No Respect

January 30th, 2024

Sad 2024 outlook.

The Bucs were one timeout and one play from playing this past Sunday in the NFC Championship.

At worst, the Bucs were the No. 8 team in the NFL as a result. So that means they surely are expected to be good next year, right?

Well, the wiseguys at DraftKings aren’t feeling the Bucs for 2024. In fact, DraftKings has the Bucs’ odds of winning the Super Bowl at +6000. That puts the Bucs as the No. 21 team in the NFL entering 2024.

Joe has no idea why the Bucs aren’t getting more respect. Other teams that lost in the divisional round such as Buffalo (+950), Green Bay (+2000) and Houston (+2000) are way higher up the prediction list than the Bucs.

Green Bay and Houston are Nos. 8-9.

These guys at DraftKings really believe the Bears will be better than the Bucs? The Jets better than the Bucs? The Dixie Chicks will be better than the Bucs?

Joe doesn’t know if folks just have so little respect for Baker Mayfield or Todd Bowles. Is that why the Bucs are slapped around like this.

Or maybe it’s because of both Bowles and Mayfield?

58 Responses to “No Respect”

  1. ModHairKen Says:

    Tough schedule. OC vacancy. Uncertainty re Free Agents. Aging LB. Weak CBs. Worst starting C in league. Guards are a joke. No pass rushers. TE is below playoff caliber. Running game is pathetic.

    That’s why.

    Licht has LOT of work to do.

  2. Bucs Guy Says:

    Licht can’t do anything about the schedule.

  3. Allbuccedup Says:

    Its Bowles!

  4. mg Says:

    Wooden Indian is no head coach.

  5. Dlavid Says:

    Come on guys ….!!! Nobody has confidence in Bowles to get it done ! This team hit a mini streak in the playoffs ….. a1-6 stretch in the season and losing to the Saints plus a dam clunker of a win against the Panthers !!!!! No consistency of winning ball ! The Bucs will be the same team next year ! Buc fans deserve better ! Getting by like this is sorry !!! If not for a horrible division we are buried deep in the lost decade again !

  6. MJC Says:

    All the negative comments from Bucs fans is either the roster is weak or it’s Bowles.

    Have some faith.

    Hard to argue against Bowles. Going 6-2 down the stretch indicates the coach has the locker room, made adjustments to win.

    The team had talent even with the dead cap of 80 mil. You don’t make the divisional round and a few plays from NFC Championship on luck

    Last offseason the Bucs found Dave Canales. Their draft was good with players that made huge contributions. They made the right choice in Baker and few other FA’s

    Now with some cap room 40 mil and a few contracts to restructure we can keep a few big name players from leaving and add a few more pieces.

    Let Vegas and the rest of the NFL keep underestimating us.

  7. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So, they will be wrong again. Like Peter King.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    picking #26 in the draft means you were the 7th best team in the nfl this year…

    and it makes sense…

    you didn’t advance to the final 4…

    you were somewhere between 5 and 8…

    and it really isn’t up for debate…the bucs are the 7th best team of 2023…


    we lost to buffalo and houston…so they are 5 and 6…

    we beat green bay, so they are number 8

  9. darengibo Says:

    Reminds me when my wife and I were in Vegas right after Parcells changed his mind regarding coaching Tampa and we bet $800 on Bucs to win SB. When placing the bet, the cashier said “ahhh the coach less wonders!” …..hmm maybe another wager is in order!

  10. adam from ny Says:

    maybe draftkings holds dave canales in such high regard that once he abandoned ship it meant we were going to crash and burn in 2024…

    lol that’s weird – because baker and the squad probably kept “mr. good podium” afloat while he was sinking for at least more than half the season

  11. heyjude Says:

    There were many that didn’t think we would get this far this season. And we did. We could have really been in the SB too. We came very close. And looking at some teams this past weekend, we definitely could have been there.

    As others have commented, Bucs have a lot of restructuring to do and a tough season coming. Go Bucs!

  12. Tony marks Says:

    “Joe doesn’t know if folks just have so little respect for Baker Mayfield or Todd Bowles is why the Bucs are slapped around like this.”


    central Florida Buc fans VASTLY over rate the team in general.

    On offense the bucs have only ONE WEAPON teams are concerned about.

    ONE ( and like it or not and I know you won’t because of the hero worship thing – he has the dropsies in critical moments AND his age WILL kick in soon)

    Godwin is good but he is not striking fear into anyone anymore and he disappears regularly in games . Name me what we have after Evans? Home town favorites but nothing that makes the national meadia or objective analysts go – oh wow.

    On defensee our secondary was porous the whole season. We live and die by the blitz which is a prescription for dying in many games becasue no matter how good you are blitzing, I’ve never seen a team that got to the QB even half the time

    which is fun stuff when your pass coverage is porous. Texan game, was the shiniing example of how that bit us in the rear.

    You in particular Joe have TREMENDOUSLY over rated the Oline all season. Detroit told us all what a mess the oline is at protecting the QB. Sure there were times when rushers came in from the edge ( and the great Canales made litle to no adjustment like he wanted his QB to get buried and put in the ICU) but quite often the collapse was right in the middle.

    and NOTICe haven’t touched the issue of runnig bakck and game – the worst in the league

    Because you and a lot of these commenters can’t see what all the rest of the league sees theres this obsession with Baker and Bowles. The team is sooooo wonderful that if we could change one or the other every thing would be peachy and we’d be on our way to the super bowl

    Long and short – Homer Delusions.

    Lots more to fix . the good news is it isn’t expensive to fix. You just have to get off the obsession with one fix wonders when you are leaking all over the ship.

    You will all continue to be confused and outraged over the national pundits because they don’t see the team through Homer eyes. They see it as it is and they saw a team that OVER ACHIEVED based on its talent level.

  13. herbiebuc Says:

    great give us another chip on our shoulders i love whenthey doubt us thats when we play our best only when we have expectations is when we under perform

  14. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Bowels is expected to do several really stupid things a season. It only takes one “oh shat” to wipe out a games worth of “attaboys”. And bowels keeps more “oh shats” in his back pocket than timeouts.

  15. Zoocomics Says:

    “The Bucs were one timeout and one play from playing this past Sunday in the NFC Championship.” …what!?

    …Is this still in reference to the last series of the game? Are you kidding with this comment? You couldn’t say that we were just under 2 minutes with a timeout with a potential to tie-it, then Baker threw a god awful int and that pretty much was the game right there, but you need to throw more red meat at your hate base here on to prove how right you are? What are you doing man?

    It’s so hypothetical to assume anything plays out the way you’re drawing it up. If Bowles takes his last time out after the first kneel down to stop the clock but lord knows it never over, perhaps Campbell ops to advance the ball forward on the subsequent TWO plays he still had left. Then his kicker has to miss the field goal, then whatever time is left, we’re hoping for a reasonable Hail-Mary attempt to not tie it but get us within 2 points of tying it.

    All this because well, look how close we came against Buffalo in our last-ditch effort. Damn I just cannot believe you can’t let this go man.

  16. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Another “all these negative remarks just have faith oh boo hoo!” poster. Man give it a rest telling us to be part of TEAM POSITIVE. We are Bucs fans and have every right to post negative things because we’ve seen it all. Can’t see how anyone can have any real belief that a less than a middling HC and qb who’ve never shown themselves to be consistently good can lead this team to the Super Bowl. One makes horrible calls at the worst moments and can’t get a pass rush nor stop a decent offense to save his life and the other has a hard time bringing the team from behind and will throw a season ending int at the worse possible time. This is what happens. We always hope for better but get let down. Now add on top of that no OC and voila! Recipe for an upcoming bad season……but we still hope

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Zoocomics … Actually MAYBE Joe’s right. IF Mayfield hadn’t thrown that INT with 2 minutes left but had connected on a bomb for a TD to say Evans, then it would’ve been 31-29 and MAYBE we could’ve tied it with a 2-point conversion. And then MAYBE our defense could’ve held up long enough to take it to overtime. And MAYBE we could’ve outscored the Lions in OT (if MAYBE our defense had held them again). So ya, we were MAYBE 1 play and 3 or 4 other MAYBEs away from winning that ballgame.

    Looking back at the week prior, MAYBE this is all Canales’ fault. MAYBE Tepper told him that he had the job as Panthers’ HC when he first interviewed him UNLESS the Bucs won the Super Bowl. So MAYBE Canales called that pass play on purpose knowing that Mayfield would throw an interception & we’d lose the ballgame. Yup, that’s as good as any of the other stupid scenarios that I’ve read lately on those last 2 minutes. Funny how MAYBEs work.

  18. gp Says:

    When the coach admits to throwing in the towel, whether you have 2 minutes, or 30 seconds, you have an issue.
    It’s not so much the situation… Or how we got there… It’s his statement that he gave up.
    30 seconds can be a long time at the end of the game.

  19. Popcorn Mike Says:

    So much bi…ing about Bowles is no good, the center is crap and so on and so Like my ex wife. She bi..hed about every thing It didn’t take long to figure out that she just didn’t like me 😊. I complain too about bad play from players and coaching but not every little thing. If you don’t like Bowles just say it. I am not a Bowles or Mayfield fan but I am a Bucs fan since 1976 So I’ve had my share of complaints the pass 2 years but, give credit where credit is due. How would you like to be a Panthers, Jets, Raiders or Commanders fan.

  20. Fred Says:

    Bowles is the reason. We all know it, Joe.
    Maybe you should start covering tennis news

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW, the brainiacs at DraftKings have ZERO idea of what the Bucs’ final roster will look like this year. Nor do they have any idea of what the other 31 teams’ rosters will look like this year. Any ‘rankings’ they come up with in January are totally useless and certainly don’t deserve our attention. Worthless article that just emboldens those bent on seeing the Bucs in a negative light.

    Unfortunately some allow assessments like this to drag them down into the cesspool of negativity, where they feel free to crap all over themselves & others. Those same folks did that at the start of this past year … and they were WRONG. If ‘You are what you’re record says you are’ as many if not most seem to believe, then the 2023 Bucs finished in the Top-8, NOT in the Bottom-8 per the naysayers predictions.

    We ‘grew’ a LOT in 2023, and our youngsters (almost HALF our team) got a LOT of experience & markedly improved. We have the POTENTIAL to bring back our key free agents, to add several others, and to have a quality draft. IOW … the POTENTIAL to get better. None of us know if we’ll realize that POTENTIAL, but that’s the joy of football. I agree that HOPE isn’t a strategy, but neither is letting a bunch of aholes drag you down into the muck with them. If you all TRULY trust Licht as you say you do, give him a chance to reload the cannons.

  22. Marky Mark Says:

    Good. We got them right where we want them. Sequel of last year. Prove em wrong II, The Lombardi Trophy

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow, hadn’t expected THAT one to land me in the cooler too.

  24. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Joe has no idea why the Bucs aren’t getting more respect. Other teams that lost in the divisional round such as Buffalo (+950), Green Bay (+2000) and Houston (+2000) are way higher up the prediction list than the Bucs.

    Those other teams aren’t heading into next season with 1/3 of their roster as pending free agents. And they’re not eating 50+ mil in dead cap next season either. Those are probably the biggest reasons. But yeah, people outside of Tampa are still not sold on B & B (shocker).

  25. All_da_way Says:

    The reason is why the Bucs have a lot of questions marks again this off season.

    But with more cap space to work with I think the Bucs will have an even better off season.

  26. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Big flipping deal. The Bucs will keep on keeping on. Good or Bad, they will keep on.

    lol lol this is a game played by millionaires, that means absolutely nothing in the scheme of life.
    It is here for one thing = ENTERTAINMENT and it is very entertaining.

    Maybe I could bring this conversation up with a few of my neighbors that make less than 2 us dollars a day here in the Philippines.

    They would be like, what is football, what is NFL lol lol


  27. Marky Mark Says:

    I like the Canales threw the game to get the Panthers job theory. Very Tony Soprano. Dave is Italian? Right? Somebody call Netflix. Do a series where a sports league where all the outcomes are fixed by organizEd crime. Call it the Canoles. Wait … That exists and it is pro wrestling except its the Redneck mob. So just have a writer hang out in pro wrestling for 6 months with all access. Wait..Does not the Rock own the UFL? OMG it is already happening.

  28. Allbuccedup Says:

    Talk about no respect we thought we were getting two compensatory pick for losing Dave Canales until the NFL said he wasn’t here long enough to qualify for those picks. When did that rule get implemented?

  29. Fansince76 Says:

    It’s all good, i won some coin this year on the over under for the Bucs and with them winning the division and making the playoffs. I like getting better odds so thanks for the disrespect from the sportsbooks.

  30. adam from ny Says:

    lets say baker actually is here next year…

    if baker isn’t cookin’ in the pot…

    is he cookin’ in the bowles…?

    serious question – asking for a friend


  31. Uhhmm Says:

    Todd Bowles and no Franchise QB. I will bet the house on those odds.

  32. All_da_way Says:

    But given how much talent this team still has compared to other NFL teams it is disrespectful. Yes they did overchieve as a team this past season but they also left a lot of Ws on the field due to poor plays from players and Bowles HC time mismanagement.

    I think the disconnect happens because as seen in the comment here there are Bucs fans that feel the team isn’t that talented. So that is reflected upon what you see in the national media as well.

    The offense does need an infusion of more younger talent but it isn’t barren. The constant disrespect of Evans and Godwins is a good example. Also, Wirfs quietly put together a textbook season while transition to LT as a bookend and Goedeke proved us all wrong. White put together 1300+ all purpose yards which puts him in the elite category. Fix the interior OL, add more playmakers at WR, TE and RB and the offense is going to be back to an upper tier level again.

    Defense is an edge rusher opposite of Diaby and a healthy boundary CB away from being consistently top tier again. Davis and Dean being injured has cost this team too many wins and is why the pass defense is so inconsistent.

  33. stpetebucfan Says:

    Perhaps the guys at Draft Kings read the JBF comments section! LMAO

    Several decades in business in broadcasting organizations and managing a Dental Office.

    This is not rocket science. The Bucs should build on their success and clean up any weaknesses. Here however about half the board simply want to wail about the challenges!

    Just use your eyes! Yes there were mistakes made this past season…by EVERY team. How do you think Cowboy and Eagles fans feel this morning?

    BUILD on the strengths and correct the weakness. Somebody here made the solid argument that Bowles is looking to build a team like Lynch’s Niners. A smothering defense, a powerful OL, the best RB in the game…and then a “good” QB. Baker Mayfield is as good IMHO as Purdy. I’d say it’s a great comparsion. Neither are Mahomes or Jackson. Neither are Allen or Burrows. But both can get the job done as part of a TEAM!

    Successes…Baker to ME13…CG…Otton with flashes from Durham and Trey Palmer…a great receiving RB….On D the emergence of rookies YaYa and Calijah and McCollum and Britt! There is a LOT to build on!!!

    What are the challenges. FA has been beaten to death…I believe JL will take care of that….

    The team got whipped in the trenches…that virtually never happens to SF or Detroit. BUILD THE TRENCHES! 2 more OL and another edge rusher and get a great RB! The Bucs have no real running game. Blake Corum ran well all year in big games like OSU and then blowing my mind with that run against Bama!

    If Corum drops out of the first make a play for him. I saw a bruising Miami of Ohio running back go off in a bowl game. Admittedly against inferior competition but he was BIG. Find a LARGE RB in the later rounds or UDFA.

    Build on the success…sign the FA’s

    Address the weakness…BOTH lines especially the OL which was a success overall considering the youth. It STILL needs two more good to great players.

    Weak pass rush…improving but a player or two a way.

    No power running. Find Corum or another great back.

    I LOVE this Draft Kings odd setting. The Bucs seem to really thrive when they are disrepect. I do not want respect from outside of Tampa for the Bucs. Keep them pizzed off! It would be nice however to see a LITTLE respect here on a blog with the last name FANS!

  34. Jack Clark Says:

    We should do better next year because we will have a more experienced OC than Dave Canales and more money to spend on hiring the best players

  35. Mort Says:

    The jets might very well be better than Tampa. The Bears and falcons however… nah.

  36. Allen Lofton Says:

    Who cares about DraftKings. The game is played on the field, not some betting arena.

  37. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  38. Colonel Angus Says:

    This is good. Bucs tend to do better as the underdog. Hopefully they continue to be counted out all offseason.

  39. ScottyMack Says:

    The Bucs ‘ 2024 schedule is not any tougher than their 2023 schedule.

  40. D-Rome Says:

    Hard to argue against Bowles. Going 6-2 down the stretch indicates the coach has the locker room, made adjustments to win.

    No doubt about it. He definitely has the locker room. A few of the Bucs players were wearing Todd Bowles t-shirts earlier this year on one of their road trips.

  41. Bucfan Says:

    BOWLES- sums it up!

  42. stpetebucfan Says:


    “BOWLES- sums it up!”

    Really? What is actually true is that your post sums up your limited thinking.

    Where were the Bucs forecast to finish in Bowles first year when he had Brady,

    Your problem is two fold. Your feelings about Bowles are intensified by some trigger. And like many here you believe there is ONE problem with the Bucs.

    Like all NFL teams the Bucs face challenges. But IMHO they have the ability to address them. Bowles wants to resemble SF NOT KC! As Lovie used to say…”It’s as simple as that”.

  43. NYbucsfan Says:

    Bowles stinks… he is a terrible game manager. He lacks the ability to make the correct changes on the fly when necessary. Obviously has poor clock management.

  44. D Cone Says:

    Was that one play the horrible pass thrown with a little less than two minutes left? Pretty ironic that the season started with ball security being top priority and ending due to lack of it.

    Give up the one time out and one play stretch to make it appear that the Bucs had a chance in Haiti after Mayfield gave it away.

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    Marky Mark … Kudos. How to fumble & run with it.

  46. stpetebucfan Says:

    D Cone

    The issues do not revolve around a few dozen plays. Baker looked like he was in fire drill mode the entire Detroit game and several others as well.

    I was impressed with the improvement of the OL. Wirfs remains a rock even after the move to the left side…which freed Goeddeke to blossom into a good RT.
    Mauch played well for a rookie and brought “some” of Jensen’s intensity and the ability to draw penalties talking trash to defenders…a well timed shove…

    Get a Center and LG and another pass rusher and keep the rest of the band together. The sky is NOT falling!

  47. Bucnjim Says:

    This isn’t a Super Bowl roster! Not sure why so many fans are upset over getting into the playoffs. The Bucs overachieved this year by a lot. Bowels might not be my favorite, but I love the fact that we can compete while rebuilding. Tough decisions need to be made by the GM but I like our direction.

  48. Jmarkbuc Says:


    The work he’s done put us here.

    DR..”Maybe” is why they play the games.

  49. SlyPirate Says:


    Free Agents: Baker, Evans, and Winfield. No OC. No legit Center or LG. Those are significant gaps. Let’s see what we all think after FA.

  50. T. McGee Says:

    The schedule is a huge part of it. 7 playoff games without the division games. The Bucs could be much better and still have to sneak into the playoffs.

  51. It's Corn Says:

    Let’s get real, they were 10-9 this year, with 4 of those wins against the crappy NFC South. Any other division, they probably go 7-10, which is about… 21st or so.

    And a new Offensive Coordinator coming as well.

  52. GP Says:

    It ‘seems’ like Bowles tries to use the same game plan for every game, forcing our will on the opposition. I do like this Approach, but It does require that we have an absolutely dominant defense. We don’t.
    In this day and age of parity in the league, you sometimes have to be a little more flexible and creative. Bowles doesn’t ‘seem’ to like to admit that.
    Towards the end of the season, however, it did ‘seem’ that there was some sort of creativity being implemented, and that gives me hope for him. That’s why I give him a “C+”.
    Giving up with time on the clock (it doesn’t matter how much time or how it came to be there) ‘seems’ like a bad sign to me.

    I don’t care how we win(legitimately) just so long as we win with some consistency.
    Regardless of all our bickering, it appears that he has at least another year to prove himself.

    I hope he does well.

  53. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The Bucs were a Detroit Offensive Line away from playing this past Sunday in the NFC Championship Game

  54. Tye Says:

    It’s mostly Bowles reputation…

    Just like at the beginning of this season the public prediction was poor, yes because Brady left but also Todd’s poor HC reputation…
    Rogers was traded but people did not have so low of expectation for the Packers as they did the Bucs…

    ‘Joe has no idea why the Bucs aren’t getting more respect.’
    I see it as MANY people give Canales the credit for the Bucs surprising successful season and now he is gone so the Bucs lost their reason for winning!

  55. Tye Says:

    Bowels is a great example of the worst guy to have at HC…
    Mediocre, low to average, just able to get you a .500 season but can’t get his team very far in the playoffs….

    Sort of like Marty Schottenheimer getting fired after a 14-2 season….
    He was great at getting wins throughout the regular season but could not get his team to the Super Bowl and he was many times better of a HC than Bowels!

  56. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    This is easy

    No one knows anything yet???

    Take the bet

  57. Mike C Says:

    ModHairKen Says:
    January 30th, 2024 at 3:58 am

    Tough schedule. OC vacancy. Uncertainty re Free Agents. Aging LB. Weak CBs. Worst starting C in league. Guards are a joke. No pass rushers. TE is below playoff caliber. Running game is pathetic.

    That’s why.

    Licht has LOT of work to do.

    Yes, and all 31 other teams are perfect? Get a grip bro

  58. Bosch Says:

    Well it can’t possibly Bowles. Joe gave him a B+ and said anyone giving him less than a B- should look in the mirror. Must be something else.

    Modhair Mike C has it right, although there is a little promise at the TE spot.