“We Haven’t Done Anything”

October 11th, 2023

Those goofy orange uniforms, they don’t mean much to Todd Bowles, as the head coach joins in solidarity with loads of Bucs fans under 30 years old.

The Creamsicles are fun for a lot of fans, and the Bucs will wear them Sunday against the Lions, but Bowles knows the colors in the threads are meaningless.

And he’s not too impressed by his 3-1 record, either.

Those were messages from Bowles today at One Buc Palace.

“It’s the second quarter [of the season]. You know, we haven’t done anything. We went 3-1. That’s it,” Bowles said, shaking his head and almost sounding annoyed.

“That doesn’t mean anything. Nobody remembers September once you get to December. We gotta take care of business. We gotta grind. We gotta work. We gotta scratch. We gotta claw. Creamsicles [are] nice for the fans. Even some of the players looked at it nice, but the game is played the same way. We’re not going to win a game because we put on different color uniforms. We gotta get back to the grind.”


The Joe typing here is sick of all the Creamsicle hype. Team Glazer gets to sell a bunch of new gear and old dudes get to reminicse. Hooray! Pffft.

Sorry, memories of Trent Dilfer handing off to Eric Rhett, or the overall Craig Erickson experience are things Joe is trying to bury in the memory banks — just like the Bucs need to forget they’re 3-1 and a feel-good NFL story.

62 Responses to ““We Haven’t Done Anything””

  1. adam from ny Says:






  2. texasbucsfan Says:

    Creamsicles are history; meaningless. The only thing that counts in sports is winning. To much distraction on silly old uniforms.. Agree with Bowles.

  3. gofortheface30 Says:

    Sapp/Brooks/Lynch wore Creamsicles for a few years, and I like those Erickson and Rhett memories much more than the lost decade, ESPECIALLY more than candy a$$ Freeman handing off to Molly Hamster and the ol Benn’d around.

  4. KC Buc Says:

    This under 30 fan enjoys the creamsicles. It’s just a crisp, unique look and color scheme. Although the belly-up broncos just had to wear their throwback orange and white last week to steal some of our shine…good thing no one watches them

  5. HC grover Says:

    Bowles seems a better coach this year.

  6. Mike C Says:

    Smh, lighten up Frances…. err I mean Joe

  7. BucU Says:

    I like this year’s version of TB so much more than last season. He’s right. They/we have done nothing yet.
    They had a nice little break to heal and rest up so we should see these guys play with reckless abandon Sunday. You want respect from your peers and national media? Win Sunday and they’ll be showered with accolades. Until then practice and play like your lives depend on it.

  8. Bojim Says:

    Yeah but it’s nice to pay memory to past Bucs and fans.

  9. TiredBucsFan Says:

    I was a kid living in Cleveland Ohio when the Bucs became a franchise. I became a fan the minute I saw the uniforms. I know I’m an old fart, but those are the real uniforms. I’ve lived in Tampa area since 2004, have been a Bucs fan since the beginning. The original uniforms are fantastic, they should make them permanent!
    Go Bucs! Whatever color uniform

  10. Big Papi Rojo Says:

    I really hope that message resonates. Because it’s true and it’s a long season. We beat mediocre or outright bad teams. Got stomped by Philly (and the refs). Our offense doesn’t look any better than it did last year.

    Go Bucs and keep grinding.

  11. sasquatch Says:

    The day they changed to red and pewter corresponded with the franchise no longer being a joke. Creamsicles are nostalgic, but the red and pewter is much better looking. Put me in the camp of those who never cared to see the creamsicles again. It’s okay once a year, I guess.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    We went to the NFC championship game in 1979 with them.

    This Dooosh here was there and respects the history.

  13. DBS Says:

    Well hopefully I will never have to ever see them again in my lifetime . Nothing but bad memories and if we lose this game it will only add to it.. Never liked them in the first place.

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    2 Winning Seasons in 20 Years
    The creamsicle jerseys recorded a record of 100 wins – 223 losses, 18 losing seasons in twenty years, one 0-win season, and four 2-win seasons. Since moving to crimson and pewter, the Bucs are 202 – 220, 2xSB, 5xNFCS Champs.

    Hopefully the C-uniforms aren’t a harbinger. Please put them away ASAP.

  15. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Its just a jersey. Bowles is a psychic vampire that can suck the life out of anything. Even when given softball questions he still finds a way to be contrarian.
    Someone at OBP should remind the wooden statue that he works in the entertainment business.

  16. Bucmike Says:

    O.K., I’m one of those “old” guys that like the orange unis and am proud to own a couple of jerseys, hats and yes even a watch. I was there in person at the University of Tampa the day they unveiled them for the first time an i”ve liked them every since. I also like our Pewter & Red, but we should not forget our past, good and bad. I”ll be rockin my orange at the game Sunday. GO BUCS.
    Hey Hey Tampa Bay, Bucs know how to Shine. Hell yeah……

  17. Billy Bob Bubba Bo Baggins Says:

    I am well over 30 and those orange uniforms bring back bad memories. They need to dig a grave and RIP those nightmares. In other words it is a huge turn-off. Reminds me of everything wrong with the Bucs

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Team Glazer gets to sell a bunch of new gear and old dudes get to reminicse. Hooray! Pffft.’

    Hmmm, ‘old dudes get to reminisce’? And the 2 Joes are what, part of the under-30 crowd? Good try Joe.

    And it looks like Todd Bowles is about to turn 60 next month. What’s this about him joining ‘in solidarity with loads of Bucs fans under 30 years old’. Maybe as a father figure (another nice try).

    The Creamsicles are part of our Bucs’ history, just like John McKay, Lee Roy Selmon, Tony Mayberry, Errict Rhett, Jimmy Giles and so many others. The only reason we did so bad for all those years far as I’m concerned is 1 person: High Culverhouse. Ownership makes all the difference when it comes to stocking the cupboard, and with Culverhouse, the cupboard was always poorly stocked.

    Malcolm Glazer changed that when he bought the team, thank heaven. If selling old gear as ‘new gear’ is what it takes to keep the pantry stocked and keep us relevant, then I for one won’t begrudge them that.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    Hmmm, off to the dungeon again I see. Well, at least I get to play with the dragons down there.

  20. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    If they had never changed the uniforms, we still would’ve won two Super Bowls, and the creamsicles would represent the franchise as a whole, not just some really bad years.

    I hated Bucco Bruce and was glad they changed the logos, but I really would’ve preferred they kept the old color scheme. It better represented Florida.

    But whatever, it’s just a uniform. It’ll be fun to watch for one game, then revert back to our normal colors.

  21. David Says:

    So don’t reminisce about Trent Dilfer… Reminisce about Lee Roy Selmon and James Wilder and Jimmie Giles

  22. PSL Bob Says:

    The franchise got off to 0-26 start, but I still love the uniforms. They’re unique! You’re treading on thin ice Joe.

  23. DBS Says:

    It represented our state back when the Orange industry was still thriving. That what it did. It is dead and gone. The uniform should be too.

  24. hammerhead Says:

    Don’t like them, never did. Much prefer our current colors and logo, more menacing. Bucco Bruce didn’t put the fear of anybody in anything. Don’t like orange football uniforms. Give me simple, like Penn State.

  25. Mike Says:

    Who poop’d in the pool?

  26. JimBobBuc Says:

    Nothing but bad memories of the orange jerseys. I remember the early John McKay teams, ugh!

    I’m with Bowles, jerseys means nothing to the team and coaches. The PR guys and old fans living in the past care, that’s all. Most of our players and coaches care less about what happened even five years ago. This year is what counts, the next game is what counts. Do your job and beat the Lions.

  27. Jay Molina Says:

    I lived through so many of the losing seasons of the Creamsicle Bucs and I’ve got to say they were an embarrassment. Those uniforms with the winking pirate made us look like amateur hour. There is a lot of revisionist history, but the truth is I was never happier than when the Bucs revealed the new uniforms. They were perfect for whom the Bucs were becoming and they went on to win the Super Bowl with them. That is the quintessential Bucs uniform. I was so upset when they changed to the new digital alarm clock uniforms. To me, that was like messing with Classic Coke and going to New Coke. What a disaster. I’m glad they’ve gone back to more of the classic look. Nevertheless, throw-back games are a nice nod to our history and all those players who endured being laughed at because of their record and those ugly uniforms.

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    “Those goofy orange uniforms”


    Ugh, bad hot take Joe… very bad.

  29. WillieG Says:

    When I think of the creamsicle uniforms, I think of Doug Williams, Jimmie Giles, Ricky Bell, Leroy Selmon, Batman Wood……….I sure as hell don’t think of Dilfer.

  30. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’d like to see the orange pants/white jerseys myself.

  31. Posey99 Says:

    It’s the bad days that make you appreciate the good days. Sitting in the old stadium and watching our new defense mold into “good” is what I think of. Don’t forget who wore those uniforms: Dungy, Kiffin, Selmon, Lynch, Brooks, Sapp, Barber and Alstott.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    When I see the orange and white, I think growing up in the Tampa Bay area when we still had orange trees all over the place. I like the current Reebok uniforms as well, although I’ve never liked the red that much, they always should have been orange and pewter. Orange is Florida feeling, red is just a depressing Ohio color since all their rivers up there are red from the rust of their factories. I will give the Bucs credit however, at least the shade of red is good, they didn’t go with a lighter uglier shade, but they should have a lot more orange in the uniform.

    In any case, both the orange and Reebok uniforms are one-trillion times better than the god-awful Nike alarm clock uniforms. Nike is just an awful woke POS company who delayed getting the orange uniforms done until after Brady retired. You know how much money the Bucs lost in sales by not having a Bucco Bruce Brady uniform? The Glazers should lead the charge in the NFL to fire Nike for what they’ve done to this team.

  33. Jim Rudolph Says:

    I’m with Joe. Other than the terror (and he was all that on a 3 man line) known as Lee Roy Selmon we can lose the creamsicle uniform.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    Posey99 Says:
    October 11th, 2023 at 5:47 pm
    It’s the bad days that make you appreciate the good days. Sitting in the old stadium and watching our new defense mold into “good” is what I think of. Don’t forget who wore those uniforms: Dungy, Kiffin, Selmon, Lynch, Brooks, Sapp, Barber and Alstott.


    I agree completely, it’s why the 2002 Super Bowl, to me, just was amazing. The 2020 SB was obviously great as well, but it was more about Brady than anything. I don’t have any issues with that, but it felt more like that ring was bought (it wasn’t to be sure), but the 2002 SB, that was a journey that took years and really roped you in as it took a lot of twists and turns, made people really invested.

    With that said, Barber never played in the old uniforms (originally anyways) as he was drafted in 97, the same year they changed to pewter.

  35. Louis Friend Says:

    Those disgusting, putrid creamsicle uniforms were chosen by the cheapest and most pathetic excuse for an NFL owner in the history of the league – Hugh Culverhouse.

    They were the joke of the NFL – the team and the uniforms – for most of the 24 seasons the team wore them.

    The only people who have any right to want them are those who weren’t serious fans of the team while they were on. Kids, people under 35, the mentally disabled. People like that. Nobody else.

  36. Arians4President Says:

    Having to sift through angry, vulgar comments (i.e. – “awful woke POS company”) is what got the comment section removed from PFT entirely.

    I don’t post a ton, but do enjoy reading others’ comments, so please save the divisive venom/jabs for a non-sports website. Aren’t sports supposed to be an escape from all that junk?

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    Louis Friend – let me guess, when your uncle snuck into your room that night, he was wearing a Bucs jersey. I get it, you’re hurt, but your anger is misplaced.

  38. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    I remember being thrilled for the team when they ditched the creamsicle for the red and pewter. It’s kind of hard for me to get excited for the creamsicle, but the under 35 crowd oughta get a kick out of it on Sunday!

  39. orlbucfan Says:

    Bucs fans should have owned the team from the get-go. NFL ownership said no way and screwed us with Culverhouse. However, those colors and the pirate were/are Florida. I get why everything changed with the Glazers. You can’t be a fan for 44 years and miss that one. I will be wearing the orange, white and red with pride, and expecting a victory by the Cardiac Bucs. TAMPA……..BAY!!

  40. PbnJ Says:

    People degrading the original uniform are not just petty, they’re ignorant.

    It is overshadowed because of 0-26, but the beginning of the Buccaneers is one of amazing success. The Seahawks were just as awful but slightly luckier and found a QB faster. The NFL gave nothing to expansion franchises in that era. Players who may have been available if the same happened today would have been a 3rd TE, a William Gholston would be the star of the team & players like Leonard Fournette the best on the team.

    In reality, the beginning of the Bucs is a story of tremendous accomplishments. Two seasons after 0-26, the Bucs had the most feared defense outside of Pittsburgh. A QB capable of making plays when most needed and a superstar tailback. Unfortunately, this was the era entering the spread of free agency, increasing cost of fielding a team with an owner who was one of the worst in the history of the NFL in terms of being a cheap micromanager. Then there was the tragic demise of Ricky Bell who was traded before he was diagnosed.

    Had the Buccaneers had a Debartolo as the owner, they would have been a dominant squad under John McKay. He still managed to provide incredibly competitive teams compared to the resources Culverhouse made available. There are a great number of players worthy of greater standing in the memory of Buc fans, especially prior to the teams after McKay retired. Even then we had our guys, like Paul Gruber.

    Don’t be petty. It’s disrespectful and it’s ignorant.

  41. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Yep! Get to work!!

  42. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I hated those uniforms because for the most part during the time we wore them the Bucs were known as losers. We were the joke of the league, heck even Chris “The Swami” Berman from ESPM used to call the the Yucs, the loveable losers. So as far as I’m concerned they can put back on our regular uniforms.
    The creamsicle’s are a bad memory and give me nightmares.

  43. Natron Says:

    The Creamsicles did look ridiculous when we had to play in the snow and sleet of Green Bay and Chicago in the old NFC central days. However, the white jersey with the orange pants was by far the best version of the old uniforms

  44. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Thankfully these unis are not the the teams uniforms anymore, that I watched mostly loss after loss in, from 1976-1996. Only 3 years was there a winning record. The orange is ok, but the white road togs were an extra kind of terrible, multiple 25+ game road losing streaks, thankfully they are on the ash heap of history. Yes I enjoyed the few winning seasons in the “Tennessee Volunteer Orange” But really the way some romanticize about the past few bright spots does not change the fact that these Orange jerseys usually meant just another loss. Hopefully this Sunday does not end up being just another loss in Orange. The Lions are legit, and hopefully the Bucs D can look like the 79 Bucs D, because thats what the Bucs need on Sunday.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s just one game with the creams….calm down.

    I like em.

    Go Bucs!!!

  46. EternalSon Says:

    It’s part of our history, what led us here. And, it looks cool.

    Go Bucs!!

  47. Trask To The Future Says:

    Bucco Bruce will always be the true logo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    The lame skull with swords and football will eventually be replaced. Adding the football especially made it weak.

    Bucco Bruce in red & white on the pewter helmets would be amazing.

  48. Brandon Says:

    SlyPirate Says:
    October 11th, 2023 at 3:39 pm
    2 Winning Seasons in 20 Years
    The creamsicle jerseys recorded a record of 100 wins – 223 losses, 18 losing seasons in twenty years, one 0-win season, and four 2-win seasons. Since moving to crimson and pewter, the Bucs are 202 – 220, 2xSB, 5xNFCS Champs.

    Hopefully the C-uniforms aren’t a harbinger. Please put them away ….


    Where are you getting your numbers, cream puff?

    Winning season in 1979, 1981, and 1982. The 1979 team was heralded league wide for their amazing success after being an expansion team.

    Buc legends and Hall of Fame players Lee Roy Selmon, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Warren Sapp were drafted by those Creamsicle uniforms. We’ve got one other Hall of Famer in our history and he was drafted into our current get up. Say what you want about the Creamsicle unis but they were where the franchise started and was founded and every bit a part of our history as the new duds. Sorry if you’re too dense to be able to appreciate where you came from but seeing those unis reminds us how far this franchise has risen.

  49. adam from ny Says:

    the unis have aged like fine wine…so they must be good

  50. BillyBucco Says:

    Seeing all the losing seasons in the Big C unis is what makes wearing them now so special. I mean for us fans that have been around long enough to see them all, it makes me proud that we have 2 SB rings in the time span that Detroit won their Division.
    Now that Detroit s a city that is excited and if you read their fans posts, the Bucs are a team that hasn’t beaten a QUALITY team and got steamrolled by Philly. They think they are gonna win just by showing up. They are banged up and delusional. Campbell has never won 4 games in a row and Detroit is sitting at 3. Week off for the Bucs and based on every interview I have heard, there is no way they aren’t coming out head hunting. Devin White wants a 15 tackle game. Said sometimes they run play action and he gets there a step too late etc. This game he knows they are gonna try to win the game by running Montgomery, so he sounds ready.
    I think it’s more of a trap game for Detroit than people think if they are as high on themselves as the fans.
    Coming off of a curb stomping of the worst team in football is great for the Bucs.
    They scored 21 points off of turnovers and Carolina only had 30 less yds total.
    This team is really well coached with talent everywhere, but they are beatable.
    Bucs 31 Lions 21

  51. garro Says:

    That’s a pretty cheap shot there Joe.

    Go Bucs!

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Last time the Bucs wore the orange uniforms they had a major upset of the Packers. That was the classic game where Rodgers got hit a bunch and then after the game complained that the grass was too hard. What a loser.

  53. Rod Munch Says:

    Arians4President – Oh sweetheart, you think words hurt. Well here’s something, GROW UP YOU GEEK. You know what hurts? Cancer. You know what doesn’t hurt? Someone calling you a cupcake. Grow a set and stop acting like a dramaqueen.

    God bless.

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    BillyBucco … Good analysis & I like your conclusion. Not sure the Bucs can put up 31 on Detroit’s defense, but holding them to 21 is about what I’m anticipating too. Obviously we have to keep their running game under control, but the key to this game IMO will be Bucs playing solid COMPLEMENTARY FOOTBALL. Win the Turnover Battle & hopefully our offense can capitalize on the difference in TOs like Seattle did.

  55. Fansince76 Says:

    Agreed Joe!

  56. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Agree 100% with Joe on this one!

  57. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I like both uniforms, new and old. I refuse to acknowledge the color rush or alarm clock unis. Jose is a relatively new fan compared to some of us, probably wasn’t even born yet in 1976 so you are forgiven for your relative youth and inexperience as a Buc fan. I feel like I’ve earned it. And I agree with Rod regarding the 2002 /2020 Super Bowls. I like the nostalgia, and I also agree with Bowles about the uniforms not mattering much, or at all.

    There are a lot of ugly uniforms in the NFL. I’m thinking of the Browns, Ravens with the leotards, most of whatever the Jags have worn (current ones are decent), Panthers with their USFL quality logo, Packers (I have a hard time even watching their highlights)…. I could go on. Orange Bucs are superior to them all. But once every couple of years is fine with me.

  58. gofortheface30 Says:

    Arians4president – yeah, youre a queen for sure. Hows your economy doing. Keep voting on identity politics and see where that gets you

  59. JD Still Says:

    It’s good to know we have a head coach who keeps his eye on what’s important ,( preparing for and winning games), and not marketing distractions.

  60. Diggler Says:

    Ah the good old days. Out at the UT practice field. Watching Wayne Fontes and Barry Sanders chopping it up on the sidelines during warm-ups. Both of them reacted in amazement to Martin Mayhew (extremely underrated CB) bait the QB into a bad throw, I think he picked it. We all were watching that historic defense start to take shape before our very eyes. This was when Lynch started making a name for himself. Sapp’s first year I think. I got to watch Bucs first playoff game against Detroit in some bar in Europe. I was so pissed I couldn’t sit on those metal benches and watch DB terrorize. That creamsicle orange and white, I was proud as hell to see. For this old fart, those old uniforms are THE bucs uniform. That’s all there is to it 🙂

  61. Michael Says:

    Well, we came one game away from the Super Bowl in those uniforms, not all bad memories. Go Bucs!

  62. Pewter Power Says:

    Yea sorry Joe but throwbacks are a part of history. No one in National media will let us forget how horrible we were. Now looking back at it they looked good while playing bad.