Todd Bowles Awfully Pleased With His Quarterback

December 18th, 2023

Baker Mayfield and Todd Bowles share a moment last week in Atlanta.

A big reason why Baker Mayfield is in Tampa is his relationship with Todd Bowles, one that was first fostered when Mayfield was entering the 2018 NFL Draft.

Yes, of course, Mayfield’s inexpensive price tag had a lot to do with it, too.

So yesterday after Mayfield had one of the best throwing days of his career, Bowles, like a proud father talked about what Mayfield has meant to the Bucs.

“He’s meant everything,” Bowles said. “From a mental standpoint to a quarterback standpoint making plays. From a toughness standpoint. From a leadership standpoint. He’s done everything.

“He’s checked all the boxes. He’s doing all the right things now and I can’t say enough about him.”

The Bucs are getting hot at the right time. They showed the NFL yesterday they can still ring up points on a scoreboard when they do choose to put the ball in the air — 34 and it could have been more.

Now Joe isn’t crazy enough to suggest this Bucs team can make a run like the 2020 Bucs. But notice how that squad got red hot about the same time this Bucs team seems to be shifting into overdrive.

42 Responses to “Todd Bowles Awfully Pleased With His Quarterback”

  1. BA’s Red Pen Says:


  2. chocoball Says:

    GO BUCS🔥🔥🔥

  3. Elite Vita Says:

    Yes, we might not draft a quarterback (at least in the 1st couple of rounds) next year at this rate. Knowing Bowles he might be drafting some key defensive players instead.

  4. MJ Says:

    i feel bad for all the Wisconsin people who put on their cheese costumes, green and gold, traveled across the dairy state and braved the cold wet WX just to see their team lay a stinker- did you see the heart break in the stands?! LOL

  5. JimBuc2 Says:

    Baker was forthright in this interview and classily credited his receiver’s as”unreal.” Mayfield walked onto historic Lambeau Field and made history; becoming the only visiting QB to post a perfect 158.3 passer rating on the Frozen Tundra. Cheesehead’s in the stands watched in stunned dismay as the Bucs crushed the hometown Packers playoff dream’s. Caneles maybe had an epiphany; Bucfans can only hope.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Traskies looked like Cheeseheads. All sad and mopey. Too distraught to explain how Trask would have been even more perfect.

    Goodbye Traskies. See you next training camp.

  7. tbc 1 Says:

    Can we now start drafting to set us up for success with CB-Oline-and some fresh defensive line to help Vita Vea.
    Would it not be soo sweat to get the Cowboys and beat them like a drum…And if we get them will we have a edge in fan attendance?

  8. Bbro Says:

    It looks like Mayfield and the team is gaining confidence and building momentum he’ll it even looked like some decent play calls for the offense and it helps tremendously with a ground game. A- overall 👍

  9. Bbro Says:

    Always a termite in the wood trying to cause damage, probably no hair Ken with a mod day millennial attitude 👎🏼

  10. Fansince76 Says:

    Thanks to Cap’n Mayfield and his crew we now have a good game to look forward to on Christmas eve going against the Jags who may be without Trevor.

  11. SteveK Says:

    Devin white, screw your entitlement and poor play!

  12. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Keep playing like that, they could manage a W or two in the playoffs. Eagles and Lions showed some vulnerability lately. Hard to see anybody squeezing past 49ers this year in the NFC though. Too loaded with Deebo, Aiyuk and CMC

  13. Leighroy Says:

    I said it in another post but I’ll say it again, Baker (and I too am still getting used to this fact) is playing like a top 12 QB. Would you rather have Russell Wilson or Baker? They were 12 and 13 on rankings going into this week. Jordan Love, Sam Howell, Justin Fields, the guys right behind Baker don’t hold a candle.

    I am pleasantly surprised with Baker. Sure he’s not perfect, but for the cost and availability before the season, what more could you have asked for?

  14. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Don’t know about others but, as a super Bucs fan this is what I’ve been wanting to see from Mayfield all season. I couldn’t see the game it was blackout in my area. Nonetheless, I saw the stats and Mayfield threw to at least 6 different players. This team has a lot of talent they just have to use it. The defense which needs to be a little better, bent but did not break especially when they needed to. Good for this team

  15. Bucshot Says:

    Tom who?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    All of those 34 points were earned by drives….none with a short field or off a turnover…..and, yes……we could have scored another touchdown at the end.

    Our rushing average has been lowered by all the kneeldowns.

  17. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Let’s win the next game and the next and the next before we start talking about a playoff run.

  18. RSJCheapseats Says:

    Can you extend Evans and keep Baker? No idea what the cap situation would look like.
    At some point the Bucs are going to need to address the WR spot as Evans and Godwin age.

  19. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Joe may not be crazy enough to suggest the Bucs may make a playoff run like the one in 2020, but ole lawn chair already did put his money where his mouth is and did that wager 10 weeks ago; albeit a little early. The odds were just to enticing, and still are at 90-1.
    As they say, better late than never. Or something like that.
    Or there’s a sucker born every minute!
    In my case I would prefer the former and not the latter…

  20. AMI_Chris Says:

    I emerged from my den yesterday at 4pm and my wife said, “You don’t look pissed off and distraught.” That was probably the most enjoyable end-to-end game I’ve watched since the Brady Super Bowl. Timing is everything: Bucs playing well, Cowboys and Eagles not, Trevor Lawrence in the concussion protocol. You never know…

  21. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    Still dont like todd as a head coach…. finally using rachaad like daboz 1# needs space …. although on the final drive he did hit the hole ??

  22. D-Rome Says:

    And to think, there are still a few slack jawed mouth breathers that would prefer to see the Bucs lose with Baker than to see the Bucs win without Trask. The Bucs looked like a playoff team yesterday, against a team that has something to play for.

    Benching JTS and White has made a big difference as well.

  23. infomeplease Says:

    It was very rewarding to see this team play up to their capabilities for a change. Jacksonville kept shooting themselves in the foot last night. Things are trending upward.

  24. BillyBucco Says:

    When Baker fumbled that ball at the 5, you could literally see the word, Crossroad stamped on his forehead as he sat on the bench alone.
    Good for him to grab the bull by the horns, and slam him to the ground.
    Made me proud that he is our QB, for literally the first time all year.
    I hope he and this offense have turned that proverbial corner.

  25. NE Fan Says:

    God I hope so and you got Bowles for 4 more seasons. The Bucs are on their way to SB 3 with MVP, new GOAT Faker and coach of the year Bowles. GOOD LUCK with that!!!

  26. Chuckys Bucs Says:

    @NE Fan: 3-11

  27. Conner50 Says:

    Hey mayfield meat rider, this one solid performance don’t mean that he’s gonna get a contract extension and will be back next year. Trask is on the roster for next year just keep that in mind

  28. DS Says:

    Canales put on a clinic

  29. Lakeland Steve Says:

    LFG Bucs!

  30. orlbucfan Says:

    I have always liked BW’s feistiness. Dude is fearless. When he goofs, he knows it. He’s also a team player. Bowles and Licht know they have work ahead of them regarding the D in the off-season. Let’s go, Bucs! 10-7!

  31. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey JoeBucFan—> I was just watching a YT of Baker Mayfield Makes History!! on: BLACK & WHITE SPORTS TOO They Referenced this Post!

    Awesome seeing Y’all in other spaces!

  32. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the tip!

  33. Kgh4life Says:

    It’s clear that Baker Mayfield is the best QB in the NFC South.

  34. RustyRhinos Says:

    No Problem.

  35. BakerBucs Says:

    NE fan& conner50 says let’s see what Trask can do on another team next year u guys r jokers I don’t see any.real fans here that have 1 good thing to say bout u just like u say only garbage week in week out.its time to move on the majority rules,! NE fan the patriots don’t even want u.u r a man without a country.where r the rest of the big mouths haters today.since baker is a dink& dunk below average QB we already new what was on display yesterday go bucs

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    NE Fan…go away…Brady’s gone.

  37. Conner50 Says:

    I don’t give a dang what people or you on here have to say about me lol. Also I don’t speak garbage I speak facts, which is something you know little to nothing about. Mayfield finally had a great game but he’s got 3 more to finish the season, and if we make playoffs then 4 games. Don’t go run them lips around mayfield so soon lol

  38. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I am kinda thankful in retrospect that TB12 caused us to be in a big salary cap hole this season and we had to settle for inexpensive, worthless, loser QB Baker Mayfield. Just imagine if we had the money we could have signed Derek Carr. Whew, that sure worked out our way. Lol. Suck it Saints!!!

  39. NE Fan Says:

    Never claimed I was a Trask fan, I know nothing about him. All I ever wrote was that Baker is average and that’s what you all need to expect. He may be a stsrter in the NFC South but that’s about it. Although the Pat’s would take him at this point.

  40. Rock Wilcox Says:

    Baker Mayfield just keeps on keeping on. I believe he has what it takes to be a top-notch quarterback, especially for the Buccaneers. I just wish all the haters would just sit down and be quiet, then at least they would show their intelligence.

  41. Debbie Says:

    TampaBaybucfan… those kneeldowns are clock management. Same with that “lost touchdown’ at the end of the game, better end with the win than chance the other team get a minute on the clock and lots of luck. Glad that was finally figured out correctly.. Bet it was hard to take that slide to run the clock out, rather than add another touchdown to his resume. But that is how to win the game. Take one for the team. Good job. Good game. #Go Bucs!!

  42. Pappabill Says:

    Great game Mayfield….
    Rashad White is coming on people….that slide at the end ….high IQ football move ….
    Tampa Bay peeking at exactly the best time….it would be nice to win out or at least 9-8…so when the Cowboys come to town we will have a guarantee win….why ??? Cowboys can’t beat anyone with a winning record….