Baker Mayfield Makes History In Historic Stadium

December 17th, 2023


The one cool thing about seeing a game in Green Bay is how the locals and the Packers franchise embrace both the history of the NFL and, of course, the Packers.

It’s everywhere around Lambeau Field. Vince Lombardi this, Lombardi that, Lombardi Ave., Holmgren Way, Curly Lambeau’s statue, the Don Huston training center, Titletown entertainment district, 1919 Kitchen and Tap (honoring the year the Packers were born), a Ring of Honor that puts other teams’ to shame… Joe can go on and on.

So this amused Joe that in such a historic setting as Lambeau Field — the locals treat it as a shrine, no joke — Baker Mayfield made history today in cold and wet Green Bay.

Joe is not a passer ratings guy because Joe thinks they can be misleading. Also, break down how passer rating is established. It’s some process.

But a passer rating (if good) can give a fan a general idea how well a quarterback played. Obviously, Mayfield played very well (though not perfect) by throwing for 381 yards and four touchdowns without a pick.

Well, apparently, per passer ratings, Mayfield had a perfect day. This despite Mayfield having six incompletions and a ghastly sack/fumble that cost the Bucs seven points early in the game.

This was not a “perfect game” in Joe’s eyes. But for the passer ratings crowd, it is.

So why does Joe bring all of this up? For all the quarterbacks that played against the Packers on this Lambeau Field turf over the decades, never has a visiting quarterback recorded a perfect game per passer ratings.

Until today when Mayfield did it.

Think about it: Not Joe Montana, not Roger Staubach, not Terry Bradshaw, not Pat Mahomes, not John Elway or Dan Marino, not even Tom Brady had a perfect rating at Lambeau Field.

It took a Bucs quarterback. Not Brady, either. But Mayfield.

Joe thinks that’s pretty cool.

96 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Makes History In Historic Stadium”

  1. Jack Clark Says:

    The Bucs are better without Tom Brady 😂

  2. Capt2fish Says:

    Trask would have done it his rookie year….without even playing in Lambeau…he is THAT good.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tom Brady as a Buc & Baker Mayfield……the only two perfect passer ratings.

    Good company, Baker.

  4. Tony marks Says:

    Capt2fish Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 7:16 pm
    Trask would have done it his rookie year….without even playing in Lambeau…

    pfffffffft and in the rain and with ZERO receivers – book it. GUARANTEED

  5. Gipper Says:


    We haven’t heard much from you today regarding Baker. What’s the matter Mr. Football expert? There is something wonderful about seeing a negative naysayer get smacked down. Hopefully, as you grow up you will learn not to be so arrogant.

  6. Jack Clark Says:

    Anybody seen that uppity NE Fan? 😂 Or is that turtle hiding his head in his shell again?

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    Uh-oh! There goes draft position!!!
    Tell me you didn’t enjoy this game. How fun to see this offense work. Baker played well, as did our defense in key situations.

    Go Bucs!

  8. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    If this is what will be in the future only Oniellbuc and a few Gator fanbois will hate it. I want the Bucs to always win and if Baker can play like this regularly I have no problem baking with Baker, but until then I’ll be pessimistically optimistic.

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    What say the Traskies? Not Favre. Not Rodgers. Not Montana. Not Brady.

    Not Trask either.

    Baker Mayfield. Perfect.

  10. Earl S Says:

    How about those Bucs today. Roll boys roll

  11. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    He just became a $40 million dollar guy

    Great great win and performance.

  12. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Reformed Mayfield haters, welcome!

  13. The Truth be Told Says:

    Lucky to have Baker I have said time and time again.

  14. Mr. Editor Says:

    So glad to see a lot of Bucs fans at Lambeau Field!

  15. Greg Says:

    Anyone thinking the Bucs are better without Brady, as though Brady were the problem last year, is clueless. The team has gelled a bit more and Canales is more adaptable than Leftwich could ever be. Mayfield did have a good game today. Hopefully, we can keep it up.

  16. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Cool but weird. That fumble woke him up! I hope the offense can stay this hot the rest of the season and beyond.

  17. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I only see Baker fans talking about Trask. Pretty funny.

  18. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I’m happy to see the offense humming. One game does not make a season. Keep it rolling.

  19. adam from ny Says:

    good game coming up…raven @ jax…

    i’ll be watching…

    gotta hope jacksonville wins so they’re not a desperado moseying into ray jay next sunday

  20. Bubby Says:

    Great job, Bucs!

  21. Buccaneric Says:

    Lfg! So pumped after this win!

  22. EricTheViking Says:

    He wins the Superbowl for the Bucs, then come talk to me.

    Great game for sure. But let’s keep perspective.

    Jags and Saints are no slouch. We need 2 more wins to get in.


  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Glad to see someone dropped a brick on Canales’ head. It rattled the rocks in his brain into a proper OC alignment. So, negative yahoos, kindly tell me why Bucs can’t win next week? They’ve won every one of their December games. If you don’t think that plane ride home wasn’t celebrating, you have early stages of senility.

  24. HC Grover Says:

    LOL thought they would run but they went pass happy.

  25. Let em bake Says:

    Now stack another quality win next week. Baker can even come back to earth with a nice 100 passer rating . My prediction of 30/10 td int. Ratio in September looking very possible. Let’s see how mobile Trevor is tonight.

  26. ScottyMack Says:

    In fact, only one Packers QB has ever had a perfect passer rating at Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers (2019) had the one and only perfect passer rating at the stadium prior to today.

  27. Falconrap Says:

    Here’s the difference between the Baker nut huggers and those of us who were calling for Trask. The Baker lovers act like one game wipes out everything and think that us Trask preferring folks are upset that Baker had a career day by actually throwing to and connecting with the multiple wide open receivers this offense has had all season long. No. Us Trask folks just want the team to win. I was perfectly happy that Baker came out and blew the doors off the Packers. I was screaming in joy for the big time TD’s that put us ahead. We don’t have a problem rooting for the team with Baker at QB as long as he’s not out there sucking. You nut huggers would rather lose with Baker than win with Trask, though. Pretty much sums you folks up pretty good. I’m a Bucs fan first and foremost. Who starts at QB matters not to me as long as they play good and we win. Period.

  28. Beeej Says:

    “realistic-optimistic Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 7:50 pm
    I only see Baker fans talking about Trask. Pretty funny.”

    Because YOUR side has wisely STFU

  29. adam from ny Says:

    trevor has the high ankle sprain…it will def linger thru next week and even the playoffs…

    it’s a long one…just ask big tristan

  30. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    we win out…

    imagine that…

    we start out hot af…

    then bottom out losing 6 of 7…

    then heat up and catch fire down the stretch to the dismay of delvin white…

    hey you never know

  31. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Falconrap, go ahead and tell us what your old name was? Haven’t seen you before today, so I know it was something else.

  32. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Adam, not such a stretch now. I think we won the toughest of our remaining four in Green Bay. We’re home for the next two and have the Panthers to close it out.

  33. RGA Says:

    Mayfield played a great game, the other 13 games not so much. I’m hoping Mayfield can play like he did today or close to it next week and beyond. One good game does not make a great QB. Mayfield has to play consistently good football. No more of the less then 200 yards passing or 50 yards passing in the first half. He’s been terrible until today, here’s to hoping he can string some good games together.

  34. Tony marks Says:

    Falconrap Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 8:17 pm
    Here’s the difference between the Baker nut huggers and those of us who were calling for Trask……


    For those who have not learned Traskie Klingon at Bakefleet Academy – in english the rest of his post is intepreted as

    blah balh blah zing tweep boing boing boing, “self destruct initiated” – screeching sound – KAPOW!!

  35. infomeplease Says:

    Ravens play Jacksonville tonight. Gotta scout the Jags!!!!! Should be a good game.

    The Bucs need more games like today! Congrats to BM, CG, the entire offense. They looked the way we knew they could be! The Defense minus DW is playing well too!!!! This is the right time of the year to get it all together!

  36. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Beej says:

    Because YOUR side has wisely STFU

    lol, so bitter.

    I want a successful offense. That’s my side. Got that in spades today. Give me more next week, please.

  37. Irish Laughter Says:

    There is no way that this team cannot make it to the promise land. Many teams are starting to fatigue and lose their stride. The Bucs are just starting to realize that they are the team to beat. Hold on, it is going to be a great finish. Keeping it real in Ireland. When Baker makes it to his first SB you can start to fly his kite. When he makes it to his 11th SB, you can say he is better than Brady. Calm down.

  38. D Cone Says:

    Baker and Canales got the most out of short passes. It’s the only thing Mayfield is really good at and Canales will run plays that give his players the best chance to succeed. Guess we can stop the Montana/.Brady debate on one good game from Mayfield. 4 TD’s is special. Only three other QB’s had 4 this week including a Rookie and a guy picked last in the draft. Goff had 5.

    Evans made Manzel look good enough to win a Heisman. Evans, Godwin, White, and Otton are making Mayfield look like a franchise QB too. Throw the ball 15-20 feet and the Receiver turns it into a 30 yard TD. Mayfield gets the flowers.

  39. gotbbucs Says:

    Well, Baker is definitely starting to make the offseason decisions a little harder for the front office. Lots of QB’s will be getting drafted, but that also means more quality players will get pushed down the board. All depends on Mayfields price.

  40. Gipper Says:


    Find something else to do. Maybe you can get a pin pong game somewhere? Here are Mayfield’s numbers for the ENTIRE 2023 season 24TD 8INT 3350Yrds passing. Here are 2 time SuperBowl Mahomes 2023 25TD 12INT 3700Yrd. Even you might agree that Mahomes has a stronger team and a stronger coach. Get off your sanctimonious know it all nonsense. Mayfield hasn’t been the problem. Should have beaten Houston and Atlanta i game 1.Neither was Mayfield’s fault and his coached know it.

  41. m milligan Says:

    Falcon and HC Flower, right,
    Falco looks like u lost today, HC you’re an idiot and definately not a head coach or whatever u pretend to be.
    Bucs are taking it down town.

  42. Shane Callahan Says:

    Go Bucs!

  43. Tony marks Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 7:53 pm
    I’m happy to see the offense humming. One game does not make a season.


    NO one ha said it does but many of you are missing the point rather purposefully

    ALl season we have heard what Baker can’t do (even though he was always doing it )

    too short can’t see the middle of the field

    Can’t score over 20 point

    Can’t put together a complete game

    HE proved ALL OF YOU WRONG yet AGAIN all in one game by playing the perfect passing game rating EVER on the very field where most of you swore he was going to lose

  44. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Congratulations Baker. Bucs fans needed to see this game. Lifted everyones spirits, fans and players alike. Keep up the progress.

  45. RGA Says:

    Gipper, here are stats for you 7 wins 7 losses, in any other division but the NFC south it is over.

  46. Beeej Says:

    “RGA Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 8:43 pm
    Gipper, here are stats for you 7 wins 7 losses, in any other division but the NFC south it is over”

    Yeah BUT…..

  47. m milligan Says:

    Definately playing better together, both sides of ball.
    Great Win, Carolina no cupcake, played us tough.
    Get next 2 wins and c what happens, next wk just as big, Saints in LA vs rams
    they’re gonna get thrashed

  48. Tony marks Says:

    D Cone Says:
    Mayfield gets the flowers.


    like all the Qbs in the league how dare his passing yards refect hitting open players who get YAC

    the nerve of it all!

    Its going to be Okay Dcone. The sun will come out tommorrow

    well ummmm maybe Tuesday. You wont want to hear the national coverage sports shows tomorrow and how much flowers they wil be throwing -all well deserved.

  49. Old School Bucs Says:

    Mayfield got sacked 4 times today. But in the second half it seemed to me that Oline stepped up. Mayfield was able to get some good passes off and white got some good lanes. Two things missing last couple years. Maybe Canales is winning the war of changing the culture of this Oline. I hope so because I liked what I saw when it counted today. The oline giving the skilled players a chance to make plays!!!!!

  50. RGA Says:

    Gipper, I am impressed with Mayfield today, can he play up to or close to this level consistently? I for hope he can, one good game out of 14 games does not make a great QB, he needs to string a few good games together.

  51. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Perhaps the swiss cheese pass defense plays a role in the 7 losses? This team could be sitting on 9 or 10 wins if it was for a gapping hole at SS, 0 pass rush and veterans that got paid and checkout

    The quarterback is the least of the issues on this team.

  52. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Jax Defense looking pretty fierce to me.

  53. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Tony, all you do is get upset and throw accusations around on this site. All day. Every day. If anybody points out reality you bite their head off. I personally have never predicted anything about Baker or the Bucs. I’ve only highlighted poor perfomances, and backed up my assertions with stats. All the while I’ve been asking for the same thing: consistent production. Up until today that didn’t exist. Today it did. And I spent the day congratulating Baker, Canales, RWhite, et al. There should be no reason for you to be so bitter, yet here you are.

    Again, one game does not make a season. Keep it rolling. I don’t care if it’s Baker, Trask, Wolford, or somebody off the street, I want production.

    Go Bucs!

  54. Tony marks Says:

    RGA Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 8:43 pm
    Gipper, here are stats for you 7 wins 7 losses, in any other division but the NFC south it is over.


    anyone without Traskie eyeglasses can see that Baker had the team in postition to win two or three other games so even that weak retort fails

    I know you are trying hard to keep your boat of hate afloat given how much this critical win and stellar perforamnce shook your boat

    but man up ( if you can) – you were wrong all season long with your hate.

  55. godlovesbucs Says:

    I have said baker is not the answer. I still believe he is not the long term answer.

    But man was he elite today!

    my worry is if you have to sign him to a 15-20 mil contract who do we not have money to keep. Godwin? Evans? Wirfs? Winfield? Vea? And if we lose them, does his play make up for having less talent?

  56. Gipper Says:

    Say it Brother Tony marks,

    You have been on the right side of the Mayfield story. Even in the face of outstanding passing results for the ENTIRE season the negative bunch will not relent. All this has been accomplished with yet another new coach and OC for Baker but the naysayers haven’t been willing to give the guy a break. His teammates love him just like they did at Cleveland with the exception of All Me All the Time OBJ. OBJ’s idea of running a pass route was to run down field waving his hand.

  57. Tony marks Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 8:58 pm
    @Tony, all you do is get upset and throw accusations around on this site.


    ahem what “Baker Boi” is upset on a day like this? lol

    Cry me a river about throwing accusations around. ANy one that supported THE TEAMS STARTING QB or was even optimistic about the team got non stop ABUSE from you haters for almost the entire season.

    Win or lose thats all you had

    Then finally enough people had enough and now you are crying because we pushed back and the score board took you out . You think people rubbing it in tonight is bad? Yeah right. We all know if it had been Trask with the perfect game the same alleged “one game” woud be a season changing big deal and you would behave five times worse in letting Baker fans hear about it.

    This is light. Spare the hypocrisy.

  58. Merryplankster777 Says:

    Said it before, but don’t blame the qb Heroic effort. Did not miss the missed time out. Thank fully! Gotta sail with our my capn now!

  59. firethecannons Says:

    sweet! thanks Joe! Good read!

  60. m milligan Says:

    Taking it to SB. Team playing well, both sides of ball, they can beat anybody (49ers DN)
    Seen BM play like this for yrs. Wyoming Joe real savy about this as well

  61. Falconrap Says:

    Alvin Scissors Harper Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 8:23 pm
    Falconrap, go ahead and tell us what your old name was? Haven’t seen you before today, so I know it was something else.


    Sorry there pal, but until a couple of months ago I didn’t even know this site existed. I only started commenting recently due to all the Baker nut hugging going on. I had never seen such a group of so-called Bucs fans so enamored with mediocre QB play that I felt compelled to post. It’s fun arguing with people who clearly don’t understand enough about football to see how a player is truly doing given the opportunities that are, or are not, there. Baker could have a game like this almost every week this season, which is what I’ve been arguing, as the routes with open receivers has been there all year. He’s struggled all year to attack the intermediate middle. After the fumble, it seemed like he finally said f it and started throwing to the people that the defense let get open and not taking too much time to do so. He played a great game and I hope he continues, even if history is not on his side.

  62. Tony marks Says:

    godlovesbucs Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 9:07 pm

    my worry is if you have to sign him to a 15-20 mil contract who do we not have money to keep.

    don’t let all this talk in blog comments alarm you. No contracts are being signed this week and HIGHLY doubtful before the end of the season. My understanding is draft is in april – Free agency in march

    Baker asks too much then you let him walk. Of all Qbs I don’t see that happening with Baker . HE more than most knows whats its like to be on a team that is not a good fit. However 15-20 is cheap

    but anyway still waaaays off and games to be played to be worrying about that

  63. Falconrap Says:

    Tony, you just continue to utter nonsense. Maybe you get your thrills off being a dumba$$. You think you’re trolling people, but people like me are just laughing at your ignorance. It’s quite pathetic to be honest. But you keep on being dumb. It lifts the spirits of everyone less dumb than you, which is quite a lot of people.

  64. m milligan Says:

    I’m sorry u guys lost to the worst team n league
    Relax they’re not that bad
    your bad news and have spun out

  65. m milligan Says:

    thats the;
    And i meant the panthers aren’t that bad

  66. Not Says:

    Happy for the big BM !
    Don’t think he’s a Super Bowl quarterback but he’s all we’ve got now.
    Maybe if we can get rid of TB we can do better.
    Maybe Canales sees what everyone in town has been yelling about and will start passing more and using Godwin in the slot.
    Perhaps DC is a viable OC without the big Bowel Terd.

  67. Tony marks Says:

    Falconrap Says:
    December 17th, 2023 at 9:39 pm
    Tony, you just continue to utter nonsense.


    Dude you are a Nit and I’ll prove it. According to you the opportiuntiies have been there all season long

    some facts

    1) Gowdwin was just moved back to the slot
    2) one of our TDs was to a player basically new to our core
    3) cotton was horrible by all admissions at the begining of the season
    4) Our run game was statitistialy second to last so pass coverage was all teams had to worry about defending until three games ago

    Cogratualtions every week kiddies get onthe interent an claim to know football. You’ve exceeded them all in silliness by PROVING you don’t know SQUAT about it.

    Anyone of those poings above and certainly all put together indicare NO nfl NOVICE – the offense was NOT the same all season long.

    You got film on all these wide open recivers all season long with time stamps ? NO of course not just like all the other claims by people talking your kind of drivel . All you got is Beleive you and your know nothing can’t analyze with common sense, don’t even know the schemes says so word for it

    You lose. Now go back and cry under your pilow your city lost to of all teams The panthers????????

  68. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Godluvsbucs… don’t worry . There’s this wonderful tool called a signing bonus. Baker likes Tampa. Emily likes Tampa. They have a foundation for kids here. Look at David cars contract. That’s the model they’ll use.

  69. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think the fact that KJ Britt basically took Devin White’s job is a bigger deal for me. Mr Me First White was inactive because he was supplanted by a guy who actually earned the job and wasn’t gifted it. I wonder who Devin will be playing backup LB for next season on a 1 year minimum contract?

  70. Beeej Says:

    Falconrap, MPTF, whatevs

  71. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Baker cooking up a big contract in the off-season

    Good for him.

  72. Chris M Says:

    Look at Baker Mayfield’s stats for first 5 years in the league.
    His stats are better than Tom Brady’s. It’s a great comparison.
    The 2024 draft doesn’t have a better QB then Mayfield, Show him the money already Team Glazer.

  73. David Says:

    To all Baker Fans,
    You can never turn a trash to a nugget. He is a trash. Once you become trash you always be a trash. Baker is capable of beating up on bad teams with losing records here and there. However he has a bad losing record against teams with wining record. Again, you Baker fans want Bucs to resign him after a game. You keep forgetting he has a 7-7 record in a division when Baker lost to Falcons team who lost to the NFL worst team, Panthers today. He had back to back games with 148 yards and 48% completions prior to this game. He came so close to be benched last game losing almost to Falcons.
    Perfect rating does not win you a super bowl but having so many games under 100 rating should have benched Baker. Uh, wait his daddy is the HC.

    Bucs will never resign Toilet Bowls and Trash Baker. The decision to move on from those two father and son has been already made by Bucs. I guarantee it. Mark my words

  74. David Says:

    No Bucs fans will buy next season ticket to see the Toilet Bowl and Trash Baker. Baker fans Go follow those two with google direction to another city’s public sewer.

  75. Billy Says:

    As a Bucs fan from 76 is always nice to see our Bucs play a good game for a full 60 minutes, minus the sack/fumble.
    Great job, I just hope they don’t follow up with an ugly game next week which would be what normally will happen.

  76. Falconrap Says:

    Tony Marks, I have news for you…none of what you said matters. We’ve had Godwin running free over the middle on crossers, all season. We’ve had Otton open on seems and posts over the middle, all season. We’ve had plenty of plays where Evans was wide open, and Baker didn’t pull the trigger. We’ve had plenty of plays where he actually did throw to an open guy and outright missed (overthrow, thrown wide, or thrown at their knees or feet). This game he actually hit his targets and attacked the middle of the field where plays have been available all season. The all 22 doesn’t lie. There have been posting series from some of the authors (former and present) from that other Bucs site showing this. There are plenty of TV replays showing this. You can make excuses for his past play all you want, but he’s failed to make plays that were there for the taking ALL SEASON LONG. Enjoy what he did yesterday. I hope he continues, especially since Todd has hitched his wagon to him and want sub him barring injury. I’m perfectly happy winning with him at QB as much as I would be with Trask. It’s the losing part that I can’t stand.

    Carry on dumba$$.

  77. Tony Marks Says:

    Falconrap Says:
    December 18th, 2023 at 6:05 am
    Tony Marks, I have news for you…none of what you said matters


    OF course to an NFL nitwit like you none of it matters. You don’t understand routes, schemes or players. Thats why you are nitwit. Try table tennis you might be able to understand that – with a month long tutor.

    Go ahead and post the all 22 time marks. To back your claim I’ll need five time marks per game minimum of at least ten games since according to you its been all season all through the games . Sorry not dumb enough to buy you as a reliable reporter of anything but junior high detention.

    Here’s what happened every time someone was asked to provide evidence for that crapola claim. They have posted only one or two clips to generalize across the board and WORSE they have pointed only at the separation between defender covering and the receiver WITHOUT REFERENCE OF OTHER DEFENDERS CLOSING ( or what’s happening in the pocket)

    See fools like you think QB delivers a ball to the receiver the moment he gets separation whereas its the job of a QB to determine how long the receiver will be open. Deliver a ball to a receiver without reference to movement and 2 seconds later the defenders closes and gets a pick.

    I know

    all of that went over your head. Thats another proof you are a nitwit. You got to be some kind of special dumb to believe the sillines you just wrote – that a fumble caused Bake to say – oh I will now become a perfect rated QB

    Seen some DUMB theories in my life – but you get an award for it. Better luck next time kid. WHen high school resumes – sit in the front seat.

  78. Beeej Says:

    I would never pony up for the Sunday Ticket, but I MIGHT pony up for the all-22, depending on cost

  79. Gipper Says:

    To David the band camp boy,

    Really interesting to see the comments from Mayfield haters just a couple of days ago. They may want to revise their own history but just go to “Last Legs” story on the 16th and see the vicious attacks on a guy who has played very well for a new team, new coach and new OC. By the way this story about Mayfield being a “journeyman backup QB” just isn’t true. Mayfield was traded after 2021 where he played with an injured shoulder the entire year. The Browns signed Watson in 2022. Baker was traded to a pathetic Panthers team that is still pathetic and got pounded because of a weak O line. Mayfield requested his release and went to Rams where they loved him. Rams had previously committed a huge sum to Mathew Stafford who incidentally Baker has outplayed this year with a weaker Tampa Bay team. On to Tampa this year and we are still waiting to see how the team finishes. Most experts predicted Tampa would win 5 games this year. Mayfield needs to sign with Pittsburgh next year. Hope he sticks it to the Browns 2x per year for the next 12. Also, hope all you Mayfield haters get your rookie QB in 2024. Maybe Bryce Young will be available for 3 1st round draft picks in 2024,25,26.

  80. Conner50 Says:

    There sure is some mayfield crazies on this page, let’s see how he finishes the year and postseason if we end up winning the division

  81. Gipper Says:

    Yes, your Connerness,

    Stay tuned in to your negativity. Hard for you to confront facts. Know your type. Never was and never will be. Trying hard to be good at something even if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  82. Conner50 Says:

    Not being negative just realistic actually, you don’t just have one extremely well game after average play most of the other games and get big contract talks. Confront what facts to be specific? I’ve played football and know football real well, you don’t get hyped up from one good game gotta be consistent and prove it week to week. I’m happy Tampa beat Green Bay and the offense finally had their best game of the season. Gotta finish out the season tho it ain’t over

  83. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    U knuckleheads say 1 good game &13 bad 1’s r u kidding I hope so that guy with his 1st year with this team has p.ayed his butt off all season not every game was spectacular but whos5 is that guy has kept us in every game this season his friggin # for the season are rather very good so qb with 24tds& 8 int is just average they are better # than lawrence,Mahomes,kerr,love,& most of the other qbs,excluding Purdy,jackson,wtf u haters r the real problem not baker keep u r analysis to u miserable pee brain

  84. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Conner50 u played pee wee football 50 years ago its 2023 we have a Heisman trophy winner with really good stats including the best 3rd down rating in the NFL just for starters besides making NFL history yesterday so pucker big mouth u r stats suck

  85. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Falcontrap says why is a falcon fan on this site oh yes u have Desmond rudder great as far as baker missing all season how the hell r we 7 &7 the by u calculations we shud b yhe same as the panthers2&12 I saw way to many crucial drops from all the receivers 1’s that cost us the game se real times this season why get on this site with total bummer garbage can’t u losers just shut u r. Outs after a stellar probably the best display of any team this season

  86. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    David says no one will buy tickets next year with bowles&baker last week they had 62750 in attendance so u r take is moronic every post u put up is pretty moronic as a matter of fact I give u that top moron award

  87. BAKERSBucs says Says:

    Not only that baker is playing for his new family edition come April next year his new baby needs a new crib & # 6 1 piece slip ons hopefully he will over look, u haters sign here instead of steelers

  88. Conner50 Says:

    Someone gets real defensive about there man crush lol, he still hasn’t proved he’s worth a huge contract. He guides the team to victories the next 3 games then you can come out of the closet for your boy.

  89. Bucsfan77 Says:

    Yes Baker had a great game vs previous 4 or 5. So lets break down some differences I noticed…. 1. Offensive line showed up, opening up holes for the run game, and giving Mayfield more than 1.88 seconds to throw(yes a few times Baker held the ball too long) 2. Our ML played faster and more aggressively than ML during our 6/7 loss streak 3. Vita was back and even through supposedly still sore p!aged 110%. 4. Canales finally started letting Mayfield sling it, putting Godwin in the slot to create more match up problems for the D. 5. RW feeling happy about his playing weight, which gave him the extra confidence to hammer the holes.

    So yes Baker played much better, and has been inconsistent but we know now what we need to upgrade next year to allow us to continue to play complementary football. Upgrade line , secondary, more edge rushers. Maybe another heavy to team with Vita to road grade O-Lines.

  90. Falconrap Says:

    BAKERSBucs says Says:
    December 18th, 2023 at 5:32 pm
    Falcontrap says why is a falcon fan on this site oh yes u have Desmond rudder great as far as baker missing all season how the hell r we 7 &7 the by u calculations we shud b yhe same as the panthers2&12 I saw way to many crucial drops from all the receivers 1’s that cost us the game se real times this season why get on this site with total bummer garbage can’t u losers just shut u r. Outs after a stellar probably the best display of any team this season


    This site clearly brings out total idiots. My signature is from my fandom of F-16’s…the Fighting Falcon. I was born here and have been a Bucs fan since the inception of this franchise. Where you Baker loving morons come from…I have no idea. I’ve never seen such slobbering over a QB that has been mediocre to average at best his whole career. What is it about the guy that you nut huggers love so much? He had a great game yesterday. Hopefully, he’ll continue. But one great game doesn’t make up for many bad ones, and a handful of “ok” ones. You guys can just keep on squeezing those round boys, though.

  91. Duke Says:

    Baker is the real deal CaptFish….Trask or is it Trash??

  92. Duke Says:

    David the Baker hater….his wife is gorgeous too…what’s your husband look like David??

  93. Falconrap Says:

    Tony, just stop writing crap. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The QB’s job is to understand what routes you have, what keys to look for when the routes are run and the check your defensive keys pre and post snap to validate what defense you are believe they are in. By that point, the better QB ‘s know who is likely to be open and who is likely not, and they generally start on one side of the field to begin their progressions. On some plays only half the field is reviewed in the progressions, but most of Canales’ plays have all routes live. Baker, until yesterday after the fumble, has repeatedly failed to either go through his progressions or feared trying to throw to the open guy, as they were more often open in the middle of the field where it can be dangerous if you miss. These routes have been open in the progression and Baker finally decided to start throwing to them. Of course, he’s made excuses about some receivers not being in the right place, but it’s really been more on him. If Godwin has leverage, you throw him the ball, and that’s what Baker FINALLY did yesterday. I’m not going to sit here and spend my time going back through all the all 22 to find time marks for you. I’ll give you an easy one: the strip sack fumble against the 49ers. Go watch the all 22 on that play and you’ll see Godwin has leverage right in front of Baker for the first down. He also has Otton having beaten the safety deep and making his cut back (he was running a post from left to right and cut back to the left) to be wide open for a TD. All Baker had to do was recognize, stop panicking, and throw the damn ball. Instead he panicked, got closer to the left side of the line that was collapsing, and got strip sacked. This one was a microcosm of Baker’s play all season.

  94. Tony Marks Says:

    Falconrap Says:
    This site clearly brings out total idiots.

    CLEARLY – thank you for the confession

  95. Tony Marks Says:

    Falconrap Says:
    December 18th, 2023 at 7:43 pm
    Tony, just stop writing crap.


    A) petition the Joes but until they say otherwise aint no stinking Falcons fan going to come on here and tell me what to write. Take care of the homeless I saw all over downtown Atlanta recently and ill put some respect on its name . Until then you are the Atlantis Falcons because you are sunk and like seaweed – trash. Even the Panthers washed you out to sea.

    B) I didn’t see time marks on your last post as you were challenged to provide so didn’t read anything more of your paragraph break challenged comment. Epic fail

  96. Falconrap Says:

    I’m not a Falcons’ fan you fricken moron. I wanted to fly F-16’s, but ended up going into the Navy. I’ve had that tag online for nearly 25 years. Here’s a petition: kick off all the Baker nut huggers who clearly aren’t real fans of the Bucs. It’s like all the Brady nut huggers that came over with him. At least I can understand the fandom with the GOAT and I was ecstatic to get him. But I’m team interests first, player interests second. You are clearly a fan of the player first.

    And lastly, moron, 13:12 of the second quarter against the 49ers is when Baker panics instead of looking straight down the field and settling and runs toward the left side of the line then gets strip sacked. Had he kept his eyes down the field he could have stopped at the stem of his drop and let the pass go to either Godwin or Otton. He didn’t. He panicked. Like normal.