Chris Godwin Joins The Walking Wounded, But It Is Unlikely A Big Deal

January 12th, 2024

Injury report.

The Bucs now have 3.5 starters on the injury report.

Three practices down, three key starters remain limited for the Bucs. That would be quarterback Baker Mayfield (ribs/ankle), linebacker K.J. Britt (calf) and left tackle Tristan Wirfs (illness).

Joe saw Wirfs in the locker room today and he admitted he’s been pretty sick. Also, Wirfs had a shoulder wrapped up.

The additional starter added to the injury report is wide receiver Chris Godwin. However, it appears he was only given a complete rest day for his his knee.

12 Responses to “Chris Godwin Joins The Walking Wounded, But It Is Unlikely A Big Deal”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Lovely… should be a great game!!!

  2. Marky Mark Says:

    Palmer will shine.

  3. Todd Says:

    Chris Godwin’s wife needs to go ape sh-t on the trainer! That’ll get Chris better!

  4. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Ice up Boyz!! Get used to that cold, cuz that’s where you headed next! 🥶

  5. Since76 Says:

    If Godwin couldn’t go the bucs would lose.

  6. captivajim Says:

    i agree with Since 76;; if Godwin can’t go–we will lose

  7. Hammerhead Says:

    Marky Mark, would like to see Palmer get some separation for a change. Not including his distressed fumble against the Saints.
    Also, Devin Thompkins could make a big play too down field.

  8. Citrus County Says:

    Pete Carroll for 1 or 2 years to further groom Dave Canales ? I hope the Glazers give that some thought. That would take some pressure off Dave and allow him to work with a possible replacement for Baker in 3 years and to develop his staff. Carroll could take on a Tom Moore role.

  9. heyjude Says:

    Agree with Citrus County. Sounds like a plan, if needed.

    I think Carroll is staying on as an advisor, like Arians did. But I think he may be all in as being a HC elsewhere. He did pass on Baker years ago as a Seahawk QB.

  10. Bosch Says:

    Hey Jude says: I think Carroll is staying on as an advisor, like Arians did.

    Well the maybe he is available because if he plays that role like Arians did that means fade into obscurity.

  11. Dana Says:

    You guys are ignoring there are three phases to the game. The one the Bucs typically DOMINATE is special teams. Our field goal kicker two misses came off blocked kicks and many of his makes where abnormal long. Thompson fields punts and sometimes returns them versus letting them bounce into poor field position like Darden. Finally, our punters overall has had a Pro Bowl season.

    In the regular season we ignore these attention to details, however when we play on a short field it makes scoring touchdowns mor probable.

    Secondly, the defense has begun to tighten up since the return of Barrett and White. The problem with the defense is when need someone opposite YaYa coming off the edge without blitzing every play.

    Because of number two, that is why they try to run the ball to minimize the number of times they need to score. However, if they do what Cameron Brat recommended and run the offense through Goodwin like they did against Green Bay, they will score 30 points a game. This is the third phase of the game.

  12. darengibo Says:

    Looks like AJ Brown is OUT !