Shaq Barrett Gives Bucs Offense Props For Helping The Defense

January 17th, 2024

Happy with offense Monday.

Back in Week 3 when the Bucs hosted the Eagles, the Bucs got stomped by Philadelphia. The normally strong run defense of a Todd Bowles-coached team could not stop Eagles running back D’Andre Swift.

That night Swift ran for 6.5 yards a carry and 130 yards. So for the Bucs defense on Monday night, Swift was a big concern.

The Eagles, however, didn’t use Swift as a weapon much. That’s because the Bucs offense got the team an early lead and ate the clock. The Eagles were pretty much forced to throw.

And Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett was very grateful when Joe spoke with him about how the offense controlled much of the game.

“Yeah, that was good,” Shaq said with a sigh of relief when he explained to Joe how the Eagles couldn’t waste too many snaps handing off to Swift because they had to play catch-up. “He’s good. They have a good running game.

“For us to be able to go up on the scoreboard and have a lot of time of possession, it make them get out of their gameplan.”

Because of the score, Shaq told Joe the Eagles became predictable. That edge helped the Bucs’ defensive dogs to hunt Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

“Typically, we don’t get much pressure on him because they have a pretty good offensive line,” Shaq said. “But [Monday] we were able to get after him pretty good and we took advantage.

“With the score, we knew they were going to pass and hold the ball a little longer [looking for the long pass].”

Shaq is like a lot of other Bucs fans. He hopes the Bucs offense that showed up to Green Bay, against Jacksonville and now Philadelphia appears in Philadelphia and goes on the attack right away .

“The offense was doing a good job of moving the ball and converting third downs,” Shaq said. “We just have to keep doing that to start the game off and that will give us a lot of momentum to finish the game off.”

Bucs coach Todd Bowles always talks about turning an offense one-dimensional. The offense can do its part in this as well by scoring points early and often.

31 Responses to “Shaq Barrett Gives Bucs Offense Props For Helping The Defense”

  1. Jerseybuc Says:

    No turtle game plan Sunday. Keep chucking it. Maybe work in few more screens to white. Bucs got the talent to beat Detroit n the experience in the playoffs

  2. Weebs10 Says:

    Bucs playing with house money and a ton of momentum!!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A huge key to our success is to get an early lead…..and we do that by throwing the ball.

    Our defense has usually been soft early but it wasn’t vs Eagles.

    Let’s keep it up, Bucs!!!

  4. D Cone Says:

    Weebs10 Says:
    January 17th, 2024 at 7:52 am
    Bucs playing with house money and a ton of momentum!

    Gambling sites are advertise ‘Place a 5$ bet and get $150 of Bonus Bets’.
    Now you are are playing with House money and the next thing you know the credit card is maxed out and your belongings are sitting on the side of the road.

    Anyone that claims they are playing with ‘House Money’ is a fool. House always wins.

  5. realistic-optimistic Says:

    he explained to Joe how the Eagles couldn’t waste too many snaps handing off to Swift because they had to play catch-up.

    The score was 16-9 at halftime, and PHI only had 5 runs. They were not over a barrel. They weren’t forced to pass. But I think Bowles’ 5 and 6 man fronts were forcing their hand.

  6. NE Fan Says:

    So off to Detroit to the Lions den,
    Who knows Bucs could surprise again

    I’m not like David, not at all,
    How I see it is how I make my call

    Yes I am bitter, I have a reason,
    It’s the way Todd Bowles handled last season

    The guys not my favorite and neither is Baker,
    If they win next week, I suppose, I’ll be the faker

    I get your comments, dislike and dismay,
    You all want to sit back and watch your team play

    Bucs lost to them earlier, that’s now in the past,
    Move onto the future, it’s coming real fast

    The Eagles are a mess and quite battered,
    Their playoff hopes the Bucs went and shattered

    No matter the score or results of the game,
    The Bucs can hold their heads high, no regrets and no shame

    They started their season with a negative vibe,
    Went into the playoffs all burners, full stride

    If this weekend’s the end, for whatever the reason,
    Fans should be happy, it’s another winning season

    If the Bucs win this weekend, they’ll be crying happy tears

    But please don’t forget Bowles here, FOUR more years!
    (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  7. Bucfan Says:

    Being agressive on offense is what the Bucs have been lacking. Bowels must have finally wooken up. Will he keep it going or will he go back to his losing ways in Detroit?

  8. Ken Says:

    Give Jalen too much time to throw and he will slice you and dice you. Good job of the Bucs for giving pressure and shutting that down.

  9. Jack Clark Says:

    NE Boy, funny how for the past two years you were bragging about how much better your head coach was than our head coach and claiming that Bowles should be fired when your head coach was the one who got fired this year for being incompetent 😂 How about them apples?

  10. Buddha Says:

    No coach is guaranteed four years. Not any longer. We live in an instant gratification society.

  11. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    NE fan stepped her game up today, I bet she got an A in her creative writing class last semester.

  12. Craig Says:

    First time for sustained drives caused the defense to flourish.

    That is because they had time to rest before getting back on the field.

    This week must be week 2 of sustained drives.

    The strategy cannot be deep passes. The Lions secondary shows zone, then changes to man. Deep passes will be thrown into a changing secondary and Baker will look worse than Dak did.

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles defense is designed to benefit from offenses that score consistently. It allows him to keep a constant stream of pressure/blitzes. Have to open up the offense, if we get in a close back and forth game, our defense is gassed by late 3rd qtr and teams start running at will on us.

  14. NE Fan Says:

    BA’s@ how did you figure out I was a woman? Jackieboy@ Now that was uncalled for, I was being nice.

  15. unbelievable Says:


    Gotta be aggressive from the start! Play to crush your opponents, not just eek out a win

  16. stpetebucfan Says:

    NE FAN

    Great post. Nice poetry and while it’s been rare the past few weeks I totally agree with your take and the explanation of your motivation.

    When I think back on our disagreements it’s not the actual observations as much as the spirit with which they’re delivered. But you’ve outted yourself honestly and so it is the way you feel Bowles handled St. Tommy. I understand that but for me even understanding what many might feel about poor Tommy why blame that on Bowles? Isn’t that more of a Licht and management decision.

    I get the frustration with Leftwich last year, perhaps the frustration that Bowles “allowed” the offensive in eptitude but LAST YEAR this team was far from genuinely being Bowles team. BA was the last guy…perhaps Licht…who has ever had genuine control of the GOAT. I’m not upset by this it’s the way it should have been. Tommy Boy EARNED that respect and the right to have an oversized say in what happened with the Bucs offense and lineups. My only gripe is with oversized power goes oversized responsibility.

    I pretty much lean towards D.R.’s observation that THIS year Todd had many excuses but in addition to those it was really the FIRST year Todd was TRULY had HC powers.

    And do not get me wrong. I loathe both D.R.’s focus on D but I respect it totally. He is not right nor am I wrong there are simply more than one way to achieve success. I love Air Coryells teams…Chuck Noll’s teams…not so much. Noll obviously had far greater success than Coryell so score one for D.R.

    I just enjoy games like Monday’s…I like watching Mayfield go…get ready Chris and then trusting Godwin sooo much he simply threw him a jump ball at the goal line. That’s what entertains me the most, But hey I loved watching that safety and the hitting of Zyon McCollum. It’s all good!

    So hey NEFan you better watch out and you’re going to become a Buc’s fan despite your justifiabe upset with Bowles.

  17. Weebs10 Says:

    D Cone it’s not that serious man try enjoying this run we’re on! This team is blast!

  18. Let em bake Says:

    Well done, ne👍

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    NE Fan is a female? Lions have enormous motivation to win this game. It’s in their dome, and they’ve never won the SB. Bowles and his team have their work cut out for them. This is Bowles’ first year as an actual head coach. I’d say it’s been a good one.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    This will be a game of HIGH emotions for many reasons.

  21. HC Grover Says:

    I think they can whup the Lions and hoping the Pack can beat the Ninnies…Think of that. BIG game at Ray Jay to go Super Bowl!!! Only less than a week away.

  22. Dave Pear Says:

    There is no reason to revert to the Turtle Offense. Lions secondary is better coached than the Birds but not as talented, and Chauncey the Gardner is no Marshawn Lattimore. Let him flap his sausage hole. Baker and his receivers, if allowed by Todd, will give Detroit some early Greek food to swallow. Skewered meat for Motown.

  23. BillyBucco Says:

    Wait did NE Fan just admit she is a girl?
    That would explain a lot!!!!
    If it was just a disdain for Bowles and an objective opinion, Im ok with that.
    But when you start saying your team is better, get lost.
    We have proven that is incorrect.
    I can tell by your comments you really don’t CARE if the Bucs lose.
    In fact, you seemingly root for the Bucs to lose.
    Stay here for 5 more years and show you care and we can let bygones be bygones.
    Bowles has done a masterful job this year by all accounts. He was right about Baker. He was right about Canales. It just took time to gel. It did with the almighty Brady too.
    He was right about playing a ton of zone throughout the year keeping guys healthy and learning what they need work at.
    Every year his teams play more man in the playoffs.
    There isn’t a single defensive coordinator Id rather have “Right Now”.
    Now if you ARE a fan, sit back and enjoy, because he isn’t finished yet.
    And neither is Baker!!!!
    Detroit goes home!!!
    Bucs 27-17

  24. Dave Pear Says:

    Billy – please be right. Hope that crystal ball is accurate and hasn’t been hammered since the end of the Eagles game. Like me.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Monday was certainly the best overall game played the Bucs, at a team level.

    Hopefully that’s because things just came together and not just because the Eagles were in the middle of a historic collapse.

    I’ll say listening to Eagles sports talk, because I wanted to hear them cry, they were not at all impressed with the Bucs, said a good team would have put the Eagles away before halftime. That’s not abnormal for crybaby fans, they rarely give credit to the other team for beating them and always claim their team gave it away, but they did have a point that the Bucs left a ton of points on the table — and no, it wasn’t just drops (if Evans drops a TD, then they score a TD 2 plays later, that doesn’t count as 7 left on the board).

    In any case, the Lions are at a completely different level than the Eagles, and I just hope people aren’t getting a big head over beating a reeling team.

  26. Crickett Baker Says:

    That was your best one yet, NE. I’m glad you did not get banned. Now I am seeing you “Fanned”. GO BUCS

  27. geno711 Says:

    NEFan being a woman does explain a lot.

    Her prognostications on football have been so much off. Someone that does not understand the game except through her boyfriend.

    The never admitting you are wrong even when it is obvious.

    It makes sense now.

  28. Obvious Says:

    I’ve got a word for you “DYNASTY”
    But let’s talk about you first..

    I’ve had No Patience for the I’ll will and low blows. And honestly wrote you right off with a couple of others who aren’t looking honest nor dignint enough to give credit where it’s due. No lies and PLEASE No Embellishment! Just honest respect where it’s earned and due.

    It’s the jack arse, childish, stomping up and down that loses All my respect. It’s a bad look bud and I gotta tell ya I didn’t think it was quite your style. ESPECIALLY as an aware guest.

    I’ve enjoyed some of your takes in the past. Found you pretty insightful and respectful in the past “for the most part”.

    Glad to see you decided to stop the disrespectful, weirdo attacks and come on back to at least somewhat cool.

    You “could be” VERY COOL if you gave into your hearts desire and Stood With Us. Stop fighting it. Stop hating yourself for being happy to be here as an actual fan. Just do it man! Come Over to the STRONG SIDE. Man it’s perfectly natural to embrace a righteous cause such as being a “team man” a ~ Buccaneer Man

    Be happy for a change as a “team member” and not just anyone player only and join US as a Real Fan. Let me give you a Very Good reason why.

    We ARE WINNERS as a TEAM after all. We DO hold 2 Super Bowl titles as one of the youngest of the 32 teams for a reason. I suppose the Glazers are getting REALLY GOOD AT hiring the right people for the job. That IS the “key to our success” In turn the GM IS hiring, drafting, and recruiting the Right People for the job and that begets coaches and players influencing the drafting and recruiting of the Right People for the job.

    Kind of a New Style of DYNASTY. Or at least THAT’S how it feels.

    I Believe you have a good mind that’s going to waste with a conflicted identity. As someone said, “A man without a team”. And if I’m wrong, go back to an unhappy and unhealthy new england and stop your futility.

    If I’m right, HERE WE ARE! The place YOU “OBVIOUSLY WANT TO BE!”

    WE WANT YOU! NE to CHANGE YOUR NAME to a Known and Respected one We Bucs fans can Admire and Appreciate as a Buccaneers Fan For Life!

    GO BUCS!

  29. Obvious Says:

    And btw, if you are a lady, that’s fantastic as well because we could use more sisters on this forum. To be honest, some of our Lady fans are our Strongest fans and respected throughout our organization. If you look at our standings in the hiring of women in ALL FACETS of the sport, WE (THE BUCCANEERS) LEAD THE INDUSTRY IN SUPPORT OF THE HIRING OF WOMEN. “FACT”

  30. Obvious Says:

    Besides, I’d personally rather have you fighting with THAT tenacity as a Minted Fan, rather than against nothing worth it because you’re also a bit of a pain in the arse. If you’ll fight THAT HARD for nothing left I could only imagine what a great openly engaged “fan” you would and could be For Something you Clearly want to be apart of that’s FULL of EXCITING Tomorrows!

    The invite has been officially given to you. Join The New Dynasty. The one that ISN’T GOING TO QUIT. The One that DIDN’T GIVE UP, TANK, OR LAY DOWN AGAINST ALL ODDS! The ONE that Stands Apart from the others ~

    H3ll idk, check yes or no or something. GET ABOARD! GO BUCS!

  31. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    NE says OMG I just got off the floor I fell over bumped my head man had to make sure I was on the rite post site I was going to welcome u but I got a feeling u r full of u know what!