’m too freaking lazy,

    So everybody here has preached that the Bucs are in cap space hell. And indeed the Bucs were for ’23. But I read a poster…wish I remembered who so I could credit them…who pointed out the Brady money comes off in 24.

    Whatever! Can some capologist EXPLAIN these numbers to me?

    According to Spotrac

    The Tampa Bay Bucs are in 8th spot for cap room left!!! Really?
    Spotrac lists the Bucs with 198 million cap spent?. They too believe like D.R. so they also post an effective rate after the top 51 are signed.

    The Bucs “effective” cap is at 49 million!!! That is also is in the top ten!!!

    First question…isn’t this really about the “effective” rate…how much is left after signing obligated contracts?

    IF that is the case

    For reference…N.O. is last with NEGATIVE 82 million. How can that be? How does the NFL let them operate in the red?

    Major question…what are the penalities if a team exceeds the CAP? What are the enforcement mechanisms?

    And if the Bucs are in the top ten and haven’t even begun to clear some contracts, why are they continually referred to as cap strapped here?

    2nd Major Question. Spotrac lists the Bucs with 203 THOUSAND dead cap.

    That is off the charts low if true!! Saints 2 MILLION 800 thousand in dead cap.

    And wow the Chargers have close to 25 million in dead cap. Herbert? Would that affect Harbaugh’s thinking.

    OK sorry for going long but all I’ve read this year is how the Bucs are in cap hell. What’s the REAL story?

    @D.R. Help me out here!!!

  22. Lol Says:

    Just because the Giants were dumb enough to pay Daniel Jones 40 mil doesnt mean the Bucs have to be dumber and pay Mayfield 40+

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    I’ll just re-post – because this needs to be be Licht’s stance:

    Pickgrin Says:
    January 25th, 2024 at 8:32 am
    3 years – $25M per year with incentives up to $30 – $50M Guaranteed

    Thats the deal Tom Brady agreed to even though the GOAT could have justifiably demanded double that amount.

    If that deal is good enough for Tom Brady – its good enough for Baker Mayfield!

    Does Baker want to be nicely compensated and stay in a stable situation on a team loaded with receiving weapons that appreciates his talents? – or does he want to chase the $ for all he can get and wind up in yet another bad situation…..

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    Just Pay Da Man Tampa.

  25. Lol Says:

    Pickgrin. Agreed

  26. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Thank you Chad! There is no “cheap” veteran that will be take less than $35 million a year. Cousins will want $35+ million while Wilson is in a weird one year at veteran league minimum but wants his long term $39+ million a year deal after. Neither is better than Baker. If Baker wants to win and wants a better OLine, Evans back and improvements, then he will be team friendly and go for $27-30 million a year with maybe $30-35 million with incentives. $35-40 million base a year will hurt the team and hurt him remaining. I want Baker back but we need cap space to build the team up. Also I am realistic in that a 2-3 year with an option is better if he is inconsistent.

    Thank you Bakerfan! Prescott is not better than Baker. You throw a couple of tricks at Dak and he gets lost and flustered. Josh Allen and him have the same “what just happened” look on their face. They sit on sidelines in a daze way too much. Baker knows he messes up and tries to correct it. He is working on fixing the issue by talking to players or coaches and not just moping. Also Baker is smart enough to know the plays without a wrist band. That impresses me. When his radio went down and he ran to the sideline for calls and got plays off until it was fixed shows he may be “short” but he is smart.

  27. Since76 Says:

    Chad…..Mayfield could throw the ball away. You know like a veteran QB would do. Nothing wrong with that when protection breaks down. But Mayfield thinks he can have an angry run highlight so he doesn’t. The bucs need run blocking olinemen. Pass protect is fine. The outside pass rush was on Canales and Mayfield for not recognizing it and adjusting for it. When Mayfield leaves you go with him since you are player over team.

  28. BakerFan Says:

    Players realize that they are just used tires with an expiration date or worse a blow out away which can end a football career. The salary cap was put in to protect the owners from themselves, nothing for the players. Billionaires playing with wealth that seems endless. A lot of Ex players (not all) feel like they did not get enough once they are done. The TV deal money alone protects a franchise in not losing money and by the way teams can pay more than what the cap is, they just have to pay a penalty if they do.

    I have changed over the years thinking players were too greedy, the reality is that the owners are the greedy ones. Ticket prices, parking, concession prices, merchandise, selling naming rights….. THEY ARE ALL GREEDY B#STARDS.

    So any player that can cash in, let them max out because the owners are not ever going broke as far as football goes. For God’s sake Roger Godell gets $64 Million a year plus LIFETIME PERKS, he sure isn’t worth it.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont know how anyone can say Bucs have one of the best receiving cores in the NFL then turn around and say 4k yards in a 17 game season is worthy of $40 mil/per. The fan boys will never admit it but it wasnt a good season. It was very average. If we resign Mayfield you better bring back Evans or next season will be scary bad.

  30. WyomingJoe Says:

    I’ve said it several times already, Baker has had three very good years statistically in the NFL, namely: 2018 (27 TDs in 13.5 games), 2020 (26 TDs and Browns win in the playoffs), and 2023 (28 TDs and the playoffs with Tampa).

    So why is it so unimaginable to some of the pea brains on this site that Baker isn’t worth the average salary for starting QB’s at 37.5M per year? Some of you “future GM’s” are beyond unreasonable, lol.

    Don’t forget that he was injured throughout 2021 and played with the worst team in the NFL (Panthers) in 2022.

  31. Chad Says:

    Since 76, if your truly about the Bucs as a team and not a hater you would want baker to come back so he has something that he has never had in his career before, a second season with the same coaches and players. And baker already said he would sacrifice to help keep the current team together, I don’t know what else you could ask for from a qb.

  32. stpetebucfan Says:

    Wouldn’t average be synomous with being a “middle of the pack” team?

    Does Scoreboard mean anything here?

    The Bucs made it to the final 8…if my math is correct in a 32 team league that places them in the top 25% or 1/4 in the league.

    Wouldn’t average be say 14th-20th or thereabouts? Or are we talking opinions without facts?

    I get the lack of “style” points for many. I do not like Bowles defensive stop scoring priority over scoring…but there are many ways to win. In the end…

    SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME THE RESULTS. it’s not diving nor gymastics and style points do not count!

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    Opinions without facts? Ok. b

  34. Couch Fan Says:

    Opinions without facts? Ok. I see I got under someones skin. You want facts. Baker repeatedly threw for less than 100 yards during the 1st half of games all season long. Fact. Baker repeatedly had games where he would do nothing until late in the 4th when we were down big then throw jump balls to Evans to make the score and his stats look much better than he/we actually were. Fact. 4000 yards in 17 games. Very pedestrian for todays NFL standards. Fact. And next season without Evans jump balls Baker will be a trash can. Opinion but it will be a fact next season. Now keep shaking those pom poms and throwing around general statements without actually digging into them. Morons like to say people are being lazy thinkers when it comes to Baker but lazy thinkers are the ones who look at nothing but the stats and think they then know the whole story. LMAO.

  35. Buccos Says:

    Baker isn’t going anywhere. He has played himself into a new contract. Although the Bucs better make sure that they don’t piss him off in negotiations because that could open the door to another team. If they are smart and give him his due respect then Baker should be back in pewter and red

  36. Not Says:

    I wouldn’t say BM is as good as Dak.
    But he probably performs better under pressure, less likely to choke.

    But, all the blogs, vlogs, sports channels all over the place, anybody can get a show now.

  37. Craig Says:

    It seems obvious that Dallas is overpaying Dak. They might not find better, but he is a somewhat one trick QB.

    Get him out of rhythm and he crumbles.

    Kind of like Baker and his big flat spots.

    If Baker wants above $30million a year franchise him and see what happens. If Canales is still here, have him work the #2 and 3 QBs hard, in case Baker gets another case of whatever caused Cleveland to dump him for a QB who couldn’t even play that year.

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … Suggestion … Stop reading so much. Those guys will drive you nuts. And at our age that’s a very tenuous tightrope to walk.

    I didn’t see PFF’s ‘Effective SAP Space’ article, but IMO the contention is bogus. The 2023 season is STILL going on; NOTHING (like ACTUAL salary CAP numbers?) is finalized yet for the 2024 season. Everyone’s just making guesses at this point, and making tons of ASSUMPTIONS … without specifying that they’re assumptions.

    Far as I’m concerned, the Bucs ARE in a PROJECTED 2024 salary CAP dilemma (even more-so in 2025), BUT that’s still all based on ASSUMPTIONS at this point. BTW, I personally prefer Spotrac’s numbers, but Over-The-Cap (OTC) runs neck-and-neck with them IMO.

    Spotrac today shows the Bucs with 54 players under contract, but that’s very misleading for several reasons. First, day after we lost to the Lions, all of our Practice Squad was moved forward (day before we had only 40 players under contract, so we added 14). Those are bogus numbers in my mind because their CAP Hit is specified at ZERO.

    So take away the Practice Squad & you still have 40 under contract, but not REALLY. Six of those 40 are FAs with Voided years, and we owe them $21.7 mil even though they’re not under contract with us for 2024. So now we’re down to 34. But again, not REALLY. Ryan Jensen (by all indications, although I hope they’re wrong) probably won’t be back, BUT he also counts against the salary CAP (his hit is $6.0 mil with a Dead CAP of $16.6 mil). It’d cost us more to release him than to keep him, even though he probably won’t be playing for us (again I hope I’m wrong there because I think he’s awesome). Russell Gage is in a somewhat similar situation.

    So using Spotrac’s Bucs’ 2024 Adjusted Salary CAP of $246.3 mil, and taking away the CURRENT CAP Hits of those 40 players adjusted for the Dead CAP & 2023 Rollover, you get Spotrac’s PROJECTION that the Bucs will have $48.7 mil to play with (Estimated CAP Space) this year. Still though, we’ve only got 34 players under contract (including Jensen), so that $48 mil wouldn’t go very far.

    Yes Spotrac ranks us at #8 in the NFL in terms of Estimated CAP Space, BUT that doesn’t mean much IMO. What’s far more important I think is (1) how many players does each team have under contract already; and (2) what are their real NEEDS … and COSTS … especially in terms of bringing key FAs back (or adding others).

    You’re right StPete that there are lots of teams worse off than us (New Orleans is an absolute joke) in terms of projected salary CAP space, but that doesn’t mean that we’re in good shape because some of the FAs we NEED to re-sign will be very expensive (Winfield, McLaughlin, Evans, Mayfield?). JL’s gonna have his work cut out for him, but I’m hopeful that we can find a way to keep the band together.

  39. Since76 Says:

    Why Joe…….everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and thoughts of what they think is good for the team they root for. Everyone that doesn’t think Mayfield is the best thing since sliced bread like yourself shouldn’t be labeled as a pea brain. I like consistent players. Something Mayfield has never been. Instead of trying to embarrass and shame people why not show how Mayfield was consistent this season. I would love to hear that from an intellectual like yourself. Because I didn’t see it.

  40. Greg Says:

    I am guessing Mayfield will take a lower base provided Evans is around etc.

  41. stpetebucfan Says:


    THANKS for that explanation! You added some perspective to all of these numbers. I’m still curious as to what happens to N.O. for exceeding the cap.
    What would happen if we simply ignored it as well? What is the punishment and how is it executed?


    “I see I got under someones skin.”

    I think that is called “projection”. LOL It’s not my purpose to offend you Couch which is why I didn’t put your name to my post and indeed it was directed at a number of posters here.

    The statement I questioned is the” The fan boys will never admit it but it wasnt a good season. It was very average”

    I simply pointed out that FACTUALLY “very average” is incorrect. Then you go on a rant pointing out all the TEAMS deficiencies which of course is synomous with Baker’s responsibility.

    Baker does not walk on water…there are a dozen QB’s with more talent…but again Couch I do not care squat about “style points”. If you believe Baker is the major reason for the Bucs losses then that means Baker is a top EIGHT QB as judged by results!

    I look at the WINS. I also keeps some perspective. I believe Football is the ultimate team sport. I also recognize that the QB touches the ball the most and is the most critical INDIVIDUAL on the team but the QB does not exist in a vacuum. Baker has been on two DECENT teams…his early years with the Browns culminating in that playoff run for them…first road win the playoffs in DECADES…and now the Bucs who were a GREAT team just like the one Licht handed Brady when he first arrived eh?

    FACTs need to support an argument. If the discussion was simply whether the Bucs had a VERY AVERAGE year…the FACTS simply do not bear that out.

    The Bucs lost as a team and won as a team this season..Awesome! We can point out anybody’s flaws but it’s done here so frequently without giving ANY credit for the strengths.

    BTW at the risk of pizzing him off with praise I give Rod Munch credit for making a heroic attempt to add some balance to his posts. Kudos Rod.

  42. BakerFan Says:

    Paratrooper Buc Says:
    Baker knows he messes up and tries to correct it. He is working on fixing the issue by talking to players or coaches and not just moping. Also Baker is smart enough to know the plays without a wrist band.

    I think if anything Baker has too much confidence in himself and his receivers to make the play. He will cannon a ball into tight spots over and over and will get away with it as well as having confidence in his receiving core to bring it in.

    Saying this Baker sees the field, will fire it in there and then an interception occurs. Dak and others do not always see the field.

    One year of playing in this system and with each other I think they over achieved. I think if he stays things will look a lot smoother if they improve the offensive line and can develop a run game. But there are guys on here that don’t see it that way and if it changes they will have other gripes.

    Next year schedule look pretty rough.

  43. stpetebucfan Says:


    I’ll stop reading so much and let you do the dirty work. LOL

  44. Cobraboy Says:

    His value in “24 is capped by the tag.

  45. Lakeland Steve Says:

    The Bucs have a lot guys they “need” to sign but not enough money unless they get real creative. Evans, Winfield and Mayfield should be top priorities, after that hopefully they can sign Lavonte David. Honestly I would trade one of the oft injured cornerbacks for draft pick(s) which would also free up a good chunk of cap space. It’s not like our pass defense is top 10 or top 20 or even top 25.

  46. BucFanDMV Says:

    Baker will more than likely command more money than what the Buccaneers can pay him. Without Mike Evans on this team I am not sure Mayfield comes close to the numbers he put up.

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    Lakeland Steve … ‘I would trade one of the oft injured cornerbacks for draft pick(s) which would also free up a good chunk of cap space.’

    Personally I think Carlton Davis will be released (as opposed to traded) but there’s still a bigger issue that results … WHO REPLACES HIM? Zion McCollum? (rewatch the end of the Lions game). Keenan Isaac? (those are the only 2 other CBs we have under contract for 2024 besides Jamel Dean).

    Any time we release a veteran like that to save money, it costs us something to replace him as a starter. And quality starters are expensive (eithe in $$$ or as a high draft pick).

  48. Oz Len Says:

    I asked my friend, Bard over at google about paying quarterbacks. This is what he told me:

    The average salary for starting quarterbacks in the NFL, excluding those on rookie contracts, currently sits at $37,651,853 per year. This figure is based on data from the NFLPA for the 2023 season.

  49. Oz Len Says:

    I asked my friend, Bard over at google what he thought of Baker Mayfield, here’s what he said:

    Proven track record: Mayfield has led the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs twice (2020, 2023), showcasing his ability to elevate a struggling franchise. He’s also earned a Pro Bowl selection (2018) and boasts a career passer rating of 91.2.
    High ceiling: When healthy and confident, Mayfield can make dazzling throws and spark offensive dynamism. His competitive spirit and leadership are also valuable assets.
    Recent success: Despite a middling 2022 season with Carolina, Mayfield’s strong showing with the Rams solidified his status as a capable starter. His performance in 2023 with the Buccaneers will be crucial in further solidifying his ranking.

    Inconsistency: Mayfield’s accuracy and decision-making haven’t always been consistent, leading to turnovers and stalled drives. Injuries have also hampered his availability at times.
    Offensive scheme fit: Not every system maximizes Mayfield’s strengths. He thrives in an aggressive, play-action scheme with strong receiving options, while certain conservative approaches might limit his effectiveness.

    Based on these factors, I’d place Baker Mayfield within the upper tier of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks, likely in the 12-16 range. He possesses significant talent and has achieved notable success, but questions about consistency and scheme fit prevent him from entering the elite category just yet. His performance with the Buccaneers in 2023 will likely determine whether he ascends or remains in this current tier.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … Not a fan of doing ‘the dirty work’ anymore. I will admit though that the CAP fascinates me, probably because it literally drives everything in today’s NFL. Goodell wanted parity, and he’s getting it. In many ways that’s good I think, because it puts a premium on quality coaching (getting the most out of the players you have) AND on player development.

    BTW, the penalties for going over the CAP (in the season) are severe. It can cost a team money ($5 mil per violation), it can cost them draft picks AND player contracts can be voided. Teams over the cap are also banned from signing any new players until they are back below the cap again.

    New Orleans seems to be adept at barely ‘making CAP’. They felt the pressure last year, but they’ll feel it a lot more this year IMO. They had a good run while it lasted.

  51. Milton Says:

    D-Rome Says: “Baker wasn’t the key issue with the loss against the Lions”

    Other than throwing an interception with the game on the line.

  52. Let EM Bake Says:

    Lets see, who knows more about the subtleties of the qb position, as it relates to passing/receiving? Why would Evans go out of his way to say Baker is “criminally” underrated? TJ knows. Now, I do believe Baker year was greatly aided by Evans. He would have difficulty repeating his numbers if mike left. Tannehill was never the same when A J Brown left the Titans. Keep them both.

  53. uhmmm Says:

    WyomingJoe, Bakerfan, NEFan all ball washers…..

  54. BakerFan Says:

    uhmmm Says:
    January 25th, 2024 at 11:43 am
    WyomingJoe, Bakerfan, NEFan all ball washers…..
    uhmmm should say…..
    Look at me, I have nothing to add but ignorance.

  55. GhostofBrady Says:

    Tampa is no longer as stable as yall think. We’ll need to franchise Baker with a new OC or offer him something between a Derek Carr and Dak deal. My guess is, Baker would prefer younger weapons like what Atlanta, Minnesota or Chicago has. The Tampa WR core is pretty great. Love them. But the #1 and #2 are FA or on final year of contract. And from this board, sounds like the fans (and maybe GM) could be in cheapskate bargain mode rather than credit card the cap in 2024 and 2025 for another 3 year playoff run. Yall were willing to blow the cap with Gronk, Brown, Fornette and the rest of the Brady Bunch. But would rather reset on the cheap with Trask.

  56. Billy Bob Bubba Bo Baggins Says:

    So I Love the headline: Baker Mayfield Is Worth As Much As Dak Prescott. However, I think a better question is Dak’s Prescott only worth as much as Baker Mayfield. The 2 questions say the same thing but infer 2 different things. I have seen the Bucs play the Cowboys during Prescott’s time. I would have to say more than half of the time the best player on the field for the Buccaneers was Dak Prescott.

  57. sunbunny Says:

    D-Rome Says: “Baker wasn’t the key issue with the loss against the Lions”

    Milton says: “Other than throwing an interception with the game on the line.”

    umm.. correct me if im wrong, but didn’t he also pass for over 300 yds and score 3 touchdowns in that game?