BSPN: At Least Two NFC South Coaches Should Survive Black Monday

December 6th, 2023

Hot seat chatter.

A highly respected stenographer for BSPN doesn’t buy the expected upheaval throughout the NFC South when it comes to coaching turnover next month.

Dennis Allen with the slimy Saints is a rotten head coach at both his stops in the NFL. Artie Smith with the Dixie Chicks proves each week that he belongs working as his old man’s lackey at FedEx. Bucs coach Todd Bowles appears to be the most unpopular Tampa Bay head coach since Joe launched this here website.

He oversees an impotent offense with no desire to adjust, as well as a crumbling defense that just three days ago struggled to beat the worst team in the NFL at home.

(Joe runs a weekly in-season confidence poll for Bucs head coaches. Never has a coach reached the lack of confidence levels fans have for Bowles. Not even lousy Lovie Smith, not even Raheem Morris in the throes of his 10-game losing streak which cost him his job.)

Bowles is on the cusp of two consecutive losing seasons as a Bucs coach, which history says gets you a Team Glazer pink slip unless you got the franchise a Super Bowl win. However, Bowles did win a division, so Joe has no idea how much that factors in with Team Glazer’s franchise assessment.

Dan Graziano of the four-letter thinks it is preposterous to believe all three NFC South coaches still standing (meddling Stinking Panthers owner David Tepper already canned Frank Reich) will be thrown to the curb next month.

I feel confident that at least one of the other teams in the division will join Carolina in searching for a new coach at the end of this season. But all three? That feels like a bridge too far. One of these guys is going to win the division and host a playoff game after all. And while it wouldn’t be unprecedented for a team to change coaches after such a season, it doesn’t happen often.

Arthur Smith is 20-26 in two-plus seasons as Atlanta’s coach and has not yet been to the playoffs. Dennis Allen is 12-17 in one-plus seasons as New Orleans’ coach. Todd Bowles is 13-16 as Buccaneers coach, including a division title last season with a record of 8-9. Any and all of them could be vulnerable. But the number of potential head-coach openings we’re estimating at this point exceeds the number of obviously qualified candidates to fill them. I think it’s a stretch to imagine a whole division turning things over at those spots.

Just like Team Glazer has never dismissed a coach midseason, Team Glazer has never given a coach a pass on two straight losing seasons short of a Bucs Super Bowl on the guy’s resume.

Joe is not one to gamble against “never.”

Now Joe doesn’t buy there are not enough competent, qualified coaches to fill several openings. Graziano’s colleague, Adam Schefter, is on record expecting as many as 10 openings.

Suggesting there aren’t 8-10 qualified assistant coaches ready to take the next step up is a flippant if not demeaning analysis.

49 Responses to “BSPN: At Least Two NFC South Coaches Should Survive Black Monday”

  1. Popcorn Mike Says:

    My thing is not about how many hot assistants coaches are out there with high potential but not many that’s proven like Arians Payton the Jags HC. It’s always a hit or miss with unproven assistants. That’s the name of the game in the NFL ,go with the hot assistants and hope you’ve chosen a winner. I do like the credentials of Mike McDonald the Ravens DC. Impressive résumé.

  2. Tye Says:

    I can see Falcons keeping Arthur Smith another season….
    Saints and Dennis Allen, who knows…
    Todd Bowels is the source of Bucs loses! He gosta GO!

  3. Dave Pear Says:

    The division winning coach will not be fired. But his name isn’t Todd.

    If Todd is t fired, the outrage against the Glazers would be hurricanean.

  4. Hopein1hand… Says:

    It’s gotta happen but I don’t see a better alternative. This brings me no joy nor hope that next season will be better but the Bucs need to flush the toilet. Bisacchia is my first realistic hope. Charlie Weis’s son from Minnesota would be ok but but doesn’t blow my hair back. Harbaugh might be nice but is a pipe dream given Goodell’s response to Michigan’s drama, this roster and cap situation. More than anything I think we Buc fans need to admit that given our cap situation and lack of talent at key positions- the best coaches will go to other teams and we will be left with another pretender. It’s sort of stick with the pretender you know (Bowles) or roll the dice on the pretender you don’t for 2024. Yeah. Good times…

  5. Popcorn Mike Says:

    One other thing I heard while watching Sunday game was, one analyst said that he spoke with Evans and Evans said that this team was too talented to be 4-7 and he wishes that they should’ve started doing something about it earlier and Sunday’s game was a must win game. With that said it seems like to me that Bowles waited much to long to make necessary changes that would’ve helped win a couple more games. I am sure that run first run run was part of the changes Evans was talking about

  6. garro Says:

    Enough qualified candidates is a totally mystifying thing to me. Bill the cheater is qualified…but…Lots of other qualified candidates who would not take the job here for any amount of money Joe.

    Many believe Bowles was never qualified. I am one of them. Along with the dumb hatted one who was also not qualified.

    Look at the search for an OC this off season. That alone should tell you that the most qualified often does not want the damn job. Can you say Bill Parcells?
    Team Glazer is not stupid. They will have a good feel for the market before they make any moves. I think Bowels should be gone but…

    So all the BSPN nonsense is just that. Until these Bozo talking heads sit in a room with Jason and the Glazers and talk honestly with all the truly available and truly qualified candidates they know nothing.

    Go Bucs!

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    If he wins the NFC South by going 6-11, will that be enough for him and Baker to keep their jobs?

  8. Greg Says:

    For the love of God, I hope not. This season has been seriously painful and last season was agony. We went from Super Bowl to barely losing the NFC Championship to 8-9 mediocrity with the GOAT playing QB to this hot mess. Gee, what happened I wonder?

    I understand the salary cap constraints but still….

  9. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs snooze they lose.

  10. Greg Says:

    And speaking to his unpopularity, we had a taste of greatness with that Super Bowl run. And it wasn’t just Brady. That defense was ferocious. I don’t know about you, but the notion of going back to “the lost decade” is flatly unacceptable. I simply will not watch them go back down that road. If they do, it’s not like I can anything about it, but I certainly won’t be watching. Maybe I’ll finally figure out hockey.

  11. BrianBucs Says:

    Hey Glazers, if you keep on doing what you’re doing you keep on getting what you’re getting.
    Bowles has to go.

  12. Pewter power Says:

    Don’t care as long as Bowles doesn’t survive black Monday. Glazers can’t be that tone deaf

  13. sasquatch Says:

    There are always qualified coaches available. It’s just a question of whether an organization has the foresight and courage to look beyond the big names (which the Glazers have not). I’m guessing we’re gonna get another retread or a swing-for-the-fences over-the-hill desperation hire because the Glazers seem more interested in making a splash than they do in hiring a winning coach, taking a risk on a top assistant as a first time HC. Once every 20 years, their decisions pan out.

  14. August 1976 Buc Says:

    “Dili Dili” Break out the Axe, Bowles is in over his pay grade.

    Until Bowles is gone, the week after week listless looking Bucs will just keep on with their mediocre play.

    After the Bye, this team has morphed into last years version of a lifeless looking, ho hum blah football team

    Dili Dili, Break out the Axe, Fire the Cannons!!!!.

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    December 6th, 2023 at 1:18 am
    If he wins the NFC South by going 6-11, will that be enough for him and Baker to keep their jobs?
    Sir Rodney of Munch, a few questions:
    1) Since you fancy yourself to be the master prognosticator, what would’ve been the Bucs record if Kyle Trask would’ve started all year?

    2) How did Devin White not make your “receiving a lump of coal” list?

    3) Do you really think a 6-11 team would win the NFC South? You do realize one of these teams, probably the Falcons, are going to win more games than that, right?

  16. Onetrickpony Says:

    I’ll throw this in the ring for consideration, if TB goes.
    Fra0nk Smith, oc for Miami ?

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    I still remember sitting in a barber’s chair up in Virginia many years ago. The barber shop was on the corner of a very busy intersection, and as I was looking out the large window at the intersection, I saw a multi-car accident as it was happening … all in slow motion it seemed. Only took a couple of seconds at the most I’m sure, but I could see the whole thing unfold right before my eyes, knowing that there was absolutely nothing I could do to help prevent it.

    This 2023 Bucs’ season is eerily similar …

  18. BucU Says:

    Greg’s post are my sentiments exactly! No way am I going back to losing being the norm here. Not happening. Either the Glazers fix this clown show or they can have another lost decade with no fans in the stands.

  19. Hodad Says:

    Really comes down to this Sunday for Bowles, and the Bucs. Wish I could see it at home, but the Orlando market won’t be showing the game. Bowles, and the Bucs are not considered good enough viewing to put on in a very large market. That has to have got the Glazers attention. The Glazers are business men. Right now Bowles is bad for business. He’s gone. Allen is gone. Aurther gets another year for winning the division. Like Highlander there will only be one left from the South.

  20. rickym Says:

    Rich Bisacchia and Steve Wilks were bothe denied a chance to finish what they started with the Raiders and Panthers as interim head coaches. Both are viable HC candidates. If Leslie Frazier returns to the game, he is also a viable canditate. Todd Monken in Baltimore would also be a good choice. Personally I would love to see Bisacchia finally be given a shot with a return to the Bucs but I would be happy with any of these candidates and of course there are many others out there who would also do well.

  21. WillieG Says:

    I think this is the best time to fire Bowles. The NFC South is in chaos and will be for a couple of years. That could benefit our next coach.

  22. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I’m confident that the Glazers will absolutely do the wrong thing, whatever it may be.

  23. DBS Says:

    If Bowles stays I will not watch next season. It will be pointless. He is a proven loser as a HC.

  24. DBS Says:

    They are not showing Bucs in Tallahassee now either. Now only Jags games

  25. Hodad Says:

    If Bowles stays you won’t be able to watch them unless you live in Tampa. The Bucs are competeing for TV time in this state with Miami, and J Ville. Right now those teams are just more exciting, with more start power then the Bucs. Like Burger Kings all over Florida the Bucs are going out of business. Bowles, and Baker combo is a hard sell.

  26. StormyInFl Says:

    On top of the losing, Bowles’ has made this team unwatchable. Boring, dull, lifeless. It isn’t entertaining at all, and ultimately that’s why anyone watches.

    When large portions of Todd Bowles’ coached games can be used for bathroom breaks and beer runs. You’re not likely to miss much, especially when the Bucs are on offense.

    The team is boring. Like it’s lifeless head coach.

  27. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    December 6th, 2023 at 1:18 am
    If he wins the NFC South by going 6-11, will that be enough for him and Baker to keep their jobs?
    Do you really think a team will win the NFC South with a 6-11 record?

  28. SB~LV Says:

    My eyes hurt!

  29. Ed Says:

    Offense is what sells tickets, provided your team is competitive and there is week-to-week hope from the fan base that your team is in the mix to get to 10 wins a season.

    Bowles doesn’t generate any “juice” from his players nor does he run systems that are going to compete with the better teams in the league. Mostly there isn’t enough support for fans to get excited about the product on the field. Its tough to market a team that can barely squeek out wins against bad teams.

    Only winning can overcome watching a bad system and a team that is overmatched weekly. 5 games left. Bowles has to go 4-1 to get to 9 wins and be able to win a home playoff game. Anything less than that and his office will be cleaned out on Black Monday.

  30. realistic-optimistic Says:

    * Bobby Slowik (OC HOU)
    * Ben Johnson (OC DET)
    * Brian Johnson (OC PHI)
    * Todd Monken (OC BAL)
    * Rich Bisaccia (ST GB)
    * Shane Waldron (OC SEA)
    * Wes Philips (OC LAR)

    That’s my list of preferred candidates. Only non-OC is Bisaccia. There are also several qualified retreads and DCs, but I don’t want that for the Bucs. The league will not have any trouble filling 10 HC vacancies.

  31. ocala Says:

    Bowles is an awful head coach, and the Bucs need to move on from him.

  32. Buc4evr Says:

    Stroud says that he has been told Bowles will not be dumped before the end of the season. The Glazers are getting old and I have to believe they want another SB very soon. They also know Bowles isn’t the coach to get them there. I give it about a week after the season before Bowles is fired. Canales needs to go also – failed experiment. Jason is probably already lining up a replacement.

  33. Dan the Bucs fan Says:

    There is no chance we fire Bowles. His defense has been very solid throughout his tenure here. This season they have held up without a pass rusher on the field. Now that we are starting the only legit pass rusher we have should improve. Our fan base forgets we were picked by most to be dead last in the nfc south. Vegas had us at 10-1 to win the divsion.

    Brand new offensive coordinator doing everything he can with limited weapons. Also we are paying Brady 30 million to be retired.

    Bowles his staff have done a solid job this season if you are realistic. Look forward to a great draft continued improvement don’t think it’s time for a rebuild just yet. Let’s see how rest of the year goes.

  34. Joe D. Says:

    Playing Devil’s advocate here, Bowles was essentially an interim HC last year, he didn’t get a chance to pick his staff, BA stuck him with Byron Leftwich calling BA’s offense, without BA on the headsets. This year Licht gave him a roster of 13 rookies, and virtually zero cap space, ≈74 million in dead cap space. With those handicaps, he’s won a division, albeit with a losing record, and has us in contention for for another division title, with a month to go.

    Again, playing devil’s advocate here… He still has horrible clock management, defends loafing players, loses too many close games, his teams have too many penalties, calls his team a running team, even though he has one of the best receiving duos of all time, sticks with underperforming starters too long.

  35. NE Fan Says:

    You can all thank BA for his need to be politically correct.

  36. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd has ruined the once lethal offense, but at least he’s turned the defense into a sieve that can’t defend the pass. Fortunately they can’t rush the passer or stop the run either.

    Good bye, Todd.

  37. D Cone Says:

    Atlanta has a QB that will finish his first 17 games this weekend and sits at 8-8.
    Falcons sit at 6 losses with help from Heineke. Ridder is over .500 this season and no other QB in the NFC South can claim that.After being benched Ridder has been much better at protecting the ball. Team is improving and overcoming injuries. Doubt Smith will get the axe.

    As far as Allen. It would be kind or scary having your job depend on the play of Jameis Winston but it possibly will. Flip a coin there. After Breez left JW has seemed to slip back to the old ways.

    Bowles. Regardless of the finish there is no way he’s fired. Get your clothes off the discount rack and you’re not getting any best dressed awards. Glazers shopped Salvation Army this year, will shop Walmart next, and might be able to hit Macy’s in 2025.

  38. realistic-optimistic Says:

    If the Glazers don’t fire Bowles after this season they’ll probably find holy artifacts buring on their lawn.

    I don’t care if he was originally promised 3 seasons. He’s been so bad that you have to let him go. Imagine hiring a babysitter for the evening. Later that night you get a call from the police saying they broke up a house party at your home. Are you going to honor your commitment to that babysitter?


  39. Lynn Says:

    I am quite sure there is someone, ANYONE out there that can do better than Bowles has done!! PLEASE for the fans FIRE TODD BOWLES!!!! HE WAS HORRIBLE IN NY and nothing has changed!! This team doesn’t want to play for him!! Look what happened in the second year of Brady!!!! If that wasn’t reason to fire him I don’t know what was!!!!!!!!!

  40. h Says:

    @Dan: This is what I’ve been saying. This is Dave’s first year of calling plays (honestly think he’s adjusting after 12 weeks of film on him) So lets see how he closes out. Stay the course build lines & more explosive weapons on Off thru draft next year.

    This don’t work its Shadeur in 25′

  41. Old Sombrero Says:

    Bowles may be safe just from the standpoint that the roster isn’t the most appealing. It’s been declining since the SB winning roster meanwhile the few studs are aging. Not a good situation. I do see some potential future talent from this year’s draft but man the cupboard is sparse. What HC would willingly take on this roster? Even with a chance at a stud QB via draft I’m not sure it’s enough to lure anyone unless they’re naive. I think Bowles survives unfortunately. And I like the man but can barely watch this awful mess.

  42. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I was one that never wanted a defensive head coach because I knew our team was built around offense. When Bowles took over and he said he wanted the offense to run more because our hi powered offense wore down his defense I knew he was going to ruin this team. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and look what he has done. Most of us fans who love this team are being tortured with his 1980’s philosophy. We need a good offensive minded head coach that cares about scoring point’s because that’s what wins games. I have been screaming for now for two seasons, push the ball down field we can do it.

  43. GP Says:

    There are things he can do, and changes he can make, to bring about a winning season this year and next to save his career. But this is Bowles, one of the most stubborn, stuck in his philosophy coaches I’ve ever seen. That’s why he gets no confidence votes from me on a consistent basis.
    I’d much rather be able to give him a confident vote because that would mean we are winning. Or at least performing well. I haven’t seen that since game three last season.

  44. BucsFan2520 Says:

    Eric Bieniemy would be a nice pickup. He’d be able to draft the qb he wants. Only problem is he seems to enjoy coaching Howell and Rivera is all but done there.

  45. BucsFan2520 Says:

    Also Canales would need to go if that were to happen. Bieniemy would want his offense installed.

  46. Toad Bowels Says:

    Gloria Gaynor said it best “I Will Survive” baybee,

    I’m here until 2050.

    Toad L Bowels

  47. Richard Says:

    Bowles was d- coordinator three years ago of a super bowl winning team, two years ago he had a brain dead defensive call that kept the Bucs out of the NFC championship. Bowles was handed the keys to a great team when Bruce Arians stepped aside. Bowles has literally run a good team into the ground. He has to be dismissed.

  48. T. McGee Says:

    Bring back Gruden. He was terrible at talent assessment but given players to use,
    he can coach. The Gruden Revenge Tour would be epic.

  49. Glass used to be Half Full Guy Says:

    “Suggesting there aren’t 8-10 qualified assistant coaches ready to take the next step up is a flippant if not demeaning analysis”

    You’d be hard pressed to name 8 to 10 GOOD Head Coaches currently running teams right now. At the end of every season it’s the same thing. “So and so is ready to take the next step to get a HC opportunity”. But will they be any good?

    It’s not as big of a gamble as a draft pick because at least these assistants have NFL experience already but it’s still a crap shoot.

    Eric Bienemy’s name is being floated as an option for Bears HC. I’m sure their fans are “thrilled” at that prospect. He went to Washington to improve their offense because he had “such great success in KC” (psst….he had Mahomes, Kelce and Tyreek and Andy Reid to run the show). How does Washington’s offense look this year? I rest my case.

    Steve Wilks, 49ers DC is being talked about. He’s in his first year as DC there, inherited a strong D and look at his personnel. His calling card is “well, he didn’t screw up a good thing”.

    32 teams and the majority have bad to average coaches. Filling vacancies at season’s end is never an issue because there’s always someone eager to “move up”. Canales for example.

    Geno Smith had a “breakout” season last year and lots of people credit Canales as a “QB whisperer”. This year he’s dropped off again. Is it because Canales left and Geno “forgot” everything that was “whispered” to him or is he just back to being Geno Smith and last year was just an anomaly? My money is that it was a fluke.

    If we get rid of Bowles, odds are we get a dud. Some teams go all out to land good, proven coaches. We got lucky with BA (or he got lucky with a good roster) but aside from him, we aren’t one of those teams.

    I hope the Glazers prove me wrong and go all-in to land Harbaugh but I think he’ll have more attractive offers elsewhere. I’m prepared for another lost decade.