Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Falcons

December 11th, 2023

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It’s in their trembling hands with four weeks remaining.

If the Bucs win out, there’s not a damn thing the Falcons or Saints can do to deny Tampa Bay a third consecutive division title and a home playoff game.

The Bucs were handed a few breaks Sunday, but they made some key plays en route to a thrilling 29-25 triumph in Atlanta.T he defense set up a touchdown with a takeaway and registered a safety before fading in the fourth quarter. The offense awakened from a slumber to run the ball down Atlanta’s gullet in the second half and Baker Mayfield led a game-winning drive that kept the Bucs from falling into a 5-8 abyss that would have effectively ended their season.

Instead, an array of unlikely contributors stepped up to provide momentum heading into next week’s matchup at Green Bay.

This was the result Buc Nation needed to keep hope alive. Who knows what would have been the fallout had Mayfield not engineered the 15-play, 70-yard winning march, capped by a gorgeous 11-yard TD pass to Cade Otton.

The big play in the drive came on third-and-10 from the Falcons 47 with 76 seconds remaining as Chris Godwin gained 32 yards on a catch-and-run that just might keep his wife off social media for a while.

That was a huge confidence boost for Godwin — who had a quiet afternoon until that point. Atlanta’s defensive game plan was focused almost entirely on containing Mike Evans with safety help. In that narrow respect, Atlanta was successful; Evans was limited to one reception for eight yards.

But tilting the scheme toward Evans to that degree opened running lanes for Rachaad White, who has looked like a different back the past three games.

Battered by injuries across their offensive line, the Falcons couldn’t muster much of a rushing attack as Bijan Robinson was held to 34 yards in 10 carries. Desmond Ridder threw for 347 yards, but he was victimized by Carlton Davis and coughed up a fumble in his own end zone as the Bucs avenged that sickening 16-13 home setback against Atlanta.

A loss would have sent Buc fans scrambling for the latest scouting reports in a quarterback-rich draft.

Todd Bowles would have had one cleat out the door and Kyle Trask might have replaced Mayfield under center at Lambeau Field.

Instead, the Bucs pulled out a gritty, character win on the road against a divisional opponent who had everything to gain. Tampa Bay is now 3-1 in the NFC South and Mayfield may have won over any remaining skeptics with a dynamic drive that left Arthur Blank heartbroken and the Glazers ecstatic.

Here’s how the Bucs vaulted into the division driver’s seat at Mercedes-Benz Stadium:

* Dave Canales and Bowles have talked up White’s versatile skills all season and we’re starting to see why. White ran for 102 yards on Sunday and in his past three games, he is averaging 95 rushing yards and 4.8 yards per carry. The insertion of Aaron Stinnie at left guard has helped open bigger holes, but White deserves major credit for staying focused through the early struggles. He also scored on a 31-yard reception and converted on a fourth-down run behind Stinnie on the winning drive, just after the 2-minute warning.

* Carlton Davis was dynamic from the start, jumping a swing pass to Robinson for a pick that set up Mayfield’s 1-yard TD run. He finished with three passes defended and was around the ball all afternoon. Zyon McCollum also played well at corner in place of injured Jamel Dean, posting 9 tackles, 2 passes defended and a forced fumble.

* Chase McLaughlin has been an outstanding offseason addition, justifying the decision to part ways with steady Ryan Succop. The Bucs wanted a bigger leg and all McLaughlin has done is make 5-of-6 FG tries from 50 or longer and 21-of-23 overall. His 55-yarder gave Tampa Bay an early lead and Bowles has total confidence in McLaughlin. The days of punting from the opposition’s 40-yard line are history.

* Mayfield did a masterful job on his final drive, but Tampa Bay’s offense was woeful for much of the game. The Bucs averaged only 4.3 yards on their 67 snaps and at one point, they went 3-and-out on four consecutive possessions.

* Younghoe Koo didn’t do Atlanta any favors by missing FG attempts of 50 and 52 yards. Big kicking edge on the day to the visitors, especially when you add in the 54.2 average on Jake Camarda’s six punts.

* Backup linebacker K.J. Britt, starting in place of Devin White, showed up big with 8 tackles, including a key early stop on a Robinson catch at the Bucs 2-yard line. His speed and instincts were impressive.

* The Buc secondary was guilty of some costly busts as Drake London grabbed 10 of the 11 balls Ridder sent his way for 172 yards., London is a keeper, but there’s no excuse for allowing him to catch six passes of at least 15 yards.

* Anther game, another showcase for Antonio Winfield Jr. All he did was record 8 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble that generated a safety. He’s in for a big payday in 2024 … and he deserves every penny.

* Even Chase Edmonds got into the act as the Bucs rushed for 110 yards in the second half. Edmonds finished with 40 yards in 8 carries, including a 15-yard burst that led to a FG, and added two receptions for 18 yards. Until Sunday, he had only 81 yards from scrimmage all season.

* Despite strong protection, Mayfield matched last week’s lowly completion percentage with the same 14-for-29 passing line. He’ll need to do better down the stretch for the Bucs to hold onto first place. The Falcons registered one sack and only one QB hit, so Tampa Bay’s offensive line did its job very well on a do-or-die Sunday.

56 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Falcons”

  1. Destinjohnny Says:

    Bench white
    The moral of the story here is let hurt guys get healthy
    I’d rather have a back up at 100% than a starter at 50

  2. NJbucs23 Says:

    Look at those baker stats. 🗑️

  3. BucU Says:

    Beat Green Bay and maybe some of us might take this team seriously again.

  4. Beeej Says:

    Kirk cousins gets great stats, but they never come at crunch time at the end of the game

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Like every other team in the NFC South, you don’t know what you’re going to get from week to week with this bunch. The Buccaneers have three wins in their last nine games — after opening the season 3-1 — and they’re likely heading for a first-round exit in the playoffs.”

    That says it all.

  6. Lakeland Steve Says:

    It’s obvious that few people believe the way the players believe in that locker room. There was more than one time that the old Bucs (before Brady) would have folded their tents and packed it in until next season. Most people including me did not think they had much of a chance going into this game. Time will tell if this is a team that can still make that playoff run and maybe even win a playoff game. But these guys haven’t quit, they are grinding, putting their hands in the dirt and playing one play at a time. Their resilience makes you want to believe that they really can do this, even when your mind says that they can’t. Time will tell, but it’s December and the Bucs are in first place and we aren’t talking about the damn draft.

  7. Popcorn Mike Says:

    We’ve all been saying this for months, pass a little more and maybe that would open up the run game. The Falcons were without a lot of people on offense yesterday so I am still waiting to see how the Bucs respond to teams like Jacksonville. Seems like the team is getting better but, as my grandmother use to say, don’t count your chickens before the hatch. With the way the defense dominated in the fast half we should’ve scored more points. The Falcons were pretty much giving us the game with 2 missed field goal and turnovers. We got to get a little better there but, the Bucs won and looked like NFL team. KEEP GOING Bucs

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Despite strong protection, Mayfield matched last week’s lowly completion percentage with the same 14-for-29 passing line. He’ll need to do better”

    He’s not capable of doing better.

  9. Mediocre Mayfield Says:

    Playoffs or not we still look like crap. Fire Bowles and canales sooner than later, bench mayfield

  10. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Baker isn’t great but if Trask was the starter the Bucs would have about the same record as the Panthers.

  11. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Mayfield may have won over any remaining skeptics with a dynamic drive

    49 yards passing in the first half. 144 yards passing for the game. 1 good pass does not erase what we watched for 57 minutes. Nice spin, Ira. Keep protecting your boy.

  12. realistic-optimistic Says:

    If the Glazers were won over by that performance yesterday, and they bring Bowles/Baker back, fans will boycott. Unless they’re content to fill their lower bowl with opposing fans and OU fans.

  13. Mike S Says:

    Congratulations Baker Bois on your man crush getting 48% comp and 144 passing yards. He made 2 good throws after missing 6 of 7 while getting two drive extending gift calls late in the game.

    Yesterday’s game was a Todd Bowles wet dream – a win off of an extremely moribund conservative offense that capitalizes off turnovers and overall opportunistic defense. Against a QB and a team like the Falcons who are mistake prone it works at least 50% of the time.

    This is a win for Bowles-Baker Bros and a loss for everyone else.

    Lucky for all of us it’s a temporary win because the next two games are against GB and Jax. Prepare for the pucker. Then the Saints who appear to have figured out offense.

    The Trask Mob thought they would get XMAS early, but it seems we’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

    7-10 will be the final record.

  14. stpetebucfan Says:

    “That says it all.”

    Only to you Bonzai. I’m from the Al Davis school…”Just Win Baby!”

    Amazing how much the Bucs winning two in a row, first place in their division has trigged so many “supposed” Buc fans.

    IF they win a 3rd straight Division title that will be a freakng FACT no matter how much people here wish to diminish it. Get to the playoffs. 3 straight division titles is WINNING!!! They do not award style points in the NFL. You either win or you don’t and despite the strange need for SOME/not all here to diminish any Buc’s success they can pound salt. FIRST PLACE!!!

    AGAIN…JUST WIN BABY!!! Al Davis is right!!!

    Final FACTUAL QUESTION FOR EVERYBODY HERE? Which team is in First place in the NFC South. I do not care diddlysquat about your negativity and but…but…but…he’s short…Todd’s dumb…White is a wuss..

    Again FACT check. Which team is in first place? If and when the Bucs lose you losers who can’t wait to celebrate their OPINION’s as correct can bite me!

  15. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @stpete, nice “hyperbole.” We’re not triggered by the wins. We’re triggered the horrendous performances.

  16. Mediocre Mayfield Says:

    @Mike S

    Totally agree this offense is a joke and mayfield is not a legitimate starting qb. We will lose to GB and Jax which is fine cause Bowles and company gotta go. Crazy that some are happy with this atrocious offense instead of seeing what we have in our 2nd string qb

  17. godlovesbucs Says:

    2 things.

    First, Baker and bowles look incompetent. Defense allowed Desmond ridder to have a career game. His schemes make every QB look elite. And Baker looks bad. Locks in to one guy and can’t throw from inside the pocket over the middle. Both need to be replaced next year no matter how this season ends.

    Second, he rest of the NFC South somehow look worse than Tampa. Carolina needs a new coach and maybe a new QB… Saints QB looks like he is done and they are in a bad cap spot with only a few bright spots. Atlanta needs a QB and so far im unimpressed with their HC. With all this, Tampa has the best overall team, even with Baker and Bowles.

  18. Ed Says:

    Exceptional run defense and special team.

    Good run game.

    Horrible passing offense and passing defense.

    Sub players are Bethany starters.

    Huge improvement in effort and tackling.

    Cannot beat winning teams without a balanced offense. Need 250-300 yards
    Passing and 125-135 rushing to compete w GB and Jacksonville.

    No team can expect strip sacks and interceptions in opponents red zone every week.

    Be real, only against bad offenses like Atlantand Carolina can you win with 300 yards of total offense.

  19. realistic-optimistic Says:

    If we won ugly once in a while, that would be fine. But we barely win at all. And every win is ugly. This is not a winning product. It will not be a winning product with this same strategy next year.

  20. Mike S Says:

    stpetefan you think they’ll win the division?


  21. infomeplease Says:

    Man TB’s rush 3 and play super soft during the last minute about gave me a heart attack!! It worked for him this time but doesn’t he realize this is a flip of the coin way to a win? Other teams have marched down the field and beat them on the final drive! IMHO, TB should find a safer way to close out games!

  22. orlbucfan Says:

    Lakeland Steve Says:
    December 11th, 2023 at 9:46 am
    Amen x 100!! I’ve been supporting this team all season. Green Bay @ Lambeau will be tough, especially the climate change/crisis weather. But if Canales gets his gameplan act together and the players play tough, why not win? Really? Why not?

  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Final two minutes were a great example of the football phenomenon known as Cardiac Bucs. 🙂

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our offense is woefully weak…..

    You would think that with Mike & Chris covered, we would target the TEs & RBs more often.

    We simply don’t adjust and take advantage of what the opponent gives us.

    Mayfield was forcing balls to Evans & Godwin the entire game….they weren’t open so his trows were designed to avoid picks.

    Sure, we ended up winning but it cerainly wasn’t due to the coaching.

  25. Mike S Says:

    godlovesbucs Don’t count the Saints out. They just had their get-right game.

    Both Atl and NO should split the next two games, because Bucs will likely lose the next 2.

    If either of those teams go 2-0 Tampa is done. If Tampa splits the next 2 they are in the driver’s seat. If Tampa loses the next 2 they’re done.

    Then Tampa plays NO and the following week Atl plays NO.

    Tampa loses to the Saints in week 16 they’re still in it if they minimum split the next two.

  26. SRQ Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe – if the Bucs win the division but lose the playoff game does Bowles get launched?

  27. Casual Observer Says:

    SRQ – Good question.

  28. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Only Bucs fans would root for missing the playoffs, a high draft pick and the coach getting fired. Really pathetic

  29. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Ira Says:
    “a gorgeous 11-yard TD pass to Cade Otton”
    “Bucs pulled out a gritty, character win”
    “Carlton Davis was dynamic from the start”
    “Mayfield did a masterful job on his final drive”

    That is an embarrassing assortment of misplaced superlatives. If ATL had gotten 3 more yards on the final play, would you still be typing the same crap? No Way. But the standards are so low in Tampa.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bowles will not be launched if he wins the Division…..

    The Glazers will hang with him one more year.

    The big question will be Mayfield. I suspect they move on from him.

  31. WyomingJoe Says:

    I LOVE the fact that Baker told all his haters on this site to shove it. Baker throwing a game-winning TD with seconds remaining must have made you “fans” throw away your Barbie dolls, tear off your dresses and start crying. Even though he passed poorly, he should how clutch he is when it counted… and it must have really hurt! I mean REALLY HURT. And just of all, you all deserve it.

    Keep winning Baker.

  32. WyomingJoe Says:

    Realistic-optimistic: The Baker Mayfield TD must have really made you sick. Good. Because I’m still laughing thinking how your face looked after Otten caught that pass. Get used to it, lol…

  33. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I’m not sick about the TD. I’m sick about the 57 minutes of futility he put on the field before that TD. The same thing he did last week. The same thing he’s done his entire career. This team is not entertaining. They are not ascending in any way.

  34. realistic-optimistic Says:

    You one-read fans are perfect for ol’ one-read Baker. Never any depth to your analysis. Only whataboutism and trolling.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m starting to warm up to Rachaad White….think he was a good long-term pick……good back….great 3rd down back…..catches the ball, runs well in space…..if he can get a block, he moves the chains.

  36. D Cone Says:

    NFC South is the Conference USA of the NFL. Win some games about inferior teams in the Conference and get a Nice Bowl Berth. Chance to go up against a Good Team like the Oregon Ducks.

    As a Fan of the NFC I would like to see the best team represent the Division.even if it will probably be a Blood Bath on their own field. Second bite of the apple against Philly would be the best option based on today and Dallas is getting better every week.

    Green Bay and Chicago are not the same teams as they were in the first 4 weeks and wil determine who wins the South.

    Jacksonville lost to a team that totally fell apart once they moved away from a guy that lights it up in must win games. Browns rolling with a guy pulled from the Senior Center for 375K tore them up. Should be a W for the Bucs in two weeks with another -50% for 144 performance from their guy.

    QB’s playing best right now in the South are Ridder, Carr, Mayfield, and Young.

    All are outplayed this week by guys like Browning, Zappe, and Wilson (Zach).

    Best chance to go 4-0 down the stretch are Saints, Falcons, and Bucs in that order.
    Enjoy Victory Monday and then get back to work. Next Four Weeks are all must win. Two and you’re out.

  37. WyomingJoe Says:

    I also love the fact that our loyal fans on this site (what a joke) keep moving the goal posts. For example, they said that the Bucs “would NEVER beat the Panthers.” They did. Then these losers moved on to, “we’ll the Bucs will NEVER beat the Falcons.” They did. Now it’s on to, “we’ll, the Bucs will NEVER beat the Packers, or the Jags… “ You guys are sick and twisted. It’s just fun watching you all squirm thinking “what if the Bucs keep winning?” Hilarious.

  38. stpetebucfan Says:


    “@stpete, nice “hyperbole.” We’re not triggered by the wins. We’re triggered the horrendous performances.”

    Actually I do not consider it hyperbole which is exactly my point! It’s very real here.

    For the record…I think Bowles needs to go because even IF he wins his style of play is not entertaining and the NFL has changed the rules dramatically to favor offenses. You’re well informed R-O so you know the rules I”m talking about.

    Bottom line is that the NFL wants OFFENSE!! You can’t fight the powers that be and consistently win. I think Bowles is a nice guy who has the respect of his team but he’s lost it with the fans because like me they wish to be entertained.

    I think Baker cannot CARRY a team to the SB. I think he can WIN with the right team and the right talent. I’d say that about Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and others who have won a SB. The GOAT obviously could put a team on his back and carry them, Mahomes, but very few QB’s can do that. I have nothing against Trask he hasn’t had the opportunity. When I was in business I paid attention to “potential” but I always wanted to PAY for performance.

    I believe when used properly White is a very good NFL back. I agree with Joe he’s a tweener, no Dunn nor Alstott, but who is, he’s a combo stylewise.

    Keep featuring White and now that he’s healthy and playing mix in a healthy dose of Daniels. This team IS improving. Duh…first year guys all over the OL, first year OC, first year QB there was room for improvement and they have IMHO.

    As for me calling out people being hyperbole…we have people here hoping to LOSE just to get rid of Bowles…Mayfield and others. LOSE to get a better draft position.

    Overall, only about two dozen players every draft will go on to have significant careers performing at a high level. That’s not a lot – less than one genuinely good player per team each year.

    HOF GM Bobby Beathard figured one in three succeed so he always traded down. He is famous for having traded out of the First round SEVEN years in a row! He would get 2-4 good picks for them INCREASING his odds of success.

    And as for hey lets just go pick a QB in the first round it’s not the freaking easy.
    According to Warren Sharp…The 38 first round quarterbacks drafted since the rule change made them an affordable gamble financially, have made a total of 1,909 starts. Their record? 1034-1035-7

    Losing to win is like scrwing for virginity! The draft is a crap shoot…not my opinion but that of HOF GM Bobby Beathard.

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    Ira … ‘Mayfield did a masterful job on his final drive, but Tampa Bay’s offense was woeful for much of the game.’

    I don’t often disagree with you Ira, but ‘masterful’ if way over the top on that last drive. The play-calling blew my mind … 5 rushes by White (19 yards, but included a fumble on a 4th-and-1 that fortunately White was able to recover himself) plus 8 passes by Mayfield, with 3 completed (FIVE of those 8 passes were deep … only ONE of those was complete, and thank heaven it was to Godwin on a 3rd-and-10 for 32 monster yards). And BTW, if not for the defensive holding penalty on Phillips on our 2nd-and-10 at 1:28 left, we would’ve most likely lost the ball game. Baker had 5 incompletes in a row on that drive. Not my definition of ‘masterful’ Sage.

    Glad to see that you gave the OLine & Chase Edmonds kudos for their good work yesterday. And yes, Winfield is a beast. Mandatory that we re-sign him, in addition to Wirfs obviously.

  40. Hodad Says:

    Four more games to go, then we’ll add them up, and see where we’re at. Right now Bowles, and Baker are a game under .500. They are, we are, right where Vegas had us at 6.5 wins. We have a chance to go better, or worse depending on how many we win down the stretch. I’m guessing we end up one game under .500 again. Think that’s the best you can hope for from Baker, Bowles, but hey we’ll see how they finish.

  41. Let em bake Says:

    Let the team grow. So many young, talented players. Mccollum impressed. Otton developing. Cody improving. The team is overachieving. As good as Godwin is, he doesn’t separate like a speedster. Look at the separation Prescott or Purdy sees when they throw the ball. I can see Baker staying, and Bucs making a strong move for Todd Monkin ( oc for Ravens). He has history with Bucs. Lamars receiver’s look like they’re on an island. Stevie wonder could hit them in stride. Baker is getting the most out of what is in front of him. Two years, not two games…

  42. maccafan Says:

    Yes, Baker needs to complete better percentage of his passes but is still over 62% for the year. He has 20 TD passes and 8 INT for the season which is not bad. Take a look at Trevor Lawrence TD/INT ratio (17 TD & 10 INT) for example. Sometimes, you need to win ugly and that is what Baker did yesterday. Not a good overall game but in the end, he came up big with a couple of good throws. Finally, I really don’t know what Buc fans expected this year. They went 8-9 in 2022 with the GOAT at QB. They pick up Baker off the bargain basement rack and are headed for close to the same record as last year. A defensive stop against the Texans with 45 seconds left and they would have winning record.

  43. Gipper Says:

    maccafan, why stop with Trevor Lawrence comps? Let’s look at Patrick Mahomes 23TD 11Int versus Baker 20TD 8Int. Have a feeling Mahomes gets quite a few more passing attempts than Baker is allowed my Canales. Moreover, the Chiefs overall have a much stronger team than Tampa meaning the defense gets the ball back to offense more frequently. Baker will finish year with 30TD 12INT. By anyone’s measure that is a great season.

  44. Buctank Says:

    * Carlton Davis was dynamic from the start, jumping a swing pass to Robinson for a pick that set up Mayfield’s 1-yard TD run. He finished with three passes defended and was around the ball all afternoon. Zyon McCollum also played well at corner in place of injured Jamel Dean, posting 9 tackles, 2 passes defended and a forced fumble.


    what game were you watching. Carlton Davis jumped a route and made a great play… That was virtually it. He got torched time after time guarding London on most of his 174 yards and 93% catch rate on 11 targets – He also guarded Pitts in jumbo formations and was beat. He tackled poorly all game..

    And Zion played well. Zion outplayed Davis from the start and was our best corner on the field

    Maybe Davis is hurt but wither way he is hurting the team

  45. Tony Marks Says:

    Mike S Says:
    December 11th, 2023 at 10:15 am
    Congratulations Baker Bois on your man crush getting 48% comp and 144 passing yards.

    and THE WIN!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you

    time to light up a nice cigar. perch it in between my left fingers, and swirl some champagne in a nice glass with the right hand

    Because the only thing better than the win is seeing how salty its make the Cult of Kyle FAKE bucs fans


  46. BakerBucs Says:

    Arl defense has something to do with incomplete passes & baker putting a bit to much zip on it at times but also these guys make big money to catch those zippers and zippers is exactly what I wud like all I haters to do get u r stick caught in u r zipper this will keep u r big mouths shut for once.baker cud have a 500 yd games u jokers wud still complain win is what this game is bout this is not elementary school this site is for the real fans no jokers on this site

  47. dbbuc711 Says:

    I have no doubt that Ridder would gladly swap stats with Baker if he could have the win too.

  48. BillyBucco Says:

    The reason Wyoming and Tony Marks get all riled up over Baker is because they KNOW he is terrible, that’s what is funny.
    Calling EVERYONE who disagrees a Trask lover is idiotic.
    This fan base is horrible to listen to.
    Do you guys actually think Baker played well?
    If so, then I understand your ineptitude.
    We want CONSISTENCY, from our Bucs QB and Baker, DOES NOT HAVE THAT.
    You can point to stats all you want, and use Maholmes as a comparison, even though they have the worst record for KC, since he has been there at 8-5.
    We are only 2 games behind him, Baker is awesome!!!!!!!!

    I have literally NEVER seen a fan base, or, correction, a FEW unintelligent posters try to talk up a QB who threw for less than 50% against a beat up defense.
    Like seriously, NEVER.
    You guys are actually WINNERS, in that regard.
    At least it made sense for NE Fan to have posters and lotion.
    You guys are just sad.

  49. Tb bolts Says:

    Congrats on the wasted season bucs. Draft options ruined and hardly any chance at making the playoffs let alone going beyond the first round. Mayfield has steadily gotten worse as the seasons “progressed” and our second round QB continues to rot away on the pine so that we can watch journeyman QB and a horrible coach cling to their careers. SHOCKINGLY the only reason this team is still alive is the defense and rachad white. And yet where is their credit? Excuses were made all season for midfield and now that he’s the reason this team is anemic every game the people performing (who were also targeted with blame all season long) are hardly talked about. Is this what were hoping to sign for another year? Baker looked god awful yesterday. This team has MAYBE one more win in them. The bakery club should be embarrassed to show their faces on here.

  50. Mike S Says:

    Tb bolts they aren’t they’re crowing like roosters because they think Trask won’t be able to show us much on a one game tryout. This win bought them that.

    Realistically Trask needs a three-game tryout at minimum for a real sample size.

    They know Bucs have zero shot this season – playoffs or not. It’s all about saving face and preventing Trask from getting a shot. They aren’t rooting for the Bucs to win – they’re rooting for Trask to lose by default.

    Their wildest dreams are Bucs making the playoffs, and they bring back Bowles and sign Baker to a long-term deal so we can suck for years to come. If that doesn’t happen – which they all likely accept – then they’re banking on a new coach coming in and drafting a QB who will take the reins, thus keeping Kyle on the bench.

    And they say we’re the haters. They’d rather screw Trask than anything else, including win actual playoff games. They’ll take a losing season that stumbles into the playoffs and run naked through the streets about it. Its a Bucs’ life.

  51. stpetebucfan Says:


    “You got some of Bakers knob slobbing residue still left 🤦🏻‍♂️…”

    Really? That’s what you got. Other people here posting facts and you are retorting with juvenile high school insults.

    Tony Marks can defend himself but if he wished to descent to your level I think his only appropriate response is Pee Wee’s famous “I know you are but what am I.”

    Hey but at least you succeeded in drawing my down to the depth of quality of your posts.

  52. Larrd Says:

    Baker was heroic when it counted. He would have thrown over 50 percent if Godwin didn’t drop a couple. Of course, Godwin was heroic when it counted most, too.

  53. Boltsfan17 Says:

    This win simply means a worse draft position. Let’s be realistic here, this team is not good and is nowhere near the better teams in this league.

  54. Obvious Says:

    @ Gipper

    So baker’s Average is about 1.25 touch downs PER GAME and can BARLEY get 150 total yards PER GAME IF the receiver has TONS of YAC. That’s THE FACTS!

    And yet you estimate that he’ll get 10 TOUCH DOWNS in the 4 remains games?

    You are Smoking some GOOD SHART grandpa! Hey, pass that around so the rest of us can see it as clearly as you baker fans…..


  55. Daniel Dream Says:

    Ok, well this is nice to see Ira pulling for the playoffs again, but I can’t quite forget his article Sunday morning advocating the Bucs tank the rest of the season…

  56. Daniel Dream Says:

    Bucfan, you’re obviously not a fan of the Buccaneers and you sound like a sociopath. Have you no shame?