Bucky Brooks: Mike Evans A First-Ballot Hall Of Famer

December 10th, 2023

Bold prediction.

Mike Evans is nothing but consistent. And it’s that consistency that put him in Canton.

That’s the word from Bucky Brooks of NFL.com who made a compelling case for the best Bucs receiver in history. Todd Bowles after last Sunday’s game with the Stinking Panthers noted how Evans does this year after year despite defenses keyed to stop him, but they never do.

The NFL rewards consistency and dominance, and we are in an era where numbers matter. Evans’ jaw-dropping résumé — which also includes 91 receiving TDs, highlighted by five seasons of double-digit scores — should stand the test of time, making him a lock to earn a gold jacket. And in light of his recent ascension to an exclusive pass-catching club inhabited by a pair of G.O.A.T.s, I think Evans is destined to breeze past the velvet ropes in Canton as a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

And it’s more than what Bowles cited. Yes, Evans has done this despite defenses trying to take him out of the game. But let’s look who is throwing him the ball.

First, it was Stewart McClown and Mike Glennon. ‘Nuff said. Then it was a guy who folks just couldn’t wait to run out of town, Mr. Entertainment Jameis Winston.

Yes, Tom Brady came in and basically introduced Evans to the nation. Evans was already established as one of the best. Brady just made him famous.

Now, it’s Baker Mayfield, who many fans are panting in the hope he gets benched.

Also, remember rarely did the Bucs ever have a run game since Evans was drafted. One year when Mollie Hamster was in a contract year and then the 2020 and 2021 seasons with Playoff Lenny. That was it.

Brooks compared Evans to Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. Rice had Hall of Famers throwing to him. Yes, two. Moss was mostly on good teams, the Vikings and Belicheats (with Brady, too). Evans didn’t have that sort of luxury for the most part.

The four-time Pro Bowler is too big, fast and athletic for most defenders, and his ability to win the 50-50 ball makes him unstoppable in one-on-one or two-on-one matchups. As Mayfield has quickly discovered, the odds of No. 13 coming down with the ball are tilted in the Buccaneers’ favor whenever a pass is tossed in his direction. Little wonder that Mayfield’s passer rating when targeting Evans (112.6) easily outpaces his mark when targeting any other Bucs player this season, per Next Gen Stats.

Brooks goes on to type that Evans should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Joe isn’t sure about that. That’s the rarest of rare players. But you damn right Joe figures Evans will get into Canton. The only question is, “When?”

19 Responses to “Bucky Brooks: Mike Evans A First-Ballot Hall Of Famer”

  1. Obvious Says:

    I don’t need to start respecting. No. I started respecting his game Years Ago.. it was clear THEN that he was destin to be immortalized in Canton and ONLY serious injury could or would change what was becoming CLEAR, so many years ago.

    Sure am Proud to have him on my favorite team in the Whole Wide World.

  2. OR Buc Says:

    Absolutely right Obvious (never thought id say that). Mike is a HOF, top shelf wide receiver and good to see home get the cred he deserves.

  3. OR Buc Says:

    Good to see him*… darn auto correct

  4. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Even I agree now…that should be everybody.

    Mike is a HOF’er. Thank you Mr. Evans.

  5. Cleanhouse Says:

    Keep padding that resume Mike, leave no doubt

  6. adam from ny Says:

    i see money mike as a sure fire first ballot hofer…

    please realize mike came into the league at like 241pds…

    he takes good care of himself and plays at like 225…

    and i think tommy b’s regimen and habits probably rubbed off on his a slight bit, on how to elongate a career…how could they not…

    does mike probably think he just might finish up with 15k receiving yards? ——–i’d say yes…

    and i think he very well could be in that ballpark when all is said and done

  7. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I’ve been a Bucs fan my hole life since we were born in the same year. Mike Evans is my favorite player Brooks and Sapp close behind

  8. garro Says:

    Yeah if I’m Evans I don’t want Bucky Brooks endorsement on anything. First he has virtually no credentials other than he caugtht some kicks for a few years. He was not a QB or a WR in the NFL. 2nd round bust.

    Second and more importantly to me.He is promoting future Florida State Dept of Corrections inmate Tyreek Hill as league MVP. Kinda looses what little credibility he had with that and yes I have seen the video. For that matter so does the City of Miami and the Dolphins.

    Go Bucs!

  9. adam from ny Says:

    buckito brooks……i just googled his nfl career…big bustito for a 2nd round mosquito…


  10. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Just the fact that he is the only person in history to start their career with 10 one thousand yard seasons is compelling enough to make him a first ballot Hall of Famer. Sprinkle in that he has almost 100 touchdowns, he is a Super Bowl champ and his career continues. He is just going to pad these stats. The funny thing is, if Evans had been drafted by the Giants or Jets and had done all of this he would be considered some type of football God. They probably would have him running for President. The Pope would have named him a living Saint.

  11. SB~LV Says:

    Now go and finish your career with a Super Bowl contender!
    You will always be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer !

  12. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Yeah, Mike is definitely on his way to the HOF, but needs much more to be 1st ballot.

    To add to his credentials, he needs to go to a SB contender and play with an elite QB on the top of his game (most of Brady’s prime ironically was between 2004 and 2013 seasons when he won Nil SBs but lost 2).

  13. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    10 1000 yard season to start a career is a cute stat, but a much more impressive stat is to have 12 1000 yard season. He beats Jerry Rice and obtains the absolute consecutive record.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    “his ability to win the 50-50 ball makes him unstoppable…… the odds of No. 13 coming down with the ball are tilted in the Buccaneers’ favor whenever a pass is tossed in his direction”

    I’ve said this for years – that 50/50 ball becomes an 80/20 ball when MIke Evans in single coverage is the target.

  15. Please Says:

    He’s still going!! Should he play 4-5 mor years, he should have dominant stats by the time he retires.

    My favorite Buc the past 20 years (him and with LVD).

    Evans is my Brady to a NE Pats fan – If he ever leave this team, I’ll be a fan wherever he goes.

  16. Larrd Says:

    Baker will keep this from happening! He targets his best receiver too much!

  17. Tampa2ATL Says:

    This article makes the clear winning argument of why Mike Evans is rarest of the rare. IMHO, Mike is on same tier as both Moss (freakishly talented) and Rice (gold standard for great + consistent) with the same qualities of each of the aforementioned. If these teams were in NY (shudder to think)/major tv market, Mike Evans would be a global name.

    Convince me I’m wrong.

  18. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Larrd if Cajones knew how to scheme a run and screen pass game game that features White Baker would find Evans even more because teams wouldn’t be able to focus on Evans as much.

    BradyGronkFan please, he has a Super Bowl ring on his resume as a starter plus you missed a big little stat that makes him one of the best in NFL history that even Rice didn’t do and that was to be the ONLY player start a career with at least 60 catches per season and he’s done that his whole career so try again. It is true tho if he gets two more seasons with 1000 yards (and at least 60 receptions) he will cement his legacy and be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer. Hopefully Brady lovers will help that out

  19. markkerr Says:

    Like Evans but first ballot isn’t likely. He’s made the day 1 pro bowl roster only 3x and has a single 2nd team all pro selection. Alot of people will argue that he’s “hall of very good”. A guy whose been fringe top 8 at his position for a freakishly long time. There’s a handful of WR just in his era alone that are easily ahead of him, I think he gets in but has to wait awhile.