Mike Evans Gives Dave Canales Props For His Season

January 5th, 2024

Helped by Dave Canales.

Future Hall of Fame receiver Mike Evans is having one of the best seasons in his incredible career. He is 89 yards away from having the second-best season of his career.

And yes, Evans leads the NFL in touchdown catches.

Did Joe mention Evans is 30?

Yesterday Evans had a session with the local pen and mic club and Joe wondered how much of an impact Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales had on Evans.

Joe remembered back in training camp that Evans had mentioned Canales had him running routes that he had never run before. So Joe asked Evans, if this diversified set of routes he is running had any effect on him having such a good season this year.

Evans said it did indeed have an impact.

“It helped a lot,” Evans said. “It’s hard for teams to double me and key on me as much. I’m all over the field.”

Joe knows on more than one occasion, Canales has said Evans is the best receiver he’s ever worked with. Given some of the top-shelf receivers Canales worked with in Seattle, that’s saying a lot.

9 Responses to “Mike Evans Gives Dave Canales Props For His Season”

  1. Bucfan Says:

    Evans would have had at least 500 more yards if the play calling was better.

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    LOL ^ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yeah……….I dunno bout all dat!!!!!!

  3. Not Says:

    Lots of a— kissing ! That’s OK.
    Gotta love ME13.

  4. SlyPirate Says:

    Not Says:
    Lots of a— kissing ! That’s OK.
    Gotta love ME13.


    Harvard Business Review’s research shows #1 way to get paid is NOT performance. The #1 way to get paid is if the boss likes you.

    If I was asking for $30M a year, I’d be all kisses with a big brown nose.


    JOE, 30 IS PRIME!!! (not old). 30-32 are the best stat years for the best WR. Here’s what the top dogs did at 31. Most had better years at 32.
    Rice: 1502. Fitz: 1215. Owens: 1204. Moss: 1008.

  5. Brandon Says:

    Yes, 30 isn’t old for a WR, QB, OL, or DB. Most LBs play fairly well a few years into their 30’s. Lemme know when he’s 33 and still elite… that’s usually the beginning of the end for the complete receivers.

  6. Brandon Says:

    More numbers… Marvin Harrison 1702 yards at 30 (his best ever statistical year by far, 143 catches), at 32 he had over 1100 yards and set a personal best for TDs with 15. At 32, Andre Johnson 1407 yards and 100+ catches, Reggie Wayne 1355 and 100+ catches, Art Monk 1186 and set the 3rd highest catch and yard numbers of his career, Steve Largent had his last 1000 yard season, Tim Brown pumped out his 6th straight 1000 yard season at 32… he kept the streak to nine at 35. Julio Jones did the same thing, 1000 yards at 32, his 6th straight and kept going to 35…. James Lofton had a 1000 yard season at 35 after rejuvenating his career with the Bills and not having a 1000 yard season since he was 29… and last one… Andre Reed, last 1000 yard season at… 32.

    I think the point is… 30 is NOT freaking old for a receiver. Thirty three is where receivers start to show the wear and tear and lose some of their physical edge and their mental edge is no longer enough to make up for it.

  7. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Very impressed with Canales. He’s come a long way this year. Realized wide zone wasn’t working and adjusted his concepts for running game. Moved Godwin back in the slot. Preached quick pass to Mayfield. Give him one more year and it will be unbelievable

  8. Jay Says:

    He would have 500 more yrds and 4 or 5 more TD if he hadn’t dropped multiple balls that were very catchable js

  9. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Overall I think Canales has done a decent job as a first year offensive coordinator. Not too happy with constantly pounding the ball up the middle when we are only getting one yard but I understand why he does it. I just think that part of his thinking is a little flawed. The best this offense has run has been the two previous games before the Saints. He really opened things up and went against the conservative approach which had been run all year. Given the chance I think Canales will be a damn good OC and maybe a head coach one day.