Most Improved

January 29th, 2024

Most improved?

So, we’re 13 days from the Super Bowl. The Bucs season is over. Todd Bowles is interviewing candidates for offensive coordinator. Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is in Mobile for the Senior Bowl.

Not a bad time to take a quick look back.

Who was the most improved Bucs player?

Zoltán Buday of the PFF Tribe thinks he knows. In Buday’s mind, it’s right tackle Luke Goedeke.

Goedeke is the only player on this list who changed positions between the 2022 and 2023 seasons, moving from guard to right tackle. The switch went so well that Goedeke was among the best second-year offensive linemen in the NFL.

Goedeke was very much improved. Bucs tackles were not a problem. As a rookie, Goedeke was simply overwhelmed playing a new position on the quarterback’s left side from his normal right tackle position where he played at Central Michigan.

Joe might offer another player who might be the most improved. What about Rachaad White?

White was a little better as a runner. Just a little. He more than doubled his attempts from last season but his results, however, were basically the same. White had 990 yards rushing compared to 481. But his yards per carry dropped a fraction.

However, White became an elite back catching passes out of the backfield. At one point last season, one of the most dangerous in the NFL.

While White didn’t improve as a runner, he became a weapon in the passing game.

35 Responses to “Most Improved”

  1. Bucfan Says:

    Didn’t the Bucs have a new left tackle this year?.

  2. BakerFan Says:

    Otton came on pretty strong at end of season…. If it was Goedeke, how bad was he to begin with because in Detroit he got destroyed a few times.

  3. BucsFan Says:

    Was KJ Britt the most improved or most improved usage??????

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Everyone and their Mom on JBF used to rag on Goedeke during his rookie year…

    Typical Bucs fans….expect instant success.

  5. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Totally agree about Goedeke. My top three most-improved Bucs are:

    1) Goedeke
    2) McCollum
    3) RWhite

  6. SB~LV Says:

    Toothless will be right behind him with a offseason on weight and diet training
    We absolutely need a bigger center.
    That said the Lions OL is VERY IMPRESSIVE! Along with two stud running backs.
    They simply let down mentally and paid a massive price that will haunt their players for the rest of their lives

  7. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    I like Rachaad, but I do think the Bucs should draft or otherwise obtain a better between the tackles runner and have White be the third down back.

    But the top of the draft should focus on interior offensive linemen and edge rushers.

  8. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    Said it before, we need a big back to wear down a defense and White with a little more help from the line will be a lot better. He had a pretty awesome receiving year and that showed with a little more space he can do some damage. Even Chase couldn’t do much and he’s fast.

  9. It's Corn Says:

    Cade Otton

  10. @Hands2theFace Says:

    Goedeke and White are just two reasons why Goody and Joe Gilbert need to stay right where they are and not go to Carolina or anywhere else.

  11. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    Let me say something a weird, Keft could maybe pound the rock… Lol 😂 He has to have ball handling skills he’s a tight end.. The new Mike, get that man a jeep to pull like Mike used to do with his wife… Just saying…

  12. Mike Says:

    Yeah, I agree it’s got to be Goedeke on offense. On defense, I would say Britt.

  13. #99 the big fella Says:

    Definitely need a bigger center, need a left guard ,a bruiser for a running back. And we need to add speed to this offense. Oh and someone who can sack quarterbacks.

  14. Bosch Says:

    What about Winfield as a candidate for most improved?

  15. Brandon Says:

    He absolutely did improve as a runner or are we not counting the last half of the season? Getting Feiler out of there helped, White being a little more aggressive to the hole helped as well… not to mention a little better playcalling from the usually overmatched Canales. But White averaged about a yard more per carry in the second half of the season than he averaged over the first half. I’d say that it was a huge improvement. BTW, if he didn’t go down on purpose to stay in bounds and/or not score on breakaway runs against the Falcons and Panthers, White would have easily went over a 1000 yards… but he chose to be a team player first. Ten more yards and most people would be talking about what a relevation he was.

  16. Brandon Says:

    … oops… revelation

  17. Dirk Disco Says:

    We need an angry running back like Pacheko of the Chiefs. White is just not the answer.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I remember a year ago, fans here wanted Goedeke cut.

    Development is a wonderful thing. Patience is another.

  19. SlyPirate Says:


    Hall – Gholston-like career start
    Goedeke – Top 10 RT in the NFL
    R White – 2nd best receiving back in the NFL
    Otton – Showed up big in the playoffs
    Camarda – Top 3 punter in the NFL
    Zyon – Maybe the 2nd best CB on the team
    Kieft – Still on the team. Pretty good for a 6th round pick

    Licht got a very serviceable group of role players in 2022

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    #99 the big fella Says:
    “Definitely need a bigger center, need a left guard ,a bruiser for a running back.”

    I agree 1000%!

    And the center needs to be downright nasty. Like Jensen was. I loved that guy!

    So far as RB…I do not think it is a coincidence that we have not had a great Running Game (outside of Doug Martin on year?) since Alstott retired. We need to bring back that FB/HB/RB.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Winfield is the most improved in my opinion.

  22. SlyPirate Says:

    I can’t wait for Kancey and Diaby to get an offseason of improvement.

    Would it surprise anyone if both had 10-12 sacks next season?

  23. cometowin2 Says:

    Take a look at Braelan Allen RB coming out of Wisconsin. 20 years old 6’2″ 245 lbs. Gonna probably take at least a 2nd round pick.

  24. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I think Goedeke is a good choice, but I really liked how Zyon McCollum took his game up a notch. An old coach used to say your biggest ability is availability. Well, our two top corners are injured a lot. McCollum on the other hand appears to just be built differently the kid is improving steadily as a cover corner and he isn’t afraid to hit someone. He will flat out crack you. Just ask Julio Jones how hard this kid hits.

  25. Allbuccedup Says:

    Shouldn’t the head coach be at the senior bowl also. Or is Licht just picking all the players and Bowles is just sitting around disinterested. I mean you can interview OC candidates in mobile also. Maybe its just me but Bowles doesn’t seem to have his heart in this job.

  26. Doooshlarue Says:

    Sorry, I don’t think Goedeke looked that great this year.
    The effort was there but the technique is lacking.
    Hopefully he makes another step forward next season.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    There were a ton of guys on this squad that improved this year. That’s a really good sign and a pat on the back should be given to this coaching staff. I know it’s fun to rag on Bowles, and I do quite often too, but there’s no denying that players are being developed in the Bucs organization.

  28. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Most of our improved players are on the offensive side of the ball. Brady and Byron had no time for the new guys.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    White was the same guy he was last year.

    Luke improved dramatically.

    Zyon however might have improved even more since he was starting from a very low base, and looked completely lost out there last year.

    Also, Logan Hall has steady improved. People expect sack numbers, but in this scheme, that isn’t what DE’s do, they they’re mainly to stop the run and take up space so LBs can make plays, and Hall improved a lot since last year. Also, physically, at least in uniform, he appeared to be much bigger than he was his rookie year when he looked more like a 4-3 DE.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    Casuals were trying to run the glass-eater out of town.

    Dude is tougher than woodpecker lips!

  31. Mort Says:

    White was a turnstile in pass pro specifically highlighted by that lions game. Yes, he improved as a pass catcher, but he suuuucks in pass pro. I cannot say he was even as good as Goedeke, much less more improved.

  32. Wild Bill Says:

    Otton was a consistent bright spot in the Bucs season. Good hands for a big guy and makes plays with defenders hanging all over him. White up the middle is not his strength. Bucs need a new banger for that. But White as a pass catcher and runner after the catch is exciting to watch. Bucs need a ground pounder with speed who is also a good blocker.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Great to see his improvement.
    With Wirfs, our starting tackles are in place.
    With an off season in the weightroom, Mauch can be a great guard.
    As Ive beensaying since week 5, Our offseason needs
    Pass rusher
    Either thru draft or free agency- thats the needs

    In Jason Licht we trust! ( not so much on D lineman, though! Lol)

  34. Jeremy Goins Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Jason Licht hates AC/DC

  35. garro Says:

    Anyone who thought Goedeke was gonna have a career year before the season is lying.

    Good Job sir!

    Go Bucs!