Major Assignment For Cody Mauch

November 12th, 2023

Monster task today.

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles had an interesting thing to say about current Bucs guard Cody Mauch.

Beckles is fond of Mauch, a rookie second-round pick. But Beckles, like most reasonable people, knows rookie offensive linemen from small schools often struggle. After a year spent in an NFL weight room, they exit a much different player.

Beckles is of the mind that while Mauch may struggle at times, you gotta leave the rookie in there and let him learn from his lumps. Not every rookie from a small school is Ali Marpet, who was a freak.

Mauch is coming along very much like another guy who plays Mauch’s former position, former Bucs starting right guard Alex Cappa.

Today, Mauch may get a baptism by fire. Playing across from him will be monster Titans defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons.

This could get brutal.

By 4 p.m., Joe will have a pretty good idea how well Mauch is progressing.

19 Responses to “Major Assignment For Cody Mauch”

  1. David Says:

    I have been saying they need to do everything they can to move up to get Caleb Williams, but the more I watch him, the more I realize he needs a lot of work. He might end up being a freak athlete like Mahomes, but he is a RAW.
    Unfortunately, the Buccaneers have never shown that they can develop a quarterback.
    I would say Drake Maye UNC, Bo Nix ORE, or Jayden Daniels LSU.
    They might not have to move up to get any of them

  2. Derek Says:

    The Ira Kaufman Podcast could use a Youtube channel. It’s 2023 boys.

  3. Joe Says:

    The Ira Kaufman Podcast could use a Youtube channel. It’s 2023 boys.

    Some people are not made for video. Trust Joe on this. 🙂

  4. Bucs Guy Says:

    Bo Nix is a career backup. At best, he’ll be Trent Dillfer. He may look good at times with a great supporting cast, but he’ll never be able to carry a team,8

  5. Hodad Says:

    When you move up for a player in the second round, he shouldn’t need a year to develop in the weight room. Anybody watch Georgia, or Michigan play yesterday? Between those two teams I can find right now a better guard, and center then mauch, and Hainsey. Better then Feiler too. Licht drafting these developmental O linemen with premium picks has stiffeled any offense we might have. None of those kids I saw on Georgia’s O line need a year in the weight room. They’re all grown arse men ready to go.

  6. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    Joe thats funny,

    The Ira Kaufman Podcast could use a Youtube channel. It’s 2023 boys.

    Some people are not made for video. Trust Joe on this. 🙂….

    … So what are you saying Joe,he has a face for Radio ?! L0L

  7. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    I agree on Bo Nix. He’s not the answer. I’m willing to let this offense develop under Canales and Baker and if that means a high draft pic next season then so be it. When Brady came here it took til after the bye week or roughly mid season before he had a real grasp of the offense. Keep in mind the rest of the team already knew the offense. We now have an entire offense learning on the fly. What pisses me off is Bowles has had nearly 5 yrs now to build a defense and as far as I can see we have steadily regressed. Bowled is not the man for the job.

  8. Deadwood South Dakota Says:

    Bowles is terrible but the local press are afraid of him or to afraid to ask the tough questions.For a big city tampa has small town reporters. Our defense sucks.. we just have to realize todd cannot put it all together cuz that is called coaching.

  9. TDTB Says:

    If the Bucs are going ton”develop” a QB, it should be KJ Jefferson. He has an arm, feet and is pro size.

  10. Hodad Says:

    Bucs like, and scout Wash St. players. I’d bet the Bucs have had their eye on Micheal Penix Jr. for quite sometime now. Bucs lose today, and next week at San Fran, we’ll have a shot at a top QB.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mauch has been very impressive lately. While he still makes an occasional rookie mistake, he has started hunting players on the second level. Thats rare for a young Olinemen.
    He has to get stronger- but EVERY rookie has to get stronger, or develop functional strength.

    But he is going to be a great player.
    Goedeke has also been a great surprise at Right Tackle.
    But Hainsey is hortible at Center.
    And we desperately need another guard. If Stennie is the answer, we’re asking the wrong question.

    Next draft- desperately need DE, Guard, and center.
    We get that right, everything else will start to click

  12. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Penix jr bring the kid home

  13. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Cody Mauch’s future is at center. He is just too small to excel at guard. If they move him to center, he has a potential to be a pro-bowler.

  14. Buc4evr Says:

    Too small, he is getting owned especially if they overload that side. Too bad we don’t have a good blocking TE or a FB to help. I think Mauch is not big enough or strong enough to play in the NFL. He should have never been a starter. What do I know I am just a fan, but the record speaks for itself.

    Perfect game for the Bucs to play the WC offense. Will they-of course not. Because Bowles is the world’s best HC.

  15. Bojim Says:

    Still a few people that Mauch should be a pro bowl player because we got him in the 2nd round. That’s BS. Weight, strength and knowledge will come in next off season.

  16. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I’m high on Mauch. Still needs more strength, but he has good agility and is getting better at understanding the zone concepts. Hope he can hold his own today, but that’s a tough matchup.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mauch is playing good, often very good.
    Thats all you can expect from a rookie.
    We have two very weak spots on the line that are killing this team
    Center and our other guard position.
    Wirfs,Goedeke, and Mauch should be fixtures for years

  18. BakerBucs Says:

    David says do u ever reread u r post now c.williams forget him & think of the other 3 QB drafts WTF I am glad guys like u have nothing to do with this team except. run u r pie hole.just enjoy the season & shut up!

  19. BakerBucs Says:

    except Goedeke gets to many penalties