Adam Schein: Give It To Baker!

December 28th, 2023

Don’t cheat Baker.

Look, Joe knows the ilk who vote for “Comeback Player of the Year.” It’s the touchy-feely, don’t-play-football-on-Christmas-because-I-might-have-to-type-words-and-stay-sober-on-my-day-off types.

As a result, Joe fully expects Damar Hamlin to get the award (to this day when Joe hears the guy’s name, Joe thinks people are referring to Denny Hamlin). Yes, it’s a cool story about Damar Hamlin rising from the dead (?) to play football again.

That’s just it. Hamlin’s “comeback” isn’t a football story, it’s a human interest story. Maybe a medical story. Perhaps a movie. But football? What’s he coming back from in football?

Hamlin was a nondescript starter before his incident. He has a grand total of two tackles through 15 games this year. What’s he coming back from, football-wise?

Joe thinks Baker Mayfield ought to be the “Comeback Player of the Year.” He was all but given up on. He was on the NFL scrap heap. Now, Mayfield is one win away from leading a team to the NFC South title.

You know who else is backing Mayfield? That would be popular sports TV and radio personality Adam Schein. The long-time columnist typed there should be no doubt about it: Mayfield is the “Comeback Player of the Year.”

Baker Mayfield deserves to win Comeback Player of the Year

I love this storyline. Honestly, I didn’t take Tampa Bay too seriously until the gutsy Week 14 win at Atlanta. That got my attention. And then Baker’s historic game at Lambeau one week later forced me to snag a seat on the Buccaneer bandwagon.

Mayfield has been a revelation for the Bucs, building quite a rapport with Mike Evans while closing in on career highs in passing yards and passing touchdowns. His arm strength, accuracy and leadership are on full display, and consequently, Tampa sits alone atop the NFC South at 8-7. Talk about a career resurrection!

Seventeen months ago, the Browns sent their former No. 1 overall pick to the Panthers for a conditional fifth-rounder. After going 1-5 as Carolina’s starter last season, Mayfield was cut by the Panthers, allowing the Rams to take the quarterback for a quick, 2-3 spin as they played out the string on a lost season. …

So it boils down to this for Joe: Mayfield is not just making a career comeback, he’s making a large impact on his new team.

Hamlin? Two tackles. Really? Even Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is embarrassed by that.

25 Responses to “Adam Schein: Give It To Baker!”


    One thing that many people miss about Baker is how extremely intelligent and well-studied he is. We tend to think of him as this fiery, passionate, headbutting, run through a wall kind of guy. —- And that he certainly IS.

    But he also has an extremely analytical approach to everything going on during a football game. More so than I think people realize with him.

  2. Dave Pear Says:

    Baker does indeed deserve it, provided he doesn’t have some horrific regression these last two games.

  3. Tye Says:

    Something to be said for a qb that took one of the laughing stocks of the AFC (Browns) to the playoffs and won….

    A few years later:
    Takes a team that once was the laughing stock of the NFC (Bucs) and has them 1 game away from the playoffs….

    Hopefully the last 2 games weren’t a fluke!

  4. David Says:

    You are exhausting the promotion of Baker as come back player of the year. Baker has been journey man for the past six years and wining a weak division does not change that. Here is the example;

    If you recall in 2017 the journeyman, Case Keenum was let go by Viking after he took them to NFC Championship game and they were blown out by Eagles. Keenum was signed by Denver as a free agent and was traded to Washington following year and continued the path to his journey until now with Texans.

    We still have two more regular season games and a potential blow out first round playoff game even if we make it to the playoffs.

    So much for accuracy. He is an journeyman 61.9% career passer and has completed his passes at 63.5% with a slight improvement.
    NFL will never award such player with such stats as come back player of the year. I guaranteed it. LOL

  5. Joe Says:


    You are making Joe’s point.

    You clearly did not expect Mayfield do be playing this well and have the Bucs where they currently are. Nobody did. That’s why he should be “Comeback Player of the Year.”

  6. David Says:

    Tye says;
    “A few years later: He Takes a team that once was the laughing stock of the NFC (Bucs) and has them 1 game away from the playoffs….”

    LOL. The laughing stock of ther NFC ????
    Bucs has won the NFC South for the past three years without the your trash qb, Baker due to this trash NFC South division where you can win the division with .500 or a game or two over .500.

    You Baker fans find all the irrational way to brag about your trash qb, Baker.

  7. David Says:

    Joe says;
    “You clearly did not expect Mayfield do be playing this well and have the Bucs where they currently are. Nobody did. That’s why he should be “Comeback Player of the Year.”

    No Joe. Bucs have won the division south for the past three years and could have won it with any other qb at helm including Trask or even with Gabbert due to the weakest divsion in NFL with inferior qb’s. The Bucs defense is the main element in Bucs wining a game more than than their division rivals not Baker.

    Let’s who did Baker competed against in his division;
    Bryce Young;59% completions, 11TD, 9 INT 2W-12L
    Desimone R.:63% completions, 10TD, 10 INT 7W-8L
    Derek C.:67% completions, 19TD, 8INT 7W-8L
    Baker M. :63% completions, 28TD, 8INT, 8W-7L

    According to the above stats Bucs is only one win better than the other NFC teams with their low level qb’s. I guess the trash Derek C.
    should be the come back player of the week also if he manages to defeat Baker on Sunday.

  8. Bosch Says:

    It all started with the opening game at Vikings. Mayfield scrambled for a first down which included a stiff arm of a Viking defender. Are you kidding me? Somebody please tell me, what other QBs have successfully executed a stiff arm to obtain a first down? At that moment, the Bucs became Mayfield s team. He won them. Not Bowles team. Not Canelas team. Mayfield s team. That is he difference. For the first mayfield is leader of his team. He has turned the corner.

  9. ATLBuc Says:

    David, I’m a Trask fan but Baker’s stats are heads and shoulders above the other NFC South QBs. The way he’s playing right now, I can’t hate on Baker. He deserves to be the comeback player of the year. But Trask is still Better than Baker!

  10. Mark A Swygert Says:

    We won’t find out if Trask is better than Baker unless he gets an extended chance to play. It looks like that won’t happen here in Tampa.

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    The mere mention of Trask’s name in this thread makes me cackle. The coaches see Trask every day. They know what they have in him, from an extended basis. Think Mike Glennon.

  12. Not Says:

    @ David
    Glad you went to sleep and stopped typing..
    Don’t you have a GF?
    I didn’t want Baker, thought he was arrogant and trash.
    No, not Trask, trash, but I think Trask is Trash too.
    Baker’s time here has me pulling for him now. If he keeps playing this way he found his groove. Maybe he really is succeeding in the DC scheme, granted they seem to be passing more than DC suggested the team would.
    If it took him 12 games to get in this groove so be it. If he keeps playing like this he is the comeback player and our QB1.

  13. garro Says:

    Totally agree Joe! Feelgood story vs football story.

    Played in five games 2 tackles. Comeback? He made the roster. and didn’t die.

    He was 12th in the comeback voting in 2022 BTW. One vote point. From writers in Buffalo? Geez! The guy was still in the ICU practically when they voted!

    Some Crazy AP people voting for these awards should have credentials revoked.

    Go Bucs!

  14. garro Says:

    BTW just studying the AP voting?

    We in Tampa will be crazy lucky to ever get another Bucs player in the AP 1st team All Pro. No trust in anything involving the AP anymore.

    Sorry Ira…You are the exception.

    Go Bucs!

  15. Boo boo Says:

    Most of you on here are miserable. We are in first place and on our way to winning the division for the 3rd year in a row and have a chance to go on a playoff run. Why even watch the game if you are just going to complain when the franchise that loses more than everyone starts winning consistently. Who cares if Baker isn’t putting up mvp numbers, no qb is this year. Quit crying and just enjoy that we aren’t bottom of the barrel anymore even after losing Brady.

  16. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    David after reading your last post you are are why his fanbois cry about Baker hate and Trask occult. You seriously are a Trask fanbois and are no better than them. We don’t know Trask could’ve done the same since he’s never started. How can you not look at the very stats you posted and not see who is the better of the qbs you listed??? This isn’t an article about who’s the best qb but about who deserves CPY, Hamlin or Baker. Based upon what the Bucs are about to do compared to what Hamlin has done it’s hands down Baker. Put the Trask Kool aid down and take your rose colored glasses down

  17. #99 the big fella Says:

    David, I know you hate baker it’s so obvious. You wanted a trask poster to put on your wall with your new kids on the block posters. I get it. Mommy bought you a Baker poster are exhausting little boy, please go away.

  18. johnnymoon Says:

    I agree Hamlin is a feel good story and I would select Tua or even Stafford over him .

  19. Weebs10 Says:

    David wishes the Bucs were 1-14 with two games to play.

  20. Gipper Says:

    I see a seismic shift in Mayfield sentiment among the many doubters here. The same doubters are now negotiating Baker’s next contract which is hilarious. There ought to be a lesson here but I am sure the lesson ends with Baker’s next interception. Even if he hits a receiver in stride and the ball bounces off a receiver’s hands into a defender’s hands, the lesson will remain unlearned.
    Let’s just enjoy the Saints game and see what is next.

  21. orlbucfan Says:

    I happen to be a genuine, loyal Bucs fan. I’ve been one for 40+ years. Schmoes like David and Dave Pear are anything BUT. Pear, what’s with this “horrific regression” Of BM’s that’s got you griping? Don’t worry your pointy little head. BM won’t win CPOY cos he’s a Tampa Bay Buc. The usual politics and prejudice.

  22. Crickett Baker Says:

    Flacco could be in the mix, too.

  23. Dave Pear Says:

    Oralbuc, I really like Baker. Have said so many times. And, barring a horrific regression or a backslide, or a slump, he should win comeback player of the year. Not sure why that triggers you to think I’m a Baker hater. I didn’t say he would regress, I’m hoping he doesn’t. Maybe English comprehension is challenging for you.

    My criticism is and has been for Bowles, but even he reluctantly is taking the cuffs off his OC and QB. If only the proclaimed defensive mastermind could just teach zone coverages to his players, we might have a chance to win in the playoffs.

    Anyone that’s a “my team no matter what, roses and cotton candy “ person is simply naive and ignorant.

  24. Saskbucs Says:

    Take a hike David. Baker has been everything the Bucs needed. He has had some rough games but not 4 INT rough like the Jameis years where the loss was clearly on him. He is a worthy comeback player of the year winner, his 4 million salary and statline compared to other QBs in the league make it obvious. Do I agree that other qbs could have joined this roster and done something similar, of course, this was a friendly situation for a QB to enter. Doesn’t mean Baker hasn’t taken full advantage and done a great job. He is working his way into an extension and I don’t know if that’s the right move for the Bucs but at this point can’t blame them. As we look around the league, options are not plentiful. Baker was not a 6 year journeyman btw. He’s a first overall pick that oughta have a statue in Cleveland for winning a playoff game after 2 decades of ineptitude.

  25. Don'tBmad Says:

    Baker is not a come back player….the talent was always there. However playing for traditionally horrible Cleveland and Carolina will make any QB look bad