One Win From Clinching The NFC South

December 24th, 2023

With a four-game winning streak after a chain-whipping of the Jaguars today, the Bucs are alone atop the NFC South with a record of 8-7.

Beat the slimy Saints (7-8) next week and the division race officially is over with one week to play.

If the Bucs lose to the Saints, then they’ll need a win in the season finale at Carolina to secure their postseason date. Per Joe’s calculation of the tiebreakers, the Bucs would lock down the division title with a win at Carolina following a loss to the Saints — regardless of what happens in the Saints’ Week 18 game when they host the Falcons (7-8).

Joe doesn’t want to wait until Week 18. Beat the damn Saints and rest the starters to finish the season. A loss to New Orleans at home would be painful and somewhat humbling and humiliating.

The Bucs haven’t won five in a row since their Super Bowl season of 2020. It’s time to do it again.

40 Responses to “One Win From Clinching The NFC South”

  1. All_da_way Says:

    Bowles might enter the coach of the year conversation if they finish strong.

  2. Bucsgoham12 Says:

    Good win, it didn’t look like they would beat GB and Jags just 3-4 weeks ago. Now they beat both, win next week over a sad Saints team and rest some guys vs Panthers. Don’t choke it like the last Gruden season.

  3. Mark Says:

    No, No!! DON’T rest the starters!! You want momentum going into the playoffs.

  4. Wagonwheel50 Says:

    OMG with the Coach of the year stuff?! Trent Green said this at the start of the game and I almost tossed my big storm beer out the window. Lol.

  5. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Nice early Christmas present! Way to get after it!

  6. Bee Says:

    This team has made an incredible turnaround!

  7. Herbiebuc Says:

    Plz dont rest starters we just hitting our stride stopping momentum is pointless the starters need every snap!

  8. Oneilbuc Says:

    After tonight’s game I’m all in on bringing Baker Mayfield back as long as Winfield, Wirs , Mike Evans and LVD is snig . Baker played good tonight and I have to give credit were credit is do. I still don’t like his one read and throw but he played good tonight. I still say draft a quarterback in the second round but I wouldn’t mind bringing Baker Mayfield back on a 1 or maybe 2 year deal. I still don’t know if we can win a superbowl with him he’s earned my respect this year regardless how he plays in the playoffs. Go Bucs!!

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Lol, really? So, is letting the starters sit out in the final game now being hailed as a ‘brilliant’ strategy?

    It looks like we’re stuck in a no-win situation, no matter which way we turn. Our Head Coach just can’t seem to make a move without facing some sort of backlash, can he? And I’m sure someone will still find a reason to complain, like how he didn’t reach 9 wins or something. Lol.

  10. Blue Diamond Says:

    Why won’t Mayfield come out? About 4 games ago Mayfield hurt his throwing arm or shoulder bad enough that he could not throw a pass. Did he come out? No! He handed off for losses 3 straight plays and the Bucs punted. I tonight with the Bucs winning Bowles would pull baker and play Trask a few plays. But even though Mayfield had his head twisted he would not come out. Makes me wonder what the deal was between Bowles & Mayfield. It is certain that Bowles will not pull Lord Baker for any reason Bowles needs to go no matter what the decision is for Trask.

  11. Geno711 Says:

    Relax Blue Diamond

  12. Usfbuc Says:

    Offense is different these last two weeks. I hope that this is the new norm. Now that the offense is possessing the ball the defense is getting gassed and they are playing better too.

  13. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Geno, Blue Diamond is 1000% correct!!

    What’s the deal here??

    Trask SHOULD have been playing the last 6 min of the 4th quarter…
    He’s the 2nd string QB AND YOU NEED TO GET HIM SOME WORK!!!

    Not sure why the Bowles isn’t requesting this….
    It’s utterly stupid to have done things the way they did…

    I hope they beat the Saints next week, then they darn well better give Trask at least 1/2 of the Carolina game if not the whole game….

  14. Buddha Says:

    Game wasn’t as close as the score

  15. Front Four Says:

    All these Trask guys, it’s not about him. Chill.

  16. Mike C Says:


  17. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    F the saints.

  18. orlbucfan Says:

    Unless you characters live in an alternate reality, you will know that BM is on a mission to prove he doesn’t suck. Only way Canales/Bowles can make him sit is if his neck is broken. Licht signed him to a 1 year contract. Yeah, 1 year. I don’t have a dawg in this fight. I’m glad Trask is healthy even if he is #2. When’ s the last time Bucs were this fortunate? No, not when Methusaleh was here. In the spirit of 🎄, some of you are dingdongs.

  19. NE Fan Says:

    I said I would eat crow if Bucs beat the Jags, so I am here to eat the shat that will be thrown at me. I didn’t see the game but the results were impressive. You will never sell me on Bowles but Canalas and Mayfield I have to give kudos to. They finally figure out the formula that makes.things click. Good win, take your shots, I deserve them.

  20. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Trask is yesterdays news. Yeah I wish Bowles put Trask in for the last few minutes but give a rest. There is only a few times in 48 year history of this franchise they have won 4 games in row, and they are doing when it counts in December,the playoff push. Todd Bowles is not perfect by a long shot, but he desrves respect for bringing this team back from the dead at 4-7.

  21. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Resting the starters didn’t work out so well last year. Don’t do it.

  22. #99 the big fella Says:

    NE Fan, Props for owning up. I know you hate baker and it must be painful. Defense will need to be ready next week.. I can honestly say I didn’t think we would be on this winning streak a month or so ago.

  23. Jeremy Says:

    Joe resting starters for an entire game is a mistake. When we won the Superbowl there was no resting starters, I feel like they played most snaps. That softens guys up.

  24. Shane Callahan Says:

    Nice win Bucs! Just need one more!

  25. All_da_way Says:

    Bowles is more aggressive this season. I do not think he wants a repeat of last season where the Bucs slept walked backwards into the playoffs.

  26. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @NE Fan


  27. Oneilbuc Says:

    We all have to give Baker Mayfield credit he’s earned my respect to today!! I still don’t know if we can win a superbowl with him. And I still believe we need to draft a quarterback. But I wouldn’t mind giving him a 1 to 2 year deal to be a bridge quarterback because of his age. Baker Mayfield is not elite and that’s ok to me . But he’s earned my respect today and as long as he keeps fighting I will have his back to the rest of the year. Now I still say draft quarterback in the second round or even first if they’re comfortable with a guy. It’s just this time stick with the game plan! Go Bucs!!!

  28. Jeff Says:

    Don’t “rest” anybody. Never works.

  29. Oneilbuc Says:

    And the game plan is to give the young guy a chance to be the future of the team!!

  30. Astralturf Says:

    Bowles was a HC 3 years then a DC 2 years. Now this is his second year of his second stint at HC. I would expect that if you are good HC material, it probably shouldn’t manifest right away in most cases — it’s a hard job! If he takes off, we can chaulk up those 6 years as a growing process.

  31. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Carolina is tough at home – almost beat Packers today.
    Losing to Saints would put alot of pressure on Bucs and hurt their confidence.
    Winning out is the only acceptable option

  32. NE Fan Says:

    #99 never was a Baker hater, just said he ain’t the guy to take the Bucs to the promised land. I. I also said all along I would have rather have him in NE than Jones or Zappe.

  33. George Says:

    Baker is doing a great job. I think Bucs can make the playoffs. I think they will win their first playoff game at home.

    They should sign Mayfield for another year .

  34. bill Says:

    joe….do not rest the starters anytime….this isn’t youth or high school,

  35. adam from ny Says:

    coach is riding that rollercoaster with ice cool seats…

    in fact get this man a seat warmer for the holidays!

  36. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    They’re s still learning Cornales’ offense so they need to keep working the kinks out. We still can’t score more than 6 points in the 1st qtr it seems no matter how well the offense moves the ball. How did sitting them last year work out??? Baker had a hot hand he needs to keep it hot. Just afraid of Mr. Coach not to lose doing the wrong thing not learning from his mistakes.

  37. unbelievable Says:

    Amen to everything you wrote Joe

  38. Allbuccedup Says:

    Just rest the players with nagging injuries.

  39. garro Says:

    “The Bucs haven’t won five in a row since their Super Bowl season of 2020. It’s time to do it again.”

    Wow…I had not even pondered the possibility of dong that Joe!

    But then I never pondered it in the Super Bowl season either.

    Go Bucs!

  40. D-Rok Says:

    Great win! Finish strong, persevere, and get that hat and t-shirt next week, Bucs!