Raheem Morris To Be Named Atlanta Falcons Head Coach

January 25th, 2024

It’s a Race To 10 in Atlanta!

Quite a day for Bucs fans this has been.

On the heels of 2023 Bucs playcaller/offensive coordinator Dave Canales being named Panthers head coach, former Bucs head coach Raheem Morris (2009-2011) became the new head man in Atlanta.

Raheem lands in Atlanta after years as the Rams defensive coordinator following time in Atlanta as interim head coach and an offensive and defensive coach on Dan Quinn’s Atlanta staff. Raheem is one of the rare dudes who has coached both sides of the ball in the NFL. After leaving the Bucs, Raheem was a defensive assistant with the then-Redskins.

So now Bucs head coach Todd Bowles will be battling in the NFC South next season against never-been Saints head coach Dennis Allen, green-as-grass Canales and Raheem, who has a 10-win Bucs season on his resume (2010) followed by a 10-game losing streak (2011).

Edge Bowles.

Yeah, yeah, Joe knows stats are for losers.

What next, Jon Gruden taking over as Saints offensive coordinator?

80 Responses to “Raheem Morris To Be Named Atlanta Falcons Head Coach”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Good hire for them. I’m more worried about him in Atlanta than Dave in Carolina.

  2. Tye Says:

    Bowels; Allen; Canales; Morris…. NFC South likely will be crappy a few more years!….

  3. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Actually what I hear is that Gruden will very likely be taking over at least the Saints offense soon. Possibly head coach

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    God Help Us!!!!!

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Todd Bowles is so screwed……. bottom of the trash can we go again!!!!!

  6. Pewter Power Says:

    Raheem Morris was too young to be head coach but he knows now. Didn’t get to pick his own coordinators. Mark dominic was his GM, personally Bowles is trash, we’ll be ok mom evens stays I guess but I think we’ll be third in the division and Bowles gets fired like he should have this season

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    Morris, Canales. No worries. More worried about Chucky becoming OC for the Saints.

  8. DBS Says:

    So where are the people that said the BB was the next HC. Like I said. Seems they were in no big rush to hire him.

  9. DungyDance Says:

    I know the perfect offensive coordinator for Canales. Arians said this particular person would make a great head coach some day. And he’s available. C’mon Dave, go get him!

  10. Tye Says:

    Panthers site has large portion of commenters down about the Canales hire and the Falcons site has a large portion dislike the Morris hire!… ROFL

  11. HC Grover Says:

    Here we are stuck with Bowles…what could go wrong?

  12. GhostofBrady Says:

    Man the Bucs better ask to interview Zac Robinson ASAP before Raheem convinces Robinson of joining him in Atlanta.

    Zac is the passing game coordinator for the Rams. Another McVay acolyte that knows the offensive scheme well.

  13. Boss Says:

    Wow. This is great news for Bucs fans!

    There might be hope yet.

  14. Bubby Says:

    Everyone in the nfc south will get better next year except us. I hope everyone enjoyed 9-8! Did you know Peter king picked us to win two games…. I think I read that somewhere.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Great choice by the Falcons. Rah has been passed over so many times for another HC gig. I’m glad he finally got another chance. Well earned and he will make the Falcons winners in his first season. It’s sad that we’re stuck with Bowles. I’d trade him for Raheem in a heartbeat. Raheem has fire and a strong desire to win. His players always love him too. The Bucs will likely be 2-15 next season and that’s what it will take to fire Bowles when they should say goodbye now. Canales leaves after one year and he’s not ready to be a HC but probably wanted away from Bowles sinking ship. The Bucs may have lucked into the playoffs but this season was not a success, not even close.

  16. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Conte Piscatelli Says:
    Actually what I hear is that Gruden will very likely be taking over at least the Saints offense soon. Possibly head coach


    That’s alright, the Saints can win 8-9 games for the next few years if that’s the case.

  17. Boss Says:

    BB and BA are both great coaches… or at least their record says so. Problem is there boomers and no one wants boomers anymore….they would rather lose than boomer get the credit.

  18. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Bucs quickly could have the worst head coach in the division. I expect Raheem to do really well in ATL. Same with Canales in Carolina.

  19. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Raheem has EARNED a 2nd chance for sure.

    Mckay(rumor) does not like Bill B…never has…

  20. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I think Morris was a nice move by the Falcons. He is ready for another go at it.

  21. Jack Clark Says:

    WTF is going on?? All these mediocre coaches are getting head coaching jobs now???? Make that make sense

  22. Steven007 Says:

    Rah well likely be a problem for us in Atlanta. Dave down the line perhaps. The OC pick will be pivotal. Kellen Moore would also be an option as I’m sure harbaugh will bring in his own people.

  23. Jack Clark Says:

    Bucs will definitely win the division again next year with Raheem Morris and Dave Canales as the head coaches of the falcons and panthers 😂 No competition

  24. Buc4evr Says:

    More worried about the Saints. The Bucs biggest need isn’t OC, it is a solid D line and O line. Canales just wasn’t a very good OC. Hope he makes the same mistakes at Carolina.

  25. ModHairKen Says:

    Their funeral

  26. Hunter Says:

    HIs downfall as HC here was constantly partying with the players. Got way too close and most of those players ended up focusing on partying more than football. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson there!

  27. TheMightyVH Says:

    Now this is great news for Bucs and it’s why the Falcons will always be the Falcons. Wash, rinse, repeat… same old Arthur Blank and I love it. Horrible hire.

  28. SB~LV Says:

    Good for him!

  29. Beejezus-belt Says:

    Joe, preferably Byron Leftwich goes to the Saints, that would be grand.

  30. stpetebucfan Says:

    I’m happy for both guys, I just wished they had gone at least to a different Division if not another Conference.

    While I’m “happy” for them, I now am forced to root against them big time!!!

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    I always liked Morris, he got a raw deal in Tampa. I’m happy for him that he’s getting another chance.

    But, since he’s in Atlanta, I hope he fails miserably.

  32. Proudbucsfan Says:

    There goes Zac Robinson as a OC candidate for us. Rah is probably going to bring him in for his staff

  33. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:


  34. D-Rome Says:

    I think the Falcons made the right hire for them, but my goodness, NO ONE wants Bill Belichick.

  35. Bucsmarley Says:

    I say it’s time. Let’s hire Brian Johnson the oc from Philly who was fired no fault of his. He was trasks oc coach at Florida. Franchise and trade baker. Build the trenches and we will be fine. Time to build for future

  36. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    It’s a race to adderall in Atlanta!

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Raheem has a lot to work with in Atlanta IMO, on offense & on defense. Falcons offense has talent, but they were very poorly led. Give them an experienced QB (yes, like Baker) and they’ll do far better than their #26 ranking (s coring an abysmal 18.9 PPG average).

    Their defense was going great guns UNTIL they fell completely apart in the last 2 games of the season (Bears scored 37 points on them & Saints scored 48 points). Prior to those 2 games, Falcons’ defense had given up 19.2 PPG (same as our #7-ranked defense), but then the bottom fell out … surrendering 85 points in 2 games is ludicrous, and they fell to a #18 ranking as a result.

    It’ll be interesting to see who Raheem hires as an OC AND who they bring in as their QB. Can you imagine what damage Mayfield & Evans could do in Atlanta with their OLine & run game IF they hire a quality OC? (Just kidding; Mike’s not leaving although Baker might if offered enough).

  38. Gipper Says:

    Joe knows “stats are for losers.” That’s an interesting remark. Stats are the basis for selecting members to the Pro Football HOF, the baseball HOF and the NBA HOF. If stats don’t matter, why don’t we give everyone a participation trophy and sing Kumbaya?

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    You can always tell who the Baker Bois are by their complete lack of knowledge of Bucs history.

  40. Ted Says:

    Very puzzling hires by Carolina and ATL. How do you tell me that you don’t care about winning without saying you don’t care about winning……. make these hires. Well at least they are doing their part to ensure that the Bucs can win the division every year with a .500 record.

  41. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    The NFC South is like one big inbred hootenanny from the sticks.

  42. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Never forget that the Bucs were 10-6 and then 4-2 before that London game and something happened over there and the team went back to being the 1986 Bucs.

    To this day, I would like to know what happened over there that caused such a quick and complete collapse.

  43. Eric Says:

    Good for Raheem. He has done some great coaching since he was fired here.

  44. RichieRich Says:

    Much More concerned about Atl than I am Carolina

  45. BuxfaninTX Says:

    What’s next- Greg Schiano will replace Dennis Allen! Lol

  46. MerryPlankster777 Says:

    Two wins vs Falcos next year! Rah rah shianokumba

  47. StormyInFl Says:

    I’m glad some of you are confident. I think Morris is gonna be a problem for sure. Remember, we have “King Of The Quitters” Toilet Bowles running the show down here.

  48. Drunkinybor Says:

    Freaking division is full.of ex buccaneers coaches mu.god.

  49. Drunkinybor Says:

    Morris and.canales will not be a problem. Both need alot of time. Canales doesn’t have a first ballotnhall of famer to throw to not Chris Godwin. Atlanta has no quarterback. Canales isn’t just on offense anymore its going to be Seattle least. I’m glad he’s gone so I don’t have to hear about Seattle and Pete carrol anymore.

  50. Jack Clark Says:

    Nobody wants to hire bill belichicks sorry as their head coach because he got exposed for being a fraud after Tom Brady left New England 😭

  51. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Stats are for losers, no wonder the fanbois are always throwing out statistics to show how their crush was better than Brady. Atlanta and Carolina have good defenses so they’ll have an easier go. Would be funny if Cornales tries to lure Baker the Panthers and he goes. Atleast we’d get rid of some leftovers if he does, joebucsfan.com would be a better place

  52. Pryda…sec147 Says:

    We need a beast of an OC and a hell of a draft!

  53. RiggedNFL Says:

    Radio Raheem will be constant comic fodder.

    I still have nightmares about his post game press conferences.

    But in this weak of a division, it’s a toss up who wins first place.

    Let’s embrace the insanity that is the NFC South.

    If Bowles can make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs, you’ve officially entered the twilight zone.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    People are saying no one wants Bill Belichick??? Has it occurred to anyone the he might be the one rejecting offers? LOL

    So, the Panthers hired an offensive coach with one year experience calling plays and expect him to succeed at being a Head Coach.

    The Falcons hired a failed retred as Head Coach.

    Hard to believe…but Bowles just became the best head coach in our division. Canales isn’t ready and no way is Morris better than Bowles.

    Those saying Morris got a bum deal with the Bucs? You have terrible memories. The Bucs tolerated him until they could replace him.

  55. Usfbucs Says:

    Rusty that’s funny as @&$!, the NFC South is one big inbred Buc family tree

  56. Buccos Says:

    Under Raheem the Bucs used to lose by huge margins. The team would give up almost immediately every week and get trounced like 42-10 and worse. They had no leadership and no rudder. He got lucky as sh!T his first year and then the bottom fell out. I think I would rather face Morris twice a year than Belichek, without a doubt. And granted Canales has great energy and has really helped a few quarterbacks but he is going to the worst team in football with the worst starting QB. Good luck brother. You are going to need it. Not to mention now that Daniel Snyder has been banished from the NFL, they have the worst owner in football, who literally throws drinks on the fans

  57. Pmike Says:

    So what your saying is BB is coming to the Bucs….

  58. Why Not Says:

    I would imagine that the Panthers wanted Canales based on his track record with quarterbacks who needed their careers redeemed. Bryce Young is a huge investment for the franchise, so hiring Canales make some sense. He has a thin resume, but so do most young coaches, and Canales is not that young. Morris, on the other hand, was too young and inexperienced when hired by the Bucs, though he had a great 2010 campaign. That was such a fun season! At any rate, I think Morris is a great hire for Atlanta and I expect he’ll do great. I hope it is not at the expense of the Bucs. Bowles needs to find a competent offensive coordinator. His last pick turned out great.

  59. Lightning Bucs Says:

    He sucks just like ATL! Arthur Blank couldn’t afford Belicheck and Carolina can’t afford a big name like Harbaugh. Hey Saints sign up Gruden so all the South can have our old coaches.Bucs have all their playbooks and we will win the South for 4 times in a row.

  60. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Per PFT:
    “We heard over the weekend that at least one team without a current vacancy was considering the possibility of pursuing and hiring Belichick.”

    If that was the Bucs…in view of the division hirings…there is no one that could not convince me that the Bucs would not be the best in the division.

    And Jason Licht already has a relationship with Bill.

    McDaniels could get the offense humming.

    One down side: McDaniel would eventually be offered a head coaching gig, so he would likely be promised the HC position when Bill retires.

    The bright side: If that happens, the team is young and the young players are trending upward.

  61. Buccos Says:

    We should start a petition to put Chucky back in the Ring of Honor where he belongs

  62. matthew a veal Says:

    look for raheem to be successful for atlanta, best wishes, respect and good luck

  63. It's Corn Says:

    Do the Glazers look at the timeout debacle from Bowles and go for Belichick? One wonders if they are pondering that.

  64. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You are aware that McDaniels absolutely sucked as an HC, right? Both times.

    Don’t wish that on us.

  65. Dave Pear Says:

    2024 Raheem >>> Toad the Bloweszo.

    The only NFC South wins we might get in 2024 are against the Saints.

    Todd Bowels for Dogcatcher.

    Todd Monken for head coach.

  66. CleanHouse Says:

    Good maybe we can get Bilichck

  67. unbelievable Says:

    Happy for Raheem. He deserves it. He was just WAY too young when we hired him. Can’t be partying with the players you coach lol.

    I also think a lot of you who are instantly dismissing Atlanta on this news will be eating crow. Raheem is a good coach. All that team really needs is a QB and a WR

  68. Joe in Wisconsin Says:

    Go woke go broke. Would be the perfect time to bring him back…

  69. Ted Says:

    No to BB. Last year he had Matt Patricia calling offensive plays, a guy who has always been a defensive coach. He will hire all of his kids and it will be a colossal failure. Has anyone watched the patriots since Brady left, hideous football.

  70. Allbuccedup Says:

    He we go again while the Bucs sit on their hands deciding who they are going to interview for offensive coordinator they will all be gone elsewhere. I am sure Zac Robinson will go to the dirty birds. If the Bucs lose Thad Lewis to the Raiders they should interview Brian Johnson the scapegoat from the Eagles. He worked with Kyle Trask at UF.

  71. garro Says:

    I think Blank and McKay have lost their minds.

    Go Bucs!

  72. StormyInFl Says:

    All of you dismissing Morris will likely be eating crow.

    He’s had a decade of coordinator experience since the Bucs launched him, on both sides of the ball.

    All he’s missing is a qb. If he hires Zac Robinson and lures Baker there, with Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts (who made a bust like Kyle Trask look good) and Drake London? Decent OL. Lots of pieces on defense?

    BTW, if you’re Zac Robinson, and you have to choose between Bowles (who could get launched next year) or Morris, who will get three years minimum, what do you think the choice is?

    Raheem > Bowles. Period.

    There’s a reason Belichik was sniffing around ATL, likely the only thing keeping him away was Blank’s loyalty to Rich McKay.

  73. Statguy Says:

    All we need now is Dennis Allen fired and Gruden to swoop in from his consulting job and we will have the trifecta

  74. SlyPirate Says:

    I really liked Rah. Thought we gave up too early. He’ll do well.

  75. Mike Johnson Says:

    Rah has learned a lot working with other teams. I think he is rready this time. Don’t laugh people. Falcons probably going after a QB in the draftt or FA. Thats all they need. Rah will have their D ready.

  76. Bosch Says:

    Let’s see if Morris can repeat his Buccaneer experience he losing 10 straight by an average margin and of 17 points.

  77. Orlampa Turd Says:

    If the NFL gets rid of the salary floor, if Atlanta doesn’t hire RawkStar GM Mark Dominick, and if they can find a QB… then Raheem might have a shot to win some games.

  78. 863Fan Says:

    RAHEEM In Atlanta… YES!!! This is great for the BUCS…

    This guy is a JOKE>

  79. Bucs13 Says:

    Raheem is a Joke

  80. itzok Says:

    Good for the Bucs Raheem is a bad coach, proved it with the bucs. The only reason he got hired is because the bloated organization didn’t want to lose their jobs by bringing in Belichick. Rich McCay was a bad GM for the bucs and he has been bad in Atlanta doing whatever it is he does now. If he was so good then why didn’t they hire him after they made him the interim head coach. instead they brought in Art Smith. Art smith did a good job with that team turned the soft defense around and develope d a tough team with a good running game. He tried his best to manage his terrible QB but in the end that QB cost him his job.

    Raheem and his race to 10 BS. Remember it like yesterday that season they beat one team who had won more than 5 games all season. it was a fluke.

    Cannales had to take the job in Carolina. you only get so many bites at the apple. Unfortunately Bryce young is garbage and when he fails again next year Cannles will be let go after 1 year. Sunken cost fallacy they spent so much to get Bryce young who is a midget and now they are pinning their hopes on Canneles to make a miracel happen. I don’t see it