Baker Mayfield Has Given Bucs Hope

November 24th, 2023

Debating ceiling.

Is Baker Mayfield a guy who can take the Bucs deep into the postseason, maybe not this year but in the future?

It’s an interesting question. Mayfield has been a pleasant surprise for the Bucs becuase he has played much better than in recent seasons, Cody Benjamin typed for CBS.

But Benjamin suggests Mayfield has limitations.

…It’s not that the ex-Browns and Panthers castoff has been a world-beater. But he’s mostly controlled the ball while still attacking superior foes, enabling the Bucs to hang around in a post-Tom Brady world.

To Joe,  “enabling the Bucs to hang around…” is damning.

Hang around? Is that really the team’s goal? Hang around? Joe thought the goal is to win big or tank for a quarterback.

If that is Mayfield’s ceiling, enabling a team to hang around, well, that doesn’t say much.

Has Mayfield had good Bucs moments? Sure. Joe just thinks he’s stuck in an offense that still thinks it can run the ball despite 10 weeks of clear evidence it cannot.

If ;”this Joe” were Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Joe would use April’s first-round draft pick on a quarterback. That is, unless the team wants to clown fans for years to come with quarterbacks that allow you to “hang around” like the Geno Smiths or Ryan Tannehills or Kirk Cousins of the NFL world.

78 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Has Given Bucs Hope”

  1. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    Bro, we’re 4-6 lol

  2. Bucs Guy Says:

    This is the age old draft question. Which do you draft first: QB or team?
    Do you draft a QB with limited O-Line or weapons around him so he gets beat up and frustrated? Or do you build up the team first and then draft a QB do he comes into a good situation?

    I would prefer to see the Bucs re-sign Baker for 2 years and build the team. However, I believe this comes down to Bowles. If he’s fired, the new coach will select a new QB.

  3. NJbucs23 Says:

    No he doesn’t !!! Please stop the pandering of this dude!!!!

  4. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Mayfield is our starting Q B because he is experienced. Let’s face facts if the Bucs would’ve drafted Purdy he would be still waiting to play. Mayfield is 1 – 5 over the last 6 games. How many more games do we have to lose before the Bucs decide
    Mayfield is not the solution.

  5. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Until they find a running game and fix the pass defense, drafting a QB isnt going to push them over the hump. Wonder if ATL would try to pick old Baker up if Licht lets him walk?

  6. Colonel Angus Says:

    Build the team first. Need some nasty speed on offense. Need a RB who can pound the rock and some kind of playmaker at WR. Need a TE threat for the middle of the field. Build up the offense first, then draft the QB. That way we have a good cheap QB for 4 or 5 seasons. Easier said than done.

  7. DRM Says:

    If ;”this Joe” were Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Joe would use April’s first-round draft pick on a quarterback << THIS

  8. Havenbuc Says:

    He has?

  9. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Buccaneers have to give Trask the keys to the car if the team fails in Indy, because it will be apparent to all that the Mayfield experiment is over and has been deemed a failure. Have to see what you drafted.
    Inking Jim Harbaugh to a contract and signing his guy JJ McCarthy to lead the team may be inevitable SOON………….

  10. DungyDance Says:

    Agree with Bucs Guy. Mayfield is not a world beater but he gets the job done. Misses targets sometimes, sure. Bad read other times, sure. But the lack of offense has much more to do with a questionable game plan and some shaky pass protection. As for the draft, take your shot at a qb in the first round if you have the appropriate draft position. But trading up or tanking for that – no thanks. Time and again we keep seeing that you just can’t know what you’re going to get with a qb, so getting enamored with any one of them beforehand is naive and unwise. You keep trying to catch lightning in a bottle with this qb draft hunt and you’ll soon find yourself like the Cleveland Browns have been for the last 20 years.

  11. Durango 95 Says:

    Little unfair. Mayfield doesn’t play defense and has no run game (as noted). Now if you want to judge him by his long ball accuracy that would seem to make a little more sense.

  12. WyomingJoe Says:

    Anyone who has “really” seen Mayfield play since he came into the league in 2018 knows that he hasn’t reached his ceiling yet. Most of the Baker Haters on this site only look at him through the eyes of the 2021 season where he was injured and physically limited, or in 2022 when he played for Carolina the worst team in the league. Success for a QB comes down to the talent supporting him. For example, everyone seems to laugh at the talent of Kurt Cousins. But put Cousins on the 49ers and they win Super Bowls. Yeah, I back Mayfield and I think that the Bucs should resign him because, like Cousins, his talent is greatly underestimated and greatly unappreciated. Plus, Baker is still young. But, then again, if Tampa doesn’t fix their O-line and RB positions, it doesn’t matter what QB you draft in 2024 because he’s doomed to failure and Bucs fans will continue to be in limbo for several more years. Ok, time for the Haters and trolls to start their daily rants.

  13. Beeej Says:

    I absolutely hope we don’t draft a first day QB. There isn’t a top tier team in this league that can’t control both sides of the line of scrimmage, and we can’t do EITHER. If we are eliminated from the playoffs, I’m perfectly fine with letting Trask play a couple. I do believe he’s better than the likes of Minshew, etc, no reason to skip today step before we waste another pick

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    Need more Big Uglies, not a potential 70% bust in the 1st round.

    Build muscle first.

  15. Razor Ramone Says:

    Wyoming Joe, I agree. If you put Baker on the 49ers I think you’d get similar results with that O line and run game, but if you put Purdy on this team with the O line and run game (and play calling) I don’t think he would hold up nearly as well as Baker. I don’t have anything against Trask and would like to see what he can do but I don’t think Baker is the problem, he may not be the answer, but I don’t think he’s the problem. The problem is way higher up.

  16. Mark hardt Says:

    Let the season play out. Baker went to the second round of the playoffs in the Covid season. The Chjefs loss was because a sure touchdown was taken off the board by a bad call as the TV analysts said. If the Bucs miss the playoffs you do what the 49ers did…. Draft the best remaining QB in the first round (Trey Lance), then an overlooked late rounder (Purdy). If the first rounder gets beat out by the late rounder you trade the first rounder guy.

  17. Bee Says:

    Hope for a high draft pick…

  18. Bojim Says:

    Quit dumping it all on Baker.

  19. confido75 Says:

    BM is ranked 14th in yards and TDs. and has 6 ints. He is in the top 15 for QBs in the league. I think he is doing well considering the situation with coaching and the run game. Give BM a good run game and he is in the top 10 or better.

  20. stpetebucfan Says:

    BucsGuy nailed it. That is the conundrum for sure. Build the team first and get a QB or get a QB and build around him.

    Shoutout to both Joes…I read Ira before this and as a retired sportscaster I AGREE with IRA for whatever it’s worth. IRA praised your achievements and credentials, deservedly so, but what impresses me as much at JBF is your great moderation. A very light touch and you guys, thanks to the incredible achievements, are secure enough to let guys blast your opinions without worry.
    I agree with IRA GREAT JOB!

    But I now confess to disagreeing with the Joe who wants to dive into the first round for another QB much less tank. We see how far that got us with the “Fameis Jameis” debacle. A disaster on and off the field. There are obviously more than one way to get a job done but drafting a QB in the first round is not a prerequisite.

    This team is stuck in the middle right now! Far too talented to simply tank, but not talented enough to get far into the playoffs IF they make it.

    Is Mayfield the problem? Really? Mayfield has gotten to the playoffs already and won on the road! Can he do it again? Perhaps. Can some new 1st rounder do it?

    Mayfield is at least entertaining to watch…blocking DL’s…running…NEVER giving up..sometimes to a fault but still exciting! A little guy succeeding in a forest of big guys.

    Final thought…again 2 things can be true at the same time. Mayfield COULD be the answer and that doesn’t mean Trask is not. IF Trask is as great as his supporters say he WILL get his chance sooner or later if not with the Bucs perhaps with the Jets or Bears or…..

    Having said that part of the fun here is disagreeing when it’s done in agreeable fashion without the hyperbole and name calling.

  21. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Agree with you guys. The team overall is a decent middle of the road team and so is Mayfield. Let Baker and Trask fight it out for 1 and 2 for the next couple years and draft offense. Then draft a QB and let his sit for a year. Look how sitting for a year helped Mahomes and Brady. Throwing a young QB immediately in the fire ruins a lot of QBs.

  22. zzbucs Says:

    Baker is not the answer for the future, but no doubt on my mind, he did way better than the so called expoerts predicted….Way better…..Love when the florios and Kings are wrong!!!!

    The bucs decided to pay the bills of Brady´s party this year, brought BM for 4mm +, and we have chances to get into playoffs, way much better season than expectaed……

  23. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Joe would obv be a terrible GM. We need interior O’line and RB with our 1st 3 picks.

    Center, Guard, RB in Rounds 1-3 and keep Mayfield at QB for at least next season and prob the next 4-5 seasons I think.

  24. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    If you draft a QB, with no run game and a below average OL like the Bucs have right now, if he comes in and the offense does bad, then who’s to blame and why? Often times it takes 3 to 5 years for a team to conclude that their 1st round QB is a bust.

    If you build a good offense first, a team will know within half a year whether they have a good QB or not.

  25. Let em bake Says:

    Pittsburgh. Atlanta. Vegas. Bucs . New England . We’re asking the wrong question. The correct question is which one will win the baker sweepstakes? If I were him…. I’d stay put. Easiest division. No state tax. Nice place to raise a family. Can’t think if a down side to Tampa ( except the occasional devastating Hurricane 😊)

  26. tbc 1 Says:

    We also need a pass rush and cbs that can play and want to play. We have our QB that can win a superbowl MAYFIELD I guess no one watched Seattle offense with Geno Smith get recked they looked a whole lot worse than us. All you have to do is watch Carolina get the QB and let him fail because they have nothing surrounding him. Here is a thought get PATRICK LAIRD off the practice squad and try him cost the team nothing-he looks like McCafferty a diamond in the rough.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Baker isnt bad he’s just not suited for our offense the way its presently set up for the deep ball. Thats my problem with this whole thing. Baker is a QB thats good on short yardage passage, a dink and dunk offense. He cant throw the deep ball to save his life. All the “Top 10 QB” nonsense is just that. The major problem is the coach is trying to force this team into that type of offense and its clearly not working. ReTodd refuses to play the QB who is good at the deep ball (or at least was in college).

  28. Voice of Truth Says:

    Um yes, Todd has clearly stated his goal is to stay close to the end and then see where the playoffs take you….

    I have never ever heard him say we want to come out and dominate our opponents until submission and win a SB trophy!!!

    He is happy to make the playoffs and get bit** slapped

    So yes, the Glazers are now endorsing this fiasco and hopefully planning a swing for the fences in exactly 7 weeks

    Harbaugh anyone????

  29. Bren Says:

    At this point Baker Mayfield is one of the best players you have. Giving the keys to the back up is funny. If he was better than Mayfield he would be playing. Changing Quarterbacks is not going to change your running game or help the receivers catch easy passes. Mayfield has made the team better but the penalties, dropped balls, no running game and a better defense is needed. mayfield leaving fixes none of that.

  30. Craig Says:

    Baker is controlling his interceptions, but is not controlling the ball.

    It is not his fault that he has to give up first and second downs to a pointless run game, but he could do a lot better with the downs he has.

    His tendency is to go backwards, there are too many 3rd and long situations. That is not ball control. Baker has a limited number of throws he can throw accurately. That is because he is basically inaccurate.

    If he gets close to a win/loss parity by season end his wife will tell him that the Bucs owe him a huge, multiyear contract. Then the Bucs will again be in QB limbo, mainly because no one will still have any idea what Trask can do.

    This season looks to be the doorway to mediocrity. The next four or five years can be a new den of depression, if this season is not finished right.

  31. Couch Fan Says:

    He is happy to make the playoffs and get bit** slapped


    Thats because he knows he can sucker the Glazers into another year if he can luck himself into the playoffs.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mayfield is not the problem or solution…..that’s the problem.

    I’d like to see us keep him and draft a stud interior olineman…..RB, TE to strengthen our Offense.

    The defense should be much better than it is with heavy top draft picks in recent years……5 of the last 6………Kancey, Hall, JTS White & Vita.

    Are we getting a return on that investment…..nope….

    And not with the paydays of Dean & Davis.

  33. Larry Says:

    If anyone is seeing facts, we need to draft some guards that can make a hole to run through. A hole pounding back that does not dance would be a great help as well. Brady could only go 7-9 with this line. Baker is an answer, not a problem.

  34. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Wyoming Joe, you’re right and you’re wrong at the same time. Living in Browns/Bengals country I’ve seen a lot of Mayfield and Burrow. Baker has lost a touch on his deep ball and accuracy after Stefanski ran him in the dirt in 2021. IDK if it’s physical or mental right now. I think he changed his throwing motion trying to survive that and the Carolina crap show. Same time, i think that guy who had a top 5 deep ball accuracy rate is still in there. Main thing I’ve seen this year is Canales/Bowles have reined in that gunslinger mentality, opting for efficient and turnover adverse

  35. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Glad to discover that one of the Joes sees what Baker is: not the answer.

    Unfortunately there’s still a couple reality deniers.

    WyomingJoe Says:
    Anyone who has “really” seen Mayfield play since he came into the league in 2018 knows that he hasn’t reached his ceiling yet.

    People used to say that about Dilfer too. Wake up man. Baker reached his ceiling at OU. He’s barely servicable, like you know, a backup QB.

    Let em bake Says:
    The correct question is which one will win the baker sweepstakes?

    SMDH. Too many nogs, my friend. You become a credible voice when you say credible things.

  36. WyomingJoe Says:

    BUCKEYEbuckchuck: You’re so right. Stenfanski didn’t have the courage or the foresight to sit Baker’s butt down after his shoulder injury in game 2 of the 2021 season. So, consequently, he was pounded the rest of the year. Then the Browns hold him until July before they trade him, and then he gets traded to the worst team in the league! Yeah, the haters on this site will say that I’m making excuses for him, but those are two very good excuses! I hope that he gets his touch back on the deep pass and the Bucs can go on a run with 7 games left. Baker should be able to get into the Top 10 in QB ratings this year, then it really won’t matter what Tampa decides to do because other teams will be interested. But my hope is that he stays with the Bucs.

  37. Dude Says:

    The defense has been mediocre at best, the run game has been downright atrocious and the receivers behind the top two inconsistent. This team should be competing for the top draft pick, and instead the team is competing in every game. I dunno if Mayfield can win the playoffs. But to suggest that the team has only 4 games because of Mayfield is folly. The fact that the team is not in 1 or 2 win territory is due to Mayfield. Give credit where it is due, and realize the GM has never built a good roster without Brady around so vets will sign for the minimum. The GM has to go, not the QB.

  38. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    Bucs fans and fans in general want a top-tier, elite QB. Someone who, when the other team is up by 21 points at the end of the 3rd quarter, aren’t comfortable on the sidelines and say things like, “Bro, this ain’t over. Not as long as they have 12 (Brady) over there”. Mayfield isn’t that guy to make teams nervous until the final whistle, like Brady, Mahomes, etc.

    However, there are very few of those types. Mayfield is “good enough”. He isn’t responsible for giving up tons of points on defense. He isn’t responsible for lousy game plans and stubborn “we’re a run-first offense” philosophy. A better team around him and he’s more than “good enough” and he’s still learning and growing.

    Ppl buy into the narratives that the NFL pushes (and the media helps them with hype) some “stars” just because they have certain guys they want to promote. Take Herbert as an example. He looks the part, has good stats (except the one that counts…wins) and heaven forbid anyone call him average.

    But that’s EXACTLY what our guy Gerald McCoy said on GMFB about 2 weeks ago. I thought Kyle Brandt was going to need oxygen he was gasping for breath so hard. You could almost hear the director in the booth screaming “Cut his mic! Cut his mic!” when McCoy said:

    “Justin Herbert is not elite, and a lot of people kill me “oh how is he not elite?”, and there is a difference between elite talent and playing elite. And last night against the Jets, who they have a good defense. But in a night when the score was lopsided, this is what your elite quarterback had, 16 of 30, 136 yards and no touchdowns.”

    McCoy dared to go off-script and it was beautiful to watch. It’s ok to jump on Zach Wilson but don’t dare do it to an NFL “golden boy”. What Herbert lacks (and he’s far from alone) is that intangible “I’m coming after you and you can’t stop me” attitude. At least Baker has some of that spark. Brady was a unicorn in that department. He took losing as an insult and rather than throw a pity party for himself he reset, and came back stronger.

    I’d rather have a QB with some fight than a guys who looks the part and throws tight spirals but buckles under pressure. I saw the pre-draft QB workouts a couple of years ago and Zach Wilson blew everyone away. Dropping dimes, hitting receivers in stride and could make all the throws. That wasn’t an NFL game so I expected him to fall off but how bad he is now compared to how he “looked” then….wow.

    If we can draft a QB and get lucky enough to draft one who can play in this league against grown men and pros, great. Since it’s a crap shoot, signing Baker to another 2 or 3 years makes perfect sense. Lock him up at a reasonable contract and if we don’t need him, someone will. Look at all the teams right now who’ve lost a QB and would love to have him. He’d be prime trade bait at the very least.

  39. tbc 1 Says:

    Brad Johnson
    Doug Williams
    Jim McMahon
    Mark Rypien
    Jeff Hostetler
    Earl Morrall
    Trent Dilfer
    these are all the medicore qbs that have won the super bowl.

    Much better coaching and better defense as well as the run game all of which we do not have.
    Using Mayfield as a scape goat is pathetic and yes Trask at this moment in time has showed nothing at being a good or better QB

  40. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Mayfield has been one of the best QBs in the league on 3rd down….6TD 2 INT w 98 passer rating……

    Stats don’t lie.

  41. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Trask at this moment in time has showed nothing”

    Disagree, Trask has proven to be an elite clipboard holder.

  42. realistic-optimistic Says:

    He’s worth the money he’s being paid this season. That’s it. I hope some other NFC South team backs up the Brinks truck for him. That would help the Bucs the most.

  43. Joseph Gasper Says:

    The sports talking heads love BM. Bunch of no talent ass clownz.

  44. Brandon Says:

    Sure. A rookie QB will be better able to handle Canales’ offense and no running game better than Mayfield. Sorry. Baker might not be great but I’m 100% sure no rookie can do better than what Mayfield has been given to work with. I can’t even say the running game is bad. Our running between the guards game is bad, we don’t even know how well we might run on the perimeter because we never do it. That’s onCanales 100%.

  45. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Brandon, most sane fans are not expecting a super bowl from a rookie QB. Nice try. Also, Baker has peaked, you cannot make that same statement about a rookie. Not apples to apples.

    Totally agree about the interior OL. Pretty sure Mauch will be the new C next year. Maybe draft a G and sign another.

    Don’t forget this team still has a huge pile of dead cap next year, several pending free agents, and the OL issues mentioned above. Dropping money on Baker is poor team-building. Draft a QB, reset this coaching staff and bolster some holes.

  46. D Cone Says:

    Look what he did for Cleveland. In a few short years he turned them into a team that can now challenge for a playoff spot with a back up and rookie at QB.

  47. Bobby Says:

    The Bucs will not have a top 10 pick next offseason. The way it’s going Bucs will have around pick 14 -16. It’s dramatically less likely the Bucs find there future QB unless in the top 10. One avenue the Bucs could consider is Justin Fields could be had via trade this offseason. Did you his play during his most recent game. He has got something, really does. Or Bucs could go after a running back via trade, wonder if J-Taylor’s from the Colts will still be available, a running back would dramatically help Baker next season and keep Baker. Bottom line is Bucs are going to play there way this season out of a top draft pick to even get one of those QBs coming out of college in 2024. Other options must be considered now.

  48. lanshark Says:

    Any smart GM knows to build the team first. For TB, they are 2-3 years away from maybe being in Super Bowl contention.

    Move Mauch to center, Hainsey to the bench. Draft a guard relatively high (2nd round). Draft the best CB available in first round. Then add another LB (3rd round) for depth, and a D-lineman in the 4th round. Let Diaby and Kancey play. Finish up with another CB, TE and some O-line depth. But realize that O-line rookies need 2-3 years to develop.

    Sign Baker for 2-3 years, and draft a promising QB next year, or if you can find one you really believe you can develop: take on in late rounds. OR, if you really believe Trask is a viable future answer, keep him around – though I suspect Wofferd is a better bet.

  49. Falconrap Says:

    It’s amazing how many people are willing to settle for mediocre QB play here. First of all, the Bucs pass blocking isn’t horrible. It’s middle of the pack, mostly due to Hainsey and Mauch, though Mauch has improved recently. Baker has had plenty of plays where he had a pocket but panicked. On the he fumbled (I wish I could post a picture of the all-22 at the right moment) he failed to keep his eyes downfield and anticipate Otton coming wide open in front of the endzone (this is a recurring theme with him). Another site showed the all-22 on that play and you can clearly see that Baker had a pocket to step up into and let it rip to the endzone as Otton had beaten his man before Baker moved forward. He just had to throw it. Instead he runs too far toward the middle back to where the line was getting pushed back on his left side, then decided to tuck it and run, where he ended up fumbling it. Oh, and he also had Godwin with leverage on the LB in the middle of the field past the sticks also, if he didnt’ want to throw it deep. Two guys open, in the middle of the field (one about 10 yards down field and the other about 30) and he tucks it, runs, and coughs the ball up when we were in field goal range. BRILLIANT! And you all blame the running game, the offensive line, and/or the play calling.

    This has been happening play in and play out all season long. Why some of you folks can’t see that and just suck it up and admit what’s happening is beyond me. What’s worse is that you continue to actively believe anybody but Baker is the problem with the offense.

  50. Greg Says:

    Baker has been fine. Bowles on the other hand , is not fine. And correct me if I’m wrong but just being fine generally won’t win a Super Bowl.

  51. Tony Marks Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    November 24th, 2023 at 11:30 am
    @Brandon, most sane fans are not expecting a super bowl from a rookie QB. Nice try.


    weak try on your part so he is up on you.

    Who in the world expected a super bowl this year? You are the one delusional.

  52. Tony Marks Says:

    “Also, Baker has peaked, you cannot make that same statement about a rookie. Not apples to apples.”

    Foolishness to foolishness

    No one an conclude that a Qb in his first year with a new offense and a new OC has peaked. He is still in his 20s mot 30s and he has shown his game is still evolving

    No way was Baker this good at avoiding the rush last year.

    and everyone saying he had peaked last year and was a turner over machine going forward – how has that worked out for you?

    Baker has been cited by none other than Evans for good placement and has the arm. no telling if he gets a solid offensive line where he isn’t running and spinning for his life he can’t place the long ball – and some of that is always on the timing with receivers anyway as well.

    Finally a lot of you expect him to stand flat footed wait in the pocket and deliver the loft into the air – it aint happening on a one year contract. Everyone knows thats when Qbs get plasted and injured. So does he.

  53. WyomingJoe Says:

    realistic-optimistic: Your name is really misleading. You’re certainly not realistic when it comes to evaluating Baker Mayfield’s talent level. I sense that you didn’t pay much attention to his play prior to this year or you wouldn’t sound do stupid. You seem to be one of those people who just want to fit in with the Hater crowd. How High School of you. And you’re certainly not optimistic since you’ve been burying this team since training camp. Let’s face it, you’re boring at best. Sorry to burst your protective bubble. Please listen to Tony Marks and learn something.

  54. MNfrostbite Says:

    The wisest course of action is to build the team before drafting a QB. It really isn’t possible to accurately evaluate the performance of Mayfield’s play in the offense’s current state. I view what success he has has as an endorsement to resign him. Imagine what this young man can do with better guards, center, right tackle or ANY one of these positions. We don’t need to discuss the run game. If you’re questioning his accuracy regarding deep balls …. he has NFL records to dispute this. Again. Running for one’s life messes up timing and the ability to plant one’s feet for the accurate throw. Mayfield’s desire to compete for the starting role caused him to sign with Tampa. The $4.5 mill he accepted is not even top backup QB pay. He did Tampa a solid accepting this amount considering Tampa’s cap hell. It’s time for Tampa to reciprocate. Those of you wondering whether he is or is not the guy already have your answer considering the circumstances. Even if your mindset right now is that of a bridge QB may very well be surprised and change your mind as improvements are made to the roster along with Mayfield actually having two consecutive years in the same offense whilst being healthy. Something he’s never had.

  55. Let em bake Says:

    Mnfrostbite: testify brutha😊

  56. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I actually felt bad for the guy before he was a Buc. That injury season made him look worse than he is, and the Watson trade/contract was a bad look for CLE. I even kinda discount his poor play last year because Matt Rhule was a terrible NFL HC. So no, I did not write him off immediately.

    Maybe he has matured a little mentally, but his physical deficiencies are the same this year as they have been his entire career. And I’m not refering to his TD-INT ratio. He misses reads constantly. He over/underthrows recievers constantly. He still has way too many ball batted at the line.

    I love his frisky play, his escaped sacks, and his gritty scrambles for 1st downs. But those traits are not enough. He is not good enough to be paid 25+ mil per season. The highest paid backup QBs in the league are making 8 mil. That’s what Baker is likely to earn this year with the Bucs, and it’s probably what he’s worth.

  57. Irish Laughter Says:

    Joe continues to celebrate mediocracy. For most of the Buc existence, being around .500 was like our Super Bowl. For most of the time we were well below average. I like Baker. I think he’s a fighter and will only get better under a new and more proficient leader. Go Bucs.

  58. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Any team whose goal is to rank for a QB deserves what they’ll most likely get. A bust.

  59. orlbucfan Says:

    Yeah, Bucs D got 4 sacks against the almighty 49ers so they need a total rebuild. Right on. What they need is someone sticking a cattle prod up Canales’ butt. This guy still hasn’t totally grokked his offense. He better get with it Sunday against the Colts. Man, are those home Jets’ unis UGLY!

  60. Tony Marks Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    November 24th, 2023 at 2:33 pm
    . He still has way too many ball batted at the line.


    I’ll just pick out this one as a false narratives that the media and social media like to play up. and associate with a player

    anybody claiming trevor lawrence is just a backup?

    Guess what? As of now by the stats I see He has more batted passes than Baker for the season

    Anybody associated Herbert or Burrows with backup Qbs? They have ONE less batted passes

    Purdy? 2 less

    So this is what you are calling waaay to many batted passes from Baker

    One extra pass batted every FIVE GAMES.

    You see in the NFL once somebody picks up some claim everybody starts to run with it. Its quit often not the reality though . Now to be fair batted passes were an issue for Baker last season – because a few of those went for picks

  61. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    All I know is that when there was talk of signing Baker Mayfield, I told everyone that if we did, be prepared to win less than 40% of our games.

    And that is what is happening.

    On any other team, going 1-5 in 6 games would be enough to force a QB change…heck, it would force a coaching change too.

    But here we are, a coach satisfied with being stuck in mediocrity…and a few fans who are buying into it too.

    Joe, how about a quarterback poll? Suggestion:

    If the season is shot, who would you rather we start at QB the rest of the year?

    a) Baker Mayfield
    b) Kyle Trask
    c) John Wolford

  62. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tipped passes are the same as batted passes. Baker has a lot.

  63. Bucsmarley Says:

    Love that you say baker is controlling interceptions. If sf could catch he would have had 4 maybe 5 interceptions just last week. Watch the tape

  64. Dennis Kisz Says:

    Jason focus on rebuilding a defense, that is the strength we have had ever since the days of Tony Dungy. If we can stop the opponent we have usually scored enough points to win ball games. Don’t forget this is Baker’s first year with the bucs, he needs to get more playing time with his receivers and he will be fine. I’ve been a Buc fan since day 1 and we sure as hell have seen worse without hope for the future. Next year we’ll be fine if we strengthen the D.

  65. WyomingJoe Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai and realistic-optimistic: I just read your last few comments. You guys are so confused that I feel sorry for you both. I’ll let it go at that.

  66. BakerBucs Says:

    let me say 1 thing about Trask lovers that don’t shut their mouths bout him if her was baker quality or better there are many teams rite now that need a good QB like even the browns just signed flacco,I see no teams inquiring about Trask not even Panthers & lord knows there is another # 1 little tiny guy bust so u r towering 6’3″ superstar Trask shud at the very least be getting some phone calls to 1 buc plaza from somewhere in this league so until then shut u r mouth bout trask

  67. BakerBucs Says:

    this team wasn’t supposed to win any games this season according to alI baker haters 4&6 is not the end of it all & I for 1 wud like to say we have been very competitive this year is that what it is all about a chance to win every year there r usually 3 or 4 top teams then the rest of the pack then there is usually a spoiler I hope this season we r the spoilers we do have a good chance at that so it ain’t over til the day lady sings.i wud like to ask all the haters find another hobby cause u suck at this hobby

  68. Hopein1hand… Says:

    Call it going out on a limb/bad hill to die on but Baker Mayfield is my favorite Buccaneer QB of all time and I’ve been a fan since Vinny Testaverde was outshining Jameis Winston and probably every man who lined up under center in this league on how to throw bad interceptions. Is he undersized and thus, has balls batted down at the line? Yes. So did Shawn King and Chris Simms. As Chris Simms said, “He is dillusional about his abilities at times.” I happen to love that in a QB. He does not fold or fall under pressure nor does he make Dilferesque 360 spins while falling out of bounds that result in picks. I love his drive, his candor in pressers and that M-word everyone keeps applying to him. No man has been accused of having that since Marlon Brando and Paul Newman burst into Hollywood. Those aren’t established let alone consensus qualities of a winning NFL QB but on that front I appreciate how this Bucs team respects him and most significantly that he has not turned the ball over or been sacked nearly as much as a man playing his position for the Bucs this season should have. None of the boys drafted next year provide an upgrade for 2024. He can be signed for a relatively cheap price for what he delivers which isn’t crucial next season but is in 2025 due to the distribution of past and current cap hits. Bicker and feel smart but please keep in mind the fervor of Winston versus Mariota debates and how less than a decade later both are subpar back-ups. I’d love to see Mayfield and this offense develop over years under Canales. It’s easy to get stuck in satisfaction expectations that are cultivated and whettened by Amazon Prime and Doordash (and the Texans to be fair- but remember they had a hot as can be QB 5 years ago taking them on long win streaks but Watson has thoroughly shat the bed for ungodly money this season.) Patience and confidence pay dividends. I trust Licht sees it this way. I’ll never turn in my love for the Bucs for anything but first round QBs are like lottery tickets to me- a tax on folks, fans and GMs who did poorly in math class.

  69. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    When I saw the title of this story I knew that the ladies of Baker’s fan club would show up in force clawing out the eyes of posters who say anything even remotely derogatory towards their savior Mayfield. They couldn’t help themselves coming up here calling names showcasing their toxic feminism. These “guys” love Baker so much they go crazy at even a hint that Baker did anything wrong even if he did. Listen up Ladies of Bakers Past Present and Future he isn’t infallible and barely “beat” out a qb who’s never played in a whole NFL season game. Baker has been in the league for 5 years and has a losing record. He’s not a bad qb and at times can be very good but never consistently so will never win us anything more than 9 games in a year and that’s with a better line and run game around him. He is a middle of the pack player who over compensates for what he lacks, he’s a tryhard.

    BakerBucs this ain’t IM and you’re not texting your lil buddies. Why don’t you type out entire words and sentences because you won’t get too many responses from adult type individuals using your adolescent maturity level style of writing.

  70. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Hopein1hand that was definitely a well thought out support of Baker and I do concur on your sentiment. He is definitely a character and I do give him props that he never gives up. He’s a plucky lil dude who has as much upside as downside, just not enough upside to carry a team on his back and will it to win.

  71. Ken Browns fan ..Baker Bro Says:

    Maybe if you had a running game and your defense didn’t suck you would be a lot better you can’t blame us on Baker Mayfield because against the Houston Texans he sure about your bag but your defense choked maybe I need a new head coach it’s worth a crap just think if you had three more wins would you still be complaining about Baker probably you taking my buccaneer fans whatever morons

  72. Gipper Says:

    Absurd article. To the extent Buccaneers have been competitive at all this season is because of Baker. He was sitting on the bench when a rookie QB marched Houston downfield to score in 45 seconds. Otherwise this team is 5-5 with the soft part of their season ahead. If Baker is allowed to keep the same head coach and OC for another season, Baker will be a top 8 QB. Might even do it this year proving that typical fans know next to nothing about NFL QB play. Right now Mayfield’s numbers for the year compare favorably to MaHomes in 2023.

  73. JD Still Says:

    If, if, if, if, if, if, You can make all the excuses You want, the fact remains , he is in his sixth year with his fourth team in the league and is a sub 500 average Quarterback. It is cold but true , Wins are what count , IF he was a winning quarterback, passing inaccuracy, interceptions, fumbles , batted down balls , and sacks would be tolerated and hardly even mentioned, but he isn’t , so he is under the microscope and it does matter.

  74. Falconrap Says:

    People want to keep bringing up Baker’s stats like they mean anything beyond being a general gage of their performance. The two stats that count the most are points and wins. Not doing so great in either. He can be a “top” whatever QB in many general stats, but he’s not scoring enough and he’s either not throwing to or outright missing, way too many open receivers beyond 15 yards. He’ll never be the guy to consistently help carry your offense to a win, which is what the best QB’s do.

  75. Capt.Tim Says:

    A great offensive line makes your QB above average. Your RB a probowler. Your WRs household names.

    Baker Mayfield has done an inceredible job. No running game.NO RUNNING GAME. terrible TEs. And Vet WRs and Cbs have quit on the coach.

    If he had a Great offensive line- he would have us in the NFC championship.
    You know, like he did with the Browns.

    This must be the Joe the didnt think Wirfs could switch sides. Thar thought we had an above average pass rush. That liked and defended Jameis..

  76. m milligan Says:

    I really don’t know what 1/2 of you are talking about. If you’re watching the games Mayfield is not the problem. Don’t know how the same 1/2 got to consensus that BM can’t throw the deep ball, WTF
    Offense starting to gel, D has to get sht together. Not best receiver group he has ever had, that would be Cee Dee Lamb, mark Andrew and Hollywood Brown, 2017 I think.
    If we had some players around him we would threaten in playoffs. Everybody that wants to keep talking about Mayfield and not teams deficiences no little to nothing about the game.

  77. Todd Feury Says:

    He sucks , because that O-Line is the worst . So QB can’t be good. It is really a good QB but he can’t show it when he is getting sacked or pressured every play.

  78. Falconrap Says:

    The offensive line is middle of the pack. It doesn’t suck, and half the pressure Baker gets comes from his dancing around in the pocket and moving to where the pressure is. And watching the game on TV doesn’t always show you all the guys that are open that he’s failing to throw to. The play he fumbled being one if the most egregious ones, as he had Godwin open for a first, and Otton wide open for a TD, but he tucked it and ran, then coughed it up…while we were in field goal range. This offense is regularly failing to break the 20 point plateau because of his failure to take advantage of what is open. And, half the time he does throw deep, he misses.