Oh Bucs, Tom Brady Is Watching

January 3rd, 2024

“I’m watching you, Baker!”

Recently, Joe heard former Bucs quarterback Tom Brady said he doesn’t have a favorite team, though he watches a lot of NFL (and his Wolverines, too).

Brady has favorite players still in the league that he is close to and he follows them.

Based on what he said this week on his milquetoast radio show/podcast with Jim Gray heard on SiriusXM Radio, Brady must still be close to some Bucs. He’s said he’s watching the Bucs plenty this season and that the corner the Bucs have painted themselves into needing a win — or a tie and some help to get to the playoffs has a familiar feel for him.

“So you win it, you’re in,” Brady said. “Like the Bucs are playing Carolina, that’s an interesting one.”

And Brady let it be known for his successor, Baker Mayfield, Todd Bowles, and all his former teammates, he will be watching Sunday in the make-or-break game.

Not like there’s any pressure, guys.

“The Bucs, who I watch a lot, they put together a hell of a season and they’ve got a chance to win the division playing against Carolina,” Brady said. “That’s certainly one I’ll be watching.”

Joe doesn’t think this is a total cake game for the Bucs, just because the Stinking Panthers have the worst record in the NFL. First, both of Carolina’s two wins came at home.

Second, the Bucs didn’t exactly stomp out Carolina when they played earlier this fall. Another reason Joe is spooked by this game is Todd Bowles’ history.

While coaching the Jets in 2015, all Bowles and the Jets needed was a win over the then 7-8 Bills and the Jets were playoff-bound. The Bills won 22-17, helped by three rotten Ryan Fitzpatrick picks.

Gee, 17 points, sounds familiar, no? Until the Bucs exploded for 29 points against the Dixie Chicks, the Bucs were averaging 19 points a game.

Last week against the slimy Saints at home, the Bucs scored 13. Currently, the Bucs average 21.2 points a game.

Always remember and never forget when a team’s goal is to “keep it close,” that invariably means keeping the other team in the game.

33 Responses to “Oh Bucs, Tom Brady Is Watching”

  1. Tony marks Says:

    Why in the world would an ex player watching a game build any kind of extra pressure?

  2. Hodad Says:

    Thanks again for the reminders of Todd Bowles coaching failures Joe. What’s next for you today, kicking the canes away from seniors trying to walk at the nursing home?

  3. Viktor Saint Claire Says:

    Fire Todd Bowles and clean house. Too much “loafing” going on by the players, and it appears that they just don’t want “it” badly enough. Long gone are the days when fire was in the bellies of the players… Lynch, Barber, Brooks, Sapp and so many others. Are the players contracts too fat that they just want to earn a paycheck and go home? Has the ghost of Culverhouse haunted the current OBP?

    As a fan since the very beginning (yup, ’76, 0-26 survivor) it seems to me that this franchise cannot build a legacy. Look at the ’70’s Steelers, the ’80’s 49’ers, the ’00-19 Patriots (and the Packers in there somewhere too). Why can’t this organization scout and draft well.

    Ah to be a Bucs fan and always toiling in mediocrity….. Hey, hey Tampa Bay, the Bucs know how to shine………… Go Bucs!

  4. heyjude Says:

    I can understand some pressure from ex-players. Especially when the ex player is ‘The Goat’ – Tom Brady.

  5. Larrd Says:

    “That’s one I’ll be watching.”

    Sounds like he’ll be keeping tabs on it, rather than watching it. He’s probably practicing “watching” them all, like in the studio.

  6. BucU Says:

    After what I saw last Sunday I’ll be “keeping tabs” on this next game. I don’t have the stomach to sit and watch.

  7. Tony marks Says:

    heyjude Says:
    January 3rd, 2024 at 6:04 am
    I can understand some pressure from ex-players. Especially when the ex player is ‘The Goat’ – Tom Brady.


    Goat or no goat the guy is 40 plenty and can make no impact on your contract,playing time or time on the field

    The kind of people who would feel pressure at his QB position so easily wouldn’t even be in the NFL. Shucks even Trask who sucks isn’t thinking if he goes out there – I wonder what brady thinks about my next throw.
    Once professional athletes get out there they don’t have th time for such trivial nonsense

  8. Truth be Told Says:

    This is the first commentary that I have seen of any kind from TB regarding the Bucs. What took so long? Where is his feedback on how Baker is doing this year as his replacement? No comment. lol

  9. adam from ny Says:

    anyone who doesn’t watch the game sunday, yet spent the season watching the team is not a real bucs fan…

    more so, if you sit around posting on this board and don’t watch your so called team, you are mentally ill…

    no matter how you slice it, the game is for all the marbles…

    the game plan imho is to be ultra aggressive, because the panthers and that qb can not win a shootout…

    if we play dallas, you avoid a shootout…but with carolina, you want that shootout

  10. garro Says:

    Now thats funny right there!

    I son’t care who you are!

    Go Bucs!

  11. Lt. Dan Says:

    I, like Tom, will be watching. Section 318 at Bank of America Stadium. “Can’t wait!” Bart Scott.

  12. Mort Says:

    Why would you wanna keep it close? Does that mean they didn’t like the first half in the Jags game so they let them score?

    I’d prefer every game the Bucs blow out the other team 63-0. What a silly thing to want to keep it close.

  13. BucsFan81 Says:

    If this idiot Bowles loses to a 2 win Panther team he needs to be fired on the spot and not allowed on the plane back to Tampa. This is why you don’t hire inept coaches with a losing track record. We shouldn’t even be in this position. The offense has sucked most of the year with the exception of the 4 game win streak and a few other games. Even with the salary cap issues this season this team has enough talent to win the loser division.

  14. Irish Laughter Says:

    Hey Joe, give it up. For months you have been obsessed with Brady. It’s not heathy. As I said before, Tom made a mistake of coming to the Bucs. The bar has been raised to high, and Joe, you can’t handle it. Concentrate on what we have now, not what and who was here last year. Keeping it real in Ireland.

  15. Boss Says:

    Bring back Brady…..make the Bucs great again

  16. Mark hardt Says:

    According to himself Baker plays best under pressure in high stakes games and on the road in front of a hostile crowd. The evidence supports that. Ohio state in Columbus. Packers at Lambeau. Now,,,,

  17. bulldog Says:

    Mark hardt Says: “Baker plays best under pressure in high stakes games.”

    He must not have had too many of those what with .458 career record.

  18. SB~LV Says:

    The Panthers have a lot to play for
    Beating the Bucs and spoiling their season
    Showing why they dumped Mayfield
    Ending the season with a win

  19. infomeplease Says:

    Should be an interesting game. Lose your voice type! Lose your voice screaming because of the repeating 2 yard run calls or lose your voice screaming because of the 20 yard pass receptions! I prefer the later. TB please limit the no gainers!!!

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not gonna lie…I see no way to lose this week.

    Win the game, make the playoffs.

    Lose the game, make a coaching change.

  21. realistic-optimistic Says:

    BTW, congrats, Bonzai!

  22. Angry Since Kickoff Says:

    Agree with Bonzai, but I think Bowles should’ve been dismissed at halftime last week. That was a horrible performance at home during the holidays with perfect weather – exactly why many of us that used to spend thousands a year on Dungy/Gruden era teams aren’t buying tickets again. Build a real contender Glazer.

  23. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Correct. For the long term I’m thinking a loss might be best. Especially if Bud Licht goes too..

  24. NE Fan Says:

    With AZ, Chi and NE with 4 wins there is no reason for Carolina to tank this one. Bucs snuck by them the 1st game, it’s tough to be the same team twice in one season. TB12 isn’t going to blow smoke up and ex #1 draft pick that spent most of his career as a backup. Not to mention his .458 winning average. Go out and play to earn respect it’s not just given especially a guy that is padding his numbers in garbage time. Bucs lose 21-17.

  25. Crickett Baker Says:

    It boggles my mind how the Bucs can have such great games and then such a horrible one. The effort AND play-calling were abominable. One minute we have confidence and the next it is shattered. I want to put it all on one man (the coach) but I just can’t see it.

  26. Oddball Says:

    Yes, congrats Pappy Bonzai

  27. Since76 Says:

    Mark Hardt Mayfield just had a pressure game and he was absolutely awful. I think Maybe Mayfield was wrong on that one.

  28. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Really think we need a new HC. JOE can you explain why Bowles wants to keep games close and not score a bunch of points ? If you can’t then no one can. We have the players to put up points and be a darn good offense. They have even shown it if that 4 game win streak but then hey why not go back to running back into a brick wall while down 3 scores no hurry up offense and hunger then his defense suffers. I really don’t want to watch another season of this especially when I have to pay 300 dollars for YouTube/nfl package. Bowles vision of how he wants the team to play is out dated.

  29. HC Grover Says:

    We will lose this game or the next. Either way they will not fire Bowles.

  30. Lefty Says:

    Win or lose vs CAR Bowles needs to go. He really never should have been inserted as HC to begin with. This team went on a 4 game run in spite of Bowles’ shortcomings, not because of much he did.

  31. Bryan Says:

    While a Bucs fan of 30 years, things not only can but will go wrong. I think heart overcomes in the players this week. I just like being at the table. Always a chance.

  32. Panhandle Buc Says:

    Me too on my tv via local network! That week 18 TV map is def in our favor for a good portion of the country and ALL of Florida!!! LFG

  33. Panhandle Buc Says:

    *Southern part of the country