Another Glowing Todd Bowles Review Of YaYa Diaby

November 21st, 2023

If you want to get Joe excited, serve Joe up a plate of Hooters Buffalo Shrimp with an ice cold Big Storm beer. Another way is by putting an exciting young pass rusher on the Buccaneers roster.

Rookie third-round pick YaYa Diaby is that guy. Third round!

He’s coming on strong, two sacks and other plays made Sunday against the mighty 49ers. What Diaby flashed in preseason against future mail carriers, grad students and mattress movers is now showing up against beastly, established offensive linemen.

Joe checked in briefly to an insane asylum Sunday night after Diaby stayed on the bench far too long while never-been edge rusher Joe Tryon-Shoyinka got more snaps. Joe was flabbergasted. Had Todd Bowles eaten too much sourdough bread and dungeness crab on the left coast?

Regardless, Joe is nearly back to a healthy state of mind. And Bowles might be, too, per his comments to Dan Lucas of WFLA-TV, News Channel 8.

Lucas asked Bowles yesterday about Diaby. The coach, fresh off watching Sunday’s game film, was glowing about his rookie, noting Diaby is one newbie that has figured things out faster than many others.

“He’s hitting his stride right now. He’s really in a good place,” Bowles said of Diaby. “He’s figured out the defense and he’s playing faster and he’s playing strong, and he’s making plays.”


Now play the young man! Just roll with the hot hand. Bucs fans have seen enough of the cold hands.

18 Responses to “Another Glowing Todd Bowles Review Of YaYa Diaby”

  1. mat Says:

    I was a bit lower on him because he was already 24 when we drafted him, but you cannot question his production.

    Him and Joe Tryon are the same age and the difference in ability is already blatantly obvious.

    Those whiffs on Joe Tryon and Logan Hall hurt considering we could have reinforced our 2021 roster with future picks at the trade deadline (Von Miller was available).

    Oh, well…

  2. Lt. Dan Says:

    Todd Bowles says, Yaya is really, really good. I just don’t want to play him much.

  3. Bojim Says:

    At this point in the season you’d think they would have it figured out. Seems we’re just flailing around.

  4. SlyPirate Says:

    Yaya’s strength jumps off the screen. He shoves OL out of the way. It’s a crazy thing to watch. Reminds me of Suggs.

    I would have though Kancey would be creating more disruption with his speed. He’s doing okay but his crazy quicks should be producing more stats.

    JTS: SOLID college tape. ELITE measurables. HARD worker. ZERO results. How?

  5. rashad brown Says:

    Just start the guy already. JTS is what he is…..

  6. Jeff Says:

    Clueless Todd said he’s so good they shouldn’t even play him. Can’t take the chance of hurting him. So more JTS!

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    I’ll bet he still sees no more than 25 snaps next game.

    They have up to the second film on the sideline and in the booth and nobody on staff noticed and thought to adjust the rotational script. They’re either lazy idiots or they’re not concerned with winning. Either answer is damning.

    What Bowles says during the week has absolutely no bearing on what happens on game day. He has proven that a multitude of times over the last two years.

    Some teams are firing underperforming offensive and defensive coordinators currently. The Bucs can’t, because technically that job is a collaboration of Todd Bowles, Kacey Rogers, and Larry Foote.

    They have all the pieces that they ever wanted on that side of the ball. Boat loads of cash spent and high draft picks on that side of the ball, and still they can’t prevent Brock Purdy and rookie CJ Stroud from absolutely torching them relentlessly. Does anybody think Purdy couldn’t have matched Strouds numbers if only the Bucs offense could have kept up with the scoring like in the Texans game? Recievers are absolutely running wild on this defensive backfield, and it’s not like they haven’t thrown resources at that group. Now they’re supposed to throw a max deal at Winfield Jr, and gain what in return? He can’t do it all.

    This staff needs to go before all the money spent on players is flushed down the drain without first seeing if these guys can play with competent leadership. I gave Bowles the benefit of the doubt last year, now I’m done. I can’t watch another season of Bowles and Baker. Baker hasn’t even been bad, but I just want this team to strive to be something better than dink and dunk with a guy that can’t outrun anybody and can’t throw an accurate deep ball. There’s nothing dynamic about him.

  8. BucU Says:

    Bowles is playing checkers while the real NFL HC’s are building quantum computers.

  9. MarkV Says:

    The decision to not use YaYa more and stick with JTS instead is just another good example of Todd Bowles inability to get out of his own way.

  10. Jerseybuc Says:

    [No, we’re not going there. — Joe]

  11. Allen Lofton Says:

    Sounds like Bowles id ready for a steady diet of Ya Ya!!!

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Let’s be honest Guys. Baker Mayfield has not been that bad at all. He and the offense have put some points on the board. I can think of 3..Three solid games where the Defense just completely let the team down. Isn’t that supposed to be Bowles specialty? I mean our pass rush has been a joke. Abysmal at best. We cringe when the opposition QB makes sandwiches while releasing passes because we know a completion is next. It’s embarrassing. Sit JTS, play whomever. But play Defense better.

  13. Pewter Power Says:

    This dude is a trash coach

    Every rookie pass rusher is learning their defense but teams have the common sense to let them play through it for experience heading into the next season. Granted it didn’t help Logan hall or JTS but they aren’t the same caliber plaster apparently

  14. Dave Pear Says:

    The Todd is a loser. An AI bot as head coach would have the team at 6-4 at least. Shame that BA’s hand selected replacements both suck.

  15. adam from ny Says:

    we must play 5-2 ball or better down the stretch……must !!!

    because thru extensive study and analysis on my end, and schedule study – we NEEDED to go 5-5 in our first 10 games…i have preached about this on multiple threads throughout the season…

    we are currently one game behind the 8 ball right now at 4-6…

    and with the hot 3-1 start (where we should have been probably 2-2) we should really be about 6-4 right now, and in a sweet spot where even if we go 4-3, we still would win 10…

    so due to lack of success thus far, it is imperative that we win the next 2 games to climb back to .500…………….the word is imperative !

  16. James Higgins Says:

    Glaziers dont care ..

  17. garro Says:

    Done with anything you post relating to words from Bowles Joe.
    At least until he stops insulting Bucs fans with his idiotic lies about things Like rotation and keeping guys fresh.

    Go Bucs!

  18. Deadwood South Dakota Says:

    Terrible coaching