TV Map For Bucs-Packers

December 16th, 2023

Free football.

Good news for Bucs fans who live far outside Tampa. This game will be carried by CBS affiliates throughout much of the country.

In fact, outside of the Monday night game the Bucs played against Philadelphia and the Thursday night game at Buffalo, Joe thinks it is fair to say more real estate in the lower 48 will be blanketed with a Bucs game tomorrow than any other non-prime time game this regular season.

Outside of Central Florida, if you live in the Carolinas or the Midwest or the mountain states, there is a very good chance you can watch the Bucs-Packers game free via your local CBS affiliate.

The CBS crew of Andrew Catalon, Tiki Barber, Matt Ryan and AJ Ross will have the call from historic Lambeau Field. Locally, the game will be broadcast on WTSP-TV Channel 10.

If the Bucs can pull off a road win against the Packers in the cold Green Bay December air against an improving Jordan Love, the Bucs may very well be on their way to an unprecedented third straight NFC South title.

Bucs fans can head to Big Storm Brewing in Ybor City or Big Storm’s other taprooms in Odessa, Clearwater, Cape Coral and downtown Orlando at the Amway Center to catch the game. Naturally, visiting your neighborhood Hooters is always a wise move. Bonus: Select Hooters in Florida carry Big Storm Brewing beer on tap!


CBS Sunday Broadcast Map

Green: Tampa Bay @ Green Bay
Red: NY Jets @ Miami
Yellow: Houston @ Tennessee
Blue: San Francisco @ Arizona (LATE)
Burnt Orange: Washington @ LA Rams (LATE)

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15 Responses to “TV Map For Bucs-Packers”

  1. realistic-optimistic Says:

    GB usually has pretty good coverage. People like watching them, even when they play teams like the Bucs. Thanks, GB!

  2. James in Memphis Says:

    What do you mean a team like the Bucs you loser. The Packers are the most underachieving team in NFL history. How do you have almost 35 years between Farve and Rodgers and only have two championships?? Watch your lip on this site son…

  3. Proudbucsfan Says:

    James 🤣

  4. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Most the country gets to watch GB&TB and I’m in Pensacola only 6 hours from Tampa and I’m stuck with the Jets&Miami 🤬

  5. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Truth hurts? At least GB can find good QBs and HCs. At least GB can regularly enter the second season. They have 22 playoff appearances in the last 31 years (since Favre’s first year in GB), and 2 SB wins. TB has only 10 playoff appearances in that same span. Yes, 2 SBs, but a lot of bad seasons in between. You think consistent success is “underachieving,” but I’m the loser. Okie dokie.

  6. John Sinclear Says:

    Thanks for nothing, CBS. We are “privileged” to get Jets – Dullphins in Ft. Myers!

    Back to NFL Red Zone time.

  7. HC Grover Says:

    CBS Sucks

  8. Bob Says:

    If you live in Ft Myers I recommend Apollo Group TV for about $157.00 a year you can get any tv station in the USA. I will watch the game from the cbs in Tampa.
    You can also get a lot of movies that are in movie houses today at no extra charge. And you can get the replay of most sport events.

  9. Irishmist Says:

    I’m in Naples, so it looks like I’m going to the sports bar tomorrow. The silver lining is that it gives me a legitimate excuse to bail on my annoying neighbor’s Christmas party. Sorry honey, but what can I do?

  10. Mike C Says:

    Yes real D bag you are lover, 2 and 0 when it matters, teams like clevcant and Detroit are the teams you are trying to lump our (clearly not yours) Bucs in with. Do you think Minnesota or Buffalo would like to have “Only” 2 SBs??? GTFOH with your lame troll trash talk, it is no good.

  11. Mike C Says:

    Loser ****

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    O-ville gets the game on the tube, but I’ll be listening to Bucs Radio. Radio announcers know what they’re talking about, and sound better. Go Tampa Bay!!

  13. Elite Vita Says:

    Pensacola not getting the bucs game…..what about GAINESVILLE! No bucs game here and I’m ROYALLY pissed!!

  14. Senor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Really? Good coaches? Like McCarthy who got how many SBs with HOF B. Farve?
    And what’s his name, the current HC who took the ball out of future HOF QB Rogers hands to kick a FG when the Bucs won in the playoff game?

    Yes, you can find good QBs for sure, I won’t argue that point. But I had to call you out on having good HCs; lucky? Yes. Good, come on brother

  15. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Yes, you can find good QBs for sure, I won’t argue that point. But I had to call you out on having good HCs; lucky? Yes. Good, come on brother

    @Harry, for starters, I’m a Bucs fan, not a GB fan. I was just pointing out their success.

    We don’t disagree that much about McCarthy, but he put up plenty of wins and playoff appearances. Can’t say he was trash. Holmgren was very good. I also think LaFleur is a good HC. Much better than the trash we’re dealing with.