Air Mayfield

December 28th, 2023

Joe was adamant on preseason Ira Kaufman Podcasts that the Bucs would throw a lot this year because good sense or desperation would prevail no matter how badly Todd Bowles might want to be a run-first team.

And here sits Baker Mayfield with the eighth-most passing attempts in the National Football League.

Joe’s biggest complaint about the Bucs offense is it needs to throw a little more often. Get Rachaad White another two touches a game through the air (not handoffs). And feed the beasts in their prime, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Lean on your strengths and good things will happen.

Mayfield has 501 pass attempts in 15 games, with a 64.3 percent completion rate and 3,598 yards. It’s not the ideal completion mark, but the yardage per pass attempt is very solid, certainly better than Tom Brady’s was last season.

Dak Prescott, Jordan Love and Josh Allen throw less than one more time per game than Mayfield. Only Patrick Mahomes, Sam Howell and Jared Goff throw significantly more than Mayfield. That’s it.

Yes, Joe wishes the Bucs would go a little more Air Mayfield. As well as Mayfield protects the ball, it might take the Bucs offense from hot to sizzling.

37 Responses to “Air Mayfield”

  1. geno711 Says:

    i saw today that Mayfield and Russell Wilson both had 26 passing TDs and 8 Ints. One lost his job this week.

  2. Alanbucsfan Says:

    More AirMayfield may result in more 3 and out or turnover Mayfield.
    If opponents know you’re not running the ball- here comes the pressure.

  3. Let ‘em bake Says:

    the bulk of Russell’s td were broken play, off schedule throws. The beautifullly thrown timing routes baker delivers is something russel has never excelled at. Sean Peyton would love to have baker running his offense.

  4. Mort Says:

    Geno: you’re right. Russ has been sacked about 10 more times, and has ran a hell of a lot more. Other than that, they’re very similar. But I wouldn’t underestimate the interpersonal relationship between Russ and Sean Payton, as being a major factor.

  5. Crickett Baker Says:

    I don’t see how one can write bout how we need to change when we are doing so well as it is.

  6. godlovesbucs Says:

    Russ got benched because he is making 40 million and unable to lead the team to the playoffs. He also makes a bunch of guaranteed money next year if he gets hurt. It isn’t the play, it’s the play in relation to the contract.

  7. Hodad Says:

    Give the pass more a rest already. If Joe had it his way our running game wouldn’t be coming around right now, because Joe would’ve given up on it in Sept. Instead Baker would be on I.R., because sooner, or later he would get injured dropping back so much, or scrambling head first into a LBer. Besides, it’s a fact when Mayfield, like most QBs throw more then 40 times a game they lose. Lets leave throw more alone.

  8. rickym Says:

    @let ‘em bake – Sean Payton is eyeing Mayfield and no question the timing of Wilson’s benching and Mayfield’s ascension is not a coincidence

  9. Jason Says:

    Of course Baker throws a lot. He has to make up for all of the 1 yard runs.

  10. Scoobe Says:

    Some interesting background on Mayfield:

    Currently owns the following Browns records:
    Consecutive seasons (4) of 3,000+ PASS YDS
    Consecutive games (5) of 250+ PASS YDS
    PASS YDS (14,125) in 1st 4 seasons
    PASS TD (92) in 1st 4 seasons
    2,500+ PASS YDS in each of 1st 4 seasons

    NFL Records:
    Only QB in NFL history with multiple career losses when scoring 42+ PTS on offense (has lost 3 such times)
    1-3 career regular-season record when scoring 42+ PTS
    Only such win was vs. Cowboys in 2020 Week 4 (final score 49-38)

    On December 14, 2020, Baker thew an incomplete pass 70.5 yards in the air. Pro Football Focus says that was the longest throw they have ever seen. (PFF started tracking the NFL in 2006.)

    According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Rams’ 98-yard TD drive was the longest go-ahead TD drive that began in the final 2 minutes over the last 45 seasons. He was on the team a total of 48 hours prior to the game.

    Interesting factoid: Ben Roethlisberger had more wins in the Browns home stadium than any browns QB:
    Baker Mayfield Surpasses Ben Roethlisberger as Winningest QB at FirstEnergy Stadium

    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Mayfield is the first starting QB to face the Packers for three different teams in three consecutive years – home or away – since at least 1950. He also set a record for first opposing quarterback to get a perfect passer rating in that third game.

    His completion rate of 85.7% was the second highest in a game in his career. Mayfield also set the Rams’ single-game completion percentage record, passing Kurt Warner (2000) and Case Keenum (2016). According to Elias Sports Bureau research, the Rams are only the fourth team since 1950 to score 50 points after entering that game averaging under 17 points (minimum of 10 games played prior to scoring 50).

    Baker got offensive player of the week on 3 different teams in 4 years (Browns in 2020, Rams in 2022, Tampa in 2023).

    Head coaching win/loss record for all coaches Baker played for (minus Sean McVay) 121-208. Bakers win/loss record 41-46.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Would very much like to see our TEs used more in the passing game……Otton & Durham have proven they can catch the ball…..that, with more to White should improve our offense.

  12. D-Rome Says:

    i saw today that Mayfield and Russell Wilson both had 26 passing TDs and 8 Ints. One lost his job this week.

    That has to do with his contract and the economics of the situation, not performance. If Russell Wilson was getting paid like Baker Mayfield he’d be starting this weekend.

  13. BPBucsfan Says:

    Russell was benched because they are not risking him getting hurt then having to pay the guaranteed part of his contract if he gets hurt.

  14. Buccos Says:

    @scoobie those were some interesting factoids. Usually the qb’s with the big arms seem to struggle more with accuracy. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Mayfield. When he is on he is supremely accurate. That is never a bad combo, arm strength and accuracy. And he can scramble a little bit. Not to mention the leadership, which is also elite. It would seem that the only knock on him would be his height, which never seemed to bother Drew Brees, who is a first ballot HOF’r with nowhere near the arm strength as Mayfield. There is a lot to like and if we don’t show him the money then someone else will, without a doubt

  15. Beeej Says:

    We change QB’s again (either Trask, else trade up for a rookie) a season will be lost finding out if they’re gonna make it or not. As I can tell, we’re getting better than decent pay out of that position, and we need the picks to fill glaring holes elsewhere

  16. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Denver is $20 million over the cap for the 2024 season.

    When they release Wilson, he has a no trade clause and because of that he wouldn’t want to hurt his future team and help the team he’s leaving, the Broncos will be $55 million over the cap for the 2024 season.

    Denver is not an option for Baker.

  17. Dave Pear Says:

    In the wins against the Packers and the Jags, the Bucs threw early, when defenses were gearing up for the run. And the Bucs got two score leads in both games.

    I am so hoping that Todd doesn’t get spooked by success and lets his offense continue to thrive. Meanwhile, Todd, how about creating some pass defense?

  18. David Says:

    Im a jet fan and wanted Mayfield when we had the #3 pick. Then I was hoping for Lamar Jackson or Allen after Baker went #1. Later round first round picks at QB usually Excel because they aren’t shell shocked and can stand in the pocket, read their progressions and make the throw. Baker went to two dysfunctional teams before he went to the Rams. He’s showcased what he can do with some decent receivers and a decent line. That’s why Tampa Bay had some interest. Baker had five different offensive coordinators. Most of whom weren’t playing to Baker’s strengths. Just running the system that they were taught. A good OC will run their system to the QBs strengths. The Bucs love his SWAGGER and he backs it up.

  19. Gipper Says:


    Excellent data but you forgot for those who say Mayfield is inaccurate, he COMPLETED IN ONE GAME 22 CONSECTUTIVE PASSES against Cincinnati. The same game he threw for 5 touchdowns. Don’t remember anyone saying he was too short that day.

  20. Gipper Says:

    David and Dcone,

    Payton has his eye on Trask. Will give your life meaning if he becomes a Bronco.

  21. Beeej Says:

    “BelleGladeBuc Says:
    December 28th, 2023 at 1:36 pm
    Denver is $20 million over the cap for the 2024 season.

    When they release Wilson, he has a no trade clause and because of that he wouldn’t want to hurt his future team and help the team he’s leaving, the Broncos will be $55 million over the cap for the 2024 season.

    Denver is not an option for Baker.”


    I’d have thought same until I watched the Taints sign Carr last year

  22. Paratrooper Buc Says:


    Not sure it could happen.

    Wilson has a guaranteed $39 million. He can’t be traded so he will be waived. The new team only has to pay $870,000 which is league minimum for a veteran and Broncos have to pay the other $38 million. And somehow they will have to pay mayfield who will easily hit $25 million and closer to $35 million if we win playoff game.

  23. D Cone Says:

    Gipper Says:
    December 28th, 2023 at 2:17 pm
    David and Dcone,

    Payton has his eye on Trask. Will give your life meaning if he becomes a Bronco

    Doesn’t matter where Trask goes. I just said he would get consideration from the Bronco’s and Mayfield would not. Not a Trask Homie.

    Although a tailgate party with a Brat with Peppers and Mustard in one hand and a big fat doobie in the other does have it’s appeal.

  24. teacherman777 Says:

    We could be in the running to sign him.

    He knows the offense of Canales.

    I want to extend Baker.

    But I’m also open to signing Russell Wilson next year if Baker leaves us.

  25. orlbucfan Says:

    Now, I KNOW there are some braindead ‘wonders’ on here. No, I will take BM over Russell Wilson in a nanosecond! He’s smart, feisty, and not getting long in the tooth. Plus, I am NOT interested in any Sean Payton castoffs. You mean Denver hasn’t fired his cheating butt yet?? This Aints game Sunday still has quite a few Payton ‘wonders’ on it. We’re talking cheaters and dirty players. I will have it on 2 media sources and will enjoy every minute when the Bucs wipe them off the planet. 10-7, Bucs.

  26. Tb12fan Says:

    Trask’s fans, calm down. He is not the next tom brady. He had 2 years to beat Blaine Gabbert for the backup job but couldn’t do it.

  27. orlbucfan Says:

    10-7 isn’t the score. It’s the record I want Tampa Bay to finish with. GO MIGHTY BUCS!!

  28. rrsrq Says:

    These are the only teams that have had a starting QB 100% of their games, maybe Tua, Lamar and Hurts but they use their legs a lot

  29. HC Grover Says:

    On to the Super Bowl. 10-7 here we come.

  30. Steve Rutledge Says:

    Baker has thrown quite a bit this year because he was being asked to bail them out on 3rd and long when the run game failed. The explosion in the last two weeks has come from Godwin in the a slot, throwing when the D wasn’t sitting there waiting on it, and facing two horrible pass D’s.

    Let Baker Bake – he is the the way to maximize the offense (2 great wr’s, great receiving back, better pass catching TE than thought, good at pass blocking OL- but horrible at run blocking and very mediocre at running RB)

  31. TampabayDJ Says:

    Let’s not forget that these AINTS are the same team and players who did the Bounty Gate 2.0 on us in 2021 , and cost us a back to back Super Bowl ! Took out Godwin, Gronk, Marpet, and tried on others in that December game at Ray Jay . All because they were jealous. So our Bucs need to watch out for the same thing this week. They are the dirtiest team in the last 20 years in the NFL by far. Go Bucs

  32. TampabayDJ Says:

    I’m not a Trask lover or hater , but if he was playing in the games that Baker was slipping sacks, extending plays , and running for first downs , he would have been injured or sacked 75 times. He might be a good QB , but I don’t think he would fit in THIS offense. Go Bucs

  33. infomeplease Says:

    Wilson got benched. This happened cause he won’t re-negotiate his contact in particular the guaranteed money. They had been in talks for some time. Have cap issues they want him to help with.

  34. PbnJ Says:

    This is how you use statistics to sell a lie.

    Notice all those QB injuries around the NFL? Joe used total pass attempts to pick the top 7. Then took the top 7 in attempts and ranked them in attempts per game. In that, he made Baker appear to be leading the 4th most pass happy attack.

    Joe is taking a victory lap on a preseason prediction that is supported by absolute fraud.

    Tampa’s offense is 20th in pass attempts per game. Happen to be 20th in total pass attempts as well, which happens when each team has played 15 games…or 130 games. The attempts per rank will be the same rank as attempts overall.

    Now because teams have had some QB’s split games, Baker is 17th in pass attempts per game. Not even in the top half of the league even when allowing all the partial games to lessen the average of many QBs.

    This stat is easy to find. It’s hard to do the mental gymnastics Joe had to do to tell the lie in this article.

  35. NE Fan Says:

    Joe Flacco comeback player of the year!!!

  36. unbelievable Says:

    @D Cone – you’d be able to do that in FL too if the state’s residents would stop electing so many regressive, conservative douchecanoes.

  37. NE Fan Says:

    Unbelievable@ finding loopholes to block a candidate from a ballot is a sign of fear and weakness, which are all current traits of the current administration. It certainly dies not scream democracy. I guess the dirty continue to play dirty. God Bless America!!! Are we allowed to say that anymore?