Justin Fields And The Bucs

November 30th, 2023

Offseason trade?

Right now the Bucs are 4-7. Yes, Joe understands the team is one game out of first place. Thank you, horrid NFC South.

So Joe can understand it’s easy to overlook Bucs starting quarterback Baker Mayfield’s contract runs out once the Super Bowl ends (technically, contracts end in March when the league year ends).

Will the Bucs bring Mayfield back? Does Team Glazer want to grab one of the many quarterbacks that will be drafted in the first round? Would the Bucs keep head coach Todd Bowles and give him a potential upgrade at quarterback?

Former Eagles and Giants beat guy Matt Lombardo, now typing for FanBuzz.com, after speaking with former NFL suits, thinks the Bears may just pull the trigger on quarterback Caleb Williams or Drake Maye in the draft. They own Carolina’s pick, currently No. 1 overall.

That means the Bears will move on from Justin Fields, who the team drafted two years ago. Fields has two more years left on his contract, not counting a possible fifth-year option.

So if Chicago decides to draft Williams or Maye, that means the Bears will likely be shopping Fields in the offseason. Lombardo says don’t rule out Fields wearing the pewter and red next season.

If the Buccaneers trade for Fields, they would easily offer the best supporting cast of weapons that he’s had at his disposal since his collegiate career in Columbus.

Presuming that Tampa doesn’t undertake a full-fledged rebuild this offseason — given that releasing wide receiver Mike Evans before June 1 would create $12.2 million in new cap space — Fields would have the likes of Evans, Chris Godwin and emerging running back Rachaad White at his disposal.

…and if the Buccaneers do move off Bowles in favor of an offensive-minded head coach, Fields could be the kind of quarterback who helps Tampa compete immediately.

Joe believes Fields has been horribly misused in Chicago. The guy has a rocket for an arm and serious wheels. But they’ve tried to turn him into a dink-and-dunk passer.

Outside of receiver D.J. Moore and solid tight end Cole Kmet, the Bears really have no weapons to speak of.

To get the most out of Fields, is the current Bucs offense the right fit for him? Maybe.

Fields’ salary next year is just about the same as Mayfield is making this season.

Is Fields a better quarterback? His passing numbers are nowhere near as good as Mayfield’s; but he’s a far superior runner.

If the Bucs swing a deal for Fields, the team would be banking on Fields’ upside, whatever they may measure that to be. It seems Mayfield is playing at his ceiling.

Lots of moving parts for the Bucs in these next six games. What the Bucs do on the field will very much determine what the Bucs do off the field beginning in early January.

91 Responses to “Justin Fields And The Bucs”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Baker is meh.

    Fields is meh.

    Don’t commit a long contract to either.

    If either would play for “prove it” $4 million/1yr. Go for it.

    Neither is worth more than $10 million.

    I’d rather see who else shakes loose and draft a rookie.

    Fields doesn’t inspire confidence with his inability to progress through reads. Baker gets too many balls batted.

  2. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Good Lord, No. You wouldn’t take Anthony Richardson but you would take Fields. They are like the same guy. He is a taller Mayfield, maybe a stronger arm but that is all. But he comes with the same indecision, inaccuracy and head scratching moments as Baker. You’d be better off with McCarthy, whom Harbaugh apparently does not even trust much.

  3. Bee Says:

    No! Why trade when you just draft a QB in the 1st round?

  4. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Hire Todd Monken as head coach and give him Justin Fields to run the Ravens offense…yes please!

  5. realistic-optimistic Says:

    HELL NO! Fields is not an accurate passer. All he has is his legs. And his pressers make him look like a guy who does not bleed football (Freeman was like that too).

    Repeat. HELL NO!

  6. Weebs10 Says:

    Fields is from my hometown so I’d love this

  7. WisconsinBucsFan Says:

    4th quarter, 3 minutes left, down by 5 , ball on own 10 yard line ….does anyone feel good about our chances of winning with Fields or Mayfeild….. I think we lose with either. Just not the “guy”

  8. Doc Says:

    In the right fit Fields will excell.

  9. Leighroy Says:

    Fields has 1 year left at a 6 million cap hit according to spotrac, plus a 5th year option. So SteveK, that’s your “prove it” contract right there.

    Compared to the options that might be available, and what they might cost, this isn’t the worst option out there. Spend a lottery ticket on a rookie QB, you’ll pay him same or more per year and be locked in for 4 years. FA QBs are typically mediocre at best.

    We gotta look for something better, but this could be a realistic scenario, like it or not.

  10. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Looks like my comment got deleted, so let me say again. NO!

    I wouldn’t sign him as a free agent. Definitely not handing over draft capital for him.

  11. DislocatedBucsFan Says:


  12. realistic-optimistic Says:

    He reminds me of OJ Howard. Lots of athleticism. Lots of potential. But doesn’t seem passionate about football. The NFL requires you to constantly hone your craft. If you’d rather be off the field doing something else, you’re not giving your best to the field.


    Dear God, no. — My brother (huge Bears fan) has been suffering with him for 3 years.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I vote against in this case.

    Though, if we can actually get a proven winning QB (and by more than a few games), then I would certainly consider a free agent or such…so long as we keep our first pick.

    If we were to get someone like that, then our first pick could go on a center.

    However…drafting a qb means more than taking a risk…it provides hope…at least for a couple years…and people become invested in watching a QB develop. So tickets would sell and ratings would increase.

  15. WyomingJoe Says:

    Here’s what I would do Joe: First, use all of our picks and draft only QBs. Then, have Trask compete against all of them in training camp and lie about how he vastly outplayed them all.

  16. Allbuccedup Says:

    First things first can Bowles then get an offensive minded coach then the QB.

  17. SteveK Says:

    Rather tape a swing with Captain Kirk.

  18. Avejoe85 Says:

    Fields SUCKS! Arm strength don’t mean crap if it is not online. Hell Winston had a rocket for an arm, look how well that turned out. Yes he is a good runner until he gets hurt, which happens all the time to him. The bears will want multiple picks and Fields is not worth it.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    Nahh Joe, Field is just to up and down with his helter skelter play. He shows signs of becoming a good QB though. At least 2 or 3 of the top drafting teams will not go after a QB. We should be able to get a good prospect at no 7 or 8.

  20. TheMightyVH Says:

    For me it would depend on asking price. Fields has played on a crap team with crap coaches since he arrived in Chicago. Current regime seems to put handcuffs on him. When he plays free he’s been good. You can’t cage a cheetah. He has arm talent. The right situation and it will work. Bucs need to create that, if this is the path they choose. Again, what would the price be?

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    If u want a one read guy he would be the one

  22. Boss Says:

    I doubt evans is attracting any qbs

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    I’d take him for free but hell no giving up draft picks. Huge gamble just like Mayfield. First you would need a coach that actually gets players to compete and fight for him.

  24. Craig Says:

    Thank you but I’ll pass. Fields might make it some day, but not today.

    The Bucs already have an unproven possibility, let’s see what he can do before dredging the bottom of the barrel again just because of “experience”.

    Not all experiences are positive.

  25. Onetrickpony Says:

    And if TB is here, you really think he can develop a QB, like he has ,say ,Trask?
    Don’t make me laugh. The first thing we need are coaches who can develop players. And TB is not doing such a hot job for being a defensive guru.

  26. Joe Says:

    No. You wouldn’t take Anthony Richardson but you would take Fields.

    Nowhere in this story did Joe advocate for the Bucs to trade for Justin Fields. It’s a story that is worthy of merit since it can’t be ruled out. In fact, it is likely the Bears move on from Fields. Don’t think that is an outrageous premise.

    Of course, who knows what Team Glazer and Jason Licht have planned in a few weeks. As Joe pointed out in the story, you could argue Fields has way more upside than Mayfield.

    (Joe has been pretty clear since the past offseason what he would do at quarterback.)

  27. Joe Says:

    If u want a one read guy he would be the one


  28. Joe Says:

    Joe was high on Mayfield and hyped him ad nauseam

    Joe was never “high” on Mayfield. Nor did Joe hype him. Still, Joe had a lot of hope.

    Mayfield likely has hit his ceiling. And we’re looking at the result.

  29. Conner50 Says:

    Let’s talk about getting Justin Fields when we have a 2rd qb on the roster we haven’t tried lmao you guys are something

  30. Rob Says:

    I live in Chicago. I see a lot of Fields, I listen to the radio a lot and listen to what they say about him regularly.

    We don’t want the Bucs trading for him.

  31. Oz Len Says:

    I like it. In fact I love it. Justin is the kind of quarterback this fanbase deserves. Trade the first round pick for him.

  32. WyomingJoe Says:

    Hi Joe. Once again your position on Mayfield “likely hitting his ceiling” is off. But that’s “your opinion.” My opinion is that his ceiling is much higher. Secondly, why are all the Joes clumped together? This was brought up the other day on this site. It’s almost like you’re afraid to identify yourselves. It’s very confusing. Show a little courage.

  33. ElioT Says:


  34. Alanbucsfan Says:

    This obsession with QB as savior of all the teams’ issues is absurd.
    The team has alot of holes on the roster – players like Mayfield are an easy target to make a scapegoat- Mayfield’s main issue is not taking the short pass open receiver and getting rid of the ball – if he improves on that, the sacks and turnovers will come down. The Panthers and Rams are not better because they let Mayfield go.
    Overall, the offense is improving, while the Defense is regressing – Bucs need more talent on Offense And Defense – and cut down on the soft zone coverage -it doesn’t work

  35. WyomingJoe Says:

    Joes take on Mayfield hitting his ceiling is simply his opinion. My opinion is that Mayfield has yet to hit his ceiling. Secondly, trading for Fields is just what many of the fans on this deserve. LOL

  36. WyomingJoe Says:

    The Sun is about 93 million miles from Earth. I’ll await moderation…

  37. Richard Dickson Says:

    So we’re potentially adding a coach and a QB who are a combined 27-51 over the last three years….

  38. WyomingJoe Says:


  39. Will Says:

    How about and I know this is a crazy idea BUT what if we play our 2nd round QB that beat out Mayfield in training camp and see if just maybe he could be our starter BEFORE we go trading for or drafting a new QB. Smh but I’ve been a fan of this team long enough to know that they will probably draft or trade for a QB without giving the 2nd round pick a true look.

  40. Cobraboy Says:

    More evidence silly season has officially started…

  41. stpetebucfan Says:

    Mayfield may not be the long term answer but he’s not the short term problem.
    He SHOULD be at least 6-5 and quite easily 7-4! That’s for a team predicted to win TWO games.

    “No! Why trade when you just draft a QB in the 1st round?”

    Is that it? You JUST draft a QB in the first round.

    Since 2011, NFL teams have drafted 38 quarterbacks in the first round.
    As a group, they’ve lost or tied more games than they’ve won.

    Yeah just draft a QB in the first round! Fameis Jameis the can’t miss kid!!!
    Can’t miss…head case who ended up 28-42. Again for the mathmatically challenged that’s 40%. Waste the top pick in the entire draft for a 40% win.
    Perhaps we could have done better like John Lynch with Trey Lance…cost 3 first round picks return…ONE 4th rounder.

    Yeah that’s the ticket just step up and draft a QB in the first round. Why not gamble the next five years of the franchise as we did with “Fameis”?

    Brady 6th round pick…Brad Johnson 9th round pick…Trey Lance’s successful replacement…Brock Purdy final pick of the entire draft.

    Get the team solid FIRST. How many first round QB’s suck because they went to teams that were horrible?

  42. Marine Buc Says:

    Trade for Fields?

    Trade what?

    I wouldn’t mind giving fields a shot with a $6M cap friendly one year deal but I wouldn’t want to give away anything higher than a 4th round pick for a one year rental of a questionable QB.

    I would also still draft a QB in rounds 1-3 depending on who is available when we pick…

    Bo Nix, J. Fields and Trask would be a decent QB room to work with IMO.

  43. Marine Buc Says:

    Keeping Baker Mayfield for one more cheap prove it deal (@ $10M) and drafting a QB in round 1 would be somewhat acceptable to me as well.

    I don’t believe J. Fields is really that much better than Mayfield and perhaps Mayfield is playing better than Fields currently is.

  44. Let ‘em bake Says:

    A name to watch for possible hc is Todd Monken. Current oc with ravens. Was browns oc when baker had his best year in Cleveland. He has refined Lamar Jackson’s game, he’s playing mvp level. He wanted baker this last off season, before Lamar signed. I believe he spent in Tampa previously. If Bucs get him, I’m guessing baker returns…

  45. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @stpetebuc, the failure rate is high across all positions, not just QB. With that in mind, name another position that can elevate a franchise as quickly as a QB.

    And although they were picked at opposite ends of round 1, why do you think missing on the Jameis selection set us back any more than missing on the JTS selection? Both first round misses. The real setbacks come from mortgaging the future to move up (thanks CAR).

    I’d be shocked if Licht does not draft a QB in round 1 this year. Every year is not a great QB draft (*cough* Winston), which is probably why he passed on drafting one last year. This year looks a lot more promising.

  46. Jerseybuc Says:


  47. Glass used to be Half Full Guy Says:

    The other difference between Mayfield and Fields…..Baker is tough, Fields is a girly-man.

    So hell no. Try to re-sign Mayfield to a cap-friendly deal. Honestly, he hasn’t proved enough to get many serious offers for real money and if we can’t draft a decent QB (and not throw him to the wolves before he’s ready) I’m all for making a run at Cousins provided he’s healed up and passes his physical.

    With Cousins, Mayfield and Trask, depending on where we are at next year’s trade deadline and how many other QBs on contenders get injured, we’d have serious trade value with one of them, especially if we’re still floundering under Bowles or whatever lackluster replacement we are sure to get at HC.

    Cousins will take a serious contract but Baker and Trask would be relatively cheap numbers 2 and 3. Cleveland or the Jets would LOVE to have Baker or Trask right now. Next year we could get some serious returns in a trade for one of those guys. I expect several key Bucs won’t be here next season, opening up a chunk of cap space.

  48. Bobby Says:


  49. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Wyoming Joe, no one listens to you, because you actually believe that Mayfield should be the coach and quarterback of the Buccaneers. You said this with complete seriousness. In MHO I think we should take our high draft pick, probably going to be #7 or higher, that we will get and trade it for a bunch of 1st rd picks. There definitely will be a desperate team that will do it this year because of the crop of quarterbacks coming out. Jason light can really build our team back with some good premium picks. We could then either keep Mayfield because he’s a good game manager or play our second round pick Trask

  50. Cobraboy Says:

    I would not object to Monkin as HC/OC.

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    Mayfield is NOT the problem with this team. Not even close.

  52. ocala Says:

    That sounds like a terrible idea.

    My hope is the Bucs re-sign Mayfield if it makes financial sense and draft a QB in the first round.
    Probably not realistic to get Maye or Williams with a trade, but Jayden Daniels would be exciting.

  53. Red86 Says:

    I like Field. But, we need to see if Trask or Wolford are the answer. Drafting Center, Guards, Running Back, and Tight End are more important. Our offense sucked for two straight years. These two tds average for two years are embarrassing for modern football.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    NO quarterback will be successful until the interior OL is fixed.

  55. SlyPirate Says:

    I’ve watched a couple of Bears games. He’s not good.

  56. MadMax Says:

    Just draft Bo Nix and let him learn behind Baker for a year or less, as long as baker is cheap, then he starts maybe half way through the year hopefully and does a great job. Baker is bu and trask is 3rd.

  57. Usfbuc Says:

    If the Bucs could trade a mid round pick for him then I would say let’s do it. He is still on a cheap contract. Then we have him and Trask competing with a new coach in place. If he or Trask don’t pan out our new HC and OC will draft the QB of their dreams in the next draft.

  58. Usfbuc Says:

    A mid round pick for Fields would let us use our top 5 pick this year to trade back and either pick up a stud TE or OL and acquire more picks later in the draft.

  59. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Intriguing but they’ll have to outbid the Falcons. Can you imagine Fields in a run first offense. Ravens 2.0. He’s actually a better runner and more accurate than Lamar IMO, but the Ravens were smart enough to tailor their offense around him. Da Bears not so much

  60. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    If the Bucs pick up Fields, R1 pick is Brock Bowers

  61. Usfbuc Says:

    That’s what I am thinking Buckeye, maybe we can trade back a few spots and still land Bowers

  62. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Its not the worst idea, maybe door number three, but its off. The qb is not the reason the team is losing games-its not the reason they win games either. Even if it was , Fields would not be the answer for a new offensive minded HC taking over. CMON Man! There will be cap space. There will be draft picks. Imagine picking up a Harrison or Nabers to play with CG and Evans. You can pick up another lineman, or even a running back. This team is not solid or consistent enough to support a young franchise quarterback.

  63. Gary Hilderbrand Says:

    Nov 30

    Newsflash, Joe..
    … Baker Mayfield, ie., QB.. is not the f___ problem !

    Gary Hilderbrand

  64. Tye Says:

    As a RB, YES….
    As a QB, are you blind?… He plays with ‘happy feet’ and he is not that accurate..

  65. Usfbuc Says:

    Fields right now is basically Mayfield who can run better. Fields has improved each year in completion percent. Maybe with a good OC and HC he can make another jump in year four.

  66. Beeej Says:

    We have three passable quarterbacks on the roster right now. We do not have a passable offensive line or defensive line

  67. mark2001 Says:

    OMG…please no..NO NO NO. This guy is the biggest obstacle for the Bears to being a decent team. Been telling my Bears fan cousins that he isn’t accurate, that he doesn’t read D’s very well, and he runs far too often to stay healthy, even if he didn’t fumble the ball at inopportune times. If you want to set this franchise back five years, bring him in. Can’t believe anyone would really consider him.

  68. Usfbuc Says:

    we won’t have three QBs on our roster come this offseason so we will need to sign, draft, or trade for a QB. Would you rather an older QB who has been consistently middling or a younger QB who is more mobile and showing improvement year over year who will be on a defined contract?

  69. Daniel Z Says:

    I think Fields has shown glimpses, but it’s hard to know if he’s limited / inconsistent because of his own skill set, or if its due to the organization (Chicago’s track record of developing QBs is as bad as Tampa’s), or the talent (or lack thereof) around him. I think people are too quick to flush QBs – people were bagging Jalen Hurts because he wasn’t progressing after 1.5 years. He showed glimpses in the 2nd half of 2021 and then the Eagles overhauled / upgraded their WR room. Fast forward, and he’s one of the MVP candidates and most fanbases would love to have him on their team.

  70. Daniel Z Says:

    Sorey, I posted before I remembered something else…
    Given the Bears strong draft position (likely two top-5 picks), I’d trade down for a team desparate for a QB, then pick up Harrison around pick 3, then grab a top-flight lineman on both sides of the ball (it would take some negotiating but I think it’s realistic).

  71. Costa Rica John Says:

    Why Fields before even giving Trask an opportunity? Makes no sense.

  72. gotbbucs Says:

    After last year I probably would have done it, this year though he just looks lost.

  73. stpetebucfan Says:


    “why do you think missing on the Jameis selection set us back any more than missing on the JTS selection? Both first round misses.”

    Because JW was the very first pick of the entire draft, JTS was the last pick of the first round. That’s a significant difference in draft capital. Walter Football has a nice chart that shows draft value by points. I would link but I respect Joe’s legal concerns and you know where to google. E.G. 1st pick 3000 points descending to the final 1st round value of just 590. It means statistically JW’s pick was worth more than five times the JTS pick.

    In addition those 3000 points could have been traded for 5 second rounders with a team picking 1st in the second round…I’ll stop with the numbers and simply say that in round figures the Bucs could have gotten at least three good players. If even 2 of them worked out they could be helping the Bucs instead of New Orleans.

    Now calculate bust rates and the #1 position is RB where first rounders bust at a 40% rate..then comes DL virtually the same then WR’s 35% and then QB’s at a 32% rate. Those are the only 4 spots to bust above 30%

    Drop the risk by picking CB’s 26% still high..then safeties drop all the way to 19% OT’s at 6% and C’s and G’s at next to Zero.

    The top are positions that have more buyers than supply…too much draft capital chasing too little talent available.

    As for the dramatic drop on the OL I can only surmise that OL is just not valued as highly because of perhaps ticket sales…Wirfs may be the Bucs very best player but he doesn’t sell tickets with his name or position. That is not devaluing him for a valid reason so I can’t think of any other reason.

    I’m a huge fan of Bobby Beathard…part of 7 SBs and he traded out of the first round seven consecutive years. He’s in the HOF for 4SB’s 7 Conference titles and 10 Division titles. He was alway looking for ways to maximize his draft capital to make up for the bad bets ALL GM’s make. He would trade picks when he get could mulitiple picks in return. Again see Fameis Jameis.

    Yes drafting a QB in the first round can work…so can hitting an inside straight.

  74. stpetebucfan Says:

    I’ll bust myself for hyperbole…hitting an inside straights inside is nearly impossible..how about a full house.

  75. PowerOfPewter Says:

    No to Fields. If Bucs use their 1 pick on a QB, they’re giving up on Trask. As the rookie QB will have some learning to do, and growing pains, I’m fine with signing Mayfield to a short term deal as a bridge and mentor. Wolford seems fine as #2 or 3. I guess it really comes down to the direction the new GM and HC want to go.

  76. Jeff Says:

    NO FLIPPING WAY! Justin Fields is TRASH! I’d give him a shot at WR or kick returner. That’s it.

  77. Jeff Says:

    NO WAY! Fields is hot garbage as a QB.

  78. Bucsfanman Says:

    stpete- We’re on the same page. Yet, there are still those that will become enamored with the “shiny object” and lose sight of the real issues.

    I’m not a fan of Fields, but I do think they aren’t utilizing him properly. He makes a lot of poor decisions. I don’t think he’d be an upgrade over Baker, but that is strictly my opinion.

  79. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Chicago’s gift from the Panther’s will be used on Marvin Harrison Jr. Receivers are one position that a good one can come in and make an immediate impact. They will still have a pretty high second pick in the 1st round and could get a QB or address another need.

    Tampa has a QB on a Back Up salary and I doubt the market will move much.
    As far as Trask goes. If Tampa moves off him before he gets a shot then they do. It’s not like the Bucs have ever moved off of QB and he went on to have a HOF career. Oh except for Steve Young.

    Fields isn’t leaving Chicago.

  80. Tony Marks Says:

    This article is simple the result of the Joes wanting to write too many posts a day.

  81. Jake Says:

    Hey Joe buc fan, I’m not some super guru but I wanted to add my 2 cents.
    In my opinion these two QB,s aren’t proving that they can be more than just someone
    to entertain us. False hope is better than nothing though. I kept a watchful eye on Michael Penix and he has a lot of what Brady had in size, we have 2 superbowls and both were won by pretty good size QB’s I hope we draft a QB. Penix can do some really great things, has an arm, can run pretty good as well. I have seen him make some things happen on the fly as well. Let’s go Bucs. I hate to watch the go down like but let’s finish this season and find something better.

  82. unbelievable Says:


  83. Usfbuc Says:

    Bears are drafting a QB with one of their two first round picks. I saw a nice article on the thought process behind it and it really makes sense for them to reset their QB position. Biggest issue the Bucs face is if the Bears move on from their coaches which job is more attractive, and I would say the Bears.

  84. Usfbuc Says:

    I don’t know that Fields is the answer but we know what his contract is going to cost and unless the market for Fields is super hot then the asking price shouldn’t be too high.

  85. Joe Says:

    I would say the Bears.

    Yes. The new coach there would get to pick his own quarterback and receiver to work with, not a hand-me-down he may have not wanted and if they sink because of the guy he inherited, he likely goes down with the ship too.

  86. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Trask was a wasted pick. Modern NFL requires a mobile QB, his skill set would have been fine 8 years ago. Not now

  87. Rod Munch Says:

    I’d take Fields any day over Mayfield, well, over the course of a season, anyways — so long as you actually design the offense around his talents.

    Part of what has happened in Chicago this year, in particular early on, was they decided they were going to make Fields into a pocket passer. That’s truly one of the most dumb things you can do. He’s not accurate, but he’s basically a RB with a big arm.

    So lets say you miss out on drafting someone, and get Fields for like a 4th or 5th rounder. Yes, absolutely take that deal — again, so long as you have an OC who isn’t an idiot, and who isn’t going to make him a pocket passer, or even run this Seattle offense. It would need to be an offense built around the QB running the ball.

  88. TheLaughingMan Says:

    Trask is not a franchise QB…Trade him for a decent serviceable backup like Minshew or someone, resign Mayfield and bring in a coach that isn’t clueless and knows what he’s doing and see Mayfield light defenses up.

    I’ve said it before…Mayfield plays extremely well when he has a good HC and support staff and right now the Buccos are seriously lacking hence Mayfield looking like a cut-rate hack.

  89. BucsBeast Says:

    Hell NO!

  90. Zoocomics Says:

    This kid has absolutely no clock in his head. Good QBs have some semblance of a clock that tells you “YOU’RE TIME IS ABOUT READY TO RUN OUT” so throw to a receiver or get rid of the damn ball! Everything I’ve see of Fields, he has horrible pocket awareness, this guy eats sacks way too much, especially to his face-side, like he doesn’t have peripheral vision? I can appreciate a QB saying he’s going to trust his Oline to protect him, but damn you have to be an idiot to trust anything this Bears team is doing these last few seasons he’s been under center.

  91. Brandonbucc Says:

    No to fields… he’s a loser